YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind


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  • fall squad
    fall squad 4 hours ago +1

    100000000000% 2018 Rewind Will Be FORTNITE

  • ToDy Anorm4al
    ToDy Anorm4al 4 hours ago

    Cadê os BR disso!!

  • Linkin R Maharjan
    Linkin R Maharjan 5 hours ago

    No ryan higga 😭

  • Johnathan Vrocher
    Johnathan Vrocher 5 hours ago

    something is wrong with youtube

  • Johnathan Vrocher
    Johnathan Vrocher 5 hours ago

    for every 30 people you only recognize 1 god

  • Johnathan Vrocher
    Johnathan Vrocher 5 hours ago

    the only good part is the animators

  • Eğitimci Kerim
    Eğitimci Kerim 5 hours ago

    Nusret and Pewdiepie Where

  • M Raihan Amir
    M Raihan Amir 6 hours ago

    TVclip Rewind 2018
    -Pewdiepie is still not in TVclip rewind

  • Reed Parnell
    Reed Parnell 6 hours ago

    why more likes... how are there more likes...

  • Nova Star music
    Nova Star music 6 hours ago

    When they showed the bbc new part I cried historically

  • MaihoSalat
    MaihoSalat 6 hours ago


  • saro510
    saro510 6 hours ago

    i REALLY hope they include the ash thing from infinity war

    also youtubers that i actually know who they are

  • MirgyNGrh GT
    MirgyNGrh GT 7 hours ago

    Where pewdiepe he is king of youtube

  • Zac pikachu
    Zac pikachu 7 hours ago

    Who was your favorite youtuber here

  • Mayasa Bushelaibi / Funny Videos

    This should be on TVclip Rewind / No tears left to 2018
    - Ariana Grande No tears left to cry
    - Fortnite
    - Cardi B
    - Walmart yodeling kid / Mason Ramsey
    - Dame Tu Cosita
    - Yanny and Laurel
    - Havana Camila Cabello
    - Royal Wedding
    - Jame Charles and beauty gurus
    - Gucci flip flops Bhad Bhabie
    - TVcliprs I do not know
    - Friends marshmello and Anne Marie

    Like if you agree

  • Zombieslayer594
    Zombieslayer594 7 hours ago

    im expecting pickaxes and wings in next youtube rewind otherwise youtube is on something

  • Justin Dempsey
    Justin Dempsey 7 hours ago


  • Isabella Davis
    Isabella Davis 8 hours ago +1

    This was like the worst one.

  • MrEggplant
    MrEggplant 8 hours ago +1

    Absolutely horrible

  • Pranay Jha
    Pranay Jha 8 hours ago +1

    Where is Pewdepie

  • FriskT8Soul
    FriskT8Soul 8 hours ago +1

    The title will be "Demonetized Plan 2018"

  • Wynter Dawson
    Wynter Dawson 8 hours ago

    Oh, this was published on my birthday.

  • Ansul Singh
    Ansul Singh 10 hours ago +1


  • Bahadır Hüseyin
    Bahadır Hüseyin 10 hours ago

    Shawn mendesss

  • جود H
    جود H 10 hours ago +1

    2018 we want bts and twice...This will be crazy and
    So Amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Nenita Woo
    Nenita Woo 11 hours ago

    i can for vanoss only appearing only once...

  • Chris Mulv
    Chris Mulv 11 hours ago +1


  • Grosvy Ramirez
    Grosvy Ramirez 12 hours ago

    Were is the diss track

    FAIZAN LONE 12 hours ago


  • GreenIshWater_ xX
    GreenIshWater_ xX 12 hours ago

    This would be so much better if Shane was in it

  • Brenan
    Brenan 12 hours ago

    I still missed lil peep

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro 12 hours ago

    I am polinesio

  • Mae Yt
    Mae Yt 12 hours ago

    My Fav Animal youtuber Brave WilDErness

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro 12 hours ago +1

    Soy Polinesio

  • Ava Brennan
    Ava Brennan 13 hours ago

    Does anyone know what time Sdniperwolf is at, I can't find her

  • shameel prasad
    shameel prasad 13 hours ago +2

    In TVclip rewind 2018 they better include keemstar or I delete fortnite on my computer

  • TheKing 0391
    TheKing 0391 13 hours ago

    Just stop w/ the youtube rewind 4 eva

  • Sunglass Nerd
    Sunglass Nerd 13 hours ago

    I wish shane is in the 2018 rewind cause of the helping youtubers thing....

    (P.s im not a hater im just saying that cause its maybe true idk but im not a hater im a fan)

  • Sweetie Tweetie
    Sweetie Tweetie 13 hours ago

    I still can't belive karina is here...

  • Sunglass Nerd
    Sunglass Nerd 13 hours ago

    Me looking for Shane in YT rewind and hes not here XD

  • Youssef Ashraf
    Youssef Ashraf 13 hours ago

    I am waiting for dantdm, Jacksepticeye, markiplier, the saudi reporters,dangmattsmith, lachlan and some more in the youtube rewind for 2018

  • シペラ。
    シペラ。 13 hours ago

    Why many bad👎?

  • Roman Nisbet-Liu
    Roman Nisbet-Liu 13 hours ago +1

    Vapid, worthless, pathetic,

  • Karl The Snarl
    Karl The Snarl 13 hours ago

    I love how everyone in the comments is saying they don’t know anyone in here, but I came down to say I recognized most of them. I need to get a life.

  • irving jazel morales sanchez

    Quien es la otra chica que esta con poppy?:v

  • Derpy Hooves
    Derpy Hooves 15 hours ago +2

    3.8 million wastes of human ejaculant

    • antartica
      antartica 8 hours ago +1

      im sure youtube botted the likes just to make this pile of garbadge look like a "success"

  • Kian Tamonang
    Kian Tamonang 15 hours ago

    TVclip, i don't feel so good.

  • DullSouls
    DullSouls 15 hours ago

    I don't see it as cringe really. It's pretty nice. You guys say it is cringy cause the memes, when you guys auctally made it or liked it before. Doesn't make sense. The only thing cringey is fidget spinners.

  • Jasmine Pavon
    Jasmine Pavon 15 hours ago +1

    Los latinos

  • Kirby Playz
    Kirby Playz 16 hours ago

    what about ooblrck

  • Muggysky Tv
    Muggysky Tv 16 hours ago


  • Craumper
    Craumper 16 hours ago

    Uma guerra de amoeba enquanto o Felipe Neto e Luccas Neto pulam numa banheira de tinta

  • Gustavo Luiz
    Gustavo Luiz 17 hours ago


  • FelixGaming HD
    FelixGaming HD 17 hours ago

    Things will be in TVclip rewind 2018:
    More Paul brothers
    Yodeling kid
    More TVcliprs we don't even know.

  • Lance Steelflex
    Lance Steelflex 17 hours ago +1

    how can people like this garbage

  • Vika Lazareva
    Vika Lazareva 17 hours ago +1

    This is awful

  • DimDitch Road
    DimDitch Road 18 hours ago

    who else realized that Roi and Alex were next to each other when ksi span that spinner

  • Mattimate
    Mattimate 18 hours ago +3

    The 2018 rewind isn't even gonna have TVcliprs in it anymore. It's just gonna be cringey Viners and Instagram "comedians" and trendy, hip stuff and normie memes. And no, you cannot convince me that Viners are TVcliprs.

    • antartica
      antartica 8 hours ago +1

      youtube doesnt even care anymore these videos only appeal to seven year olds who scream at their tv while playing minecraft and fortnite

  • Larissa Gutierrez
    Larissa Gutierrez 19 hours ago +1

    I'm going to work on my channel so I can be In one It's my #1 dream

  • Stockton Perry
    Stockton Perry 19 hours ago

    the youtubbers that I lovve (what's inside, guava juice, and I don't watch brooklyn and baily but they are a local youtuber of .e.

  • Kwii Princess
    Kwii Princess 19 hours ago


  • Indigo
    Indigo 19 hours ago

    2018 rewind is going to start in the battlebus

  • Melody Precious
    Melody Precious 19 hours ago

    Cant wait for 2018 rewind

  • One floofy Boi
    One floofy Boi 19 hours ago

    I’m not sure about everyone else but I thought that this yrs rewind was really good

  • Joshua Dobbie
    Joshua Dobbie 19 hours ago

    Fuk being on acid watching this

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose 20 hours ago


  • Stocker Destructor de reinos

    Y pewdiepie?

  • Koobra كوبرا
    Koobra كوبرا 20 hours ago


  • Karol García
    Karol García 21 hour ago

    Like for julien bam

  • Missakichan proyect Oficial

    rip pewdiepie xd

  • Karol García
    Karol García 21 hour ago +1

    Like for los polinesios

  • rainbow flash the pony

    Lol this is the best place to get likes

  • KevPlay04
    KevPlay04 21 hour ago

    Penoso, faltaron muchisimas cosas que pasaron, pero en vez de eso ponen puras mamadas y puras boludeces EstadoUnidences, ponen muy pocas modas latinoamericanas, y que decir de los youtubers, la mayoría no son conocidos y tienen pocos suscriptores, aparte aparecen dos chicas al inicio que ni son youtubers y el reportero, pero que clase de basura es esto? Lamentable la verdad

  • palace plays
    palace plays 21 hour ago +1

    That was the best year of my life

  • Vlogs Michelle
    Vlogs Michelle 21 hour ago

    Brasil dominado TVclip

  • java enternety
    java enternety 21 hour ago

    Where is mobile legends hh

  • Awesome Panda
    Awesome Panda 22 hours ago +1

    Thi video is demonitized

  • C Galaxy
    C Galaxy 22 hours ago

    put all the new memes in the 2018

  • Infinite WB
    Infinite WB 22 hours ago +1

    Even shitter than last year

  • Patricio Estrella
    Patricio Estrella 22 hours ago

    asi es como youtube hecha a perder uno de los mejores memes

  • Sahime Halabaku
    Sahime Halabaku 22 hours ago


  • Pengy The Penguin
    Pengy The Penguin 22 hours ago +2

    I liked it!!!!

  • TooCrazyButLazy
    TooCrazyButLazy 23 hours ago +2

    Yt rewind 2018:
    The thing goes skkrraaa
    The backpack kid dance aka. The floss
    Suiside forrest (Logan paul)
    Yodeling wallmart kid
    Tide pods
    Logan Paul Vs. KSI boxing

  • Shelby June
    Shelby June 23 hours ago +2

    2017 was such a shitty year

  • Robyn Oliphant
    Robyn Oliphant 23 hours ago

    Where the hell is jacksepticeye he has more subscribers than ksi I mean come on

  • Alberto Routwell
    Alberto Routwell 23 hours ago +1

    Just Terrible.

  • Anne Tanne
    Anne Tanne 23 hours ago +2

    ,,I am poppy" Best part 😂

  • Lalooby
    Lalooby Day ago +1

    TVclip Rewind 2018 predictions :
    - Fornite
    .... >.

  • Zoe The Funky Potato

    My TVclip Rewind predictions:
    -Weird Japanese foil ball thing
    -The Floss
    -Slime again)
    -Bad pop music

  • Eenhoorn Sherelina

    2018 update: janny or laurel

  • Reuben Sonnenschein

    Who here is from the year 6344?

  • Distorted Lizard


  • NICOLE Schmidt
    NICOLE Schmidt Day ago

    Why can TVclip use music Form singers without copyright that isnt rght

  • Aleah Miller
    Aleah Miller Day ago


  • I'M_sHOoK
    I'M_sHOoK Day ago

    My favorite part is when the animators come

  • Emily Rivera
    Emily Rivera Day ago

    i like how they added all the good animators that obviously dont show their face but make their own little cartoons of what happened at the end

  • Nuhmb
    Nuhmb Day ago

    when I get top comment everybody who liked it gets a free donut

  • renee gevaert
    renee gevaert Day ago +1

    this was a big disappointement just like 2017

  • David FaZa
    David FaZa Day ago +1

    Rewind 2018 :This is Fortnite 2018

  • unicorn space kitties

    No. Please. Stop. No more. Noooooooooo.