• Published on Feb 28, 2019
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  • Tatyana Wiley
    Tatyana Wiley 7 days ago

    Your song sound real stupid

  • Inferno HighBye
    Inferno HighBye 9 days ago +1

    I like the part where you said you eat frog

  • Jimmy smith
    Jimmy smith 11 days ago +1

    Dragon ball z 😂 my guy

    JOSH BALLOCH 16 days ago

    Ha Ha

    JUST TEDWARD 20 days ago +1

    Like to shoot Momo

  • Mala Khan
    Mala Khan 20 days ago

    Fuck you boy

  • Matheesha Fernando
    Matheesha Fernando 28 days ago

    me in Japanese sushi bar: can I have sushi halal ham: b******* shut up

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago

    co to kur.. jest

  • Ramsey Frankcom
    Ramsey Frankcom Month ago +1

    Best thing that has happened this year😂😂

  • Hector Doyle
    Hector Doyle Month ago

    Lmao this is for 10 year old yotes to not be scared of it .

  • Juneris Muniz
    Juneris Muniz Month ago +1

    Do you think mono is real like it if you think or don’t like if not real

  • Jayden Batson
    Jayden Batson Month ago

    it was funny

  • Jayden Batson
    Jayden Batson Month ago

    I did it slow moshi

  • Isam Hussain
    Isam Hussain Month ago


  • SkilledGeorge
    SkilledGeorge Month ago

    2k dislikes? Wtf it’s a joke ting ini

  • laija larvadain
    laija larvadain Month ago +1

    you cant rap

  • XxlastbladexX
    XxlastbladexX Month ago

    Reminds me of my ex

  • Junior xd
    Junior xd Month ago


  • Nathan games7
    Nathan games7 Month ago

    Bastard shut up

  • Amy Capstick
    Amy Capstick Month ago

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. LAME

  • Amy Capstick
    Amy Capstick Month ago

    This is rubish

    TROXX REX 2 months ago +1


  • NawfsydDaRapper _
    NawfsydDaRapper _ 2 months ago

    😂 OMG

  • jesh sharma
    jesh sharma 2 months ago

    Why momo she bastard

  • Mr Mooseclick
    Mr Mooseclick 2 months ago

    We love scunny ❤️

  • ThinkableAlex
    ThinkableAlex 2 months ago


  • Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan Ahmed 2 months ago

    So fucking wet

  • Hello hello Hello hello hello

    I was waching some scary things and momo was one of the scary things so I couldn’t sleep I got my iPad and found this then I said hey momo make food or bastred shut up

  • TASFIQ 1.2.3
    TASFIQ 1.2.3 2 months ago

    0:48-0:49 that scared the f**k out of me bruv

  • Ningapenguin
    Ningapenguin 2 months ago +1

    Call me Ham Has Been Pronounced Dead After Momo Diss Track

  • brenkelly100
    brenkelly100 3 months ago +1

    How to get rid of get rid of momo nightmares: No.1 Momo diss track call me ham

  • Chad Vick
    Chad Vick 3 months ago

    i honestly don't know what's so bad about eating sushi

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 3 months ago

    Momo: The god of noobs Momo: *GO COMMIT JUMP OUT OF WINDOW*

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 3 months ago

    Ok let’s start bullying mom in the comments

  • Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown 3 months ago +1

    0:49 When momo appears on my screen: Mind: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • KING ALI Gaming
    KING ALI Gaming 3 months ago


  • Logan Hurst
    Logan Hurst 3 months ago

    Now he is coming out of random words and is this a rap war Pakistan v Japan Lol this should be on FIFA 20 and news

  • $omeone
    $omeone 3 months ago

    This is how many times he said bastard

  • shinobi gamer870
    shinobi gamer870 3 months ago

    This guy is gay as af

  • Jäger
    Jäger 3 months ago

    Pakistanis are funny

  • Jack Wolski
    Jack Wolski 3 months ago +1

    Am the only who knows the lyrics

    Mr NEVER GAMER 3 months ago +1

    You have no idea what was my laugh rating 😂

  • Kim x Vanessa x
    Kim x Vanessa x 3 months ago +2

    This is officially the best thing ive seen in my life, well the best diss track.

    YABOITBOSS 3 months ago

    Fuck of fam I am the king of asians

  • Sidemen Are the best
    Sidemen Are the best 3 months ago

    Now im just gonna play this to momo

  • l l
    l l 3 months ago

    did anyone else see the train

  • jiminie mochi
    jiminie mochi 3 months ago +1

    This is so messed up this isnt even a diss track on Momo its a diss track on the Japanese population
    This is just racist

  • Live Gamer 10
    Live Gamer 10 3 months ago +1


  • SE Ranger
    SE Ranger 3 months ago

    “Probably racists barstards” 😂

  • Wajahat & Sana
    Wajahat & Sana 4 months ago


  • jesh sharma
    jesh sharma 4 months ago

    Aye momo you chicken oh should I roast you mother ********* bro you chicken your eyes there wide

  • Harish Chauhan
    Harish Chauhan 4 months ago

    Momos trash

  • joshie_ b0y
    joshie_ b0y 4 months ago

    I’m an chinise

  • Dylan.
    Dylan. 4 months ago

    This is the only thing able to defeat momo

  • Eaglemaster 486
    Eaglemaster 486 4 months ago


  • Ăłłý -_-
    Ăłłý -_- 4 months ago

    Im dieing of laughter

  • Derick Hickman
    Derick Hickman 4 months ago

    Don't you dare talk about dogs like that b****

  • Aniket gaming
    Aniket gaming 4 months ago +1


  • Black Youshi05
    Black Youshi05 4 months ago

    Fuck mono

  • Natalie Ward
    Natalie Ward 4 months ago

    The football team hes got on him they dont even play on tv