Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Dr Phil guy thinks he is batman, IS IT REAL?
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Comments • 46 991

  • Carmen  Krompier
    Carmen Krompier 15 hours ago +1

    That guy looks like the patient in welcome to the black parade

  • Mobile NoneLegend Plays

    racist pewds

  • Aura_Boketto
    Aura_Boketto 15 hours ago

    "Baldy to baldy"
    *THE F I N A L BOSS*

  • Es Troi
    Es Troi 15 hours ago


  • -1ᏭᏭᏫ -
    -1ᏭᏭᏫ - 15 hours ago

    I didn’t know how many problems came with being a superhero like the mighty Goose Wayne.

    VALENTINA DEAN 15 hours ago

    im pretty sure the batman dude said persona not fursona

  • Brodown Production
    Brodown Production 15 hours ago

    “Batman” sounds like a kid

  • Jessica DeLaPaz
    Jessica DeLaPaz 15 hours ago

    I like the wet lip look on Pewds 👍

  • Darkness
    Darkness 15 hours ago

    I have crippling drepession :D

  • greade Aundera
    greade Aundera 15 hours ago

    aw not one of those other Dr.Phil guys those are the worst

  • AutumnSkylark
    AutumnSkylark 15 hours ago

    1:35 he actually said persona, rip this bit

  • bella kitty-cat
    bella kitty-cat 16 hours ago +1

    THE RANCH!!!!

  • TyPhenirW0LF
    TyPhenirW0LF 16 hours ago

    This is the male version of being a Bridezilla. And let's face it, he is a keeper, he is worth it, so more power to him. The prize gets the diamond.
    I bet the facility is like the one from The Tick, where they will dress up in his costume and taunt him.

  • Zeke J.
    Zeke J. 16 hours ago +1


  • jeburns145
    jeburns145 16 hours ago


  • RadicalDude5622
    RadicalDude5622 16 hours ago

    The ranck

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards 16 hours ago +1

    Aw man pewds! We got away with the full screen for a while but times up

  • BubbaLouis1904
    BubbaLouis1904 16 hours ago

    I know this might be crazy but everyone go to tseries and dislike all there videos

  • Ryler Irwin
    Ryler Irwin 16 hours ago

    I think maybe it is hard to transfer from a war zone to a civilian life I understand 90 percent

  • Just Ine
    Just Ine 16 hours ago +1

    i j realized he was wearing headphones outside of the hood

  • jewcy boy
    jewcy boy 16 hours ago +1

    My boy goose did his part, the mad lad made a video subscribing to papa pewds

  • Michael Glazov
    Michael Glazov 16 hours ago

    Blonde elf with braces baby!

  • JNFS Gaming
    JNFS Gaming 16 hours ago

    Goose should get a job for bully hunters.

  • Just Ine
    Just Ine 16 hours ago +1

    9:38 that laugh, that damn laugh, thats when all the trouble started

  • JLR Vlogs
    JLR Vlogs 16 hours ago

    I feel sad for this guy

  • xXLucielChoiXx 707
    xXLucielChoiXx 707 16 hours ago +1

    *I love how every second of the video he stops.*

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer 16 hours ago +1

    Dr. Phil: why are you on dr. Phil
    Guy: Because I'm Batman
    Dr. Phil: Uh.... Let me fix this
    God: Why did I make this man, I knew this was going to happen, I can see into the future of everyone I make. Know dr. Phil that was my best creation, I want to be the almighty dr. Phil myself, Dr. Phil is a true god.

  • ZappyMitts
    ZappyMitts 16 hours ago

    *but is he subscribed to pewdiepie?*

  • PotatoOfCourage
    PotatoOfCourage 16 hours ago

    But I can't even get a text back...

  • Jim Nguyen
    Jim Nguyen 16 hours ago

    “He has lost all of the fights”
    Well, Batman does lose every fight at the begin. Retreats, strategize and fights again so I guess Goose Wayne is legit

  • hanishikaa
    hanishikaa 16 hours ago

    maybe he's a cosplayer?

  • Shueking Yang
    Shueking Yang 16 hours ago

    Is pewds wearing a Rolex???

  • AwsomeSpaghettiMAn Is cool

    People keep telling me that I can’t get the TVclip channel Betis Shorts more than 1000 subs. Can you prove them wrong?

  • Jimmy Turner
    Jimmy Turner 17 hours ago

    What a bundle of sticks

  • Roger Coupal Moukifortin

    sorry but is a mental help is a crap get help fast bozo

    IZABELLA NEAL 17 hours ago +1


  • Short Bear Studios
    Short Bear Studios 17 hours ago

    He looks like a raccoon!

  • Max Trevino
    Max Trevino 17 hours ago

    13:39 He went to ranch obviously

  • Hunter Totenhagen
    Hunter Totenhagen 17 hours ago

    hahaha batman loves the brews

  • Agent Soda
    Agent Soda 17 hours ago

    I feel more empowered when im in my wonderwoman dress

  • Piper Josimovich
    Piper Josimovich 17 hours ago

    If that girl is reading this comment, which she prob isn’t but anyway, LEAVE THAT SON OF A BISCUIT. HE IS SO SO IGNORANT FOR ACTING LIKE THAT AND NOT CARING IF IT HURTS YOU. 👏🏽LEAVE👏🏽HIM👏🏽RIGHT👏🏽NOW👏🏽

  • Hannah Banana!!
    Hannah Banana!! 17 hours ago

    "I'm not crazy I'm not delusional..."

    looks like a raccoon...

    Wheres a Batman mask...

    I think your crazy and delusional my guy...

  • André Barreto
    André Barreto 17 hours ago

    If people can be an apache heli, he can be batman for sure, I mean, why not?

  • Safwaan Mohamed
    Safwaan Mohamed 17 hours ago


  • Nubi
    Nubi 17 hours ago +2

    Imagine Seeing Him getting arrested by a police officer for trolling

  • mountain lion 2242
    mountain lion 2242 17 hours ago

    pewdiepie: "It would be so cool to be mrs.batman
    marzia: *leaves*

  • Alex Abreu
    Alex Abreu 17 hours ago

    *Send em to the R A N C H*

  • 3/29_ProductionZ_
    3/29_ProductionZ_ 17 hours ago



  • Frozen Flames
    Frozen Flames 17 hours ago

    Hey pewds goose Wayne is a subscriber lol 😂😂😂

  • Ali G
    Ali G 17 hours ago

    Pewdiepie Vs. Jenna Marbles 2k19 Fight of the Century

  • To Bizzare
    To Bizzare 17 hours ago

    He made a video abort you. (Goose wayne batman)

  • king of games and movies

    The poor girl should just break the engagement or send him for mental treatment before marrying

  • Mr. Niddles
    Mr. Niddles 18 hours ago

    Pewds, if you love dr.Phil, you will love Jerry Springer or Maury

  • Vincent Rooijers
    Vincent Rooijers 18 hours ago

    this guy is "Super" (2010) in real life lol

    FOXY LADY 18 hours ago

    he racoon cartman and batman all in one lol omfg

  • vkook fighting
    vkook fighting 18 hours ago +1

    WAIT how is he hearing the vid when his hoodie is over his ears???🤔

  • Gentus
    Gentus 18 hours ago +1

    ”He lost all his fight” LMAO😂

  • Diamond_ Door
    Diamond_ Door 18 hours ago

    hes crazy

  • Goled Fullerson
    Goled Fullerson 18 hours ago

    what song does pewdiepie have playing in the background of his commentary

  • Fatima Acuna
    Fatima Acuna 18 hours ago

    Why is this good content?

    POLADONNA PALACE 18 hours ago


  • Emanuel Ortiz
    Emanuel Ortiz 18 hours ago

    I want to cry.

  • Simply Shanli
    Simply Shanli 18 hours ago


  • Iprry Memes
    Iprry Memes 18 hours ago

    He is secretly a raccoon and we are all moto motos

  • galaxy galaxy
    galaxy galaxy 19 hours ago

    giorno giovanni
    also why does he remind me of that twitter meme where the dude is fucking a girl and she asks to take it off his naurto head band but instead tightens it

    THE EPIC JACK 66 19 hours ago

    Why are the chairs so big

  • Lea Casareale
    Lea Casareale 19 hours ago

    He probably thinks all people from America are insane

  • Joseph Banke
    Joseph Banke 19 hours ago +2

    Finally we can say, they never cared who I was until I put on the mask

  • #CBCaY
    #CBCaY 19 hours ago +1

    bruh ion know why this pewdiepie guy is but he pretty fire 😂😂 I love memes

  • Gina Voorhees
    Gina Voorhees 19 hours ago

    what i would do in this situation is dress up as a villain that batman has found and really commit to the role and see how he reacts

  • leafmealone
    leafmealone 19 hours ago

    My dyslexia kicked me right in the face and I read "Dr Phil thinks this guy is Batman"

  • Ethan Cho
    Ethan Cho 19 hours ago


  • Jordan Burnette
    Jordan Burnette 19 hours ago

    I hate goose Wayne he reported me on roblox for calling someone a loser totally uncool 🗿😔

  • joanie brodeur
    joanie brodeur 19 hours ago

    Just saying that they got engaged and then he become batman=💰=👰🏼👱🏼👍🏼

  • Gina Voorhees
    Gina Voorhees 19 hours ago

    he needs to move to chicago thats the real gotham 😂

  • Super Mario
    Super Mario 19 hours ago

    This is why aliens refuse to pay us a visit

  • Rasmus Clauson-kaas
    Rasmus Clauson-kaas 19 hours ago

    When batman and his girlfriend has sex and batman is about to nut it sounds like this “ IM BATMAN!!!!!!”

  • RageDrakax
    RageDrakax 19 hours ago

    Him: Say my name
    Her: ughhGiovanni...

  • MastarNinja
    MastarNinja 19 hours ago

    So does he not know that Bruce take off his cowl and have his suit wash when he's at home?

  • Chloe Hulse
    Chloe Hulse 19 hours ago

    Everyone is watching him but I don’t 😐

  • The Cyborg
    The Cyborg 19 hours ago

    He lost all his fights...I just imagine he runs into a child’s birthday party to fight the Joker who is actually just a Party Clown...Drives 2 hours to fight a birthday clown and loses 😂😂😂😂

  • Brianna
    Brianna 19 hours ago

    You should have done destoni that shit was fire

  • RageDrakax
    RageDrakax 19 hours ago

    ''Kill me right now''

  • Z :P
    Z :P 19 hours ago

    I thought the title said “dr. Phil thinks he’s Batman” I’m dead inside

  • BL4 Z3
    BL4 Z3 19 hours ago

    *THIS JUST IN * Goose Wayne has a youtube channel i just saw it

  • сука блять
    сука блять 19 hours ago +1

    can i say the n word?

    • сука блять
      сука блять 19 hours ago


    • firedog YT
      firedog YT 19 hours ago


  • firedog YT
    firedog YT 19 hours ago

    I feel *SO* bad for her
    Edit: yes I like my own comment

  • Daisy Palompon
    Daisy Palompon 19 hours ago

    Goose wayne hos meme review

  • Timbo2002 Gann
    Timbo2002 Gann 19 hours ago

    "Not the hero we needed but the one we deserved"

  • Tanner Drayson-Valliere

    Its not that i dont wanna marry you, But there is one thing you gotta know...

  • Celeste Amaya
    Celeste Amaya 19 hours ago

    Plot twist: he’s acting so his wife leaves him getting him out of the marriage cuz he’d feel bad breaking it off

  • Hockeyman Panthers
    Hockeyman Panthers 20 hours ago

    Pewds should visit mr. Beasts house like how mr. Beast visits Tfue's house

  • some art person
    some art person 20 hours ago

    *_TOO THE RANCH!!!_*

  • R.Clareyyy
    R.Clareyyy 20 hours ago

    Who thought it was jezza?

  • The Kuudere Dude
    The Kuudere Dude 20 hours ago

    Doing the anime copyright avoiding

  • Stert
    Stert 20 hours ago

    check his insta

  • Jordan
    Jordan 20 hours ago

    13:25 So he's had mental break, this is too good to be trolling

  • Piano-_-cat_HD _
    Piano-_-cat_HD _ 20 hours ago

    If you haven’t already Subscribed do so or pewds will say but can you do this and hump your favorite stuffed animal.

  • Emiliano
    Emiliano 20 hours ago

    Jak ktoś z POLSKI to zapraszam na MÓJ KANAŁ nagrywam fajne serię z gier np. Cities Skylines - - - - - > EMILIANO zapraszam!

  • spekman 2
    spekman 2 20 hours ago

    That fungus on his head is actually what coused the disease in
    The Last Of Us