YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind


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  • Martin Donnellan
    Martin Donnellan 16 hours ago

    This is nearly as bad as the one from 2018

    The DADA AXEL SHOW 16 hours ago

    Are people still refreshing their minds of the new one

  • Guilherme Comediante
    Guilherme Comediante 16 hours ago

    Best rewind

  • Malcolm Mango
    Malcolm Mango 17 hours ago

    Why is no one recognizing the fact that the 2017 rewind is worse than the 2018 rewind?

  • Little Mixer
    Little Mixer 18 hours ago

    Ok yeah this is the best rewind so far,better than 2018 too

  • Maria olivia Zambrano
    Maria olivia Zambrano 18 hours ago

    Vine por los polinesios

  • Chase Sondike
    Chase Sondike 18 hours ago

    Can’t be a rewind without Lele pons

  • LenaPlayz ROBLOX
    LenaPlayz ROBLOX 18 hours ago

    brings back so many memories

  • ma. guadalupe vallejo moran


  • Royal Rg
    Royal Rg 19 hours ago

    Logan Paul's first TVclip rewind and last TVclip rewind


  • Sad Vros
    Sad Vros 19 hours ago +1

    Anyone still here?

  • maryam !
    maryam ! 19 hours ago

    جاهييييييز ؟؟

    GGCP JGAM 20 hours ago

    Even though 2018 rewind was worse, this is still sad

  • Exeith
    Exeith 21 hour ago +1

    aquí comenzó a perecer youtube

  • Mena Rojas
    Mena Rojas 21 hour ago

    Gayest thing ever

  • XiaoLongg
    XiaoLongg 21 hour ago

    Jesus Christ the dislikes keep on getting more and more present

  • Kanex
    Kanex 21 hour ago

    Actually this is pretty funny ...

  • sério isso?
    sério isso? 21 hour ago +1

    "I'm the one yeah, I'm the one"

  • Rosangel Acosta
    Rosangel Acosta 22 hours ago

    Es mejor el 2018

  • Maou Kara
    Maou Kara 22 hours ago

    This is better than 2018

  • Fernanda Kattan
    Fernanda Kattan 23 hours ago +1

    Espacio para los polinesios comenten aqui todo sobre los polinesios

  • hair on screen
    hair on screen 23 hours ago +1

    Rewind 2017 : 2m dislikes with 221m views
    Rewind 2018 : *15m dislikes with 160m views*

  • KPOP trash
    KPOP trash Day ago

    Better that TVclip rewind 2018

  • Vinicius Lopes Ribeiro

    O Brasil apareceu com o Cocielo e os irmãos Neto

  • ZimmB22
    ZimmB22 Day ago

    The 2018 one honestly makes this one look so much better than before

    Maybe that’s there purpose, make the newer ones so awful that makes the one from last year ok-ish

  • qwerty gamer
    qwerty gamer Day ago

    Any comments that does not say how much rewind 2018 stink.

  • Jojo Heng
    Jojo Heng Day ago +1

    So much better than rewind 2018

  • Fizzy Sqwuid
    Fizzy Sqwuid Day ago

    Old rewind was so much better 2018 rewind was trash lol

  • White Lion
    White Lion Day ago

    Bruh, this video is awesome!!! (Came from watching TVclip rewind 2018)

  • Richard Bonacua
    Richard Bonacua Day ago

    0:17 is that niana?

  • Eevee Gaming
    Eevee Gaming Day ago

    5:04 ... is that... DACHIE HOL UP

  • Oof Oofer
    Oof Oofer Day ago

    Touch the like button twice and it turns grey

  • RashidTPG
    RashidTPG Day ago

    1:40 dantdm lol

  • Redstone Master
    Redstone Master Day ago

    3:00 - 5:26 is The BEST moment of YTR 😢

  • Lightskin King
    Lightskin King Day ago

    At least this one is actually good compared to 2018 rewind

  • iMsLoner
    iMsLoner Day ago +1

    I know all of the people in the video, maybe not. Almost all of them.

    Also, this is so much better than 2018.

    TVclip Rewind 2018 is shaking.

  • Jarina Savova
    Jarina Savova Day ago

    I mean
    tbh this one is meh to me
    its still cringy but compared to 2018?
    N A H F A M

  • Zane Ullathorne
    Zane Ullathorne Day ago

    Me:Sees the backpack kid.
    Immediately clicks out of the video
    Thinks nothing can be worse. Immediately sees TVclip rewind 2018. *Thinks to self* Oh heck naw.

  • Christina Enung Martina

    This one is much beter than the 2018 but they dident added mr fav youtuber Funneh

  • Mac Junky
    Mac Junky Day ago

    This is so innocent compared to 2018's catastrophe

  • Rafafortacho
    Rafafortacho Day ago

    Lo mejor fue Dross con ese épico baile en el 1:55

  • doremon emo doremon

    the horses name was friday

  • Phantom S.S.
    Phantom S.S. Day ago

    TVclip 2017 was Better than 2018. I came from 2018 to see this one. Pewdiepies is still the best

  • J & N Vlogs
    J & N Vlogs Day ago


  • Christopher
    Christopher Day ago +1

    Still better than rewind 2018

  • David
    David Day ago


  • Carolina Alvarenga

    Hi boys

  • racoon gamingYT
    racoon gamingYT Day ago

    2:10 who’s this I recognise him but I don’t know the name

  • AE Conn
    AE Conn Day ago

    This is actually excellent compared to 2018. The only shitty aspects are the fidget spinners and despacito.

  • racoon gamingYT
    racoon gamingYT Day ago

    It’s vannos

  • Agent ツ
    Agent ツ Day ago

    Oh yeãh yeãh
    Subscrìbe to pęople that say this to spread the message and sub to pewdiepie

  • Shadow Snow
    Shadow Snow Day ago

    2080 anybody?

  • SLENDER phizics
    SLENDER phizics Day ago

    This one was way better than 2018

  • No You
    No You Day ago

    What I like about this one is that they added in the most popular animation channels, so I'm pretty happy about that, cuz they're Basicly the only youtubers that I watch.

  • DJ Pozun-hart
    DJ Pozun-hart Day ago

    when fidgets were a thing...

  • Muhammad Febriansyah


  • 🥀🖤_ Kylie_🖤🥀

    Coffee lids open at 1:00 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • MarshMeelow Gaming

    The most cringey part XD 4:11

  • Lloyd Peters
    Lloyd Peters Day ago

    4:19 TVclip rewind 2017 trying to compete with 2018

  • Zahizaib Rashid
    Zahizaib Rashid Day ago +1

    This one I actually liked a lot except for the dab

  • Pawl_hakk
    Pawl_hakk Day ago

    Meh, but some good elements don't make it as bad as 2018 Rewind

  • Mason Stringer
    Mason Stringer Day ago

    Still better than 18

  • Merisha Harvey
    Merisha Harvey Day ago

    Vanoss and Marshmello were in it, I like

  • Dzul Fazlee
    Dzul Fazlee Day ago +1

    whos here because of jake paul

  • Jewel Sells
    Jewel Sells Day ago

    So cringy

  • Tomalo06 x
    Tomalo06 x Day ago


  • GeographyGirl05
    GeographyGirl05 Day ago +1

    Ouch. Hurts to know this one is better then the 2018 one..

  • TheZombiekiller3000 TZ114599

    wrong time line 2019

  • Przychlast TV
    Przychlast TV Day ago

    4:45 MAN`S NOT HOT

  • EEL2
    EEL2 Day ago +3

    Who's here after PewDiePie was banned by Roblox?

    • Nhien Lam
      Nhien Lam Day ago

      EEL2 Nobody lol. He isn't banned anymore.

  • Warrior Cat Loverr

    Best of all

  • The Slacker
    The Slacker Day ago

    So how come they have VanossGaming? BUT NOT PEWDIEPIE???!!!!!!?!?!?

  • Cat Gurl
    Cat Gurl Day ago +1

    Back from disliking the 2018 rewind

  • jugando con ludmi orozco

    AMO........oooooooo A LOS POLINESIOS OOOOOOOOOOOO.....

  • Centurion Boi
    Centurion Boi Day ago

    Not so bad

  • Janae Kwan
    Janae Kwan Day ago

    I protest! Pewdiepie should be in the TVclip rewind!

  • Choque Cultural
    Choque Cultural Day ago

    Fue el mejor!!

    • Daaniel Biffas
      Daaniel Biffas Day ago

      Choque Cultural el peor de la historia 2 millones de deslike

  • Prince Hans
    Prince Hans Day ago +1

    This Video is what you experience when you are on drugs

    ECRİN SU ÇOBAN FAN 2 days ago +1


  • Jittipat Pono
    Jittipat Pono 2 days ago

    2:32 เพลงไรอะ

  • iyaahh _28
    iyaahh _28 2 days ago

    Still better than TVclip Rewind 2018

  • Willis Thuita
    Willis Thuita 2 days ago

    Ksi tho

  • Ali Turan
    Ali Turan 2 days ago

    I disliked just because there is DeSPacITo in.

  • Uchral Tamir
    Uchral Tamir 2 days ago


  • Slime Lover
    Slime Lover 2 days ago +1


  • Armans GamingzYT
    Armans GamingzYT 2 days ago +2

    4:46 Lmao

  • AldaMc Cvalda
    AldaMc Cvalda 2 days ago

    2mil dislikes lol

  • Abbas Ismail
    Abbas Ismail 2 days ago

    who ever disliked is a pewdiepie diehard fan

  • xX Ponyo
    xX Ponyo 2 days ago

    0:38 most epic duo.

  • Carlos Thomas
    Carlos Thomas 2 days ago

    this was better than 2018 not gonna lie

  • MacGyver Gamming 2
    MacGyver Gamming 2 2 days ago +1

    you want to see a good rewind? rewind 2017.
    you want to see a bad rewind? rewind 2018.

    ERDEM AYVAZ 2 days ago +1

    Who is stil watching and making comments?

  • THE DOPE MUSIC label

    so not all the rewinds got most dislikes for their year

  • منـــوعات حـلوه


  • Gunner Gjerstad
    Gunner Gjerstad 2 days ago

    My foods roasting delich

  • Gunner Gjerstad
    Gunner Gjerstad 2 days ago

    Where the roast we or I need dinner

  • Tom P
    Tom P 2 days ago

    Man they just had to ruin the year of the solar eclipse.

  • Slaying for Dummies
    Slaying for Dummies 2 days ago +1

    7 people I recognized:
    Simply nailogical
    Liza koshy
    Logan Paul
    Jake Paul
    Anyone with me? Comment on who you recognized

  • kaspar fritch
    kaspar fritch 2 days ago

    I threw up when I saw Logan paul

  • Spartans2546
    Spartans2546 2 days ago

    At least it's better than 2018