Keanu Reeves

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
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Comments • 37 731

  • PewDiePie
    PewDiePie  29 days ago +10492

    Ill post donation on twitter in 30 days, just fyi

  • Bobby Sowa
    Bobby Sowa 2 hours ago

    Taught me to let go of my past

  • JP Hacker
    JP Hacker 9 hours ago

    GOOD ON YOU BRO! Great vid!

    SHARE TUBE 9 hours ago


  • Awab Khalifa
    Awab Khalifa 12 hours ago

    Keanu is one with universe

    THEFRISKIESTDINGO 12 hours ago +1

    he laughed at his gravity joke and I cried a bit...

    STORMKNIGHT 13 hours ago +1

    Petition for pewdiepie to play Minecraft with Keanu Reeves


    Just a small channel trying to grow 🎮📈📈

  • Gadolini Rutherfordium
    Gadolini Rutherfordium 13 hours ago

    How much would you pay to buy PewDiePie’s original headphones?

  • Just No
    Just No 14 hours ago

    A legend talking about a god

  • Fonzies
    Fonzies 17 hours ago

    you're a good guy

  • Jian Franco Nuñez
    Jian Franco Nuñez 19 hours ago

    He can be like a new iron man lecturing Tom Holland's Spidey since he is coming to MCU lol

  • McNoodle Doodle
    McNoodle Doodle 21 hour ago

    Poor Meme review got taken over by MINECRAFT

  • Abuumdumsadd Granum
    Abuumdumsadd Granum 22 hours ago

    Kee on oo ree vehs? Who's that?

  • LbMeKing
    LbMeKing Day ago

    Keanu try’s to stay low key because he’s a time traveler and doesn’t want people to know it.
    Also, this is the first time I’ve seen and liked a PewDiePie video.

  • HABIB TECH - شروحات الحبيب

    جون ويك ازبي شمن كيانو و لا قلاوي

    HYPER OG Day ago +2

    we are forgetting something (insert ytb rewind meme) keanues most exellent adventure.

  • Dawan Kurdish
    Dawan Kurdish Day ago +1

    No one:
    john wick:why you bulling me

  • Mumi Plays
    Mumi Plays Day ago +1

    im from Leböneen... (The real way to spell it :P)

  • La weona Imbecil

    when I hear the name Kenau Reeves, I smile for some reason ¿

  • brain Cow
    brain Cow Day ago


  • Nitro Bot
    Nitro Bot Day ago


  • gamer knife
    gamer knife Day ago

    You never know Keanu Reeves?? You know his the best right??
    I'm not supposed to give opinion but search him in Google

  • ali haydar şen
    ali haydar şen Day ago

    Türk yokmu

  • Nai Hunia
    Nai Hunia Day ago

    My dad asked if I like!Edits keanu Reeves and I said no because I like John wick

  • Lovepurplepeace
    Lovepurplepeace Day ago

    Tbh I was gonna dislike this but he was nice to Keanu Reeves so I liked it.

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006
    Vampy_Rhombus5006 2 days ago

    Rest In Peace Pewd’s grandad

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006
    Vampy_Rhombus5006 2 days ago

    Does anyone know the song name at 10:05?

  • Asia Madi
    Asia Madi 2 days ago

    Keanu reeves = god

  • Keegan Colby
    Keegan Colby 2 days ago +6

    A great guy talking about a fellow great guy. Quality content.

  • Erol Morgan
    Erol Morgan 2 days ago

    pay it forward=keanu effect

  • Mauve
    Mauve 2 days ago

    I’m actually squealing

  • D.T.P Gaming
    D.T.P Gaming 2 days ago

    U look like shit

  • Commenting Quota
    Commenting Quota 2 days ago

    i hated john wick movie,i saw keanu reeves and.....

    mom:wanna go to john wick--

  • Gabriel el tipo ese
    Gabriel el tipo ese 2 days ago

    Keanu is just a phase

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 2 days ago

    Her husband in total despair: *God god has left this place a long time ago*

  • Swedish Latino
    Swedish Latino 2 days ago

    eyy i love the keanu effect well done

  • ya boi
    ya boi 2 days ago

    Keanu: *You're breathtaking*

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate 2 days ago

    Keanu reeves = markiplier

    SPOON SMITH 2 days ago

    Keanu is a fucking god. Love him dearly! Great content Pewdie

  • bitch lasagna
    bitch lasagna 2 days ago +1


    *...yOu NeVeR pLaYeD TuBeR SiMuLaToR?...*

  • Bac39
    Bac39 2 days ago +4

    He is immortal and 100x cooler version of markiplier.

  • Greenaid Gelal
    Greenaid Gelal 2 days ago

    he really looks very good for his age

  • Ginanjar Putu Wijaya

    Keanu could be a perfect anime protagonist character that every single girl of the show likes, but he never noticed them because he is just too innocent and awkward.

  • Diamond Man Gamer
    Diamond Man Gamer 2 days ago

    Pewdiepie video comments : memes

  • Diamond Man Gamer
    Diamond Man Gamer 2 days ago

    Ad John Wick into TuberSimulator !!!!!!!!! Who's agree !!!!!

  • Zoltán Szajkó
    Zoltán Szajkó 2 days ago

    Video about how Keanu's wife died in an accident:
    *sad music*
    *keep showing fckn MONICA BELLUCCI the whole time!*

  • give me my pen back
    give me my pen back 2 days ago

    Pyro's tumbnail

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 2 days ago


  • meixizou86
    meixizou86 2 days ago

    In some parallel universe, Keanu and Sandra might be a couple.

  • Call Me Mr. Tibbs
    Call Me Mr. Tibbs 3 days ago

    Thank you Felix, very cool!

  • 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    C'mon people, you all know this video is breathtaking (not memeing, just fact)

  • Jas Wolf
    Jas Wolf 3 days ago +1

    Then I got a SQUIP......

  • Shay Shy
    Shay Shy 3 days ago

    *Keanu Reeves is God*

  • Yuknowitsomehow
    Yuknowitsomehow 3 days ago +1

    Pyrocinical: uses thumbnail for E3 2019
    Pewdiepie:uses same thumbnail as Pyro
    _This is the greatest crossover of all time._

  • Roxy Ryan
    Roxy Ryan 3 days ago

    WHERE IS THAT DOPE A$$ SWEATER FROM!?!?!? Tell me pewd peasants

  • Junaki Begum
    Junaki Begum 3 days ago

    He looks perfect for Revan

  • Yasmien Kurdi
    Yasmien Kurdi 3 days ago

    Keanu Reeves seems like a good guy :) Nice feature video of Keanu ... sweet!

  • E. P
    E. P 3 days ago

    Thank you, Pewds! You just made my year. :)

  • David Prikryl
    David Prikryl 3 days ago

    PewDiePie is the Keanu Reeves of TVclip

  • Connor Hank
    Connor Hank 3 days ago


  • Shima Enaga
    Shima Enaga 3 days ago +1

    Conspiracy Theory:
    Pewds is gay with Keanu Reeves.

  • Ruby Fox
    Ruby Fox 3 days ago

    Keanu Reeves to host meme review

  • twoneight's.
    twoneight's. 3 days ago

    lmao i didn't expect the sudden extreme hug 😂

  • I’m Surprised
    I’m Surprised 3 days ago

    *John wick* no
    *Keanu Reeves* yes

  • Lapo Riccardi
    Lapo Riccardi 3 days ago

    Keanu Reeves vs shaggy
    WHO👏 WOULD👏 WIN👏!!

  • Claudia Jiménez
    Claudia Jiménez 3 days ago


  • Whaleasaurus19YT
    Whaleasaurus19YT 4 days ago +1

    Love Ur Vids

  • straightforward
    straightforward 4 days ago

    Cool! Thank you!! Nice.

  • Skeletor Rap
    Skeletor Rap 4 days ago +1

    When you realise that keanu will die in your life
    *everyone hated that*

  • Rice
    Rice 4 days ago

    Gloria Bougar (don’t know how to spell it) plays PewDiePie really well.