NME vs INKIE | Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 | LOOPSTATION Semi Final

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • NME vs INKIE at the Grand Beatbox LOOPSTATION Battle 2019. Thanks NME beatbox & Inkie beatbox for this GBB19 beatbox battle semi final.
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    NaPoM | Roll Like This

    NaPoM | Bass Electro

    Gene Shinozaki & Bigman | Get Lucky (Beatbox Cover)

    BERYWAM & MB14 | Crew World Champion

    Gene Shinzaki | Here You Say

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Comments • 3 082

  • dominick peterson
    dominick peterson 3 days ago

    Inkie won. Votes were bs

  • Jardani Jovonovich adrian

    6:33 "... Imma Head Out"

  • DVH gaming
    DVH gaming 3 days ago

    Nme trận này thua 100% đây là cho ông ý vào chung kết để ryth mind vô địch

  • Geno
    Geno 3 days ago

    again and again big respect from me NME but winner of this battle is INKIE

  • Aiden Miranda
    Aiden Miranda 6 days ago

    Although Inkie’s rounds were pretty wild, nme brought something back that was never finished and it was a masterpiece, mesmerizing. Yeah the 5-0 was pretty tough, I feel nme won it, close, but for sure won it. All i’m saying is i don’t constantly have Inkie’s rounds in my head but Nme’s are memorable.

  • kneegrow1123
    kneegrow1123 7 days ago

    3:48 great camera movement

  • Greyson andrews
    Greyson andrews 8 days ago

    I think inkie was better but hes not just using a loop station. Also nme has a chaos pad so I guess they’re both cheaters lol

  • SN channel
    SN channel 9 days ago

    Someone can tell me title song NME in the second round!! Please

  • WayHong
    WayHong 10 days ago

    NME's both round from GBB 2018/19 semi final round 2 were the same routine but its like he wanna fix what he has done in the past

  • Craze Pazr
    Craze Pazr 10 days ago +1

    Nme always brings out the best out of all loopers

  • ________
    ________ 10 days ago


  • Edgar Bobkov
    Edgar Bobkov 12 days ago +1

    If someone searchin NME second round sountrack: Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go

    RAMGAME 12 days ago

    INKIE was better

  • Homentum
    Homentum 13 days ago

    13:50 ouuvvv

  • Augusto Pinochet
    Augusto Pinochet 13 days ago

    what a shame the judges, inkie was better and 0 votes

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      Augusto Pinochet Yes 5 people prefer NME. Shocker

    • Augusto Pinochet
      Augusto Pinochet 5 days ago

      @Josh Boi i repeat 5 to 0

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      Augusto Pinochet You gotta see the judges as 5 different people instead of one entity. It’s like picking 5 people from the crowd who so happened to all prefer NME. You may believe INKIE was better. But the 5 people sitting at the judges panel thought otherwise. Just see the vote ratio as separate opinions instead of a random number.

  • Jay Deff
    Jay Deff 14 days ago

    12:59 NME's voice is like from heaven

  • Marcos Vinícius
    Marcos Vinícius 15 days ago

    NME 2x0

  • Fauzan Gaming
    Fauzan Gaming 15 days ago

    tom thum: now iam here

  • Pedro
    Pedro 17 days ago

    Brasil carai

  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan 18 days ago +1

    Inki is a pure music genius
    He has a unique vibe🔥
    Heavenly ❤️

  • Maks
    Maks 19 days ago

    Мля, Инки реально был круче в этом батле, и не один я так считаю. Тип, 5:0, реально?? Казалось бы, судьи не просто рандомные люди, но блиииин...

  • Cloud face wojak
    Cloud face wojak 19 days ago +1

    Inkie wins for me

  • Максим
    Максим 20 days ago +1

    Юра выноси их))

  • Cameron Herrick
    Cameron Herrick 21 day ago

    I think i'm the only one here that felt like inkie was.. alright.. 😂

  • 5seconds memes
    5seconds memes 21 day ago +1

    *INKIE is from the future*

  • Najib Zaoui
    Najib Zaoui 21 day ago

    Inkie is from another dimension

  • Julia Gryszpińska
    Julia Gryszpińska 21 day ago

    INKIE won for me♥

  • jAv BX
    jAv BX 21 day ago +1

    after all that effect on inkie round nme second round clean my mind

  • Agahea
    Agahea 22 days ago

    INKIE should win

  • Attila Fancsali
    Attila Fancsali 22 days ago

    For me, INKIE is the winner.

  • brahim BHM
    brahim BHM 22 days ago +1

    Bruh is this judges are serious

  • Ignitable Virus
    Ignitable Virus 22 days ago

    3! 2! 1! BEEP BOOP BOP!!

  • 舒柏熊TV
    舒柏熊TV 22 days ago


  • Prefekt
    Prefekt 22 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong, NME is AMAZING, but Inkie obviously deserved this win. He was just on another level. Also, NME using the same beat again? Not sure how many times he’s used it, but come on, doesn’t creativity play a major role in deciding who wins?

  • YN Gaming
    YN Gaming 23 days ago +1

    What’s up with the judges decisions. Like seriously, 5-0? I think inkie should’ve won

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      YN Gaming Many people have different opinions on who should have won. The judges so happened to be on the side of NME. Even if 95 preferred INKIE and only 5 preferred NME. If those 5 are the judges, the NME takes the win.

  • Хочу Показать

    Мне одному показалось что его засудили?

  • AjsHDP
    AjsHDP 25 days ago +1

    Inkie won for me

  • Jgabss Garay
    Jgabss Garay 25 days ago

    my idol in gbb loopstation is Saro,MB14,NME,

  • Vadim Anime
    Vadim Anime 26 days ago

    Шо, русские здесь?

  • ·ImThatDude ·
    ·ImThatDude · 26 days ago +1

    report inkiee he escaped area51 yo sick dude

  • Deni Gunawan
    Deni Gunawan 26 days ago

    Big fan dear Indonesia for NME

  • sadomasothebest
    sadomasothebest 27 days ago

    r they fkn kidding me how nme won ? HOW ?

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      sadomasothebest skill

    YANG GYAN 28 days ago


  • Draxnaursse
    Draxnaursse 28 days ago +2

    Inkie with good headphone= another space

  • jahly 77
    jahly 77 29 days ago

    Nme really ???

  • Nico Villalva
    Nico Villalva 29 days ago +2

    12:17 song pls

  • Viper Skope
    Viper Skope Month ago

    If you understood the complexity of NME's routine as opposed to Inkie's, the vote would make more sense.

  • Powerix
    Powerix Month ago +1

    3:49 My best drop so far! :D

  • Marielena Longart
    Marielena Longart Month ago +1

    Guys u can't imagine how fucking difficult is the first round of nme, musically and technically, nme is so dope and his first round is one of my favorite songs but in a competition where technique is the most important and with big musicians judging, nme deserved to won

  • Rido Danker HD
    Rido Danker HD Month ago +3

    2016 : Mad Twinz Lost In Semifinal And Win the 3rd place
    2017 : Mad Twinz Win 1st GBB 2017
    2019 : Inkie Lost In Semifinal And Win the 3rd place
    2020 : Inkie Win 1st GBB Loopstation 2020

  • david ayala
    david ayala Month ago

    Inkie doing the same in the two rounds, same beat, same bass, nothing new, because this NME win.

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago

    Lofi hip hop 5:19

  • Krønøs EU
    Krønøs EU Month ago

    YeS bUT INkiE uSEd a SEc0nd Dev1ce!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!
    Guys, looping with 2 devices is like playing tennis with 2 tennis rackets. I don’t really think it’s an advantage, it could be if you really know how to use it, same thing for the loops, give a second device to NME (with all respect to him) I don’t think he would be able to make as good as Inkie’s loops.

    (Just another ex. Napom vs Mad Twinz, they are 2 but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically advantaged)

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      Krønøs EU What I’m trying to say is that due to the judges experience, they know the level of skill each party put into each routine. Or it’s raw opinion

    • Krønøs EU
      Krønøs EU 5 days ago

      Josh Boi yeah, so Mark Martin vs Trung Bao, Mark won cuz of the judges (experience in beatboxing) lmao

    • Josh Boi
      Josh Boi 5 days ago

      Krønøs EU I think NME won because the 5 judges (who are experts at loopstation) preferred NME over INKIE.

  • NOV4 Atoomik
    NOV4 Atoomik Month ago

    For me, inkie totally DESTROY nme i can’t believe 5-0 !

    GÜNCEL SPOR Month ago +1

    Way aq

  • mohamad bbx
    mohamad bbx Month ago


  • Sava Cvetanovic
    Sava Cvetanovic Month ago

    I loved Inkie style, but i can somehow see why judges vote for NME. Inkie is using a lot of FX like DJs while NME is using only Kaospads along loopstation making simple tracks minimalistic and clean. Big props to both of tham

  • Tabriz A
    Tabriz A Month ago

    NME is nit very good in my opinion

  • Treysnipe TTW
    Treysnipe TTW Month ago

    God those votes broke my heart. Just sad man... :( Great performances on the stage by both parties though!

  • Turquito Leproso
    Turquito Leproso Month ago

    Superó la del año pasado contra balance, es un idolo nme tiene mis respetos