I PUT MY ASSISTANT ON A BLIND DATE *he disrespected me*

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 6 373

    DIAMOND JOHNSON 4 hours ago

    Deshae made me mad no 🧢no cap

  • Deshandra Danquah
    Deshandra Danquah 12 hours ago

    She looks so young

  • Naty J.Queen
    Naty J.Queen 22 hours ago +1

    Smooth talker~he know what he doin 👀 it be hard to match they energy sometimes, I be cheesin bro ant gone cap 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  • Judah Kollie
    Judah Kollie 2 days ago

    You look better without facial hair. I was literally dying at 23:07

  • Cece Swaby
    Cece Swaby 3 days ago

    Idk y but for some reason he sound like King Cid

  • summavillian mccormick

    Miami look like he c-murder long lost son

  • summavillian mccormick

    Miami look like he c-murder long lost son

  • summavillian mccormick

    Miami look like he c-murder long lost son

  • Yo TI
    Yo TI 4 days ago

    She a HOEEEE

  • Tae TAE
    Tae TAE 4 days ago +1

    Miami ah whole Mack out here😭

  • Tae TAE
    Tae TAE 4 days ago +1

    Not one of the biggest hoes😭😭😭😭

  • Darnell Rodgers
    Darnell Rodgers 5 days ago

    Big cock block deshae man I support u but et wasn’t koo I feel he didn’t disrespect u was throwin jokes his way and he was chill then he started throw jokes back u felt disrespected et ain’t fare u needa bring him back to tha channel and y’all needa start on a good hand they only reason I’m sayin ess kause I watch him too I support both sides so but anyways keep up tha good work and keep bring ess bangers✊🏾‼️‼️💪🏾

  • Tisha Ebila
    Tisha Ebila 7 days ago +2

    Deshea was doin too much tryna violate him like dat

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker 7 days ago

    He was not disrespecting deshae😂

  • Tré Fïvé
    Tré Fïvé 7 days ago +1

    Miami so smooth he said “Lemme see your dms we kan text them back let them know wassup” “ You kant see mine though my phone dead” 💀 😂😂😂😂

  • Isthatsheldon _
    Isthatsheldon _ 7 days ago

    Cuh Miami got 2 much sauce😤

  • Zoein Wright
    Zoein Wright 8 days ago

    cuh trippin wen he mushed bro 😂i woulda had to get right wit em🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Evelyn Matos
    Evelyn Matos 8 days ago

    17:07 had me dying;deshae one of the funniest TVcliprs ever

  • Everyday Lo
    Everyday Lo 9 days ago +1

    I like how Deshae treats her like a little sister 🥺🥺

  • Brianne Thomas
    Brianne Thomas 9 days ago

    Miami He sound drunk

  • Rayneberryroach plays games

    they gt cuda from that smk

  • It’s Zzandj Ok
    It’s Zzandj Ok 10 days ago

    Why does Deshae’s friend look like a pirate 😂😂

  • vlogs with ariana
    vlogs with ariana 10 days ago

    Deashe or w.e his name is he do the fucking most thats why i dont watch his videos no mo 💯

  • Cordaja Johnson
    Cordaja Johnson 11 days ago

    moral of the story is Miami got the juice that dude not Miami friend and deshae got a crush on his assistant

  • Elite Comb
    Elite Comb 11 days ago

    Probably has a girl for every state he is in.

  • Timothy Ivory
    Timothy Ivory 11 days ago

    Talm bout u don’t like short dudes like deshae right 🤣

  • Mya Mya
    Mya Mya 11 days ago

    After this video I def look at Deshae different , He was acting like a hater FASHO💯 Miami should’ve spazzed

  • cristian Zelaya
    cristian Zelaya 11 days ago +1

    Dashae a bitch that’s how we get down in Florida

  • Afton Hill
    Afton Hill 11 days ago

    Jealousy tail

  • Afton Hill
    Afton Hill 11 days ago

    Your so noisy leave them alone

  • Marc Rhodes
    Marc Rhodes 11 days ago

    U a straight bitch for that u a lame frl

  • Afton Hill
    Afton Hill 11 days ago

    Deshae please stop talkin knowing that you look like a high school kid short tail and he has grizzls and he’s grown sooooo😂😂😒😒😒

  • I C U P lol
    I C U P lol 11 days ago

    Deshea i hope if you go on a dating site, I hope you get catfished, jit from 305, We is *Sauce* niqqa.

  • DhattBoi Swavy
    DhattBoi Swavy 11 days ago

    Cop blocking Deshae🤣🤣

  • HOLLOW818 LA
    HOLLOW818 LA 11 days ago

    Yo bro chill tf out she's not your sister or anything stfu up cuz you little asfk and Miami the kid could fuck you u I could to nigga you over here thinking like you own tf nah u don't bro so chill and worry about your own girl 🖕🏼😂😤

  • Jervon Lee
    Jervon Lee 11 days ago

    i thought deshae was cool if that wasnt the lamest shit u dnt roast yo boy infront of females yo
    "assistant" was rockin n told u........he disrespected u by actually pulling yo side piece i mean "assistant in yo facen she went case closed .

  • Sad Moose
    Sad Moose 11 days ago

    Bro how much time they said bro and mane bro cause bro I don't care mane fr bro like bro

  • Dachelle O
    Dachelle O 12 days ago

    Rtttttttttt he cockblockin

  • feranando Lopez
    feranando Lopez 13 days ago

    You did to much smh you weird she an adult😂

  • Theyscream_Skye
    Theyscream_Skye 13 days ago

    What’s his TVclip channel

  • bigdaddy45
    bigdaddy45 13 days ago

    desahe being hella jealous brush Miami just got game lmaoooo

  • firstfamily dott
    firstfamily dott 13 days ago

    It's good 2 see u gave thanks 2 god alot of people don't do that

  • Kant Buy Love
    Kant Buy Love 13 days ago +1

    Buddy got acouple million followers he think he could control people lives fuck outa here😂 u lucky miami aint really disrespect you jit

  • Sauced Jay
    Sauced Jay 13 days ago

    Jhit was bein mad creep 😂 Miami was jus runnin game

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy 13 days ago

    Deshae always trying to act like DDG dumbass nigga, Miami the kid better period don’t @ me

  • Monica Echevarria
    Monica Echevarria 14 days ago

    “I’m not picking your nose hairs”💀

  • Kendrea Lewis
    Kendrea Lewis 14 days ago

    What’s his TVclip

  • Raghib Yamini
    Raghib Yamini 14 days ago +1

    I'm starting to hate deasha he jealous ass fuck

  • jädyn haley
    jädyn haley 14 days ago +1

    y deshae all worried about it let them do they thing

  • Teira Jones
    Teira Jones 14 days ago

    Deshae you act like a bitch

  • Mikiyah Productions
    Mikiyah Productions 14 days ago +1

    11:24 my I lost my senses for my nose

  • Cj Williams
    Cj Williams 15 days ago

    Did he call here s b

  • Odiane Lopoi
    Odiane Lopoi 15 days ago

    Wait she 20 n he 15 🤔

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 15 days ago

    Miami da kid vs Frost ‼️lets get it

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 15 days ago

    Play em in basketball 😂😂😂

  • Malik TheGeokidd
    Malik TheGeokidd 15 days ago

    I dont understand what the guy did to disrespect deshae or anyone, and then that's fucked up how he gonna set up the blind date just to waste the dude time

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 15 days ago

    She disrespectful

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 15 days ago

    They did it in YOUR apartment

  • Jamarithesinger
    Jamarithesinger 15 days ago

    Damn Let Her Do Her‼️

  • Jamarithesinger
    Jamarithesinger 15 days ago

    Deshae I FuCcin Cop Blocker Like FuCc You Really A Bitch Ass Nigga

  • Fausat Odusanya
    Fausat Odusanya 15 days ago +1

    Make this blue if u all love deshae frost

  • Shi Thadancer
    Shi Thadancer 15 days ago +1

    19:29 did he call her a b***h?

  • Youngbull Ib2
    Youngbull Ib2 15 days ago

    This nigga voice deep as fuck.
    They prolly smashed

  • Juju Kappalot
    Juju Kappalot 16 days ago

    Deshea really talks crazy knowing damn well he half the size of everyone

  • Juju Kappalot
    Juju Kappalot 16 days ago

    #Biggest cockblocker of 2019

  • Cassia Myles
    Cassia Myles 16 days ago +24

    i will never understand how deshae gets girls lmfao dude be doing too much

  • Josiah Malloy
    Josiah Malloy 16 days ago +1

    deshae corny for this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Josiah Malloy
    Josiah Malloy 16 days ago +4

    deshae in his feelings , this is miami all the time 😂 stop player hating 🥴

  • Kartwes
    Kartwes 16 days ago +1

    Deshae was salty asf lmaooo 😂 😂 😂

  • Kwanye Jr.
    Kwanye Jr. 16 days ago

    Soooooo nobody see them hickeys on his neck 14:00

  • Famous Kidd
    Famous Kidd 16 days ago

    MIAMI 🤣🤣.

  • Cutema81
    Cutema81 16 days ago +23

    She Was Deff Gonna give some up in that bathroom 🤣

  • Kenato
    Kenato 16 days ago +7

    Bro deshae not even cockblocking he was just making sure his family didn’t get her cheeks finessed on the first night they met because it was heading in that direction

  • Mar Bandz
    Mar Bandz 16 days ago +4

    I like how Deshae be coming at people for no reason but he a midget wit a big head..

  • Jeremiah Abraham
    Jeremiah Abraham 16 days ago

    Actin like a kid bro🤣🤦🏽‍♂️