Hiding SECRETS From Your Best Friend! *CAUGHT IN A LIE*

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Hiding secrets from you best friend can hurt their feelings. Especially when your best friend catches you lying. Hopefully your friend forgives you. Friendship is one of the most important relationships you can have! Moral of the story is, do not lie to your best friend. Always tell them the truth even if it may hurt their feelings.
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    I think riya looks cuter than cinnamon

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    What about ur grandma toostie

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      I've been ready to go back to school like If u agree

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    I hate cinemene

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    I like your videos can I have a shout out please 😘

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    My favourite field trip was when I went to a bowling alley then went to an arts and crafts gallery and made some art

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    Lets give a like for raja and tootsie

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    When the burge on the floor why did she eat it xd

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    Love the vid

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    wtf that cringe

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    This Is ria🏃‍♀️

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    Riya is prettier than the girl with red hair

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    My fav trip was when me and my family went to brandson if u ever went on vacation with your family hit 👇

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    Do tootsie like Raja if you agree hit that like button

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    9:14 to 9:17 is so funny

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    I am going on a school trip tomorrow

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    Good joy

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    My favourite work when I was on my school the fire station it was fun!

  • Christine Phan-Tran
    Christine Phan-Tran 6 days ago

    5:44 the women at the back. hell yeah

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    Dose anybody see that girl in the background of the store with the black hair??😂🤔

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    Congrats on 2mill almost 3mill

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    The last number of your like is who u are
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    0. Strawberry 🍓🍓

  • ugasa gosar
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    yes or no
    ok hahahahaha i am sorry for that
    thak you for that Dan and Riya and Tia and your bruthar
    love farhiya

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    do sinmt love hot boy or not i thik yes hahahahahah sorry

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    i hat tootsie

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  • That girl TT
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    Tootsie You are in Love wifh yore Big Mac go Wifh Roghu you will have a Boyfriend

  • The lovely life of Nevaeh

    Out door ed

  • Renata Jalovska
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    I love you guys improve your videos

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    How many likes she gets is how mean she is!!!

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    Wolf loge lol does this remind anyone of Graet Wolf Loge?
    oh and Rplies Aquarium!!!
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  • Izzy Broughton
    Izzy Broughton 12 days ago

    if this was real, Riya is dumb bc she just stood there waiting for tootsie instead of Going up to her

  • Kikona
    Kikona 12 days ago

    lol I wonder how many Armys realized that in the title it says caught in a lie hehe

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    I love your video said

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    This is how many wigs Dan and Riya have

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    GREAT wolf lodge????
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    What is wrong with you

  • Grecia Sanchez
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    Sorry but this lie was not even a big deal

  • Taylor Scharf
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    Wait a minute-
    Rhubarb: pie
    Tootsie (roll): candy
    Cinnamon: spice
    Strawberry: fruit


    Like my comment


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    Why didn’t Riya just walk to tootsie?

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    This is tootsie
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    The end was so awkward for Riya

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    When dan said "She's so loud" it sounded like tossie

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    Riya’s face at the end is like what the heck is happening right here

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