Nothing interrupts Reviewbrah

  • Published on Mar 26, 2017
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  • Beany XCE
    Beany XCE 4 hours ago


  • James O'Neill
    James O'Neill 10 days ago

    Yoooo 😭😂

  • Captain Kenji
    Captain Kenji 27 days ago

    Please tell me he's seen this

  • Dimitris Tsekeris
    Dimitris Tsekeris Month ago

    Reviewbrah: (Opens the window) How long will I have to endure your insufferable commotion? I demand an honest apology from all of you this instant!
    Cops and robbers: Oh... sorry! (They get in their cars and leave for a highway chase).

  • knight sabers
    knight sabers Month ago

    That was reviewbrah’s security detail

  • PetStuBa
    PetStuBa Month ago


  • TruCon78
    TruCon78 2 months ago

    Made me laugh. Had to give it a like. That simple.

  • Surraka Surovec
    Surraka Surovec 2 months ago

    Holywood shootout look up the 51 min version real graphic shit live suicide all uncensored on youuuutube

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 3 months ago

    He doesn't come here to play games, he comes here to review, brah

  • Justin White
    Justin White 4 months ago +1

    My man is stoic af. Unbothered.

  • Thomas the Dank
    Thomas the Dank 4 months ago


  • Oshun
    Oshun 4 months ago

    Reviewing Los Pollos Hermanos?

  • Tom Twins
    Tom Twins 5 months ago

    6.3 outta ten

  • Dankwalker
    Dankwalker 6 months ago

    That biscuit looks very tasty I feel bad an otherwise pleasent breakfast had to be ruined by those crazy people shooting each other. Poor guy.

  • RealLionKing LKD
    RealLionKing LKD 6 months ago

    Hilarious stuff

  • Whole Wheat Bread
    Whole Wheat Bread 6 months ago

    *S I M P L Y D E L I C I O U S*

  • JerryPlayz
    JerryPlayz 6 months ago

    Backpack kid *2.0*

  • Stephen Planas
    Stephen Planas 6 months ago

    Why was this so funny?

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Constable

    Sam Hyde was making his cameo.

    FLY AWAY 8 months ago

    lmaooo wtf XD

  • Craig Haylett
    Craig Haylett 9 months ago +1

    This is hilarious! Who would have thought combining both videos would work so well! I hope ReviewBrah sees this.

  • gianni arnoldons
    gianni arnoldons 9 months ago


  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 10 months ago

    0:34 what noise is that?

  • Raf LaFlame
    Raf LaFlame 11 months ago +2

    *someone gets shot*
    Reviewbrah: "the price of this burger was quiet expensive but its worth it"...

  • Dolores Roslinda
    Dolores Roslinda 11 months ago

    Are you sure you did'nt fought with me during vietnam war?

  • youngskeeter45
    youngskeeter45 11 months ago +1

    "a truck pulled next to us"

  • Sean the Challenger
    Sean the Challenger 11 months ago +1

    My cheek bones were on steroids when I saw this!

  • Josh Frerichs
    Josh Frerichs 11 months ago

    What movie is that

  • Alanisdepop _
    Alanisdepop _ Year ago


  • J
    J Year ago

    How am I just now seeing this

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Year ago

    here it goes you see him ?

  • Razz
    Razz Year ago

    white snoop dog

  • Ramen117
    Ramen117 Year ago

    All the gunshots are just your imagination.

  • Kitten Puff, Jr.
    Kitten Puff, Jr. Year ago +1


  • crazysingingchick
    crazysingingchick Year ago +1

    The editing on this is beautiful.

  • chinwi soldat
    chinwi soldat Year ago +1

    6.3 out of 10 ! Wow

  • Synyster Goose
    Synyster Goose Year ago

    Ain't got shit on Bojangles

  • Lazy Quahog
    Lazy Quahog Year ago +2

    Wow, a dinner and a show. Can’t get any better than that

  • Sumaru _
    Sumaru _ Year ago +1

    *when it doens't bother him, you know he crazy as shit*

  • Pitusa Radiactiva

    I see he's from Chicago

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Year ago

    I don't get it

  • cheese sauce
    cheese sauce Year ago +1

    Shootin shark

  • Faizal kuntz
    Faizal kuntz Year ago

    Don't Interrupt god work

  • Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    just another normal day in Florida

  • Lavender Dust
    Lavender Dust Year ago

    The saddest thing is this is literally me when I'm hungry I just literally don't give a shit what's going on around me XD

  • woodlandwendigo
    woodlandwendigo Year ago


  • Jean-Andre Sonnenschein

    *C H I C K E N B I S C U I T*

  • Arc4ne_
    Arc4ne_ Year ago

    What is this Dolan?

  • Reon Baruah
    Reon Baruah Year ago +1

    Damn.. He reminds me of Mr Bean ...

  • Dio
    Dio Year ago +1

    Love it

  • Stay Tuned
    Stay Tuned Year ago

    “6.3 out of 10” *WHAT* 🤣🤣

  • Kyle Frank
    Kyle Frank Year ago

    Hey, you're not allowed to post completely unedited videos from other channels.

  • El Hasterball
    El Hasterball Year ago

    Never underestimate a man running on empty

  • LoneWolf Shayu
    LoneWolf Shayu Year ago

    Reminds me of the meme with the short dude from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia(spelling?) eating that burger with the subtitles saying:Gunshots in the background, or whatever the fuck it said.

  • mugenBCK
    mugenBCK Year ago

    Not even the l.a. shooting from the 90s...okok

  • Tristan Wright
    Tristan Wright Year ago

    Liking shit like this for no reason is why my relationship didn't work out

  • iprefersteve
    iprefersteve Year ago

    This is beautiful

  • Ian David
    Ian David Year ago

    This kid makes me cringe

  • Harjap Singh
    Harjap Singh Year ago +2

    Had me dying

  • N K
    N K Year ago