• Published on Jul 21, 2019
    00:04 Lemon power
    00:41 Home remedy to remove dandruff
    01:15 How to get rid of oily skin
    01:46 How to stop excessive sweating
    02:28 Natural trick to remove dark knees
    04:06 Use lip balm for cuticle
    04:25 Cold milk for tired eyes
    06:40 How to help yourself digest food faster
    07:45 Sugar for burnt tongue
    08:02 Headache treatment
    08:24 What to do when you have a stomach ache
    10:48 How to relieve sore throat
    11:20 Easy home remedies
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  • #zozo HD
    #zozo HD Day ago +1

    اين العرب يا ترى 😏💔😅❤😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  • Tabby Cat
    Tabby Cat Day ago

    4:25 and 6:22
    That's why staring at a laptop all day is bad for you

  • Kenzie Lubking
    Kenzie Lubking Day ago

    The first craft didn’t even use lemon

  • SunnyBears Games
    SunnyBears Games 2 days ago +2

    *go for a walk*
    Me: but what if your in schoo-

    5 minute crafts: I SAID TAKE A WALK

  • Soraya Benabid
    Soraya Benabid 4 days ago

    Les français je pense que vous étiez entrain de me chercher

    ROKA SHOW 4 days ago +1

    Very useful ☺☺

  • Sally Skellington
    Sally Skellington 4 days ago +1

    Who decides they don’t like someone because of “DARK KNEES” xD

  • Natural4eva
    Natural4eva 5 days ago

    0:38 i thought this was five minute crafts

  • Cornelia Duta
    Cornelia Duta 7 days ago


  • Lyanna Cantu
    Lyanna Cantu 7 days ago

    What the heck is colorant

  • D D
    D D 9 days ago

    بالعربي بليز

  • maryann kudlacik-kawiecki

    4:13 that is an actual fear of mine

  • Hamni Hamni
    Hamni Hamni 10 days ago +1

    Who's gonna manage toothache for 20 minutes.😰😨

  • jeanne h.
    jeanne h. 13 days ago

    Whoever subscribes to me will be rewarded

  • Nishi Chhajed
    Nishi Chhajed 14 days ago +1

    Who else watches them but never does them?

  • ندى عبد المغني

    الحمدلله على النعمه حاطتها على رجلها غيرها يتمنى قطعه بس😞🥀

  • Sevdenur 18
    Sevdenur 18 16 days ago +1

    I have two problem.1 runny nose and 2 sore throat.
    Runny nose:press palate (ice)
    But if me do this,2. Problem(sore throat) is increase
    I need a very big help

  • Solby Golbrock
    Solby Golbrock 18 days ago

    The video should just be called 34 lemon hacks.

  • Erin He
    Erin He 19 days ago +1

    “Damm misquotes! I’m trying to be cool!”

  • Payu Phomkot
    Payu Phomkot 19 days ago


  • Esperanza Trevino
    Esperanza Trevino 19 days ago

    What if you're allergic to Bananas

  • Hannah Asbury
    Hannah Asbury 20 days ago

    The first hack didn’t even have lemon in it

  • aish sund
    aish sund 20 days ago

    Inme use kiye gaye bohot saare cheeso ke bare ma jaante hi nhi hai.. ( shayad sabhi cheeso ke bare me except Lemon) 😝😝

  • عمر التميمي
    عمر التميمي 20 days ago

    فدوة بلا زحمة عادي الوصفات عربي اذا ممكن

  • Bridget Bleakley
    Bridget Bleakley 20 days ago

    Who tf calls it hair balm

  • Susan Garay
    Susan Garay 20 days ago

    If this is 5 minute crafts then why would it take 15 minutes mmmhh

  • Pinki Raul
    Pinki Raul 21 day ago +1

    Are you crazy ! You guys put black pepper on an open cut🤐🤐🤐😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯

  • Burcu Seçkin
    Burcu Seçkin 21 day ago

    Ama bazı şeyleri göstermiyorsunuz

  • Skutty Skutty
    Skutty Skutty 21 day ago

    Only to waste things🐕🐶

  • Skutty Skutty
    Skutty Skutty 21 day ago

    Are u mad to do things like thiss

  • Davor Tatić
    Davor Tatić 21 day ago

    Your teen and go to work!?!!??!!??!?

  • Lúcia Vilvock
    Lúcia Vilvock 22 days ago

    não deu nada certo o da celulite

  • Gh Hv
    Gh Hv 22 days ago


  • Sheridan Reagan
    Sheridan Reagan 22 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how she just bit into a lemon

  • Brianna Celestin
    Brianna Celestin 23 days ago +2

    5:22 who the hell is gonna put black pepper on a big Cut

  • H恵美子
    H恵美子 23 days ago

    Bacteria doesn't cause sweating.
    This channel has got to be the dumbest thing ever.

  • Nyla Wacker
    Nyla Wacker 23 days ago

    If you pour black pepper on an open wound to stop bleeding then idfk

  • Addie Ragsdale
    Addie Ragsdale 23 days ago

    3:37 how will you get a splinter by cleaning your floors? they are supposed to be sanded and polished so you don’t do that.
    12:56 it didn’t even show you the whole heel so how does that work.

  • muppet kid
    muppet kid 23 days ago

    5 minute hacks :Migrant? Have coffee
    Me: shouldn’t u have medicine for that

  • Дарья Балынина

    Волосы как парик

  • Athena Cheung
    Athena Cheung 23 days ago +1

    U put the same vid but different name bruh hit the 👍if u think so too😒🙄😭

  • Everwind Heroes
    Everwind Heroes 23 days ago

    5:27 black pepper stops bleeding and hurts af

  • Olga Fernandes
    Olga Fernandes 23 days ago

    ☺😃😃😃😃 cool

  • Crown Kay
    Crown Kay 23 days ago +1

    The thombnail😂

  • Emocados Army
    Emocados Army 23 days ago

    7:16 me when I see an earwig

  • Kitty Kito
    Kitty Kito 23 days ago +3

    Do you think that iam gonna put black pepper on my cut I will never ever iam crazy to you that will hurt like hell 😂🤣😂😅😅😣😖😫😩😨😨😰😰😥😓😱❤️❤️❤️

    • Kitty Kito
      Kitty Kito 5 days ago +2

      Alex 175 yes omg iam gonna die if I put that

    • Alex 175
      Alex 175 23 days ago +2

      I know there fucking crazy

  • Julia Lowman
    Julia Lowman 23 days ago +1

    4:45 she didn't put her glasses back on....

  • Kim Taehyung Ghen Jeon Jungkook

    Oh, surprise, when the boy ate too much and she put a yellow lemon in the water for him to drink. At that time I showed it to my mother, my mother said, "Oh, that's right. Eating too much is like that." I thank AD so much!

  • Baby Alive
    Baby Alive 23 days ago

    When you don't have any of the ingredients

  • L U L Y
    L U L Y 23 days ago +13

    IN SUMMARY: take any type of product, add lemon and have your life solved :)

  • - candy pop -
    - candy pop - 24 days ago +1

    At school I feel stressed

    I can't just take a walk

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    No ones gonna talk ab what is happening on the right of the thumbnail

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    H Mf 24 days ago

    فري كود روعه 😍

  • Oliwia Chronowska
    Oliwia Chronowska 24 days ago

    4.56min zobaczcie jak się walnelneła

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  • xXStarVoidXx
    xXStarVoidXx 24 days ago

    Who bites into a lemon

  • Lamya Al Kharusi
    Lamya Al Kharusi 24 days ago

    You all girls are sow beautiful

  • Sally Pascual
    Sally Pascual 24 days ago

    None of your hacks are working

  • Akshaya Gb
    Akshaya Gb 24 days ago

    Ginger with its peel is very dangerous

  • عبدالعزيز الشرقاوي

    انا خالد

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  • Rofiq NR
    Rofiq NR 24 days ago +1

    I love some your ideas, 5 minute crafts! (≧▽≦)

  • Fabricia Lima
    Fabricia Lima 24 days ago

    I like 5 minutes crafts

  • Kjara Gjoni
    Kjara Gjoni 24 days ago

    Nice video!!!😁

  • Sydney Lynn
    Sydney Lynn 24 days ago +2

    4:13 who else though she was really pilling of that much skin

  • Maryam Altaf
    Maryam Altaf 24 days ago

    I have dandruff

  • Novi Official
    Novi Official 25 days ago

    so beauty

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  • • Rosie •
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    2:30 that's my problem