Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D #2. | "Three Stories" | Medical Drama Review

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • I know how much you guys love Dr. Gregory House, so I decided to dig through the comments sections and find out which episode you wanted me to watch. The episode "three stories" kept popping up with a lot of upvotes. I didn't get any background behind the story of the episode and I just sat down and watched it.
    Now I didn't know it was going to be such a complicated episode to review as it bounced back and forth between three situations. So to simplify we decided to completely remove one of the three patient simulations as we felt it didn't add much to the story and just made it. more complicated for you to follow.
    I wish I knew this was the episode that went on to explain what is wrong with House's leg because then maybe I would've saved it for a later review. But I guess its good for me to know for further episodes anyway.
    I will say this about Dr. House. I think he is a kind guy that comes off brash almost on purpose to be a better doctor. You can totally sense throughout the episodes that I've watched that he is still angry for his decision made in this episode.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House MD / Real Doctor Reacts to House MD . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Comments • 15 381

  • Ellen Freeman
    Ellen Freeman 2 hours ago

    OMG this is one of my favorite episodes!

  • Ashley Hall
    Ashley Hall 19 hours ago

    With the dog thing, many jurisdictions have a "one-bite rule." If a dog was the cause of a dog-bite tort, lenient jurisdictions will say that's not a huge deal. A second bite, however, will show a more aggressive nature, so the jurisdiction will order putting down the dog to prevent future injuries. So it does make sense that the patient wouldn't want to bring attention to his dog's second bite.
    Funny story related to this rule: it came up in my torts class while we were learning about causation. The MOST that class ever participated was in asking questions related to breeds of dogs, jurisdictions that are more or less lenient than this rule, and "eggshell plaintiffs" (victims who have totally unforeseeable conditions that make the consequences of a tort much more serious, but the tortfeasor is still liable for the consequences). Basically, everyone was more concerned with what would hypothetically happen if their dogs bit someone than they were with learning torts that day.

  • Isaac Brito
    Isaac Brito Day ago

    "Local dog catcher" lmao

  • Juice Boy
    Juice Boy Day ago

    I had Lyme disease once. It was like a flu x5. Actually felt like I was going to die. 0/10 would not recommend.

  • Killer star Warrior
    Killer star Warrior 2 days ago


  • hatokiri
    hatokiri 2 days ago

    The House reactions are among your most viewed TVclip videos. It's been over 8 months, I think it's time for another episode, chief!

  • InvadersDie
    InvadersDie 2 days ago

    watch all seasons already...

  • Reena Mohanta
    Reena Mohanta 3 days ago

    That's why thry broke up. .......

  • Jojo Armstrong
    Jojo Armstrong 3 days ago

    How does House know about snake bites???
    Me: Google???

  • Lauren Pacek
    Lauren Pacek 3 days ago

    My favorite episode is 3.7, Hunting. I’m sure there are some really bad mistakes made in this one, infection disease protocol, illegal drug use by doctors, how is “consent” defined.

  • Loyal Grinch
    Loyal Grinch 3 days ago

    Btw houses doctors are not residents.

  • Walter Stagaman
    Walter Stagaman 3 days ago

    They’re not residents thou, they’re members of House’s team.

  • Andrea Martin
    Andrea Martin 4 days ago

    I actually ended up with a large clot in my leg and developed compartment syndrome leading to a below knee amputation because it took days to diagnose. I feel Houses pain.

  • Monkey Maya
    Monkey Maya 4 days ago

    House S2 E18

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido 5 days ago

    Why would the patient be sensitized to the snake antivenom? You can't even have a response like that on your first exposure to something.

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido 5 days ago

    "You can't fake a high heart rate" I don't know, I think if you were thrashing around as much as that patient was you would be able to get your own heart rate up just from the activity.

  • shellyedmb117
    shellyedmb117 5 days ago

    I wish there had been more docs like you when i was an RN at the hospital. I worked in oncology. Had a patient with low platelets, which was normal. They were obvi given platelets daily. I cared for him 3 nights in a row. He had been walking around, talking to nurses and on laughing and joking. night 3 i walked in and the shower was running, he was way too sleepy. I called rapid response 3 times, they kept saying it was his meds. I knew something was wrong. I refused to stop until they came to him. By the time they came to him his hands were drawn in and the docs basically said "yeah hes gonna die" and didnt even bother with him. I BLOCKED them into the room and told them to turn around and help him. He ended up going ti neuro ICU and he passed once his family got there to say goodbye. I was the one that had to call the family and tell them. The doctors wouldn't. We need more docs like you in the hospital.

  • Adam Ainsley
    Adam Ainsley 6 days ago

    This episode “help me” is amazing. A really unique type of episode with house acting quite different

  • Joel Celaya
    Joel Celaya 7 days ago +1

    Please whatch Season 2 finale. I think it will blow your mind 😃

  • valen_ anakin
    valen_ anakin 8 days ago

    Is it normal to be EXTREMELY sensitive to pain? Because I’m VERY sensitive to pain.

  • Kerri Johnstone
    Kerri Johnstone 8 days ago

    Dr Mike - I am on Narcotic medications for MULTIPLE injuries sustained in the Navy. I spoke to my PAIN SPECIALIST about you lowering his doses, he said do you have documentary evidence to support what you did to your patient?

  • Amanda Gamez
    Amanda Gamez 9 days ago

    S6E21 “Help Me” A woman’s leg is trapped under collapsed concrete and you see a different side House

  • Laura
    Laura 9 days ago

    I think you should also give a go to the final episode of season 6, and to the 7th-season-episode, 'The pox on our House'. :)

  • sandro lelashvili
    sandro lelashvili 10 days ago +1

    Hyperalgesia is something that they do address in house

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins 10 days ago

    I desire a #3 !

  • Brooke L
    Brooke L 11 days ago

    That bite thing is so stupid. They would have cultured from the patient as soon as it even looked like necrotising. That's like saying you need to catch the tick to show it gave you lyme's. Utterly stupid show.

  • lisa smith
    lisa smith 11 days ago

    omg soooooooo many "real" doctors are idiots i seen so many and no one can figure out this doc seems like a smart ass know it all another idiot sooooo sad

  • Matthew Fritz
    Matthew Fritz 11 days ago

    Could you review House seaon 1 episode 4

  • Talon Sage
    Talon Sage 11 days ago +3

    Even all these years later, "Three Stories" stands the test of time.

  • Rachel Hua
    Rachel Hua 12 days ago

    I think you missed something major- despite the pain, he still wouldn't have amputated.

  • John King'ori
    John King'ori 12 days ago

    As a Kenyan, horses not zebras doesn't make sense. We have a lot of zebras

  • Beck_nzr
    Beck_nzr 12 days ago

    Doctor Mike can I get my M.D through you?

  • hollywood1513
    hollywood1513 13 days ago

    This guy understands that the whole point of this show is that House is an exceptional doctor with unconventional methods right? It's supposed to be unusual. That's what makes it watchable.

  • Emily Todorova
    Emily Todorova 14 days ago


    • Emily Todorova
      Emily Todorova 14 days ago

      POOL u dirty minded freak

    • Emily Todorova
      Emily Todorova 14 days ago


  • sumaiya afridi
    sumaiya afridi 14 days ago

    favorite series

  • S Okuna
    S Okuna 14 days ago +1

    I read somewhere that the original title for the show was "Chasing Zebras, Circling the Drain" which basically means "looking for rare diagnoses in a patient who is dying"

  • SeemsLikeSomething
    SeemsLikeSomething 14 days ago

    I’ve been on time release Oxycodone for around 8 years now. Luckily I haven’t experienced what you were talking about too much. Hoping I never do because as it stands, this has been the only effective method! Cheers. House rules!

  • Charles Reinmuth
    Charles Reinmuth 15 days ago +1

    The great thing about House is all the little nuances and easter eggs that make rewatching enjoyable. There's always stuff that goes over my head until I watch again. Anyone catch: "On average, drug addicts are stupid" *immediately pops pill* (he cuts it off a little) @ 6:02 Everything in the show is purposeful and quite ingenious.

  • Elias 676
    Elias 676 15 days ago

    (house's face ) Dr Gregory house's reaction to episode 3 stories 12:00

  • Neon Monkey
    Neon Monkey 15 days ago +18

    Dr mike: he’s a little mean.
    House fans: oh reaaaaaalllllyy?

  • Jermaine van Doorn
    Jermaine van Doorn 15 days ago

    Season finale s4. Double ep. But medically awesome

  • VoidKeeper
    VoidKeeper 17 days ago

    Human bites... god damn it humans.

  • Ar Toone
    Ar Toone 18 days ago +2

    Dr Mike can you review Dr House MD season 5 episode 11 on human immaculate conception (scene time 17:20)?

  • Joshua Nicor
    Joshua Nicor 18 days ago +1

    His a messed up doctor who loves shortcuts.. that's what his character is. Hahahaha that's why he doesnt follow proper protocol

  • ARubber Duckey
    ARubber Duckey 18 days ago

    The whole "you cannot fake your heart rate increasing" is false if you know what you are doing you can make your heart rate increase dramatically

  • Tío Megaman X
    Tío Megaman X 18 days ago

    Too bad no more episodes have been covered.

  • Joan Palko
    Joan Palko 18 days ago

    Learning things I did not have knowledge of. You explain about what is going on in layman's terms, giving me an "ah ha" moment. This series was one of the better doctor shows, except for "St. Elsewhere" back in the day. Many actors went on from that show to become "a star". The episodes of House that featured the bus crash, and when Wilson develops cancer and is dying, were so emotional. Anyway, keep them videos coming and how about a topic relating to mental illness. It still has a stigma attached to it.

  • 4lonso11
    4lonso11 19 days ago +1

    More DR House please

  • Isabely Montenegro
    Isabely Montenegro 19 days ago

    you should watch more houve!!

  • Theresia Tan
    Theresia Tan 19 days ago

    8 SEASONS OF HOUSE MD ! My favourite ever.

  • Theresia Tan
    Theresia Tan 19 days ago +1

    I had experience with that kind of patient, Duragesic Patch no longer work, or so he said..

  • mrjdgibbs
    mrjdgibbs 19 days ago +1

    Next you're going to tell me that residents don't break into patient's houses to investigate...

    • KZ E
      KZ E 18 days ago +1

      Or lie to family members and friends...

  • miester rhovanion
    miester rhovanion 20 days ago +3

    Your next episode should either be
    5-19 "Locked In"
    7-7 "A Pox on OUR House"

  • Meurine
    Meurine 20 days ago

    When you say you can’t make your heart rate go up, isn’t that what hyperventilating does ? I always thought your heart rate goes up when you’re in pain because you tend to hyperventilate which is something you can absolutely do on purpose right ?

  • uTubeNoITube
    uTubeNoITube 21 day ago +31

    You only reacted to TWO episodes of House? That's a crime when there's like 180 of them and sooooo many good ones.

  • Sebastian Walker
    Sebastian Walker 21 day ago

    Ok, I don't like House because it pushes this idea that smart people are bitter and rude to people, but he is right so it's all OK. Also, how the hell did these medical students and House himself mistake a dog bite for a snake bite?

  • Jatin Sharma
    Jatin Sharma 21 day ago +1

    9:30 human bite can be nasty

  • Alexa Noriega
    Alexa Noriega 21 day ago

    4:04 she said paddles AND epi which is why the nurse said his heart was fine because of the paddles

  • Karla Crous
    Karla Crous 21 day ago

    House MD Season 3 Episode 14

  • likaboss7654
    likaboss7654 21 day ago +1

    You can absolutely change your heart rate with practice.

  • The Boss Bongs
    The Boss Bongs 21 day ago

    Doctor Mike I am having SLE what should I do? 😝

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos 21 day ago

    Wait yall learn opqrst in medschool? Thats like emt night 2 (night one is alot of stupid shit about the history of emts)

  • SaltySoySauce
    SaltySoySauce 22 days ago

    Wholesome story about the man with back pain :)

  • Faith Jackson Docherty

    can you review New Amsterdam?

  • Robby King
    Robby King 22 days ago

    Drs thought that I was a malingerer for years till I had surgery and they found out I have Spina Bifida and tethered cord syndrome

  • Picolo
    Picolo 22 days ago

    Wrong heart beat can be heightened manually.

  • Copy that10_4
    Copy that10_4 22 days ago

    Dr. Mike what type of device you got iPad iPhone laptop....?

  • Sophia Medina
    Sophia Medina 22 days ago +2

    House is like a medical Dumbledore, he knows the answer to everything but lets everyone around him figure out the answers for themselves

  • H Smith
    H Smith 22 days ago

    You should watch Season 8 Episode 11

  • Les Bru79
    Les Bru79 22 days ago

    My friend was skating and bumped into Is other friend, and he got his friend’s teeth in his forehead, it ended up getting infected. And he had to stay in a room to decontaminate or something 😂 I don’t know if that’s what they should of done to uninfect is forehead bc he told me that after what they did, his forehead got super inflamed and it really hurt and now he has a huge scar when in the beginning he only got one tooth in Is forehead and it wasn’t even the big of a cut , it was just infected

  • Kelly Spencer
    Kelly Spencer 23 days ago

    TV is bad for society

  • Евгения Чешуина

    Интересно, а доктор Миша еще помнит русский язык?

  • Shereen Ang
    Shereen Ang 23 days ago

    I got bitten by a snake the other day and the doc asked me if I brought the snake together with me 😂

    • Brandon
      Brandon 23 days ago

      It’s a good idea to kill the snake, if possible, for quick identification, rather than wasting time guessing.

  • Angela Stumbaugh
    Angela Stumbaugh 23 days ago

    You probably heard this many timez before, however, you are so cute. How come no one swooped you up as a hubby yet if not alresdy? If i was unmarried, i could take you on.

  • Jaerom Pamintuan
    Jaerom Pamintuan 23 days ago +17

    House knows how fast snakes regenerate venom cause some scenes in the show he is watching national geographic. It could be the reason why he knows it.
    I guess.

  • Yehenaw Tad
    Yehenaw Tad 23 days ago

    Nice :)

  • KonohasEdge
    KonohasEdge 23 days ago

    What about the self operation episode in season 7? Would be very interesting

  • Hannah Britton
    Hannah Britton 23 days ago +4

    I learned something today never get bit by a human.

  • Pity me Nonchalang
    Pity me Nonchalang 23 days ago

    Hot doctor. Can see the pecs 🤣

  • Anya KC Lanot
    Anya KC Lanot 23 days ago +4


  • Anya KC Lanot
    Anya KC Lanot 23 days ago +1

  • Lacynthia Jimenez
    Lacynthia Jimenez 23 days ago

    House does things differently

  • Headtrix 1652
    Headtrix 1652 23 days ago

    Malingering? Nah I just have a good GP, You call it malingering I say it's a good doctor patient relationship so i think malingering is a bit harsh 😂

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 23 days ago

    This is TV not a training film. The director and writers want to make the story interesting. for ratings and mo money.

  • Deftestfrog3001 Ok
    Deftestfrog3001 Ok 24 days ago

    More pls

  • Adriana Eskils
    Adriana Eskils 25 days ago


  • Shelly Rae
    Shelly Rae 25 days ago

    I’m a Zebra. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. If Malingering is On a doctors radar so should looking for Zebras even if most of the patient’s are horses.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago

    It depends on your state. Sc has a complex set of rules on when and how a dog gets put down for biting

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago

    His response in the clip, to me, is him admitting to looking it up before they got the report. You dont need to know it... unless you've got a patient bitten by one. That might be a good time to find out

  • Xanax
    Xanax 26 days ago


  • hcmotherster
    hcmotherster 26 days ago

    Dispatch from your local animal control would pick up the animal, not the Humane Society. Humane Society only takes animals from other shelters and animal surrenders- not strays. If the man that owned the dog couldn’t drop off the animal, then it’s considered a stray.

    FAZEX 26 days ago

    D(ea)r Mike, react to S4EP1 or 15/16 or "The Jerk"(S3EP22 or 21 i don't remember) or the episode where guy had aphasia(idk what is the English name, I'm not UK/US)

  • BladeHunterHD
    BladeHunterHD 26 days ago

    Curious though, in a case like this, wouldn’t House have been better off if he had done the amputation and gotten a prosthetic instead? I’ve seen people with amputated legs able to run again, but since House decided to get the special procedure done instead, he lives the rest of his days in pain and still needs the cane.

  • Magnus Bergner
    Magnus Bergner 27 days ago +2

    When you have a oxygen starved body part and you're going to reintroduce blood flow, why not run the blood from that body part through some sort of filtration before returning it to the the bloodstream?
    If that isn't possible, could you remove the blood and instead just pump new blood from a bag to fill the patient up.
    I assume that once the first few litres of blood has passed through the body part the blood chemistry of the returning blood will start to normalize or at least won't be as dangerous.

    • jaue82
      jaue82 20 days ago

      Not a dr. But i think that the blood itself does not contain most of the "poison". It is mainly that when the new blood goes in and flushes the muscles and tissues out is where the majority of the toxins are. Just kinda what i read.

  • Kartik Iyer
    Kartik Iyer 27 days ago

    I don't believe that House really cares about the patients. I believe that much like Doctor Strange of the MCEU, House is only interested in the puzzle of how something happens and cures people as an added bonus...

  • Brandon Key
    Brandon Key 27 days ago +1

    Your shirt looks like the plastic tabelcloth at cheap italian restaurants.

  • Book Butterfly
    Book Butterfly 27 days ago

    So House had been staying at the hospital for years?!

  • MsLilyth
    MsLilyth 28 days ago

    Vet tech here - chiming in for the dog bite story -
    The dog would be quarantined for 10 days to be observed for signs of rabies. If the dog is not vaccinated, then it would be put down, the head would be chopped off (sorry guys) and sent to a lab to be tested for rabies. Unfortunately that's the only way to test for rabies currently. Get your dogs vaccinated people!

  • DollyBear 57
    DollyBear 57 28 days ago

    You are an amazing doctor!💯💯❤

  • Zhab Cunanan
    Zhab Cunanan 28 days ago +1