PWBA Bowling Tour Championship 09 18 2019 (HD)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • This show was televised on CBS Sports Network. The USBC, PWBA, and CBS own the all the rights, I do not. This upload is for those that don't have the channel available and would like to watch the show.
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  • Richie Flores
    Richie Flores 3 days ago

    What ball was kovalova using against mcewan?

  • Dj St3rling
    Dj St3rling 6 days ago

    wow! incredible how they constructed the lanes for this tournament. would have loved to see a quick video of that

  • laugh out loud
    laugh out loud 7 days ago

    Your vids are part of our evening TV viewing . Thanks for sharing.

  • David R
    David R 11 days ago

    What happened to all of those other uploads?

  • vincent cheung
    vincent cheung 19 days ago

    I was surprised that Kovalova did not test a different ball in the 10th frame of the semi-final match. Then it was pretty obvious that her ball was not working after a few shots in the final, yet she stayed with it. Mrs Yes made the good decision to change ball and I also give her a lot of credit for getting the double in the 10th frame of the semi. Another great win!

  • Sir Joelsuf
    Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago

    I throw the ball very similar to Dasha, I gotta watch her a bit more.

  • wolverine claws
    wolverine claws 22 days ago

    These girls have no revs or speed yet they strike every time

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago +1

      Um what? Shan gets more rotation than most of the dudes I bowl with. Gets about 370 RPMs, which is crazy since she's like 5'1'' and weighs 120 soaking wet haha. But yeah all these ladies are accurate AF

  • TraumaER
    TraumaER 22 days ago +2

    *I thought about going to see it but the finals was on a Wednesday.*

  • Aine Lawler
    Aine Lawler 23 days ago

    I got so emotional watching this shannon is a true inspiration she works so hard and shes a awesome role model congratulations shannon on your amazing 2019 season people dont be jealous and dont be annoyed just be happy for her

  • Travon Cordova
    Travon Cordova 23 days ago

    I wonder if Dasha is new on the PWBA tour. Like did she started bowling professionally this year?

    • shepramsey6
      shepramsey6 22 days ago

      @Travon Cordova Understandable, she didn't make any TV or stepladders prior to this year.

    • Travon Cordova
      Travon Cordova 22 days ago

      @shepramsey6 oh, well I never seen her before I thought maybe she was new.

    • shepramsey6
      shepramsey6 23 days ago

      Last year was her first full season. Did a few events in 2017 as well after graduating.

  • CleSwag24
    CleSwag24 24 days ago +1

    I cannot stand Shannon yelling “YESSS” after every strike so annoying and god did not help u win a bowling trophy

    • TheFallenValkyrie
      TheFallenValkyrie 21 day ago

      @CleSwag24 no its immature to comment on the fact that she did say it, youre a moron dude. you need context in your life.

    • CleSwag24
      CleSwag24 21 day ago

      Sir Joelsuf it’s immature to say god didn’t help u win??? Wtf kick rocks clown ass mofo u are immature even taking the time to write rubbish on my comment

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago

      LMAO I met her in person at a megabucks tournament 7 or so years ago. She used to be much louder lol. As far as the God thing, give it a rest my dude. It's immature. And this is coming from someone who was part of atheist vegan sXe crews in high school. Everyone has stuff that motivates them, let Shan have her beliefs.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 22 days ago

      I always yell so dont play me lol

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 22 days ago

      It fires her up I do it too so dont ever play me lol

  • Rob Click
    Rob Click 24 days ago +2

    So happy for Shannon! She has really worked hard for this! Also love her "tip Tuesdays" on Instagram! Huge congrats Shannon!!

  • pipimp100
    pipimp100 24 days ago

    Damn women are emotional ass fuck!!!

  • leesoulivanh
    leesoulivanh 24 days ago +1

    Great game!!

  • Avry Sciole
    Avry Sciole 24 days ago

    why does Shannon always have to throw her arm like it’s attached by a string

  • shepramsey6
    shepramsey6 24 days ago +2

    A tournament where you only need to win 2 games on TV should not count as a major. Majors should at least require a grind. Thanks for the upload.

  • Typical Male
    Typical Male 24 days ago +4

    Thanks for putting in the work to create this video bosoares!

  • Marvin TheMusicMan
    Marvin TheMusicMan 24 days ago

    Great championship. Thanks as always from Manchester, England.

  • Ironfangzu
    Ironfangzu 24 days ago +3

    Shannon O'Keefe sorta looks like a witch, and certainly screeches like a witch. But you gotta admit she's currently the best woman bowler in the world.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 21 day ago

      @Sir Joelsuf all women where make up

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago +1

      LMAO she wears TOO MUCH makeup, but gotta admit she looks DAMN good for being 40. I know chicks who are 25 who look older than her haha

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 23 days ago +1

      She is not a witch there was no need to post that jealous much

  • Akira Kobayashi
    Akira Kobayashi 24 days ago +4

    Thank you Kelly and Dave's commentary. Keep up with the good team work. Appreciate Kelly's analysis on the matches.

  • Cameron Morgan
    Cameron Morgan 24 days ago +6

    Here is Ms. “Yesssss” again Shannon O’Keefe

  • Cameron Morgan
    Cameron Morgan 24 days ago +2

    Dasha is a beast 👍👍💯💯

  • Ian Elgar
    Ian Elgar 24 days ago +1

    That was it for me when she mentioned god. GOD DIDNT WIN YOU A CHAMPIONSHIP, YOUR TALENT AND SKILL WON .

    • Ian Elgar
      Ian Elgar 22 days ago

      @Aine Lawler i didnt once say that its WRONG to BELIEVE in god. I said that divine intervention is not the reason she won. It was her belief in herself and her skill that she has worked on for a long time that won her the title. Self training and motivation is key. Please dont put words in my mouth.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 22 days ago +1

      Shes allowed to believe in God and if that helps her to be top of the world well there is nothing wrong with that my nana is a angel she helps me to achieve my goals so what's the problem with believing

    • Ian Elgar
      Ian Elgar 24 days ago +1

      @Craig Jenkins unfortunately, once again , it wasn't god . It was her better judgement and will power that helped her develop the talent and skill. Everyone makes choices. Its your conscience that is the deciding factor.

    • Craig Jenkins
      Craig Jenkins 24 days ago +5

      Ian Elgar God gave her that talent and skill though.

  • Yoso
    Yoso 25 days ago +1

    Somebody got to lose for somebody to win. Bowlers bowl!

  • Ian Elgar
    Ian Elgar 25 days ago +5

    Leave it up to cbs to put some rediculously stupid win percentage thing up on the screen . If they used it in the 6th frame it wouldve made more sense

  • Troy Medlock
    Troy Medlock 25 days ago

    Dasha using the same ball she rolled her 300 with!👍🏾

  • Carl Carl
    Carl Carl 25 days ago

    This shot looks pretty easy. Do they bowl the same patterns as the men?

  • Highway 69
    Highway 69 25 days ago +1

    Saved to my "watch later"!
    Thanks as always Bo!

  • Jeffery Stevens
    Jeffery Stevens 25 days ago +3

    I'm So happy to see Kovalova up there she is a amazing bowler and person.

  • adam woodfin
    adam woodfin 25 days ago +4

    WAY TO GO SHANNON! Outstanding season!
    What's next: Win a PBA title.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 23 days ago

      I would love to see that she would be well able Kelly did it so she can to

  • Eric Schubert
    Eric Schubert 25 days ago +11

    Dasha is a force to be reckoned with. Bad last game, but she’ll win many more times. (:

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago

      Shan was at a 270 pace, pretty difficult to climb back after seeing your opponent striking like crazy...

    • John Nelson
      John Nelson 23 days ago +1

      When Dasha watches the replay she'll see how her line was messed up by Shannon.
      The move Dasha should have made was left with her feet 2 - 3 boards with a left to right motion into the friction Sannon created.

  • Michele Pinto
    Michele Pinto 25 days ago +1

    As always thanks for the up load..

  • uh huh
    uh huh 25 days ago

    I spent the $6 at bowltv for the rounds 1 thru 3: It was worth it, imo. Thanks again for the excellent upload of the finals.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 22 days ago

      It's really expensive and as fans it should be free

  • Casual Observer
    Casual Observer 25 days ago +12

    In 2-3 years Dasha will own women’s bowling. She’s strong as hell and smooth as well. Needs a little more time to refine her skills. Then it will be game over for the rest of them.

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago

      @@Rob Click bruh I agree. Danielle looks like she could be a bodybuilder or at least a crossfit athlete (who doesn't rationalize bad form lol)

    • Sir Joelsuf
      Sir Joelsuf 22 days ago

      I agree, if she doesn't get injured or something like that, it is OVER for the rest of em.

    • Casual Observer
      Casual Observer 22 days ago

      Aine Lawler ...what about them? I’m talking about Dasha.

    • Aine Lawler
      Aine Lawler 23 days ago

      Theres more players out there what about them

    • John Nelson
      John Nelson 23 days ago +1

      @Justin Kanda Daria has high revs, Jordan throws a strong ball, Danielle repeats shots very well. Dasha will win her share of events

  • Roger Gowland
    Roger Gowland 25 days ago

    I wish Stef could win every time

  • Juliana Botero
    Juliana Botero 25 days ago

    Why shannon always use the same shirt?

    • bosoares
      bosoares  25 days ago +3

      She wears different ones earlier in the tournament but she probably now thinks that purple one is good luck on finals / stepladders and seems to wear that for every TV show now.

    • Daryl Dettmer
      Daryl Dettmer 25 days ago +1

      purple is the colors for her Mckendree college bowling team that she coaches ...

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 25 days ago +6

    both Shannon O'Keefe and Dasha Kovalova had an amazing season in the 2019 Pwba Tour

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 25 days ago +2

    it was an exciting telecast in the Tour Championship

  • llongone2
    llongone2 25 days ago +11

    Thanks boasuares! Awesome semi-finals and final and four great bowlers!

  • 마돈치치
    마돈치치 25 days ago +1

    thank you~