YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind


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  • 구독자늘리기
    구독자늘리기 18 seconds ago +1

    pewdipie ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • trainkid01
    trainkid01 8 minutes ago

    TVclip! Can i be in the rewind next year ?

  • ronaldo vs messi
    ronaldo vs messi 27 minutes ago

    1:58 its the sidemen

  • TSM_ƒσятηιтє ᎶØĐ

    1:57 just realised its the sideman lol! sorry for the spam comments i just love the youtube community

  • TSM_ƒσятηιтє ᎶØĐ

    1:38 AAGGGAIIINNN OOOOMMMMGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TSM_ƒσятηιтє ᎶØĐ

    1:35 AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! OOMGG

  • TSM_ƒσятηιтє ᎶØĐ

    1:26 the man himself

  • Norizan binti mohd radzi
    Norizan binti mohd radzi 31 minute ago

    Who see
    1.carter sharer
    2.stephen sharer
    3.guava juice
    4.alex wassabi
    7.brave wildernes
    Live a like

  • Yulisa Díaz Jiménez
    Yulisa Díaz Jiménez 44 minutes ago


    WINNYTV 45 minutes ago


  • Lil Uzi universe
    Lil Uzi universe Hour ago +1

    Anyone else saw mark?

  • Jennifer Phillips

    I bet u 10 bucks FUNNEH and the crew will be in TVclip rewind this year

  • CeRo
    CeRo Hour ago


  • john haidari
    john haidari Hour ago

    2018 rewind ligma jokes even though its old now

  • Raj Dip BOSE
    Raj Dip BOSE 2 hours ago

    Where is pewdiepie

  • A Person
    A Person 2 hours ago +1

    i think we all know ali-a is gonna be in the next youtube rewind

  • Game Breaker
    Game Breaker 2 hours ago +1

    My Predictions for 2018
    -Momoland, Dame tu Cosita, And some Memes
    - Maybe PewDiePie will appear with his Fiancê (Marzia)
    - I am not quite sure if the fight between Logan w/ Jake and KSI w/ Deji will be mocked or parodied.
    -The Revelation (again) behind the helmet of MarshMellow (Don't think so)
    - "Kiki do you love me" will be at the music remix.
    -Viners will also be there (pretty sure)
    -Some Animtors will be there like Domics, TheOdd1sout, Jaiden
    - (Literally thinking that Pewds won't appear in the youtube rewind) and also (Maybe Ryan Higa will and should make a TVclip Reryan).

  • Tomoko Kuroki
    Tomoko Kuroki 2 hours ago

    Im sorry who are these people?

      MJN SEIFER Hour ago

      Most of them are famous TVcliprs. Why not check at least some of them out if you don't know them? You might like them, and it's fun to check out new TVcliprs.

  • Lord of World
    Lord of World 3 hours ago


  • kylie jenner
    kylie jenner 3 hours ago

    why not pewdiepieeeeeeee ????? you such a f506-8-

  • jungkookie's banana milk

    okay, we just need bts in youtube rewind 2018.

  • alexiioo
    alexiioo 3 hours ago

    Lele pons

  • dj dYnamite
    dj dYnamite 4 hours ago +1

    Where is the king..... PewDiePie

  • Rm Sujon
    Rm Sujon 5 hours ago


  • Anas Sameh
    Anas Sameh 5 hours ago

    Who else saw Ryan toys review and DanTDM and Logan Paul And Jake Paul And Erika costell and Alex wassabi and guava juice and smosh

  • game87
    game87 6 hours ago

    this was a failure in my book

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago

    Markpiler in this

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago

    And tomska is in this

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago

    Pause at 1:41

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago

    Or 41

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago

    Pause at 1:40

  • Ksa Ksa
    Ksa Ksa 7 hours ago


  • noah stump
    noah stump 7 hours ago

    This is the worst one yet

  • Nandini Kande
    Nandini Kande 7 hours ago

    Anyone in September 2018??

  • Quinn polinesia
    Quinn polinesia 8 hours ago

    Like si vistes a los polinesios 😘

  • Oswaldo Sanchez
    Oswaldo Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Wow Dan t d m was in there

  • 💜ElemtalV🐰👑
    💜ElemtalV🐰👑 8 hours ago

    >:V mejor regresen las vistas de el mv IDOL de BTS >:V

  • Jean Kevin Hidalgo Vasquez

    Like si viste al mexivergas :v

  • fri ght
    fri ght 9 hours ago

    2018 will be
    Dame to coastia
    Kiki do you love me
    Ksi vs Logan
    Jake vs deji
    Hurricane Florence
    Xxxteacion death
    Maybe roblox
    Despacito 2?

  • Sasha Peguero
    Sasha Peguero 9 hours ago

    2018 will be BABY SHARK DOO DOO

    KARTUN ANIMASI 9 hours ago


  • pikachu vlogs
    pikachu vlogs 9 hours ago

    When you found out you only knew 1% of TVclip

  • Mateo Martinez
    Mateo Martinez 10 hours ago +1

    Algun latinoamericano/a? :v

  • Mateo Martinez
    Mateo Martinez 10 hours ago


  • BiancaPlayzRBLX
    BiancaPlayzRBLX 10 hours ago


  • -Jinseus Lost Connection to the server- LL

    I bet BAnGtaN Boys, BTS will be on 2018 TVclipRewind 😏💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼......

    • -Jinseus Lost Connection to the server- LL
      -Jinseus Lost Connection to the server- LL 2 hours ago

      💜ElemtalV🐰👑 I mean they were like EVERYWHERE,,,like EVERYWHERE

    • 💜ElemtalV🐰👑
      💜ElemtalV🐰👑 8 hours ago

      hmmm maybe? i don't think so who knows but it's a 2% probability that they be and a 1% they will come but i think there going to be more focus in there music well who knows:v

    • 💜ElemtalV🐰👑
      💜ElemtalV🐰👑 8 hours ago

      >:V i just want youtube to give them the views they took >:V

  • Maria Morales
    Maria Morales 10 hours ago


  • mash potatoes
    mash potatoes 11 hours ago

    WHAT WHERE ARE THE KIDS LIKE ANNIE JOJO btw I'm name the girls I hate

  • mash potatoes
    mash potatoes 11 hours ago

    Anyone here see eh bee

  • Cupcakequeenxx0’s Gaming

    In My Feelings Challenge
    KSI vs Logan Paul

  • xGameR Productions
    xGameR Productions 12 hours ago

    Where the hell is pewdipie and Edgar???

  • Liz Rod
    Liz Rod 12 hours ago

    this is amazing all youtuber

  • Liz Rod
    Liz Rod 12 hours ago


  • william smith
    william smith 12 hours ago

    Will the 2018 one note the return of all the MC TVcliprs

  • william smith
    william smith 12 hours ago

    I really don't understand why this has so many dislikes. If it is because of dead memes it is just because this is everything in the year not just what's currently realevent

  • Totally Not Original
    Totally Not Original 13 hours ago

    LOL I just Threw My Soda Can Into The Trash Can

  • Totally Not Original
    Totally Not Original 13 hours ago

    Clearly the Guy in the White Shirt Plays Roblox

  • anime fox dream
    anime fox dream 13 hours ago

    Maaaaann i need to wait until next year

  • Josias Flores
    Josias Flores 14 hours ago

    Can i be in

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 14 hours ago

    I recognized like 5% of the TVcliprs in this.

  • Toug Fattman
    Toug Fattman 14 hours ago

    If TVclip Rewind 2018 is worse than TVclip Rewind 2017 the world will end.😑

  • LmShadowman 1000
    LmShadowman 1000 14 hours ago

    Do in TVclip rewind 2018 with Some dutch youtubers

  • Lupus_R6
    Lupus_R6 14 hours ago

    Logan paul the queertard

  • christopher melki
    christopher melki 15 hours ago

    I just hope that next sssniperwolf will have a bigger role to play

  • Alessandro Garcia
    Alessandro Garcia 15 hours ago

    My part favorite is Poppy

  • Aqua Draws
    Aqua Draws 15 hours ago +1

    What will be in 2018:
    -Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
    -KeKe do you love me challenge

  • Calista :3
    Calista :3 15 hours ago +1

    TVclip rewind 2018:
    2. Kiki
    3. Johnny Johnny yes papa

  • 우유바나나
    우유바나나 15 hours ago

    I definitely can wait for TVclip rewind 2018

  • simon simpons
    simon simpons 15 hours ago


  • SN BRO
    SN BRO 16 hours ago

    2018 anyone

  • Razvan Gafton
    Razvan Gafton 16 hours ago

    The KSI Spinner made the video

  • Yogita Dhole
    Yogita Dhole 16 hours ago

    0:34 BB ❤️

  • Yolontis 14
    Yolontis 14 16 hours ago

    The thing is we all know the 2018 rewind will be worse

    MOSTAFA ASKER 16 hours ago

    The first two arabic TVcliprs is Saudi reporters and noor stars

  • Kayla Couey
    Kayla Couey 16 hours ago

    Make being members on iOS so people can be members on iOS

  • x _games
    x _games 17 hours ago

    Heccinh graveyard of memes

  • moropp hehe
    moropp hehe 17 hours ago +1

    TVclip rewind 2018 will be like:
    Fortnite vs Pubg
    Johny johny yes papa
    Kiki, do you love me?

  • Maritza Amaris
    Maritza Amaris 17 hours ago


  • Pepito Rodriguez
    Pepito Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    Dude perfect not here 32Mil means nothing

  • Jess Animation
    Jess Animation 18 hours ago

    Why does the play button looks like a dorito

  • lily louise x
    lily louise x 18 hours ago

    5:19 damn jjs smile is so amazing

  • Jelena Ristic
    Jelena Ristic 18 hours ago

    2018. rewind will include
    People i Do not know
    Logan and Jake Paul
    More people i do not know
    And more people i do not know
    90% irrelevent people
    10% 'irrelevent'
    And even more people i do not know

  • Ella Babin
    Ella Babin 18 hours ago

    I love the slime fight with all the animators at the end I watch most of them

  • Ella Babin
    Ella Babin 18 hours ago

    And I love how marshmallow was in it but they should’ve played Friends when he was the DJ

  • Ella Babin
    Ella Babin 19 hours ago

    Danny Gonzales should be in the 2018 one

  • Precious Ashiru
    Precious Ashiru 19 hours ago

    KSIvsLogan in 2018

  • Daniel Lankford
    Daniel Lankford 19 hours ago

    This was like a year ago

  • Isa Arze
    Isa Arze 19 hours ago

    This Always makes me cry

  • Alpha Male69
    Alpha Male69 19 hours ago

    They just mash-up the most cancerous parts of youtube and called it a rewind.

  • Emily Weaver
    Emily Weaver 20 hours ago

    Shane Dawson, Morgan Adams, Ryland Adams, and Garrett watts, better be in TVclip rewind 2018

  • valentina M
    valentina M 20 hours ago

    This year's CARDI B

  • mondo asr
    mondo asr 20 hours ago

    2018 ithink will be
    logan vs ksi
    james charles
    cardi b
    lil tay

  • Lunitaproductions
    Lunitaproductions 21 hour ago

    Im waiting for the 2018 one 2 more months & i'm expexting fortnite

  • Linh Bùi
    Linh Bùi 21 hour ago


  • Jameel Iraqe
    Jameel Iraqe 21 hour ago

    AK BOl

  • Pyry Oikarinen
    Pyry Oikarinen 22 hours ago

    this video still alive

  • Pentong HD
    Pentong HD 22 hours ago

    Next 2018

  • Shay Pennie
    Shay Pennie 22 hours ago

    Guava juice

  • Songul Asar
    Songul Asar 22 hours ago

    Turk yokmu yahu hep yabanci kisiler yarum yapmis kilip efso olmus ya bayildim