Supernatural is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Supernatural animation
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    Riverdale is a mess... (part 3)
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    Riverdale is a mess... (part 2)
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Comments • 7 876

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  Year ago +735

    Big thanks to Dollar Shave Club. Join the Dollar Shave Club ->

    • Jarly Casinillo
      Jarly Casinillo 24 days ago

      Stop it just stop!!!!!. Make videos talking how great they are, i watched this video from my friend and go back and send you this comment cause i hate people making video how bad shows are, and even make TVclip video about it just stop it shut the hell up dick.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • james winns
      james winns 2 months ago

      I was enjoying your videos until I seen this i will real life fight you

    • mizzqbee8
      mizzqbee8 3 months ago

      It fine i like the flash. Way better than. New Justice league movie

    • saggy crab magic
      saggy crab magic 4 months ago

      You just have to get used to it and then it gets better

    • Lizbeth Alejandra
      Lizbeth Alejandra 5 months ago

      There is super natural anime

  • katie sahner
    katie sahner Hour ago +1

    please tell me I was not the only one who clicked on the video ready to attack

  • Lena Depp
    Lena Depp Day ago

    "Supernatural is kinda dumb" WTF??!! Supernatural is the best show ever!

  • Amilya Cole
    Amilya Cole 2 days ago +1

    Supernatural is the best show I’ve ever watched

  • Future Sloppy12
    Future Sloppy12 2 days ago

    You're trash

  • Sydney
    Sydney 2 days ago

    DO A PART 2!

  • Emily Heller
    Emily Heller 2 days ago

    I Tell you that i‘m getting angrier when someone Insults My fandom😠😡
    When it‘s so Bad why Would it have 15 seasons ? YOU are so dumb😤

  • Emily Heller
    Emily Heller 2 days ago

    Shut Up! Supernatural is the Most awesome and Perfect thing i‘ve ever seen! The actors are funny and beautiful and their Charakters too! YOU ARE DUMB WHEN YOU SAY THAT SPN DOESN‘T MAKE SENSE! You are just too incompetente to understand the best thing on Earth! 😡🤬

  • GageTDC2015
    GageTDC2015 3 days ago


  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 3 days ago

    Lola Bunny you monster!!!!

  • My Life In A Twist
    My Life In A Twist 3 days ago

    Check the ‘Newest First’ tab of the comments, it is a pile of shit. I love Supernatural but I still love this video.

  • Zombie Cadillac
    Zombie Cadillac 4 days ago

    Supernatural IS NOT DUMB

  • x AntiSepticWise x
    x AntiSepticWise x 4 days ago

    No it ain’t. You’re just jealous because Dean is good looking and you’re not.

  • Zara Rehman Chaudhry

    This video is dumb...take it back lmao none of ur arguments r rational like tht necklace was a symbol for the demons so he complimented it....admit it u don’t hav a valid point.

  • J Og
    J Og 6 days ago

    Umm where you live bitch

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf 6 days ago

    oh hon

  • maximum potassium
    maximum potassium 7 days ago +2

    this video was a dangerous one to make lol

  • Tomas Stephenson
    Tomas Stephenson 7 days ago +1

    You literally describe the episode to stretch the video to 10 mins

    BIMAH 7 days ago


  • Alice
    Alice 7 days ago

    I like how people got mad that he didn't like the show, when he didn't actually say that. Compared to his other videos, this was a pretty positive review! The title is the harshest thing he says about the show haha.

  • The Wild K
    The Wild K 7 days ago

    I don't know why but the hair extensions part I had to watch that like 10 times i almost died laughing!!!!!!!!!!

  • N Enixel
    N Enixel 7 days ago +1

    Supernatural is freakin awesome!! You gotta keep watching

  • Trisha Tanaka
    Trisha Tanaka 7 days ago

    watching the first episode is so weird because they look too different

  • Kendal S
    Kendal S 8 days ago

    Still love Supernatural even if it is weird .....
    like me

  • Lydi@
    Lydi@ 8 days ago

    Okay, but you need to watch a more recent episode cause the pilot is so mundane and tame compared to the shit these characters have gone through.

  • Ansley Lafrance
    Ansley Lafrance 8 days ago

    i cant even watch this

  • June
    June 9 days ago

    It's just... Not a teen drama at all...

  • Tatyana Johnson
    Tatyana Johnson 9 days ago +3

    “Turns out their car is the car from night rider”
    Ohhhhhh if you only knew 😂

  • Me Me
    Me Me 9 days ago

    14 going on 15 now and im an expert of the supernatural fam

  • Sam Time
    Sam Time 9 days ago

    I’ve watched all 13 seasons.

  • Sam Time
    Sam Time 9 days ago

    It’s not dumb.

  • Audrey Blackwood
    Audrey Blackwood 10 days ago +1

    Supernatural is the best shut up

  • Leni Rose
    Leni Rose 10 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but does he seriously judge Supernatural by it'' first ever epsiode o_O musical numbers or highschool set ups? * Spn Family starts laughing nerviously like he he*

  • Aten
    Aten 10 days ago

    I appreciate this

  • Lauren Metsala
    Lauren Metsala 10 days ago

    You should watch Under the Dome, The Blacklist, and/or Chuck

  • owca1000 hi
    owca1000 hi 10 days ago


  • Sofia Isabel Oviedo Mejia

    You should so review boy meets world , I love it

  • SaMaN
    SaMaN 11 days ago


  • Nicolas McGee
    Nicolas McGee 11 days ago

    the show lasted this long for a reason just sayin yea the show has problems but its still is one of the best shows 15 seasons is quite impressive actually

  • Brooke Testa
    Brooke Testa 12 days ago

    "So...There's a lot of fire in this show."

  • Gus Porker
    Gus Porker 13 days ago +5

    "There's no random musical numbers" lmfao
    Ye, it's got a few xd

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 10 days ago

      No it hasn't "got a few." Where did you get that from? The comment section? Because I'm pretty sure you haven't watched the show yourself. You wouldn't be commenting that. They had ONE musical episode as their 200th as a little change-it-up joke. You pretty much just rewrote other people's comments in a somehow more untrue, and unfunny version. Good job, buddy. Also 'XD' is a face. A laughing face. It's supposed to be in caps. Now have a good day.

  • Lintang Cahyaningsih
    Lintang Cahyaningsih 13 days ago +5

    Dean's voice though... Somebody needs to do a season 1-15 voice comparison for him 😂😂

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 10 days ago

      ikr! it got so deep! watching back on this i am realizing how much i miss it

  • Consuelo Suarez
    Consuelo Suarez 13 days ago +2

    Boy you miss the good stuff you need s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s11 s12 s13 s14 .. pls stop asshole

  • LiYa Asgharpour
    LiYa Asgharpour 13 days ago +8

    "pretty straightforward" LMAO IMAGINE

  • Antnj81
    Antnj81 13 days ago

    Ok but the anime version of the show is really good!!

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 9 days ago

      no actually, i hate it so much i died... then came back after 4 years in hell.

  • Jaime Ruiz
    Jaime Ruiz 14 days ago +1

    1. First couple seasons, a cheesy chick flick with decent story line and excitement.
    2. Mid seasons, storyline strengthens, and portrays itself as a serious dramatic show with spot on character development.
    3. Ending seasons?... Back to a chick flick only with well below average script writing and CRINGY action scenes. I mean, come on, am I the only one that missed the Dean (Michael) vs Lucifer areal fight? 💀💀💀

  • Batsy's Gone Bats!
    Batsy's Gone Bats! 15 days ago

    okay but the butthurt fangirls in the comments have to be the cringiest thing I have seen today. Yes the show is cheesy and with all these many seasons of course it is repetitive and the writers just keep introducing problems bigger than previous problems over and over but we all know that the Winchesters are simply not dying and even if they do they will just come back so it takes away the effect. I don't always enjoy the pace of the show as well but despite all of this, there is the feel of wholesomeness to the show, I can genuinely sympathize with the characters and like them as individuals. The overarching plot is okay enough and some filler episodes are gold. The way it manages to be serious at times and absolutely hilarious at others is also amazing, you can't easily have both undertones and make them both effective. It isn't a perfect show and the writers really need to brush up their skills when it comes to the technical aspects of it but its perfectly admirable for what it is.

  • Siiri Winchester67
    Siiri Winchester67 15 days ago

    Excuse me. Don't ever make fun of Supernatural like that. Supernatural is the best show and that's the tea. Yes this video is going to my feelings.

  • BR4s5m0nkey
    BR4s5m0nkey 15 days ago

    You're talking to my guy all wrong. It's the wrong tone. Do it again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.

  • Kevin Crady
    Kevin Crady 15 days ago

    You have to take a drink each time they have a "bro-ment."

  • CeeTruth
    CeeTruth 15 days ago +4

    Of course it has it's flaws, it's on the CW.
    Still, it has its zany fun.

  • Myesha Tasnim
    Myesha Tasnim 16 days ago

    Please do "the boy".. Its a horror meaningless movie...

  • MacheteBadger 76
    MacheteBadger 76 16 days ago

    Dude stay on topic damn

  • lovetolovefairytales
    lovetolovefairytales 16 days ago

    You should do Penny Dreadful.

  • Ashley Pranke
    Ashley Pranke 17 days ago

    He should have said he was a murderer cause they look like everybody or a clone. Why did she have to wear a nurse outfit?

  • Omar Mesa
    Omar Mesa 18 days ago

    Hmm guess I can’t order the razor...

  • Hannah Norris
    Hannah Norris 18 days ago

    You can stop at season five and be fine honestly it gets dumb by season 10

  • Black Vegan Roxy
    Black Vegan Roxy 18 days ago +10

    Ummmm Supernatural is an amazing show. How dare you sir???!!! 👊🏾✋🏾

  • This Guy
    This Guy 18 days ago +5

    You wanna know why you have all these likes....


    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 10 days ago

      hell yeah! and their animations arent even the best. most of the time the expressions dont even match what hes saying. but yeah, prob the only reason he gets any likes in the first place. -half the stuff he says- none of the stuff he says is true at all, and he adds in random crap as if making a point.

  • Tom Shelton
    Tom Shelton 19 days ago +2

    6:20 "and he decides to go out with his brother"
    I see you're familiar with the Supernatural fandom

  • mena
    mena 19 days ago +4

    Supernatural is the best show out there IDC what y'all say

  • mena
    mena 19 days ago +7

    Knowing that supernatural is ending up next year this is making me so emotional 😭

  • I n ve r t e d G a l a x y

    Please make some video instead of this
    Its turning me into a fan to a hater

  • Daniel Sandberg
    Daniel Sandberg 19 days ago

    Can you do another the wampaire dairyes episode

  • Sibs restaurant
    Sibs restaurant 19 days ago


  • Sibs restaurant
    Sibs restaurant 19 days ago


    Fight me 😂 JKJK dean/Jensen is my father not the dirty one

  • tatortot 5454
    tatortot 5454 19 days ago

    How dare you say its dumb😡😤

  • I'll Go Sketch Now
    I'll Go Sketch Now 20 days ago


  • Trinity Richardson
    Trinity Richardson 20 days ago +5

    Ok thank you for al least giving the show a try but Supernatural is the best frickin show ya

  • Silvery Blue
    Silvery Blue 20 days ago

    😂😂😂 ahh, I love SPN..

  • Miles
    Miles 20 days ago

    Supernatural is my favorite TV show lol

  • Beth Smith
    Beth Smith 21 day ago +1

    You should review Wayward Winchester reviewing this video

    • Beth Smith
      Beth Smith 20 days ago +1

      I tweeted Alex to do a video

  • Kylie Dunn
    Kylie Dunn 21 day ago

    “No random musical numbers”

    ....flash forward to season ten when there are like 5 musical numbers in that one episode

  • Lion hall
    Lion hall 21 day ago

    Supernatural is not a team drama re watch that show

  • Labinzel 3712
    Labinzel 3712 21 day ago +1

    *Watch the French Mistake*

  • Madelyn C
    Madelyn C 22 days ago

    This is the best show ever!!!!!!😍😍😍😍
    (In my opinion)

    MR PEEVES 22 days ago

    It was good in season 1,2 and 3. The writers strike ruined season 3 but it was still good. After that i got bored with it, as Sam and Dean died constantly and come back to life. It loses all threat when the main characters die all the time. Lol

  • FXGamer
    FXGamer 22 days ago

    Uh no you missed the point on why sam hates Halloween you absolute faggot, And the response to his brother coming into his house is far out of your understanding faggot.

    New TV Show: *Makes episode 1*
    Alex Myers (AKA Odd1sout Knock off): *Gotta go take a massive shit on this show because it was made*

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie Alexa

    *You mean jerky bichy assbutt*

  • magnus colors
    magnus colors 22 days ago

    IT really does get better
    Especially around season 4

  • Selena Lycan
    Selena Lycan 22 days ago

    Dude... WTF seriously a lot of people watch this show and maybe you should keep your DAMN COMMENTS TO YOUR SELF.

  • sailor saturn is my aesthetic

    *damn you really not gonna mention how fucking handsome these men are?*

  • SkylerPlays
    SkylerPlays 24 days ago

    So I watched one of this guys videos, the one where he talked about how home alone is bad, I was a bit angry but I dealt with it. BUT WHEN I SAW THIS, THIS MADE ME VERY UPSET

  • Kalexiya Yow
    Kalexiya Yow 24 days ago +3

    Is no one going to comment on how Sam plays Dean in Gilmore girls

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 9 days ago

      wait his character name is dean?! Holy sh*t haha!

  • Eleanor Kipper
    Eleanor Kipper 24 days ago

    I’m on season 8 and in season 1 they are so cute and they have hope and it makes me sad

  • Chaton Swagé
    Chaton Swagé 25 days ago +4

    actually my fav Supernatural season is 10 so far

  • Tiny Meat Greg
    Tiny Meat Greg 25 days ago

    I love Supernatural but it seems like none of you watched the video, he wasn't being that critical and said he thought the show was ok. The title is just clickbait that Alex does in all his videos.

  • lesbian with no life
    lesbian with no life 25 days ago

    Alex: Supernatural is kinda dumb.....
    Spn Family: HEY ASSBUTT
    No seriously though, I see where you're coming from. But this show has taken my life and I love it with all my heart. At times yeah it can be kinda dumb but once you've seen it all, trust me, you'll be hooked. If it isn't your kind of show then eh have fun with whatever else you watch. I'm just askin that you give it a chance.

  • Skye Angel
    Skye Angel 25 days ago +101

    Alex: “There’s no random musical numbers”
    Supernatural fans: *sweats nervously*

  • Journey Corra
    Journey Corra 25 days ago

    Okay I don’t think you got that the car, baby doesn’t drive on it’s own the ghost was doing it

  • SombraTheBombra
    SombraTheBombra 26 days ago

    supernatural is still better then the crap we get now

  • Griff Gaurav
    Griff Gaurav 26 days ago +1

    U didn't watch the whole series and that's why u have a lack of knowledge and hell yes your video is not funny at all but it's really a dumb video...
    Bruh I have watched all the season and I know what is The Supernatural...

    • Griff Gaurav
      Griff Gaurav 25 days ago

      @Skye Angel I know what he does but this really isn't a funny video it's just like a intro of SPN First episode

    • Skye Angel
      Skye Angel 25 days ago

      Griff Gaurav relax mate, he does satirical videos like this on literally dozens of other shows. Your offense on the SPN fans behalf is unwarranted and completely not necessary.

  • Juuso Hiltunen
    Juuso Hiltunen 26 days ago +8

    Just watch all the 14 Seasons then say this again Assbut

    • Juuso Hiltunen
      Juuso Hiltunen 19 hours ago

      @Mackenzie Skye i used to play but not anymore. Whats your discord? :3

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 19 hours ago +1

      @Juuso Hiltunen yo i just checked your channel, you play battlefront?! omg lol.

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 19 hours ago +1

      @Juuso Hiltunen yes!😂😂and i literally just finished watching an episode of it too lol! (well i watch everyday anyway) I've got discord and Instagram, but i prefer discord. :D

    • Juuso Hiltunen
      Juuso Hiltunen 2 days ago

      @Mackenzie Skye do you happen to have any social media since i've always wanted to have a friend who likes Supernatural 😅❤️

    • Mackenzie Skye
      Mackenzie Skye 2 days ago +1

      @Juuso Hiltunen np! thank you! take care❤

  • Katie Baslow
    Katie Baslow 26 days ago +1

    Just saying if your going to call supernatural kinda dumb at least watch all the season cause buddy your WRONG. But the video was funny.

    • hope elizabeth
      hope elizabeth 26 days ago

      Katie Baslow he does that in the title of almost all of his videos so don’t get too offended lmaoo (i’m a fan of supernatural btw)

  • Colin Meadows
    Colin Meadows 26 days ago

    It’s actually good you can’t even make a cartoon movie

  • gigan 101
    gigan 101 26 days ago

    Supernatural is an amazing show the best one ever made and y do u think its so bad when ur being so picky about common sense and y did u cut out things that r mention in the show that r important so it doesnt sound dumb even tho u do that to make it look bad so u can joke around ha ha so funny so u can get likes on a vid thats not a good review?

  • Hassan Misto
    Hassan Misto 26 days ago

    You're the dumb bitch

  • Λεωνίδια Δευτεραίου

    Supernatural is not the best show because of the scenario or the quality and stuff (some scenes are gold btw) . But is the show that you love and you just can feel every second of it (the most of it). They've made mistakes and I can say that but I forgive them too so... #supernaturalfamily #greekfan *sorry for my bad English*😆
    Anyway have a nice day 🔫

  • Mrs Winchester
    Mrs Winchester 27 days ago +25

    If supernatural would be dumb people wouldn’t love it that much and the series wouldn’t have such a big fanbase. #SPNFamily #SupernaturalForever ❤️

  • Jonathan Ybarra
    Jonathan Ybarra 27 days ago +1

    Lola Bunny is better. Don't @ me