Supernatural is kinda dumb...


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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  Year ago +673

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    • saggy crab magic
      saggy crab magic 17 days ago

      You just have to get used to it and then it gets better

    • Lizbeth Alejandra
      Lizbeth Alejandra 28 days ago

      There is super natural anime

    • Gabriel Pimenta
      Gabriel Pimenta Month ago

      +purple 92 and none of them is that interesting, though.

    • Gabriel Pimenta
      Gabriel Pimenta Month ago

      +AngieWinchester338 It's really dumb. They continue something with no story. It's pretty dumb. Bit maybe Alex will be good for SPN, even he's a fan of that shit.

    • Lara SCHROEDER
      Lara SCHROEDER 3 months ago


  • weena chabin
    weena chabin 6 hours ago

    I started watching cuz it was interesting but story line got to boring' ...but continue watching just to watch Sam and Dean they r so handsome 😁

  • angel castellano
    angel castellano 11 hours ago

    Bruh, watch the whole thing before judging.

  • Ioanna H
    Ioanna H 12 hours ago

    Supernatural is the BEST

  • Hanna Crades
    Hanna Crades 20 hours ago

    I’m preparing to become triggered

  • faznan badri
    faznan badri Day ago

    you should try up to season 5. you might get drag in and watch the whole thing. season 1 is regular lore monsters and its great, season 2 they start answer the fire things. season 3 is where this kick off the ground. 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 they flying high. 8-current season, meh.

  • Alishan Hess
    Alishan Hess 2 days ago +1

    I managed to watch 4.5 seasons, then I lost interest. Honestly, it's kinda repetitive since they're no longer hunting actual monsters lmao

    • faznan badri
      faznan badri Day ago

      they regularly hunt monster, after season 6, they focus on fixing the mess they make with Lucifer Rising.

  • cyane
    cyane 2 days ago

    Just my opinion but I'm sooo sick of supernatural. I'm really behind on the last season, and I personally think it stopped being good (besides a select few plotlines and episodes) after season 7 or so. I love some episodes and a lot of the characters, but I think it really just needs to end. It's just dragging out everything

  • D Ahmad
    D Ahmad 3 days ago

    Bro. Don't watch the show like "that". Thats why you think it's kinda dumb. 🤦🏻‍♂️ mannnn I love Supernatural since first it's episode until latest seasons. This show is great! I think a person like you is not right for me to watch movie with I mean, just listen to your own complains. I know you're being real but mannnn but ols it's not necessary man. 😂

  • Kripto .cu
    Kripto .cu 3 days ago

    Watch the first5 seasons the quit the show. Believe me. Everithing el se is a waste....

  • KvshUzumaki
    KvshUzumaki 3 days ago

    Guy didn’t do his research at all😭😭

  • H. Bumbybull
    H. Bumbybull 3 days ago +1

    I love this show too much! I love your vids Alex but this just isn’t right! 😞

  • janajolanda 13
    janajolanda 13 4 days ago +1

    Supernatural is like my favourite show in the world but I always think it's interesting to hear other people's view on it.

    • faznan badri
      faznan badri Day ago

      the show is good, dumb also accurate, but really think, how many problem get easy solve if they read a little more. Lilith is not going to break the seal, Lilith is the final seal. Walking Library Bobby dont know this? really? i understand Dean is an idiot and Sam fills his brain with other stuff. the walking exposition failed to mention this? i mention the Lilith thing because that is the moment where the fuck up really start.

  • Lisa Nellie
    Lisa Nellie 5 days ago +1

    The necklace commentary was HILARIOUS, but you do get what he was asking right??

  • Kai Smith
    Kai Smith 5 days ago +1

    Please do dr who

  • Fluffy Unicorns
    Fluffy Unicorns 5 days ago

    IM PRETTY SHITTY SURE THAT SUPERNATURAL IS NOT A TEEN DRAMA IN THE SLIGHTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also where the shit are the teens? The two brothers are in there shitty 30s. Try watching the enire series. Disgrace on you if you call it a "Teen Drama" just a giant disgrace

  • Rosey Lobley
    Rosey Lobley 6 days ago +1

    Be Warned
    If You Watch 2-3 Seasons You Become Part of The Fandom And Lose your Socialization!

  • Braxton Turner
    Braxton Turner 6 days ago +1

    i love this show but sometimes its so crappy

  • Ashley Hota
    Ashley Hota 8 days ago +1


  • Ginga Ninja  Gaming
    Ginga Ninja Gaming 8 days ago +3

    This show just got confirmed for a 15th season. Holy shit.

  • Joker Snipez
    Joker Snipez 8 days ago +1

    Doesn't make sense. This is the most unnecessary and pointless vid ever made. Supernatural is clearly an amazing show and its also one of the shows i didn't expect you would make a vid of, but now it just seems like you go on anything just to get views. Unbelieveble.

  • Michael Polan
    Michael Polan 8 days ago +1

    Lola bunny was way way hotter the Roxan.

  • Katona Queen of Darkness

    HOOMAN SHUD UP SHUD UP SHUD UP you don’t know what your talking about! The car (who’s name is BABY! Get it right man) does not self drive one it’s a 1968 Chevy impala it don’t self drive and two the ghost took over the car because she was a vengeful ghost! And she drowned her kids and they were hugging her and all the fire was Azazal (aka yellow eyes) doing because Sammy is a demon child and one his mom interfered so this she had to die and Jessica died so he would start hunting again.

  • idontknow
    idontknow 8 days ago +1

    I actually love supernatural so much

  • BonBonnie
    BonBonnie 8 days ago +1

    Did you make the Nightrider reference just as an accident or did you watch season 5 ep 13 i think (Changing Channels) + In one episode they actually made a reference of Twilight (season 3-4) if I remember correctly. Just watch up until season 5 + the specials - French mistake, musical, Scoobynatural, and the 30ep. (Still haven’t seen it myself, but the specials are always good)

  • Emma Sanders
    Emma Sanders 9 days ago +1

    Wow your animations have changed so much in a year

  • Gunel Eyyubova
    Gunel Eyyubova 9 days ago +2

    Supernatural is the best show ever.It will go on till 20th season and only reason to end the show will be brothers' age factor,there will be the stories to talk of course,but after Dean and Sam getting older,the show will end the stories.But as Jensen said" THERE IS STILL SOME GAS ON THE CAR" So brothers will carry on 4 or 5 seasons on the road🙂

  • Jesus Maruri
    Jesus Maruri 9 days ago +1

    Only the first 4 seasons are worth watching. It gets too weird, religious and lazy from there.

  • Zuzana Barteková
    Zuzana Barteková 9 days ago

    I'm sorry, but Impala (Dean's car) turned into KITT (Knight Rider car) in season 5, not in season 1... Or should I say Sam was turned into KITT? Sam and Impala were turned into KITT? I don't know, it was fun

  • Cameron Fisher
    Cameron Fisher 10 days ago +2

    the moment you start the show you lose all of your social life

  • Bhanu 95
    Bhanu 95 10 days ago +1

    Just because u dont understand something, doesnt mean it s dumb..

  • Iveta Welborn
    Iveta Welborn 10 days ago +1

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who was kinda over Supernatural after the 5th season.

  • Dream Galaxy Wolf
    Dream Galaxy Wolf 10 days ago +2

    *Careful my mom gonna slap u for saying its dumb*

  • Th'kaal
    Th'kaal 10 days ago +1

    I'm just so tired of everyone talking about how great the Winchesters are and yet they are the most evil and vile beings on the Earth according to how the series is run they are so Despicable Me evil they make Palpatine look like a saint

  • aikouka
    aikouka 11 days ago

    I always preferred the earlier seasons of Supernatural due to enjoying the whole "Monster of the Week" aspect, which still had a light sprinkling of season-wide plot. I guess it was because they usually went with some new creature, or how it felt like an odd Scooby Do mystery. The part that usually got frustrating is just how -- after you watch it for a while -- you get two characters (Sam and Dean) where one always gets mad at the other for keeping secrets. I mean... that is quite literally the dramatic plot device for multiple seasons, but it usually just swaps which brother is being the "bad bro". The best part of the later seasons is probably Castiel as he's a giant fish-out-of-water narrative device, which I'm also a fan of, but he also brought probably the worst, most drawn-out plot into the show.

    Although, like others have mentioned, the best episodes are probably the meta ones.

  • Isabel N
    Isabel N 11 days ago +1

    This hurts me

  • 221 B Baker Street
    221 B Baker Street 11 days ago +1

    I'm watching this video while waiting for a supernatural episode to charge 😂

  • Lord Zuko
    Lord Zuko 12 days ago

    Supernatura died after 5. They are just milking it now.

  • Sephra Ardan
    Sephra Ardan 12 days ago

    Oh that’s the sheriff’s son from the old tv show Roswell I think he’s name was dean as well 😂

  • r92davis
    r92davis 13 days ago

    He said he liked the necklace to take her mind off of her boyfriend missing 😏😏😂😂😂

  • spidergirl animates
    spidergirl animates 14 days ago

    It's actually gotten wayyyy less cheesey over the years 6:35

  • Royal Garbage
    Royal Garbage 14 days ago +1

    The show has now aired 300 episodes

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie 14 days ago

    I love Supernatural, but I understand why some people don't.

  • ThemisKBR
    ThemisKBR 14 days ago +5

    Suoernatural is being running for 14 seasons long before everything was a thing ... dude log off the internet and wqtch thw show ...its thw best show ever

  • William Julien Nkoghe Olympio

    I just hope they bring Mr. pigeon back to mock Dean again. That episode was hilarious.

  • Reagan Teator
    Reagan Teator 14 days ago

    Lmao you should definitely watch more. You’re gonna wish things were as simple as they are in the first video 🤣 but here's the low down of the fandom.
    1) We hate their dad
    2) their mom is bad ass
    3) we miss the doors to hell
    4) we miss the apocalypse
    5) we love Satan
    6) Gods a dead beat dad
    7) Castiel is a smol child and a great dad

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez 15 days ago


  • All Tech
    All Tech 15 days ago

    am I the only one who hates Sam?

  • Van Wheeze
    Van Wheeze 15 days ago

    Seasons 1-5 were the best, no doubt. I remember watching the show with my brother as a kid.
    The show is still good it’s just not the same.

  • Erna xx
    Erna xx 16 days ago

    first 5 seasons are GOLDEN so you should watch atleast those, would totaly recommend

  • Lestat De Lioncourt
    Lestat De Lioncourt 16 days ago

    //If you continue the series all the way through season 14, you’ll see how terrible the new seasons are. Seasons 1-6 are good.

  • megan johnson
    megan johnson 16 days ago

    it’s a little cheesy for a couple of eps but it gets way better

  • Kaneng Botsha
    Kaneng Botsha 17 days ago

    The beginning was funny, but now we got coin on this shows success,so invested our hands are grated into it we cannot and will not pull ourselves out of it 😆😆😅😅😂😂😂😂😂 don't you dare dump on it and have it cancel you will provide an alternative my friend

  • Cecil Harmon
    Cecil Harmon 17 days ago

    It is a awesome show period

  • The Tea
    The Tea 17 days ago

    I hate this show, with a burning passion

  • MuTY
    MuTY 18 days ago

    you are nitpicking

  • I don't know
    I don't know 18 days ago

    tbh spn is one of the best and one of the worst shows ive seen

  • just_ shaelyn_
    just_ shaelyn_ 18 days ago

    Or at least to the end of season 4

  • stuffinator4000
    stuffinator4000 18 days ago

    Look at 4:14 the guys expression looks exactly like the meme

  • Sparkle Butt
    Sparkle Butt 19 days ago

    SUPERNATURAL IS AMAZING! I have watched all thirteen seasons and it is is good! I am re watching it while I am waiting for season fourteen! Supernatural is NOT repetitive, @JoaoGedoz!

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose 20 days ago


  • r92davis
    r92davis 20 days ago

    But I like your channel sub for sure but...leav spn aloooone 👌🏽 ok😊

  • r92davis
    r92davis 20 days ago +2

    6:42....ya said it was a “TeeN DrAMa” wut 😔😔

  • r92davis
    r92davis 20 days ago +1

    The necklace was important later lol

  • r92davis
    r92davis 20 days ago +1

    Hah your funny😶😶😶😶

  • Olivia Mansen
    Olivia Mansen 21 day ago

    I'm fifteen and I'm pretty good about NOT burning things.

  • Queen Know-It-All
    Queen Know-It-All 21 day ago

    I didnt think i would watch 13 seasons either but here i am on season 14

  • Stephanie Carvalho
    Stephanie Carvalho 21 day ago


  • viktorija Wolfthorn
    viktorija Wolfthorn 21 day ago

    are u kiding?!! this show is the one of the best tv shows that ever happened in this world . from season one

  • Crystal Jackman
    Crystal Jackman 21 day ago

    Idk whether to like or dislike, because I love the show, but your commentary is hilarious. I legit laughed out loud at "extensions have you looking like a snacc" lol

  • Jesse Cowan
    Jesse Cowan 22 days ago

    supernatural ain't got nothing on naruto p1, shippuden, and boruto. fuck off cw

  • yukisuperstylish
    yukisuperstylish 22 days ago

    I watched it until the 7th season then it gets more complicated

  • July Winchester
    July Winchester 22 days ago


  • Христина Дубницька

    It was good till season 5 but i stoped at season 8 v
    P.S. i heared that there are a real trash after 10 season

  • Lps Petals
    Lps Petals 23 days ago

    3:43 😂

  • Amber Pendered
    Amber Pendered 23 days ago

    I liked this show but I got bored of it I did like the Scooby - doo mashup in season 11 they did ❤️👏🏻

  • Emy Medina
    Emy Medina 23 days ago

    You should do Grey's Anatomy (please)

  • Erica Pierre-Gilles
    Erica Pierre-Gilles 23 days ago

    Who the hell is gonna watch 13 seasons

  • Erica Pierre-Gilles
    Erica Pierre-Gilles 23 days ago

    "But girl those hair extensions you look like a snack" hahahaha LOL I died

  • strups
    strups 25 days ago

    dont call supernatural dumb

  • aiman saba
    aiman saba 25 days ago

    You have to watch season 7 and 9 thats where it actually gets....weirdddddddd

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 25 days ago

    I notice all the people who disagree with you are the teen girls you mentioned!!!!!

  • Bunny Steps
    Bunny Steps 26 days ago

    Supernarual is my favorite show, im obsessed with it

  • lula ashworth
    lula ashworth 26 days ago

    please do a video on scream MTV ( its a show)

  • Yanira Moreira Blanco
    Yanira Moreira Blanco 27 days ago

    Do you like something? some shows? I'm going to start thinking no. OMG, you only criticize almost all of them. You waste your time talking about things you do not even like, it´s a pity.
    On the other hand,
    you do not know anything about Supernatural at all, you did not understand anything about the story truly. This show is 13 years old, something they are doing well so that they continue to have a background.
    Do you just call supernatural a teen drama? OMG, shut up. Most of the actors have more than thirty years, not teenage topics...

  • damnitaintright
    damnitaintright 27 days ago

    omg that video was uploaded on my birthday, and its about a show that i used to LOVE (i stopped watching in the middle of season 10 though and i really think it shouldve ended at like season 5 or 8 at most), i adore those coincidences

  • Isabel Knight-Inman
    Isabel Knight-Inman 27 days ago

    This means dean is like almost 40. Poor guy

  • Fia xoxo
    Fia xoxo 28 days ago

    Supernatural is kinda dumb but I still love it

  • Lauren Woods
    Lauren Woods 29 days ago

    I still love supernatural.

  • N M
    N M Month ago

    I love me some supernatural.
    One of my favorite series on television, even if some of the seasons drop a bit in quality at points.

  • DudeMyNameIsCat
    DudeMyNameIsCat Month ago

    I'm pretty sure there is a musical episode lol

  • UptownDowntownNY
    UptownDowntownNY Month ago

    came here to be slightly offended but i had a good time

  • Green The Dino
    Green The Dino Month ago

    On my blockkkkk

  • Chudi Nwike
    Chudi Nwike Month ago

    This guy's hilarious

  • R Z
    R Z Month ago

    It's Lola bunny 😠

  • Cor M
    Cor M Month ago

    If you just did ads for products I would listen. Anyway I love Supernatural. Maybe you could watch all the seasons sometime.

  • Livi NoLu
    Livi NoLu Month ago

    Yea but they're pretty

  • —kline edits
    —kline edits Month ago

    my first thought when I saw the title was, "SUPERNATURAL IS AMAZING STFU" 😂

  • Palo Santo
    Palo Santo Month ago

    I guess starting Supernatural now would be pretty hard but watching it for several years creates the bond with this show. I started watching when there was five seasons out