Magician Gets Judge To Perform His Magic Trick!! | Britian's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Watch Magician Maddox Dixon as he bring Amanda Holden up on stage to finish his magic trick on Britain's Got Talent!! What did you think about his Rubik’s Cube audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 1 374

  • akansha rock
    akansha rock 3 hours ago

    He is so 🔥

  • Lionel Christopher
    Lionel Christopher 13 hours ago

    Why does Simon react like he hasn't watched a similar act before!

  • Mousa ali
    Mousa ali 15 hours ago

    I think it's solved automatically . He can by hand or from advice far away . And who could he knows siman will choose the color white

  • Guni
    Guni Day ago +1

    *_1:17_**_ He just turns the cube xD_*

  • asher models
    asher models Day ago

    - - love from Israel ……

  • mathew larrigan magicians advice real talks


  • Artyom Arty
    Artyom Arty 3 days ago +1

    This isnt really a magic trick. It doesnt involve any skill. Its a simple unique version of a memory cube. You can make one in two ways:
    1) The cubes simply goes back to original shape via mechanism
    2) The cube simply switches its color via one of many technologies available. Hell, the cubes in the cube could simply be some kind of screens

    There is nothing exciting about this cube. you can get one of these at a specialized magician store and perform the same exact trick. Its simple technology

  • Netravati Yanni
    Netravati Yanni 4 days ago

    What talent

  • Manyam Nandeesh Reddy

    It's not a magic at all. He is not mixing the cube at all. He is just making some forward shifts and reverting those shifts. So you people find it as a magic trick.

    • Terry Malloy
      Terry Malloy 5 days ago

      Wow, have you ever been in America's got talent?

  • Zack Ary
    Zack Ary 6 days ago

    For more fake videos please subscribe to my channel.

  • Waleed Hamedi
    Waleed Hamedi 7 days ago

    At 02:05 he changed the cube look before he put it in hand it has white colour but when he puts it in hand there's no white colour

  • gopi krishna
    gopi krishna 7 days ago

    Ant's reaction of SHUT UP 😂😂😂😂

  • little green Boy
    little green Boy 7 days ago +2

    India better magic show . Pls see

  • little green Boy
    little green Boy 7 days ago

    Indian magic Batter than your show

  • Pruthvi Karnik
    Pruthvi Karnik 9 days ago

    0:33 stranger things music

  • rajendrasinh1000
    rajendrasinh1000 10 days ago

    I got it ....2:05 when he put her hand behind him he set all white piece at one side ....after put the rubric cube on judge's hand you can watch there were no white piece even single side

  • megatron3210
    megatron3210 11 days ago

    the real magician is the camera man and the editor

  • Teddy Lam
    Teddy Lam 14 days ago

    im a magician.the trick is very simple there is an elastic inside the cube to make it return to its original position with specific movements

  • DOiA FSS
    DOiA FSS 15 days ago +2

    Really wonderful!!
    I'm from Jordan and I wish one day to see the show in the theatre.

  • Osama Khan
    Osama Khan 15 days ago

    This whole thing could be staged maybe judges are a part of it too😏

  • Judith Rivas
    Judith Rivas 15 days ago

    I love Amanda 👗

  • AR Hasan
    AR Hasan 16 days ago +4

    did anyone else notice Britain spelling is wrong in the caption
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Loki7 GD
    Loki7 GD 16 days ago

    2:04 he clearly changed it

  • Loki7 GD
    Loki7 GD 16 days ago +3

    The first one was easy to do, he was just fast at the pattern.

  • Yasir Khoker
    Yasir Khoker 17 days ago

    Simon stood up😲😲

  • Adrish Roy
    Adrish Roy 17 days ago

    This is do fake

  • To Toto
    To Toto 18 days ago

    angielski"got talent"poszedl o krok dalej i zawsze w programie jest jedna osoba wspolpracujaca z tym show (osoba podstawiona).Sajmon wiedzial ze ma postawic bialy kolor.Kamerzysta nie pokazal celowo jak Amanda za plecami uklada kostke.Widac za to jak "magic"podmienia kostke podajac druga dla spice girl.hahahahaha.

  • biplop daulagophu
    biplop daulagophu 21 day ago +1

    its machine working,,,by pressing the button it solves

    • Rimmita Chowdhury
      Rimmita Chowdhury 20 days ago

      Yeah maybe.. Hmm..I see a point in what you're studying

  • kaka kaka
    kaka kaka 22 days ago


  • EngleHump
    EngleHump 23 days ago +2

    lets see him do this trick with short sleeve shirts

  • Muhammad Obaid
    Muhammad Obaid 24 days ago +3

    i think this is real magic not just a slight hand tricks

  • bosgotnojams
    bosgotnojams 27 days ago +4

    The way he talks already feels magical.

  • speedcuber
    speedcuber 28 days ago +2

    Actually it is pretty easy to understand his magic as a cube solver. I can say that you can solve this cube with 3 or 4 moves in the last scene. He solved it quickly and put it her hand
    Judges need to be more vigilant but of course his work is not easy to perform. respect

  • yow
    yow 28 days ago

    Is that led screen or something that can change the colour

  • navern karthick Madurai

    Who is here after hearing believer

  • Raman Velpoori
    Raman Velpoori 29 days ago +26

    Guys see in slow motion at 2:04 he mixed up the cube

  • Meera Mahajan
    Meera Mahajan 29 days ago

    That sweet guy started crying ohhhhh



  • Jawad Amin
    Jawad Amin Month ago +9

    how did he know i was shouting 4:17 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nk gaming
    Nk gaming Month ago

    Plz support my channel plz

  • Yashwanth Reddy Challa

    1:16 the dude is turning the face farthest from the camera each time he rotates the cube.
    The shuffling was rigged

  • Robin Van Wonderen
    Robin Van Wonderen Month ago


  • TripleTreuViet
    TripleTreuViet Month ago +8

    It's a memory spring cube that returns to its original spot that u can buy Amanda should've felt it moving back

  • Frikkie Oosthuizen
    Frikkie Oosthuizen Month ago

    Well i cant do it so he's good...

  • Zabeer Allejaun
    Zabeer Allejaun Month ago

    judges are such idiots,



  • Senk-cn DM
    Senk-cn DM Month ago


  • Fluffy Torpedo
    Fluffy Torpedo Month ago

    Ok, the last trick was kinda ass like not gonna lie

  • Shaitoma
    Shaitoma Month ago

    Amazing performance
    I've solved the Rubik's cube but it took me half an hour

    • Shaitoma
      Shaitoma Month ago

      +paul raven Rubik's cube is just a toy and I used to play with it in my childhood.

    • Shaitoma
      Shaitoma Month ago

      +paul raven
      No, I'm not weak😈
      I've no interest in Rubik's cube
      I'm a chess master and I bet none can beat me in it

    • paul raven
      paul raven Month ago

      Very weak

  • Steve Suko
    Steve Suko Month ago +2

    What is talented about something you can buy?

  • Bj Caingat
    Bj Caingat Month ago +2

    The Cube Is In A Pattern 16 Move 8 Move 32 Move 64 Move etc.

  • 69 Champagnes
    69 Champagnes Month ago +4

    That calm and confident attitude is so sophisticated.

  • why are you reading my comment ?

    He's so humble

  • Stallon Wolfster
    Stallon Wolfster Month ago +5

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious show in one word@Hat~tip to the magician!!

  • reiwell del
    reiwell del Month ago

    It was already fixed when he gave it to Amanda, thats why she was holding it behind her. Its really no different from the first trick.

  • Aba Razou
    Aba Razou Month ago


  • Alois
    Alois Month ago

    satans puppets

  • Sangeet Katila
    Sangeet Katila Month ago

    So whos the magician

  • เสรีย์ สิทธิภาพ

    Those people who made negative comment were ridiculous, that is what we called magic tricks.

  • Harshvardhan the gamer

    At 1:08 view the rubiks cube care fully and swe at 1:19 he moves the back side of cube

  • graham grasdal
    graham grasdal Month ago +11

    Amazing. I really loved Amanda's dress. She looked really great in it.

    • Ryan Taylor
      Ryan Taylor Month ago

      Great magic is being performed and you're looking at Amanda's dress??

  • jango Ott
    jango Ott Month ago +6

    Look at his hand from 2.05 minut take speed. x 25 he did something

    • Wallace Crawford
      Wallace Crawford Month ago +3

      Of course he did something. It is a magic trick.

    • Kapil Bhatt
      Kapil Bhatt Month ago +1

      dude got fast hands he solved it without looking ,misdirecting them towards his other hand and put down the fully solved white side on her palm . that was dope

  • Robert Larsson
    Robert Larsson Month ago +5

    Who else skipping all comments about how he did this

  • alfs5u
    alfs5u Month ago +1

    The first trick is simple ..
    he uses the rubic cube that is hold by elastic and it winds back when u let it go
    Just see how he holds the cube for the first trick
    It’s called the wind back rubics cube -120$ on eBay

  • Keoki Ai No kea
    Keoki Ai No kea Month ago

    Amanda looks like a barbie doll ! Lol

  • Sultan Libra
    Sultan Libra Month ago

    I like this show

  • ماناخوليا manakhulyaa


  • Yuvan S
    Yuvan S Month ago +1

    Wow Believer seriously 😐

  • Victor Greystoke II
    Victor Greystoke II Month ago +3

    Wow! He's truly amazing, he might be a wizard instead of magician!😶😮🙂😀

  • Brian Francis
    Brian Francis Month ago

    Mind blowing!!!!

  • lissalives Smoot
    lissalives Smoot Month ago +33

    Alisha is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. ♥️

  • K Design
    K Design Month ago

    2:05 he changed the cube and colors are different before an after

  • Nainesh Unhelkar
    Nainesh Unhelkar Month ago +3

    Most people say that it is a trick but it's just an algorithm . Amanda was also rotating it through 1 side only . Anyone can do that .

  • Nothing but nothing

    He deserves a golden buzzer

  • Rodulf Rednose
    Rodulf Rednose Month ago

    At 4:21 dar kid tho 😂😂😂😂

  • samaaksh sharma
    samaaksh sharma Month ago

    This is not shocking okk many can do like this and this same stage

  • samaaksh sharma
    samaaksh sharma Month ago

    Many people do like this same , Steve brundgae

  • mickey mouse
    mickey mouse Month ago

    Steven brundage rip off

  • Hamad Alanazi
    Hamad Alanazi Month ago

    What the name of music

  • sudama singh
    sudama singh Month ago

  • Shiv Ansh
    Shiv Ansh Month ago

  • indiar20
    indiar20 Month ago

    Anyone see the two rubix cubes when they both had two full white sides?? He just moved the white squares to the bottom of the square so you couldnt see it when he placed it on his hand

  • Ceauxin
    Ceauxin Month ago +5

    People saying he is a fooler.
    Thats why its called magic

  • Phx Reborn
    Phx Reborn Month ago

    It was easy... i am a speedcuber... and I bet every cuber can figure out the way he did... all it needs is a practice...

  • Kartik Pandit
    Kartik Pandit Month ago

    The cube is a paid actor...

  • Tala Jandali
    Tala Jandali Month ago +12

    If Mel B was there she say shut up a million times I love Mel b alotttt

  • milui kuki
    milui kuki Month ago

    I believe it's an optimal trick

  • ProGeoGamers
    ProGeoGamers Month ago +2

    Cubers: that was ez 😏😏😏
    People: how did he do that? 🤔🤨

  • Tapobrat Deb
    Tapobrat Deb Month ago

    If you know how to solve a rubiks cube , you will see through his tricks ..
    The cubes are not even shuffled properly , it will only need a few moves to solve the entire puzzle .

  • Maneesh Koru
    Maneesh Koru 2 months ago

    I am just thinking of how he made simon choose the white

  • Awais Malik Awais Malik

    I LOVE Alisha

  • three Armend
    three Armend 2 months ago

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  • Janeth De Villa
    Janeth De Villa 2 months ago

    A-MA-ZING performance

  • Megaforce Productions
    Megaforce Productions 2 months ago

    I don't know how I did it but yeah I think you did sleight of hand but either way it was awesome

  • Cat Deme
    Cat Deme 2 months ago


  • M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë

    This is brilliant and does my head in because we had a rubbix cube and nobody ever sloved it

  • Pi
    Pi 2 months ago

    Make engine inside cube to come back to resolved position in half of a second. Thats 80 percent of this 'magic'

    • Pi
      Pi 2 months ago

      As much of magic as our smartphones or less even

  • Student zone
    Student zone 2 months ago

    #2:06 what was that

  • A FitaX I
    A FitaX I 2 months ago

    i really dont get what all the hype is about, we all know there are other beings on earth apart from humans, inwhich all magicians summon to perform their acts.

  • Dainiel Maldo
    Dainiel Maldo 2 months ago

    As a speed cuber I can say that all of his tricks (except the trick where the white one appeared) are very easy the scrambles are only a few moves away from being solved or even less that 10 moves but still he executed the magic pretty well