• Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • During this high school football game, I challenged D1 Football prospects to DB vs WR 1on1's during their game..
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  • Ohio Boy
    Ohio Boy 11 hours ago

    So is this guy some type of pedophile creeping around for high school boys lol ?

  • ithrowdimezz
    ithrowdimezz 21 hour ago

    he caught that. slow it down. his foot was down.

  • Garden Fork
    Garden Fork Day ago

    Nevermind, I didn’t watch long enough. Sorry

  • Garden Fork
    Garden Fork Day ago

    That was a catch btw Dee. He got one foot down, I went into slow-mo. that’s some skill

  • SaucyyDylan
    SaucyyDylan 2 days ago

    come watch my game in katy texas , school called paetow high school we undefeated and finna eat.

    • Ohio Boy
      Ohio Boy 11 hours ago

      Lmao you guys suck ass you would get reckt by most schools were I’m from

  • Hasan Muhammad
    Hasan Muhammad 2 days ago

    Ohio football the best football

  • Nolan Davis
    Nolan Davis 4 days ago

    He was in

  • Mr. Boom
    Mr. Boom 4 days ago

    Come to South Kitsap High School!!!! In Washington State

  • xEryc aF
    xEryc aF 5 days ago

    You should come to Edison high school in Stockton ca , they have the #1 sophomore RB in the country

  • SupremeBoi
    SupremeBoi 5 days ago

    The hit at like 12:27 was a pass interference

  • Eli Bray
    Eli Bray 6 days ago

    you sholed look at rugby in new zealend

  • Godly KJ
    Godly KJ 7 days ago

    Come to st.james Louisiana this Friday for the biggest game of the season at James wildcatseason at James wildcats vs lutcher bulldogs

  • Godly KJ
    Godly KJ 7 days ago +3

    Come to st.james Louisiana this Friday for the biggest game of the season at James wildcatseason at James wildcats vs lutcher bulldogs

  • OG horrifix
    OG horrifix 7 days ago

    Go to greenville tx we got sum clean players

  • Asa Somw
    Asa Somw 7 days ago

    Yo come to converse Texas dude Judson High School

  • Jeffrey Chavous
    Jeffrey Chavous 7 days ago

    Nah that’s the QB

  • shadow reaper
    shadow reaper 7 days ago

    How many times did he say Bruce lol

  • Mikael Davis
    Mikael Davis 7 days ago

    Come to Carlsbad nm to watch this Friday game

  • nicholas mccomber
    nicholas mccomber 7 days ago

    Dee come to lex watch Fredrick Douglas they got like 6/7 shut outs

  • Kenneth Buenviaje
    Kenneth Buenviaje 8 days ago

    St.Louis Crusaders Honolulu Hawaii My GUUUY

  • Aiden McDowell
    Aiden McDowell 8 days ago

    Bro go watch on facebook Joseph Lester scroll down and look at his highlights he played for the high island cardinals south east tx💪🏼

  • jeremiah and will butcher

    they where tackleing to high

  • Gayla Holtam
    Gayla Holtam 8 days ago


  • No Limit Dance Ministry

    Not a real d1 team

    LiLKING MARCUS 8 days ago

    Number 2 on the red team is fast a fuck

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 9 days ago

    whats that song

  • Abraham Olugbemi
    Abraham Olugbemi 9 days ago +1

    Come to Maryland arundel vs old mill high rivalry game senior night pink out come watch a entertaining game

  • Daniel Valenzuela-Alvarado

    Hays high school

  • King Dreskiii
    King Dreskiii 10 days ago

    12:07 was a catch slow the speed his foot is like an inch away

  • Greyson Williams vlogs

    Can you go to Tift

  • i forgot my name
    i forgot my name 10 days ago +1

    Bru go to turlock Bulldogs games turlock, ca Friday they'll perform in the camera and will deestoy

  • Tristan Crelan
    Tristan Crelan 10 days ago +1

    This team 0-6 in Texas and would be the best team in Connecticut lmao

  • Texasbud1994
    Texasbud1994 10 days ago

    You from Austin my dude??

  • Anauje Long
    Anauje Long 10 days ago

    Come to Hampton virgina and watch Phebous play

  • Hayden Flud
    Hayden Flud 11 days ago

    If you want to see some action come to Odessa and whatch the cougars vs ranger pbyfl at Nimitz middle school next week on Saturday in seven days

  • Trxly_ Megga-
    Trxly_ Megga- 11 days ago

    Like Friday night tykes which is in Texas watch it in Netflix

  • Just_Do_It_ I_Did
    Just_Do_It_ I_Did 11 days ago +1

    6:45 what that song?

  • Xmarks.daspot G
    Xmarks.daspot G 11 days ago


  • Xmarks.daspot G
    Xmarks.daspot G 11 days ago

    Dee Can you go to snoop games to 12 year olds

  • Kaeldon Wassman
    Kaeldon Wassman 12 days ago

    U guys are trash

  • Jaren
    Jaren 12 days ago

    come see saquoan barkley brother in white hall pa

  • Ethan Cahill
    Ethan Cahill 12 days ago

    Come to Louisa county high school

  • Xavier
    Xavier 12 days ago

    Hey d I knows it's a small state but come check out some Rhode island football big fans

  • Justin Wemette
    Justin Wemette 12 days ago

    hey he was in rewind that

  • Juan Lara
    Juan Lara 13 days ago

    You were in bastrop 😖 come to Lexingtons Homecoming 3A D2 vs Clifton Oct-18 7:30 will be live!

  • Eugene 1k
    Eugene 1k 13 days ago +3

    Love when he touched his shoes and said certified @ 2:00

  • Veronica Brown
    Veronica Brown 13 days ago

    Come to Oakland highschool vs river dale Murfreesboro Tennessee see de’arre going to old miss bro cold

  • Raekwon Smith
    Raekwon Smith 13 days ago +2

    Go to South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, SC
    Football city USA

  • Football Boy 48
    Football Boy 48 13 days ago

    You should come watch riverview senior high

  • My name is JeffY
    My name is JeffY 14 days ago

    Conner cougars

  • lil whopper
    lil whopper 14 days ago

    Calhoun high school ranked #1 for rushing yards in the nation

  • lil whopper
    lil whopper 14 days ago +1

    Wanna see some real football come to port lavaca, texas this friday

  • Tethloach Duang
    Tethloach Duang 14 days ago

    come to Nebraska

  • Delusive Shotz
    Delusive Shotz 14 days ago

    Damn came to my high school

  • Andy Aguilar
    Andy Aguilar 15 days ago

    Hey D come to eastview high school in Tx

  • Tank DaDank
    Tank DaDank 15 days ago +5

    1:37 where’s the corner at wtf

    • Kaxiio
      Kaxiio 2 days ago

      Defense was on blitz so Ion think they was too much worried about corner🤷🏽‍♂️

    • 炉KING
      炉KING 9 days ago


  • Divine Gaming
    Divine Gaming 15 days ago +1

    15:18 bruh on some gay shit

  • Taylor Hatchel
    Taylor Hatchel 15 days ago

    That QB is garbage

  • Dilly Z
    Dilly Z 15 days ago +3

    We told him come to Texas for a show 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Vinnie Longo
    Vinnie Longo 15 days ago

    by far my favorite TVclipr