• Published on Aug 1, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 27 954

  • Connor Cortez
    Connor Cortez 15 minutes ago +1

    Maybe he’s an Ambviert

  • Lucky Chol
    Lucky Chol 25 minutes ago

    This Video Made Me Cancel My Daily Carlton Dance!

  • Janita van der Kuur
    Janita van der Kuur 27 minutes ago

    *whispers* hey
    *wanna know what the most dangerous fish is?*
    The catfish.
    *deep laughter*

  • Master Mei vtstae
    Master Mei vtstae 32 minutes ago

    Bro, I’m an introvert. I go out sometimes with my friends because I don’t like being alone ALL THE TIME, I enjoy being alone though. My mom asks me if I’m okay like daily and it lowkey annoys me. I just like being alone :] I relate so much to this video.

  • The_American _Skater
    The_American _Skater 58 minutes ago

    Where’s Domics

  • Luqman Hakim
    Luqman Hakim Hour ago

    Great advice when people asked why do girl doesnt like me

  • GalaxyMe fri28
    GalaxyMe fri28 Hour ago

    Do you make memes?

  • hi I'm socially awkward so yeah

    Dom: " *introduces better help* * says clinical social workers*
    Me: " naaaww I think I like being an introvert"

  • MoMo Nico Nico Ni
    MoMo Nico Nico Ni 3 hours ago

    Hello my fellow filipino🇵🇭

  • CoCo Simmer
    CoCo Simmer 3 hours ago +1


  • Nandechi
    Nandechi 3 hours ago +1

    Im an Extrovert cauuuuuuse...

    gäng gäng with da bois

  • Memin the Great
    Memin the Great 3 hours ago

    Domics, you have baby hands.

  • YFX GT
    YFX GT 3 hours ago +1

    Everyone from indonesia please like this coment or reply that you from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Nutella
    Nutella 4 hours ago

    i hate when my a family member come by to our house talks alot and ask alot (-_-).. i hate when im always invited to a party or family reunion cuz idk the most of the people there .mostly i want to always alone cuz i like having fun with myself.
    dont call me selfish but i dont like sharing my stuff like my headset or gadgets or sometimes food..

  • ARAA
    ARAA 5 hours ago

    Dominic's is a bloody guidance counselor

  • Underswap Twins
    Underswap Twins 5 hours ago

    Man having toilet paper is really is reflecting yourself hehehe

  • Fred Ryan
    Fred Ryan 6 hours ago

    your face look like @asian andy

  • natani3ls
    natani3ls 6 hours ago +1

    Sword Art Online :D

  • Fan Tale
    Fan Tale 6 hours ago

    What happened with you and Steve

    LUNAR 6 hours ago

    Я тут один Русский

  • Pigpie Prime
    Pigpie Prime 6 hours ago

    Hehe gundam exia

  • 10000 subs with no videos challenge

    I don't see why parents see being an introvert is bad. If anything it is better to be alone(ish) because there is a smaller chance that their children will be exposed with dangerous people.

  • Elix channel
    Elix channel 8 hours ago

    where is the new video?
    p.s. you are my favourite youtuber Dom

  • Kari Suzuno
    Kari Suzuno 8 hours ago

    "you ain't got the sauce.. accept it." broke me i'm dying laughing rn

  • Coconut PlayRBLX
    Coconut PlayRBLX 8 hours ago

    I’m in between extrovert and introvert

  • JonLee
    JonLee 8 hours ago

    What if Domics colored his videos?!!?!?!??!?!?!

  • Gem Jovem Gemparo
    Gem Jovem Gemparo 8 hours ago

    Watch also

  • GleamDragon
    GleamDragon 9 hours ago

    Killer whales (orca) are called that because they hunt whales. Also dolphins and whales are closely related anyways.

  • the names zig m8
    the names zig m8 9 hours ago

    Yo where my introverts at

  • HannahDaBelle
    HannahDaBelle 9 hours ago

    Psst dolphins are whales

  • Dwaipayan Chakraborty
    Dwaipayan Chakraborty 10 hours ago

    "The Only Burdens you can bear are only limited to your Own" - So True

  • Jojo Lecroy
    Jojo Lecroy 10 hours ago

    I am an introvert irl but online I like commenting and talking with others

  • Official Jose Valdez Gonzalez

    You ain’t got the sauce!!

  • Mistr Me
    Mistr Me 10 hours ago

    What do you use to animate your videos? Software, hardware etc.
    And any tips for beginners trying to animate on TVclip?

  • Gabriella Nak
    Gabriella Nak 11 hours ago

    Team I don’t know what I am

  • MakahNinja
    MakahNinja 11 hours ago

    I'm taking a shit ran and as soon as you said you were thinking about if you had enough toilet paper I looked down and had ran out of toilet paper and had to ask my mom to bring me a new roll

  • Annoying Cat
    Annoying Cat 11 hours ago

    My life explained in less than 10 minutes. Nice work Dom.

  • Marvestal
    Marvestal 11 hours ago

    Ayyee doommmm how was Vidcon!!!!

    DRAGON 11 hours ago

    1:25 SpongeBob reference
    2:35 Incredibles 2 reference

  • Battery Level Low
    Battery Level Low 13 hours ago

    Amazing writing and illustration this time around Dom, Great Job!

  • Big-Al
    Big-Al 13 hours ago

    I stop a quarter way into this video just to say I love having a Canadian animator because it’s close to home I’m not saying I dislike the non Canadian artist or people that are from somewhere else but still live in Canada I’m just saying me being from Ontario and knowing a awesome animator is right next to me in Toronto (btw I’m Canadian and it’s not always snowing) ❤️

  • Dougster154
    Dougster154 14 hours ago

    Why do I look up to u so much?

  • The_Gay _One
    The_Gay _One 14 hours ago

    I'm one of those random people who fall right in middle of the speckerum

  • Abrar Rahman
    Abrar Rahman 16 hours ago

    what program of animation do you use dominic?

  • Gummy Heart
    Gummy Heart 17 hours ago Please help this friend of mine to be able to achieve her goal......

  • Ажар Мусина
    Ажар Мусина 17 hours ago

    блин совсем другой голос как то не удобно

  • Mini Mia
    Mini Mia 17 hours ago +1

    People call me an extrovert because I’m good at talking to people and I am not shy. Honestly I just wanna spend all day by myself reading or gaming or taking a walk or eating or sleeping...BY MY SELF... and I am never lonely!

  • Dustino0
    Dustino0 17 hours ago

    MAPLESTORY!!! wooo

  • John Doe
    John Doe 18 hours ago

    Im thinking about buying a drawing tablet any recommendations?

  • Fish in a bottle
    Fish in a bottle 18 hours ago

    Is gaming online with people being alone or with people?

  • FIĆO 21
    FIĆO 21 18 hours ago

    I want to kill my self

  • Sapphire Rose
    Sapphire Rose 18 hours ago

    I guess I'm more of a introvert! I still enjoy company. My brother can't understand why I like to be alone😅 and I just can't explain it.

  • Shadow Wolf225
    Shadow Wolf225 19 hours ago

    I’m am introvert to

  • Pratyush Manjeshwar
    Pratyush Manjeshwar 19 hours ago

    Great video cheers from India 🤘👍

    TR3WAY MGTOW GANG 19 hours ago

    This is me

  • Nightshark8980 Killte
    Nightshark8980 Killte 20 hours ago

    try to hire odd1sout

  • Masashiro alex
    Masashiro alex 20 hours ago +1

    I Love it to be alone :3

  • Dav1 d
    Dav1 d 20 hours ago

    Orior web is you friend?

  • Nissi Bokungu
    Nissi Bokungu 20 hours ago

    *The catfish*

  • ninja go
    ninja go 21 hour ago


  • Pelpo
    Pelpo 21 hour ago

    Which games are you playing? Because maybe you could stream a little one Day, if you have the time for it. In my opinion live streaming is often just more personal, because your fans can talk to you and you to them and we can ask some questions and get some quick answers while seeing you playing video games. Hope you See this comment and consider it.
    P.S. I am from Germany so please excuse some mistakes.

  • Treepuncher 12
    Treepuncher 12 22 hours ago

    Also were you painting Voltron

  • Treepuncher 12
    Treepuncher 12 22 hours ago

    Calm down kirto

  • rankiller 583
    rankiller 583 22 hours ago

    domics if there place that i like to be alone and places that i dont like be alone why

  • shu pow pow
    shu pow pow 22 hours ago

    I’m new to this channel and I really like it I was just wondering about how often he up loads

  • Raza_ YT
    Raza_ YT 23 hours ago

    Will you ever do a face reveal

  • Harry Botter
    Harry Botter 23 hours ago +1

    "Yes they're sharing a drink called Loneliness
    But it's better than drinking alone~"
    -Billy Joel

  • ᴋɪᴍᴄʜɪɪ ᴘᴀᴘɪ

    i learn a new word from domic's video evERYDAY

  • o0lalaa
    o0lalaa 23 hours ago

    3:33 maplestory?!

  • Εύστοχος Σχολιαστής

    Εύστοχος Σχολιαστής approves

  • Deepali Mane
    Deepali Mane Day ago

    2:03 jinx

  • crazy unicorn life

    I suck I'm ugly I will never be beautiful no one will ever like me or date me I should just go drop off the edge of the Earth I'm not as smart as other people I don't learn as fast as other people only one of these are true I may not be as smart as other people doesn't mean I'm not smart everybody is beautiful you don't need a spell or someone else should know that you are because the only one that can judge really who you are inside is you actions speak louder than words do things instead of speak them I love being alone cuz being with people it's just I've had a really bad experience so when I hang out with my friends I'll have like one or two friends to hang out with and that's it because I learned it's better to have good true friends then a lot of friends but not have them be true

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Day ago

    Yo dom.. I wanna freaking wreck you in smash

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith Day ago

    I just spent my summer break in my myself...mmk

  • MeliyBelly
    MeliyBelly Day ago

    This is exactly me. I just like being alone, and many people assume I just hate being around them. I get tired at social events if I'm there for a while. It's funny that I'm basically looking at a video about myself lol.

  • Evanz
    Evanz Day ago

    just starting up YT would be sick to get some advice due to starting in similar circumstances to you, cheers mate!

  • Ninjagaming withHedi

    it will be in crew and friends

  • Ninjagaming withHedi

    Come check out my animation chanel

  • Gopinath Mani
    Gopinath Mani Day ago

    and whales are nothing but giant dolphins

  • AveX Geekerz
    AveX Geekerz Day ago


  • 5000 Subscribers with No Videos

    *Friends? What are those?*

    • Lucky Chol
      Lucky Chol Hour ago

      5000 Subscribers with No Videos Your Subs Maybe?

  • Chad Adaza
    Chad Adaza Day ago

    I’m now kinda wishing domics breaks up with his gf so he makes more break up video

  • Monkey Junk
    Monkey Junk Day ago

    Comics is the modern day Lhao Zuu.

  • George Teodor
    George Teodor Day ago


  • Kelly Conly
    Kelly Conly Day ago

    Best animator I’ve ever seen

  • Cheyenne The Mystery

    I'm sadly an introvert,I'm 11,I used to always outside,my mom still has pictures of me catching a fish.

  • Saiko Gemu
    Saiko Gemu Day ago

    hey dom can you help me in something i wanted for my channel to grow can you email me how?

  • Oumshka
    Oumshka Day ago

    you just looove saying a long ass sentence with alotta adjectives and fancy shmancy words don'tcha

  • Oscar Boswell
    Oscar Boswell Day ago

    Please please please do a collaboration with Odd1sout. You guys are my two favourite TVcliprs and your content is very similar.

  • Charlie Guest
    Charlie Guest Day ago

    Hey domics, a while back, itsalexclark nominated you and swoozie to do the 7 day vegan challenge baby (solves all ya problems) but I have not seen a vid about the challenge. Please do a vid about the challenge if you can and if you have done the challenge already please let me know

  • Peter Daniel Aquino

    U love your story!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • GenesisTitan
    GenesisTitan Day ago

    Nice work with the animation

  • TwoCubicTons
    TwoCubicTons Day ago

    Its weird because I'm an antisocial extrovert so I've lost most sense of embarrassment

  • Alan Hernandez
    Alan Hernandez Day ago

    Domics what you be play a GameBoy

  • imikimi2009
    imikimi2009 Day ago

    Introverts are awesome! High five!!!!

  • A Sausage Egg and Cheese Biscuit

    I'm very antisocial and have pretty bad social anxiety, I also have a twin brother who is much more social than me, our main group of friends is all people that I myself haven't met but somebody in our group met and introduced to me, and because of this mostly everyone in our group prefers my brother over me, some out right say it which kinda bothers me while others try not to show their favoritism but I know it exists, I used to be really bothered by this and because of that ended up distancing myself from my main friend group further, although now I am not so bothered. I kind of have trouble meeting new people and finding common interests but after doing so I eventually get comfortable around them and can talk with them normally without worrying about their opinion on me. Another thing that I have trouble with is that if he tells me about somebody who I have talked to a little or share classes with that is pretty cool and I try to talk to them eventually they just start rambling about my twin while I'm trying to get them to know me for me, and eventually I would just give up. Although many problems don't stem from my twin himself more so other people, he understands that I tend to have trouble socializing and is somewhat of an introvert himself. Despite all of this I don't mind going out with the friends I do have and hanging out with them a lot, I do enjoy some alone time as well but I like going out with friends a lot, while my brotger on the other hand needs to recharge and spend some time in the house alone after hanging out with friends for a while, and this seems to be why he kinda understands me. But I've come to terms with my social anxiety and am going to try a bit harder to make a name for myself as I'm going into high school. Uhh so that's my litrle story

  • Dylan Studley
    Dylan Studley Day ago

    That SAO reference though.

  • NameMarty II Marty

    Was tust an Switch in 3:01

  • 1 000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge

    I like being alone.