Consignes de sécurité Air France - Bienvenue à bord

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018

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  • Nendra Rizkyan
    Nendra Rizkyan 11 months ago +42


  • MotionInVision
    MotionInVision Year ago +15

    Loved it every time flying to Mexico using Air France🤗

  • Katro
    Katro Year ago +9

    Good for practices French

  • Graubenn Channel
    Graubenn Channel Year ago +3


  • Funny Weirdo
    Funny Weirdo Year ago +10

    I love Air France

  • James Hendin
    James Hendin Year ago +92

    The girls are absolutely beautiful!

  • Neverdee 37
    Neverdee 37 Year ago +184

    This is probs the most chic and French safety vid I’ve ever seen 😂

  • shoh valiev
    shoh valiev Year ago +5

    one of the best airlines in the world

  • ZJ
    ZJ Year ago +7

    Who is the main actress? I think she is very charismatic

  • Terry AH
    Terry AH Year ago +84

    This advertisement is so French. And that's a good thing. Viva la Francais!

  • Graubenn Channel
    Graubenn Channel Year ago +4

    Me encanto! estupendo!

  • jorge santibañez neira

    Me encanto este video

  • CHAT Pro Management
    CHAT Pro Management Year ago +5

    WI! MERCI!

  • Lena Kerlein
    Lena Kerlein Year ago +4

    very good, we love it!

  • かくん
    かくん Year ago +115

    "Fasten seatbelt" = Highlight your waist line WOW genius! This video makes me want to take Air France flight.

  • CR clips
    CR clips Year ago +4

    Best safety video by far!!!

  • Casa Radja
    Casa Radja Year ago +5

    Best safety video

  • Eliezer Herrera
    Eliezer Herrera Year ago +4

    My fly to paris...

  • 이요한
    이요한 Year ago +6

    The best one of my 100+ flights

  • Michelo 123
    Michelo 123 Year ago +41

    J'aime Air France.

  • Michael Kuecker
    Michael Kuecker Year ago +6

    Tres chic.

  • Mark Hulbert Jose
    Mark Hulbert Jose Year ago +9

    I miss the old safety video!

  • Zahra Sausan Pratiwi

    cool ad

  • Alex Nascimento
    Alex Nascimento Year ago +3

    O melhor safety q vi até hoje, simplesmente maravilhoso !!! Parabéns Air France !!!!

  • bellajuventina
    bellajuventina Year ago +9

    Loved this video. I did pay attention to the safety rules after all 😆

  • Raw 323
    Raw 323 Year ago +3

    The music brought me here I love it

  • Afannou Kossi
    Afannou Kossi Year ago +4

    Thanks for your advice

  • youness bensses
    youness bensses Year ago +38

    Ça donne envie de prendre l'avion tout ça !

  • Michelo 123
    Michelo 123 Year ago +9

    C'est fantastique!

  • brownie ツ
    brownie ツ Year ago +4

    I love this!

  • 저글링TV
    저글링TV Year ago +5

    This is an exemplary safety video that all airlines should follow!

  • Nate
    Nate Year ago +4

    Very good video
    très bonne vidéo

  • Víctor Ziolkowski
    Víctor Ziolkowski Year ago +8

    So cute and french

  • 고독한조식가
    고독한조식가 Year ago +5

    J'adore cette vidéo ;)

  • Jericho Cua
    Jericho Cua Year ago +5

    The most chic safety video ever...

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  • Bxbblez
    Bxbblez Year ago +6

    i have seen this video 3 times in my life at the airplane

  • Haruto Hayakawa
    Haruto Hayakawa Year ago +2

    I love this.
    But I loved more the older background music.

  • AirFrancefan1100
    AirFrancefan1100 Year ago +36

    I think it is one of the best safety video.

  • Xinwèi Zhou
    Xinwèi Zhou Year ago +159

    So cute! Her English with French accent is quite adorable actually...

  • themaninthetube1
    themaninthetube1 Year ago +9

    Shes prettyyyyyyy omgggg. This is so classy.

  • Luis J Choi
    Luis J Choi Year ago +3

    So lovely..

  • space lapis
    space lapis Year ago +2

    English is a bit different from French.

  • Or Koren
    Or Koren Year ago +28

    I was flying with AirFrance today and this video reminded me of this amazing background music of Rone - Parade

  • lala zina
    lala zina Year ago +7

    bravo air France

  • chiregio58
    chiregio58 Year ago +191

    Très chic... Très classe ... Très élégant... Très AIF FRANCE !!!!!

  • DutchPilot1
    DutchPilot1 Year ago +13

    Very well presented Air France! 😃

  • Amy Q. Ilham
    Amy Q. Ilham Year ago +5

    france accent is awesome

  • F Red
    F Red Year ago +8

    Now I wanna learn French

  • blknjiggy
    blknjiggy Year ago +286

    French has to be the best sounding language!

  • Bahadır Onur Güdürü

    It is entertaining

  • dogyeong chae
    dogyeong chae Year ago +13

    the narrating actress is so beautiful ..

  • Victor Seryozhenko
    Victor Seryozhenko Year ago +7

    she is soooo beautifullllll

  • Winston 何 ז 7
    Winston 何 ז 7 Year ago +5

    c'est bon !

  • Laeti Christy
    Laeti Christy Year ago +8

    Magnifiquee , mercii bientôt j y serai et ces consignes sont bienvenues :)

  • Qun Niu
    Qun Niu Year ago +3

    Love it!

  • Daryl Pingol
    Daryl Pingol Year ago +5

    Beautifully executed!

  • Shadow Lights
    Shadow Lights Year ago +5

    Woah 😂❤️

  • Hazzz
    Hazzz Year ago +21

    really like the accent

  • D
    D Year ago +2