Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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  • Gacha Haze
    Gacha Haze 34 minutes ago

    It was color

  • Susana Tecozautla
    Susana Tecozautla 38 minutes ago

    I like your videos and I like Ari cute

  • kawai hope
    kawai hope 44 minutes ago


  • Not saying it No one will know

    Ok that sounded weird

  • Not saying it No one will know

    I was also scared of money

  • Chickeneda Loco blogs and more

    No you and first day of school you said color

  • krasone73
    krasone73 2 hours ago

    What do you look like in real life
    As an adult 🧑

  • Just Ianah2
    Just Ianah2 2 hours ago +1

    Ok I looked jaidens birthday up sep. 27 1997 since she said it was her first birthday she was born the year before so,
    Jaiden is 26 years old and 6 months and 4 weeks and 2 days old (I'm not a stalker)

  • кιм тнє вυииу

    Never got that car qwq

  • Evelyn DeAngelis
    Evelyn DeAngelis 3 hours ago

    I ate glue in Kindergarten # I was dumb

  • Ella Yung
    Ella Yung 3 hours ago

    i missed the firsrt day of kindergarden

  • Kailey Bitgue
    Kailey Bitgue 3 hours ago

    Like a face reveal kid version

  • gacha potato cat :3
    gacha potato cat :3 3 hours ago


  • to bad you mad
    to bad you mad 4 hours ago

    6th grade sucks!

  • Liam Spencer
    Liam Spencer 4 hours ago

    My bday is september 28!

  • Marin W
    Marin W 4 hours ago

    NEH SHIP! :3

  • Ion busseey
    Ion busseey 4 hours ago

    My golden birthday was on the seventh of december so according to James's knowledge on my best birthday i died then came back as a different person with lots of adult stuff in my brains

  • Epxc dragon
    Epxc dragon 4 hours ago

    *Jax is apart of the kkk* :D

  • Carlos Hernandez Juarez


  • Thicker Face
    Thicker Face 5 hours ago

    The super Jax, super James, super Jaiden

  • Hello There
    Hello There 5 hours ago


    MICKABELLA313 6 hours ago

    I'm in KG but I don't drink gluten

  • Bonnie gamer 64
    Bonnie gamer 64 6 hours ago

    7:09 Jaiden knows melee since she's wave dashing

  • Abderrahim FeliX
    Abderrahim FeliX 7 hours ago

    I love you!!!! jaiden ....keep going
    you are the best

  • Natalia aglae Ponce
    Natalia aglae Ponce 7 hours ago

    Aawwww so cute

  • NnoobGaming
    NnoobGaming 7 hours ago

    I wish I had done this in my childhood...
    Not watching Thomas the tank engine all my life...

  • Chunky Boy
    Chunky Boy 7 hours ago +1

    0:33 dad essa hides and hop on and hides alla eggs...

  • Ethan Mell
    Ethan Mell 8 hours ago +1

    Just date jaiden already James

  • Valerie Vedette
    Valerie Vedette 8 hours ago

    Huh so this is the childhood I missed out on

  • Ella Venters
    Ella Venters 8 hours ago +1

    Don't cough on the cookies Jaiden

  • Heidi Fuentes
    Heidi Fuentes 9 hours ago +1

    Can we have James old child hood videos

  • jonesta forgham
    jonesta forgham 12 hours ago

    Best channel in the universe

  • Omar GamePro
    Omar GamePro 12 hours ago +1

    Super James > Iron Man
    Super Jaiden > Captain Marvel
    Super Jacks > Spider-Man
    The JJJ > The Avengers.

  • Ngọc Lan Nhi Vũ
    Ngọc Lan Nhi Vũ 12 hours ago +1

    The fact that Jaiden chose James to watch these vids with says a lot about their relationship.... VERY GOOD FRIENDS

  • inkling gal
    inkling gal 13 hours ago +1

    The E E S A B U N N Y

  • Timothy Donovan
    Timothy Donovan 13 hours ago


  • T-series Is an idiot and gay

    I still watch spongebob :(

  • Levi Wafles
    Levi Wafles 14 hours ago

    I think she said color not cuddle but whatever

  • Jomar Playz
    Jomar Playz 14 hours ago

    First day of school: LALALALALALAL YAY!
    A few years later:Phhhffff im bored i wanna go home

  • dangernoodle Ntsele
    dangernoodle Ntsele 15 hours ago

    Lol little jaiden questions the universe "?"

  • Halo Devil
    Halo Devil 15 hours ago

    5 years old
    "Yummy for my tummy"
    19 years old
    "Yummy for my Tummy"
    (You weird and you should feel bad)

  • Marrie Gacha
    Marrie Gacha 15 hours ago

    When i was 7 i already have depression 0-0

  • Generation Life
    Generation Life 15 hours ago

    I’m in 4th grade :p
    I know what the KKK is.
    Doesn’t it mean like Kli Klix Klan,
    Or some crap?

  • Alex The Axolotl
    Alex The Axolotl 15 hours ago


  • Aaliyah Castelan
    Aaliyah Castelan 15 hours ago

    I’m in 3rd grade

  • e nd
    e nd 16 hours ago

    Jaidens mom sounds a lot like her

  • QuinnTTV Minecraft
    QuinnTTV Minecraft 16 hours ago


  • the egg
    the egg 17 hours ago


    before jacks

  • AaronTGM
    AaronTGM 18 hours ago +1

    He's part of the KKK that's not a good thing for any that don't know the KKK is an organisation of white men yes only white men not white women, but anyway the KKK hates black people so that's a pretty bad thing to say even back then

  • C Perm
    C Perm 18 hours ago

    Maiden is 21 now

  • Aamily Zafyrah
    Aamily Zafyrah 18 hours ago


  • Ryan W
    Ryan W 18 hours ago +1

    This was uploaded the day after my birthday!

  • Wilfred Boyer
    Wilfred Boyer 19 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!1!!11! ITS ONE PUNCH JAX!!!!

  • Suzanne Reeves
    Suzanne Reeves 20 hours ago

    Plz do a part 2!!!!

  • CRAXONTRAX _cuentaderobloxxd

    Hay química (' '›-‹)

  • Agatha C
    Agatha C 20 hours ago


  • Agatha C
    Agatha C 20 hours ago

    Baby Jadien: MMMM Yummy for my tUmMY

  • LPS Pineapple productions

    Haha so funny love it

  • B I G .C H U N G U S
    B I G .C H U N G U S 22 hours ago

    7:11 dance til you’re ded

  • Shaun Bartlett
    Shaun Bartlett 22 hours ago


  • Star breaker R
    Star breaker R 23 hours ago

    I can barely imagine in 5 years my niece would react on her first day of school.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • JC
    JC 23 hours ago

    I'm..I'm a few months older than Jaiden.. idk what to do with this information

  • TheBroBoss
    TheBroBoss Day ago

    6:12 i wore that costume last year

  • Kenneth Figueroa

    I know tottler language im not telling what she said

  • Jomarzito
    Jomarzito Day ago

    7:45 ..

  • PachyPachy
    PachyPachy Day ago

    im gonna take my horse to teh old town road im gonna- ride till i cant no more--- im gonna take my horse to the old town road im gonna- ride till i cant no more--- i got the horses in the back- horse tack is attached- hat is matte black and boots are black to match--- ridin on a horse ha- you can whip your porsche- i been in that valley- you aint been up off that porch now

  • Vicinitrix
    Vicinitrix Day ago

    Yummay fo tummay!

  • Thao Dinh
    Thao Dinh Day ago

    we all ship

  • GoostyRules
    GoostyRules Day ago

    I thought she said "Money for tummy"

  • Gutierrez Gurierrez

    8:25 those are some impressive dance moves

  • Gutierrez Gurierrez

    A person:bladlablablabla me:but crab!!!!

  • k e l l y
    k e l l y Day ago

    The essa hides and hops and hide all the eggs

  • xEveryday MistakesX

    AcK we have the same birthday--
    I'm so happy that one of my favroite animators shared my birthday;;w;

  • Midnight Stars
    Midnight Stars Day ago +1

    I think you said “color and have fun”

  • Sami -
    Sami - Day ago +1

    I've watch this multiple times. I laugh every time.

  • Renata dinara
    Renata dinara Day ago +2

    My 15th time watching this

    KINDSEY JARRETT Day ago +1

    Soooooooooooo funny!!!!!!

  • Victor Hairston
    Victor Hairston Day ago +1

    5:56 I'm take my horse to the old Town road 6:00 I got the horses in the back

  • Esme Mancilla
    Esme Mancilla Day ago

    I think J also means Jaiden

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation Day ago +1

      Esme Mancilla And you can see both Jaiden and odd1sout in 3D animations in my channels latest videos.

  • Diane Playz
    Diane Playz Day ago +3

    Now I am curios about James’ old vids

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation Day ago

      Diane Playz Make sure you see both Jaiden and odd1sout in 3D animations on my channels latest videos.

  • Gøthic
    Gøthic Day ago

    See, when James was talking about Regenerating Cells, I remembered, when I was 7, I was SOOOOO NICE and caring! Now, I’m kind of weird, and kind of sad. Also, I’m kind of mean and annoying now. Huh. Weird.

    • Jackson Animation
      Jackson Animation Day ago

      Gøthic That is interesting. Also take a look at fun 3D animations with Jaiden and odd1sout on my channels most recent videos.

  • GD BlueSerpent
    GD BlueSerpent Day ago

    Yasssss! I have tax evasions!

  • Tony Sosa Jr
    Tony Sosa Jr Day ago

    You born and in 1987 ?

  • Felicity Avery
    Felicity Avery Day ago

    Now I know When is her birthday she’s 21

  • Flowey The Flower

    Jaiden's Dad: I think Jax is part of the KKK.

  • Geselle Alferez
    Geselle Alferez Day ago

    I was watching the video like “yeah this is a pretty good video, I mean, the animation is smooth and- OMG SAME BIRTHDAY SEPT 27 YASSS”

  • Ezequiel Cordova

    She smushed France.

  • Ezequiel Cordova

    15th anniversary of the videos!

  • Sugar Pie
    Sugar Pie Day ago


  • Duel monsters Sentra

    Ha cute and funny 😆

  • Flormaria 2
    Flormaria 2 Day ago

    I am in2grade only 8 weeks more till school ends then l am gonna go to 3 grade

  • #TLtv Galaxy
    #TLtv Galaxy Day ago +1

    In kindergarten, in my report card, I got a 1 in controlled scissors and I told one girl from my kindergarten class and she swore that I stabbed her with scissors and I vaguely remember doing that. But don't worry, I'm not as psychopathic as I was back then... heh, heh... sure...

  • charging bull zone

    Keisha looked exactly like my cousins dog fire

  • Yuen tschang
    Yuen tschang Day ago

    Her shoes are wrong in our school.

  • EmilyWolf Does Drawings and Gacha

    My birthday is September 27th owo


    Pause and go to 4:20 it my b-day but the year is different 😆
    Edit: My name is Jayden

  • Pa13049
    Pa13049 Day ago

    my first day of school i cried when i was there

  • Zoey Ramirez
    Zoey Ramirez Day ago

    I think you said color not cuddle

  • Waggsmith Studios


  • Finn and Jake
    Finn and Jake Day ago

    Who is shy when you meet someone you look up to? dislike if you did