Trump meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are meeting the Queen on the first day of their state visit to the UK.
    The pair are at Buckingham Palace for a private lunch and welcome ceremony.
    Mr and Mrs Trump arrived on Air Force One earlier on Monday and were taken to the US ambassador's home in central London, where they are staying.

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  • babz T
    babz T 3 days ago

    Trump looks so happy to be there. I think the Queen reminds him of his mother, who was a huge fan of Elizabeth.



  • Manu Mahaso
    Manu Mahaso 3 days ago

    they need to discuss sanctions against ZIMBABWE

    BIDEGRAPH 4 days ago

    7:52 Why do they walk like in a rpg game? :p

    VANAD KB 'SHIVA' 5 days ago

    *Lucky LADY meets lucky MAN. She's charming & he's handsome*

  • Asgher Ali
    Asgher Ali 6 days ago

    uk the End

  • Asgher Ali
    Asgher Ali 6 days ago +1

    fuck queen Great America Again

  • Mark Duggan
    Mark Duggan 6 days ago

    Did she show him where they abuse kid's??

  • Xylo
    Xylo 7 days ago +1

    This stuff is so retarded LMAO

  • Brett von Henneberg-Römhild

    Disgusting. I'm ashamed.

  • muskoka1371
    muskoka1371 11 days ago

    There is no one like her. My Sovereign.

  • Sam M
    Sam M 11 days ago

    Billionaires and royals...must be nice to be at the top of the hierarchy. One can only imagine what it must be like to be so important and rich

  • Ld Adv
    Ld Adv 13 days ago

    Grandma and Trump

  • Sardar Akram
    Sardar Akram 14 days ago +2

    Queen is belongs to everyone i specially really respect her from my heart stay blessed

  • Manu Am
    Manu Am 15 days ago

    Top cheating country's 1st is UK who rulled and 2nd one is cheating country is US

    • Why So Serious
      Why So Serious 7 days ago

      and muslim countries who have sex with 9 year old girls and cut off peoples heads comes 3rd i suppose yeah, fkin prick

  • indeed
    indeed 16 days ago

    "the future king here"

  • Snowred wang 红雪儿
    Snowred wang 红雪儿 18 days ago +2

    I’m sunshine man who was born in P.R.China and moved to Hong Kong at a young age. Finally, I moved to UK because I’d like to seek the freedom, democracy and to learn the different cultures.
    I felt disappointed; I really want to cry for the terrible change of backsliding freedom, democracy in Hong Kong, and including all the democratic countries. My twitter account, computer, mobile and WIFI was hacked last year and this year in UK. I was disturbed recently by the Chinese Embassy [who] called [my number] in UK because I have supported the recent protest in Hong Kong.
    I feel that an evil hand has spread across the world. Even though I live in the UK, I still feel unsafe. I have felt that those devils have started a smokeless war in which they use money, women, spies and thieves to attack human beings’ civilization so that they can control the whole world and make the world dark and horrible.
    I feel very shameful for those evil governments, companies and individuals who destroyed the freedom, democracy and civilization of human being; who do everything for their own interest, power and greed, to tread on human rights and kill people arbitrarily.
    Today we must unite together to say, “no, those devils, we’re not silent and we don’t sell our honour and conscience again.” We must start to rebel (“ashamed activities”) against those evil governments, companies and individuals who tread on human rights and kill people arbitrarily. We should all be ashamed of buying from them and co-operating with them, for example [e.g.] buying mobile [devices] from Huawei, depositing [money] to [the] bank of China. We must resist them to protect our divine freedom, democracy, justice, kindness, love and peace”.
    God bless all people!

  • SRG Zach Attack
    SRG Zach Attack 18 days ago

    Grab some puppy

  • boxersoho
    boxersoho 19 days ago +1

    Poor, salty sadiq khan.

  • Coleen West
    Coleen West 20 days ago +2

    You can hear how much the british hate - absolutely hate - America and our President. The UK is now a disgraceful full-on communist/islamist nightmare. I am embarrassed that my grandfather over there during WW2 to help keep you free. You should have been taken over by Germany. I will never step foot in that craphole.

  • GhostDcuo
    GhostDcuo 20 days ago

    so what do you do? xxx

  • GhostDcuo
    GhostDcuo 20 days ago

    welcome DT

  • Leonard NII BOYE Mettle


  • Leonard NII BOYE Mettle

    Buckingham Palace is where the BiG BUCKs is.

    MILTON PACHECO 22 days ago +1

    Donald Trump is the best president of the United States of America 🥇🇺🇸🏆

  • Ambria Daniels Band
    Ambria Daniels Band 24 days ago +1

    He exited the plane ahead of Melania, very rude as well

    ABISAI ROBERT 24 days ago +1

    the greatest of the world
    I have the dream that one day I would visiting America.

  • Imran syed
    Imran syed 24 days ago +1

  • Benin Truble
    Benin Truble 26 days ago +1

    I hate the hospital please

  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 26 days ago +1

    President Donald Trump is mixed Russian, Cuban, and Middle Eastern. First lady Melania Trump is mixed Cuban and Australian. Vice president Mike Pence is Cuban. They all are communists and terrorists. They are not for Republicans, just pretending. By the way, don't sale airplane to England. Actually, they are the leaders of communists in the world today.

  • دخيل السبيعي
    دخيل السبيعي 27 days ago +1

  • dvferyance
    dvferyance 27 days ago +1

    Show some respect for the Queen and sing the anthem when it's being played.

  • Natalia Hassan
    Natalia Hassan 27 days ago


  • Pepe Lepu
    Pepe Lepu 28 days ago



  • Galia Sirakova
    Galia Sirakova 29 days ago

    Салазада. Гам. Дам

  • Zuchamo kikon
    Zuchamo kikon Month ago +1

    Who the fuck is Sadiq Khan ? Deport him to Pakistan please.

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago +1

      Mayor of London and an epic loser

  • WarmMilk
    WarmMilk Month ago

    I have new respect for the Queen being able to keep her composure and giving a smile when meeting that twonk.

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago

      Hey "WarmMilk" you are such a joke I have ZERO respect for asswipes like you. MAGA2020

    • michael patterson
      michael patterson Month ago

      .. You mean The President of the United States ..

  • Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali Month ago

    i want to get the whole world fired?? who do i go to??? dawn newspaper cnn bbc aljazeera??? wat a beautiful life

  • Bravo Karthik
    Bravo Karthik Month ago


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    Они верят в БОГА и не видя ЕГО, вовремя
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  • will smith
    will smith Month ago


  • Bae
    Bae Month ago

    Who else heard bombs in the background ? 😲

    • Bae
      Bae Month ago

      jan jones Cant wait for a real war with nukes and destruction

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago

      Oh shut up! Damn!

  • Mignoliacdf
    Mignoliacdf Month ago


  • Gerhard Rinkens
    Gerhard Rinkens Month ago

    why would anyone want to meet jackass Trump....?

    • Gerhard Rinkens
      Gerhard Rinkens Month ago

      @jan jones ... go suck an egg... idiot...!

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago

      Why would anyone want to meet you Asswipe Rinkens?

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    How ellegaanttttt

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Can anybody take me somewhere by helicopter, please?

  • susie scottsdale ~ support your local artist

    Obama’s are the queens favorite, and it’s understandable why. Trump is a sad fat loser

  • susie scottsdale ~ support your local artist

    The Queen and England love Obama WAY more than frumpy fat trump

  • Doctor khan
    Doctor khan Month ago +1

    Liz confirmed she is the boss. Trump's (the bully) allegiance assured.
    Public money spent on that little old lady seems worth it.

  • Shula Hangel
    Shula Hangel Month ago +4

    trump is the best president in rhe world menny countrys wish to have God bless trump

  • Riaz Adam
    Riaz Adam Month ago

    She has seen many Come and Go!
    "Another cartoon"

    • Riaz Adam
      Riaz Adam 11 days ago

      Even if you like this comment it will not show!

  • moon glow
    moon glow Month ago

    You've got to love the Brits!!!!

  • Sonja Muir
    Sonja Muir Month ago

    Is Melania supposed to curtsey?

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago

      No she is not a British subject

  • Bulat K
    Bulat K Month ago

    BBC please help the people of Kazakhstan , please... SOS

  • Marty Gray
    Marty Gray Month ago

    Queen Elizabeth II, thought bubble upon greeting donald; "I know I look good, but if this heathen pops some tic-tacs, I'm outta here..."

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

  • Meor Zainuddin
    Meor Zainuddin Month ago

    This day.. the winning for Freemasonry... and the other day’s we will going back to the deserts... ! What say u..?!

  • Ramiro de Maeztu
    Ramiro de Maeztu Month ago

    make america great again...the best strong president of the world

  • violet pandora
    violet pandora Month ago

    the pedophile empire has come to an end
    now face the wrath of god

  • violet pandora
    violet pandora Month ago

    The thief Queen must return to India the 45 trillion dollars Britain stole from India

  • Aziz djoum
    Aziz djoum Month ago

    Are the Queen's jewelry private or stolen from weak countries?

  • SyncroScales
    SyncroScales Month ago

    Why did Harry/Henry Windsor and Megan Windsor/Markle have a baby out of wedlock for over a year? Then there was twins. Then there was a boy and a girl who was named Diana. Now there is a son. All of those other children were eliminated or blood sacrificed? But all of those other stories about these children were erased from the media. Even for their species of reptilian and greys or clones and hybrids, the pregnancies would not last over a year.
    Will Windsor and Kate/Catherine Windsor/Middleton had a daughter Charlotte first who should be 8 years old then was 12 years old or 4 years old. The son George was second. Now Charlotte is the second child and George is the oldest. These children started to be born in 2009 or 2010. But the years do not add up.
    This is not CRISPR. If it is everyone who wants to buy or make a family, wife, husband, children, workforce, slaves, someone to abuse, etc does not even know what is being put into there. This is invasion that should not be helped.
    These stories were in the family, investor and reptile owned publications such as People, Us Weekly, Entertainment weekly, Hello, etc.

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago


  • BOSS 11 BOSS 11
    BOSS 11 BOSS 11 Month ago

    Trump move out UK

  • Frank Contreras
    Frank Contreras Month ago +1

    God bless America

  • A E
    A E Month ago

    Biased gibberish from the uninformed commentators

  • Eagle Arrow
    Eagle Arrow Month ago

    I don't recall I have ever seen the Queen greet a world leader with such big smiles & genuine happiness. Way to go Trump!

  • hubert chibuye
    hubert chibuye Month ago

    BBC you are liars the obamas were what?

  • hubert chibuye
    hubert chibuye Month ago

    Jeremy and khan boycotted the state dinner and i wonder what will happens when one of them becomes the PM and trump wins 2020 election.

  • Moisty Fries
    Moisty Fries Month ago

    Imagine they crashed the helicopters

  • Vanessa Henderson
    Vanessa Henderson Month ago

    The Queen looks so happy and you can tell she likes President Trump. Watching them interact during the state visit via other media footage, her face was animated and she looked like she was really enjoying his company - TRUMP 2020 +

  • Ариан Назаров


  • Steve Rouse
    Steve Rouse Month ago

    BBC=fake news

  • Mark Defren
    Mark Defren Month ago +1

    Ignore the unwashed liberals !! .

  • Ma aileen Molod
    Ma aileen Molod Month ago

    Im watching how the BBC host cover the President trump of the US very lousy. The queen n the President trump have a common genuine smile and the queen r very friendly n genuinely compare to Obama thats what i could tell during visit.

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious Month ago

    I honestly think Trump can smash Illuminate to the ground and bring back world justice and peace to all nations with help from our Queen for all good of mankind !

  • Daniele Di Lorenzo
    Daniele Di Lorenzo Month ago

  • Red Balloon
    Red Balloon Month ago

    This has to be one of the worst commentaries on any video...

  • fdama
    fdama Month ago

    BBC, why can’t you offer 1080p? For this reason I will no longer be paying the tv licence.

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton Month ago

      Since you are not in the UK you do not have to pay for any licence - what a plank!

  • e081194eng
    e081194eng Month ago +1

    God Bless President Trump !!

  • nemesi 1
    nemesi 1 Month ago +1

    a queen without KING? where is the KING? englishpeople forgot "long life to King", or now is "long very long life to queen?"" let me know i am confused about medieval Kings, bishops, queens, slaves, horses, knifes, etc. No KING, no reign, the UK is living a fairy tale , jajaja

    • nemesi 1
      nemesi 1 Month ago

      @jan jones good news i dont smoke, bad news x u , too many weed , can think clear

    • nemesi 1
      nemesi 1 Month ago

      @jan jones included u? right ? or what u mean?

    • jan jones
      jan jones Month ago

      Wow! Way too many pot brownies I'm guessing

  • ravenhill sword of firelord † 1968

    greetings to legend Trump.

  • Cassie
    Cassie Month ago

    can take it home to feed his congress. As he has done all the time.

  • MEandSound
    MEandSound Month ago

    Me: hey, what do you get paid for
    Her: just awful obvious repetitive commentary.
    Me: sick.

  • less kiss
    less kiss Month ago


  • Out of Babylon
    Out of Babylon Month ago

    God bless Trump. Erasing the globalist elite. A true hero.

    • iTrickster
      iTrickster Month ago

      Out of Babylon hell yeah brother Kkona

  • MatjanTutul
    MatjanTutul Month ago

    10:36 Her Majesty's radiant smile speaks of genuine sympathy.

  • Abraham Philip
    Abraham Philip Month ago

    Fake News are furious, very furious , Their stomach.has been cut 'cause they could not get anything "Sensatiinal " against Trump. Neither do they know the Original Queen other than the fakes just as them.

  • Aone Punjabi Tv
    Aone Punjabi Tv Month ago

  • utubetruthteller utubetruthteller

    A baffoon meeting an old banana what's the big deal.

  • عبدالله الغامدي

    المقصد من الكاونت
    هل المخابرات الأمريكية أقوى امً البريطانية
    ليس هناك وسيلة غير هذا الكاونت
    من تظنون سيراه أولا ....

  • My Hohe
    My Hohe Month ago

    Hat Queen

  • My Hohe
    My Hohe Month ago

    Hands ... tie

  • Lin Wei
    Lin Wei Month ago

    During trade war. Trump choose to go UK and vist Queen. It shows the Alpha of 5 eye country is the Queen. He is looking for support.

  • Bullshit Busted
    Bullshit Busted Month ago

    These DisRespectful, DisHonest, Alleged people are Coward Criminals. They ALL are the enemies of people EveryWhere that created the darkest hour, and pushed their evil Fake Reality Agenda onto people all over the world. They destroyed peoples freedom, and the whole lot of these Parasites should be thrown in jail for their crimes they have committed against man, suppressing mans natural progressional growth. These 33 degree CONtrol Freakmason Satanic Agenda Cult Clubs DeceptiCON LIErs have Deliberately Ruined the world. Most things they say are Deliberate LIES!! ALL wars are Scripted and Staged by them and are Agenda Hoax Stories pushed onto people and No One Dies!! There is No Alleged "God". These Freaks play the God role from their Scripted Gar Barge BuyBull. Rule of "law"? Who's "law" Ewe Criminals?

  • Ken & Shan
    Ken & Shan Month ago

    Why is our military equipment so ugly? 🤣

  • Stephen Criddle Proper Paranormal

    All the interdimensional visitors are at her house

  • My name bob
    My name bob Month ago +1

    0:46 um, meow

  • Thomas Spanne
    Thomas Spanne Month ago