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  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Hi baby girls! ❤️ Hope you guys enjoy this try on from Laura’s Boutique!
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    Jenny silicone bra
    Daniela dress
    Jade 2 piece
    Roxanne 2 piece
    Natalie jeans
    Dawn top
    Sofia top & bottoms
    Paulina dress
    Knee slit jeans
    Sydney jacket
    Tay shorts
    Leney bodysuit heather dress
    kylie 2 piece
    Annabel top
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Comments • 749

  • Emma Bratcher
    Emma Bratcher 19 hours ago +1

    You know, the locas or whatever 🤪😂

  • Ale Jonas
    Ale Jonas 3 days ago

    You are beyond beautiful ❣️

  • Ivee Nguyen
    Ivee Nguyen 3 days ago

    I just did a haul🖤 but omg I loved this haul so much, you’re so pretty girl🥰

  • Cheyenne Herrera
    Cheyenne Herrera 4 days ago

    Does your code still work? 😩

  • michelle g
    michelle g 11 days ago +1

    okay but can we talk abut how nice her body is? 🤩 I’m currently working on my body and you are my inspiration!

  • M I A
    M I A 17 days ago

    You seem rushed

  • Letty Bernal
    Letty Bernal 19 days ago

    Love watching your channel 🤗 and you are so beautiful 💖

  • bri castanon
    bri castanon Month ago

    El Paso 💗💗💗💗

  • amra
    amra Month ago

    girl you are perfect 😍😍😍 wish i had your body

  • voode vood
    voode vood Month ago

    Something tells me you deffo dont need chicken fillets

  • Vanessa Gonzalez
    Vanessa Gonzalez Month ago

    Wait how tall are you? I’m 5’2 don’t know if their pants will fit

  • SuperSorrillo
    SuperSorrillo 2 months ago

    Laura's boutique clothes is from China right? ....see through n shit.

  • Ashley Nash
    Ashley Nash 2 months ago +2

    Spaghetti dress😭😂😂 I love you Leslie

  • babeygvrl. es
    babeygvrl. es 2 months ago

    Why am I now watching this??? I LOVE that white dress but they don’t have it anymore 💔😪

  • Jennii Cisneros
    Jennii Cisneros 3 months ago

    Playlist babygirl 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Rosa Linda Rivera
    Rosa Linda Rivera 3 months ago

    I love the music you put! It’s so old forgot about some of them! 😅

  • Cindy Chavez
    Cindy Chavez 3 months ago

    you're literally the only one I can sit down and watch try on hauls without being annoyed, lmao just found you and subscribed you're so pretty btw! ♥️

  • Lessley Martinez
    Lessley Martinez 3 months ago

    What size are you wearing in the shirts?

  • Alondra Ochoa
    Alondra Ochoa 3 months ago

    Do more of these ! 😊😊

  • Sherisse d
    Sherisse d 3 months ago

    For the tan front tie bodysuit, you are size small. Do you have a short torso or long torso??

  • Brianna Valentina
    Brianna Valentina 3 months ago

    Change the speed to 0.75x
    You will think me later 🤗

  • Angela Benavides
    Angela Benavides 3 months ago

    Tu cuerpo está perfecto tengo celos !!!!!

  • Markki Torres
    Markki Torres 4 months ago

    She talks way to fast to the point she has to correct herself a lot, and runs out of breath. I feel her talking way to fast takes away from her personality showing

  • Kim Odell
    Kim Odell 4 months ago


  • Kylie Jimenez
    Kylie Jimenez 4 months ago

    I live in Santa Ana ,CA and there’s a Laura boutique near me since theres one here in Santa Ana . I went once and let me just say it’s lowkey expensive there’s hella fashions stores in Santa Ana and they have the same clothes that Laura’s Boutique has for a way way cheeper price !!! 😖

  • Anahi Banuelos
    Anahi Banuelos 4 months ago

    Girl wow!!! 🤤

  • Adriana Torres
    Adriana Torres 4 months ago

    Is the blue striped dress see through? It’s beautiful 🥰

  • Skye bouwkamp
    Skye bouwkamp 4 months ago

    This chick talks so fast I can’t even watch this

  • Gabby Alcequiez
    Gabby Alcequiez 4 months ago

    Looks good in all outfits wow

  • Denisse Mesones
    Denisse Mesones 4 months ago +1

    I just wanna know.... HOW ARE YOU A SIZE 1!!! IDGI ... I have a much smaller butt than you and I am size 7 LOLOLOL

  • Brittney Carranco
    Brittney Carranco 5 months ago

    Love all these outfits ❣💕

  • Frank Álvarez
    Frank Álvarez 5 months ago

    No se como.llege aquí.......😨. Lellendo los comentarios es verdad... Hablas muy rápido... Deporsi ves que casi no entiendo inglés ..... Como maestra repetiría muchos años Jaja... 👍. Suerte muy buen vídeo

  • Aby Garcia
    Aby Garcia 5 months ago

    I like the green shirt outfit has to be my favorite 🥰

  • stephanie garnica
    stephanie garnica 5 months ago


  • Angela Rozales
    Angela Rozales 5 months ago

    I loved the green 2pc. You can pull off anything girl.

  • OSIS_ieCoyote
    OSIS_ieCoyote 5 months ago

    I would of attempted to smash after every clothing swap 😍😍😍 fml #perfection

  • Aly Aguilar
    Aly Aguilar 5 months ago

    She's mexican but listen to shity ass spanish music 🤔

  • Brian Favela
    Brian Favela 5 months ago

    Love them 🎈🎈👍👍👍

  • Ari_C3
    Ari_C3 5 months ago

    What size of bra do you wear to know if they will fit good on bigger size boobs?

  • Toril Charlotte
    Toril Charlotte 5 months ago

    James Charles who ?

  • Kaia
    Kaia 6 months ago

    Just thought you should know, this was one the best hauls I've ever watched.💕💗

  • Cassandra Carino
    Cassandra Carino 6 months ago

    Where are all the places I can use your code?
    I need your style in my life 😫
    Lol stalker status jk

  • Miss Rodriguez
    Miss Rodriguez 6 months ago

    Girrrrrrl this gave me anxiety.. take it easy

  • Alex Lugo
    Alex Lugo 6 months ago

    Love the music selection 💕 subbed

  • Summer K
    Summer K 6 months ago +2

    My mom always plays atrevete 🤣

  • Nancy Citlali
    Nancy Citlali 6 months ago

    Ok. So is her body naturally like that or did she get surgery?? Not trying to be rude but just curious cuz that’s body goals 😭

  • Blessd Nina
    Blessd Nina 6 months ago

    What lipstick are you wearing??

  • Elizabeth A Garcia
    Elizabeth A Garcia 6 months ago

    Daaamn im so jealous why are you so pretty, i look like a palo de escoba 😢 no boobs no ass 😫

  • Brittany Robledo
    Brittany Robledo 6 months ago

    Your body is still soo nice 😍

  • kenlei jeffers
    kenlei jeffers 6 months ago

    turn the playback speed to .75x, ur welcome

  • barbie dolls
    barbie dolls 6 months ago

    Yo what the name of the song when ypur show the gree two piece

  • Tehani M
    Tehani M 6 months ago

    I don’t even wanna try to get anything she did because I know she’d look better 😂
    Like she looks amazing in everything

  • Yinet Hiedra
    Yinet Hiedra 6 months ago

    First time watching. Everything she wears looks great... she talks really fast lol

  • Illia Mariah
    Illia Mariah 6 months ago

    Just started watching your channel and have been stuck all day lol love your channel

  • Janet Avalos
    Janet Avalos 6 months ago

    Love the video and love how i can identify myself with those songs 😍💃🏻🎶 Love it!!

  • Tania Gonzalez
    Tania Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Your body is so nice 😭😭

  • victoria castillo
    victoria castillo 6 months ago

    What lonjas bro

  • Grace Orick
    Grace Orick 7 months ago

    Hey dear,

    How are you? Hope you are doing well :)
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  • r r
    r r 7 months ago

    how old are nice old school songs

  • Deb M
    Deb M 7 months ago +10

    she talks so its okay to breath girl

  • Emily Blake
    Emily Blake 7 months ago

    I’m trying to figure out how she’s a size 1 in jeans I’m a size one and literally look anorexic compared to her lmao

  • The Naranjos
    The Naranjos 7 months ago +1

    Great video , I also got great Boutique Clothing, check me Out!!❤

  • ṡєıҡȏ ṡһıṅȏһѧяѧ

    yoooo how tf is she that thicc and a size 1 in jeans??? i'm a 1 and i'm literally skinny asl and have no ass

    • Marie Hubbard
      Marie Hubbard 8 months ago

      ṡєıҡȏ ṡһıṅȏһѧяѧ Thats wat im trynna figure out cuz im smaller than her but i wear a 3

  • Briana Mejia
    Briana Mejia 8 months ago

    Question, your boobs look like D's how are you still a small in shirts? :(

  • X3AMUCO What
    X3AMUCO What 8 months ago

    Xamucoz Goddess HERMOSA

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia 8 months ago

    Beautiful, pareces modelo..

  • Mg 1998
    Mg 1998 8 months ago

    I watch your facebook lives and omg your soooo Gorgeous 😭💕💕😍 te envidio pero de la buena eres muyyyy pero muyy bonita

  • michael 214JO
    michael 214JO 8 months ago


  • angelina guzman
    angelina guzman 8 months ago

    you talk alot

  • Tia Wilkinson
    Tia Wilkinson 8 months ago +23

    Play this in 0.75 speed

  • Khonny Sann
    Khonny Sann 8 months ago

    You so annoying when you talk

    • Herobrine
      Herobrine 7 months ago

      You are a pirate! Yar har fiddle lee dee! Being a pirate is alright with me! Do what you want cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate!

  • evelyn e
    evelyn e 9 months ago

    How does the bra stay on?
    (Sorry if it is a dumb question i just didn't see a clip in the middle)
    And what if you sweat?

    MONCHITO 9 months ago


  • Montserrat Ezeta
    Montserrat Ezeta 9 months ago

    Bitch put the songs in the description too!!!! I want to jam out but I don’t know the names of them🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Ooo Xxx
    Ooo Xxx 9 months ago +3

    Hi, i love these outifts and was wondering how tall u are ?

  • gloria Morales
    gloria Morales 9 months ago +1

    Les por que no ases un vídeo de ropa mas normal por que esa es para ir al baile yo no uso eso para ir ala tienda ni para andar en mi casa

  • Eduardo Sánchez
    Eduardo Sánchez 9 months ago


  • Vitor Santos M
    Vitor Santos M 9 months ago

    nice look

  • Monika Rangel
    Monika Rangel 9 months ago

    Forever wishing I had this body 😭😍
    I just started watching your videos and what not and I love you and your lives/videos! 👯‍♀️💓

  • Haylee Alexis
    Haylee Alexis 9 months ago +1

    Next clothing haul you do you should do bf rates my outfits!

  • Angie Rodriguez
    Angie Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Oh my god couldn’t watch past 2 minutes. I can’t handle the way she speaks !! Maybe on mute..

  • Vanessa Paramo
    Vanessa Paramo 9 months ago

    Are the Tay shorts stretchy at all? I love them! 😍

  • Amairani Galvan
    Amairani Galvan 9 months ago

    Hey Les! Where did you get those flores on your wall?

  • Jamie Elizabeth
    Jamie Elizabeth 9 months ago

    I mean this is the straightest way possible but damn I wish I had your boobies! #memberofittybittytittycommittee

  • Ilse Mercado
    Ilse Mercado 9 months ago

    Cual es mejor Laura’s boutique o live fabulously??????

  • Maritsa Gutierrezxx
    Maritsa Gutierrezxx 9 months ago

    How tall are you?

  • BuNIQUEdoll
    BuNIQUEdoll 9 months ago

    LES you’re sooo pretty!!!! 😩 Pasa la reseta. Like que comes ? Your body is goals !! 💃🏻

    VALERY MIRANDA 9 months ago +2

    Um ok I decided to stop watching the video cuz she keep talking so damn fast and I feel annoyed by her talking like that like Take your damn time SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mingo G.
    Mingo G. 9 months ago

    Estas bien buena

  • Ivania Rivera
    Ivania Rivera 9 months ago

    All the songs took me back to middle school 😭

  • ess h
    ess h 9 months ago

    Literally everything you try on, looks good on you! 😭😍

  • The Rickett Heath Gang
    The Rickett Heath Gang 9 months ago

    Wow I love it all 😍😍😍

  • Veronica Vazquez
    Veronica Vazquez 9 months ago

    I don’t like those kind of bras por q me sudan las shishis

  • laiara júlia roesler
    laiara júlia roesler 9 months ago

    how old r u ?

  • Brianna Velazquez
    Brianna Velazquez 9 months ago

    you should do a live fabulously haul

  • Maria Maldonado
    Maria Maldonado 9 months ago

    You look GORGEOUS in everything you wear baby girl

  • Beatrice mawati
    Beatrice mawati 9 months ago +3

    i recommend putting down your height and measurement s

  • Aprill Really
    Aprill Really 9 months ago

    Literally body goals 😩❤️

  • Sofia A
    Sofia A 9 months ago

    why does she always talk so loud and always like she’s in a rush 😩 breath girl breath

  • antonioe81ea
    antonioe81ea 9 months ago