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  • Léo Brito
    Léo Brito 23 hours ago

    Omg now I realized James remembers so much the actor who’s The Flash

  • Lisa Grimsley
    Lisa Grimsley Day ago

    James your so good at singing

  • stell_ Decrane
    stell_ Decrane 2 days ago

    1:23 though 🤣
    And 8:54

  • Candace Engle
    Candace Engle 2 days ago

    my original favorite guru and my new favorite in one video 😭😭 my heart is full

  • Jaky Solis
    Jaky Solis 3 days ago

    Jaclyn I love ur eyeshadow palette it makes my eyes pop whenever I wear ur shades

  • Ryan Kaiser
    Ryan Kaiser 3 days ago

    When he’s exaggerating he always refers to the number 87 lmao

  • Bridgette Carter
    Bridgette Carter 4 days ago

    my weave is sister snatched i honestly did mot ever think Jaclyn Hill would ever be there! IM SHOOK !

  • Anna Lankin
    Anna Lankin 5 days ago

    wtf his bday is in may .... hes not a gemini

  • LupitaMosWanted
    LupitaMosWanted 5 days ago

    My two favorites! Makeup goddess 😍

  • Dashka Jeanty
    Dashka Jeanty 6 days ago

    You guy seem and look like brother(sister)and sister❤💄

  • Angeline Kahoun
    Angeline Kahoun 6 days ago +1

    Can I just make an appreciation comment about how beautiful Jaclyn is???

  • Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas 7 days ago

    Is she using his pallet here?

  • Simply Gabby
    Simply Gabby 8 days ago +3

    When he said “who’s to say there won’t be a better one Coming out eventually” he was talking about the highlighter in his palette. He gave us so many hints we are so dumb we didn’t even realize

  • Brician
    Brician 8 days ago

    It's funny because jacqlyn also talks very fast in her videos💖😜

  • A confused Human Being

    10:39 - 10:43 IM DEAD😂😂😂

  • Olivia Villante
    Olivia Villante 10 days ago +2

    Who just stared at Jacklyns broken nail the whole time

  • esther garcia
    esther garcia 10 days ago

    Jaclyn has so much botox on her face that she now looks like a chipmunk. She used to be super pretty, like naturally gorgeous. ☹

  • Nunu Zarate
    Nunu Zarate 11 days ago

    You both are the best SiStErS ever.. so fun.. we need more videos like this is social media and forget drama.

  • odiepriscy81
    odiepriscy81 11 days ago

    My 2 favorite people on this planet!!!

  • Alyssa Crider
    Alyssa Crider 11 days ago

    "a sister shart" 😂😂😂😂

  • Aaliya Rajah
    Aaliya Rajah 11 days ago

    can we get a compilation of you and Jaclyn singing

  • Jackson Pogany
    Jackson Pogany 11 days ago

    “So it’s just like the perfect middle shade but who knows there won’t be a better one coming out soon.”
    *stares directly into the camera*

  • Andrea Barrios
    Andrea Barrios 12 days ago +2

    I ship them 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😩

  • Taya Dulcich
    Taya Dulcich 12 days ago

    What do you all think of a 45-year-old who thinks of starting a new channel? I hear young a lot, what about someone a little older? Do you think they would have a chance?

  • Camila Martinez
    Camila Martinez 12 days ago

    Lightning in this video:💩 ot coukd be better

  • Aria Mallick
    Aria Mallick 12 days ago

    i literally just came from a jaclyn hill annoys james charles for 3 min straight lmaoo

  • Alyssa Navejar
    Alyssa Navejar 12 days ago

    James I luv u u inspired me too do makeup, every time u do ur makeup it makes me want to do my make up so bad I rlly luv u

  • Gabriela Del Toro
    Gabriela Del Toro 13 days ago +23

    How come when they switch foundations it matches better than they can pick their ideal shade😂😂😂

  • Kaley Bishop
    Kaley Bishop 13 days ago

    You guys are so great, I love you both! Y’all are both so wonderful, I watch y’all all the time! I hope to be that good at doing my makeup one day!! I love you both!

  • Diana Alvarez
    Diana Alvarez 13 days ago +1


  • hailey hill
    hailey hill 13 days ago


  • Reese Boyer
    Reese Boyer 13 days ago

    When will u be restocking again on ur palette

  • Katie Hay
    Katie Hay 14 days ago +2

    Watching this video in 2019 and I now hear all the palette references lol and I’m 99% sure that Jaclyn used it for her eyes!🤷🏼‍♀️🌈

  • Hailey McMahon
    Hailey McMahon 14 days ago

    Those eyes James 😍

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. 14 days ago +1

    4:45 literally me watching James' videos 😂

  • shasiela z.
    shasiela z. 14 days ago

    0:02 Jaclyn was about to do jeffree's intro... 😂

  • Angelina Rivera
    Angelina Rivera 14 days ago

    Jeffree & james Charles are my top male makeup artists on TVclip

  • Cameron
    Cameron 15 days ago +5

    Ooooooo James Charles x morphie palate was being useddddddddd 11:11

  • XxkillerXx Garcia
    XxkillerXx Garcia 15 days ago +2

    I don’t know but she looks like Katharine from the ace family

  • carian408
    carian408 15 days ago


  • Clare Vela
    Clare Vela 15 days ago

    Jaclyn seems very humble in this video!!!

  • regean kinard
    regean kinard 15 days ago


  • Makayla Lopez Z.
    Makayla Lopez Z. 16 days ago

    Dude James are u sure she’s not cathrine from ace fam?.??

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 16 days ago

    11:12 when Jaclyn said ‘I’m gonna use these shadows right here’ SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES PALETTE!!! GUYS!!! This is so exciting and shows how long he’s been working on this, I’m so proud and excited for him! ❤️❤️

  • ThatRobloxPlayer 05
    ThatRobloxPlayer 05 16 days ago

    Who farted?! xD 2:34

  • Keimoney Lang
    Keimoney Lang 17 days ago

    Still love this video ❤️❤️😍

  • haley barron
    haley barron 17 days ago

    "whats your nationality"
    "what asf"
    okay me

  • Queen Shine MSP
    Queen Shine MSP 17 days ago +9

    Anyone else notice how they both NOW have a collab with Morphe?

  • molly mangum
    molly mangum 17 days ago

    8:20 what was that video thoooo

  • Clare McLaughlin
    Clare McLaughlin 17 days ago

    literally all I could think about is that Jaclyn looks likes Cher

  • Pinksugar Love
    Pinksugar Love 17 days ago

    Omg wheres episode 4???????? I need more!

  • Valeria
    Valeria 18 days ago

    what is jaclyn using for the lips?

  • Tina Rose Media
    Tina Rose Media 18 days ago

    Please do more of these

  • Syrel Jane
    Syrel Jane 18 days ago

    Will sister James can ever match his foundation shade??? and stop using a yellow undertone foundation when he’s pink?
    //A SAGA//

  • Nutella Unicorn
    Nutella Unicorn 18 days ago

    Style swap with simplyfacelogical plz 💿💿📀💿📀💿📀📹📀

  • Monica McMahon
    Monica McMahon 19 days ago +2

    OMG Jaclyn looks so good with this eye look🌈❤️❤️

  • Macy Robinson
    Macy Robinson 19 days ago

    I feel like he needs a code for Starbucks since he has one for everywhere else. Then we can all have our pinkity drinkities for “10% using code James”

  • pinhead larry
    pinhead larry 19 days ago

    james was such a literal icon in this video, we love that.

  • pinhead larry
    pinhead larry 19 days ago

    jaclyn : " who likes a skinny little wand? "
    james: "me, hello?"

    JUBILEE BERGERON 20 days ago

    Jaclyn is so naturally pretty omg

  • bernienoelb
    bernienoelb 21 day ago

    i feel like she was using his pallet because the colors look so similar and she went "I'm just gonna use these shadows right here" and they cut out when she picked it up

  • Yasser Luna
    Yasser Luna 21 day ago

    Gemini it's AIR! x'D Srry James

  • Aaron Cleaver
    Aaron Cleaver 21 day ago

    Literally just got Jaclyn's bling boss palate lol

  • Sydney and Matilda
    Sydney and Matilda 22 days ago

    You guys should swap pallets

  • Faizaan Khan
    Faizaan Khan 23 days ago +3

    13:50 is singing
    Thx me later

  • Dea draws and animates

    You 2 sing so good that i think you 2 should do a collaboration :)

  • Jeepnjazz- Jasmine
    Jeepnjazz- Jasmine 24 days ago

    I love this💖💖💖 you both just perfect 👌🏻Fun !!!!

  • Payton Sanchez
    Payton Sanchez 24 days ago

    Who noticed Jaclyn’s broken nail 2:07

  • Enrique Velazquez
    Enrique Velazquez 24 days ago +1

    Hi James

  • unicoornz
    unicoornz 24 days ago


  • Hoang Phuong Thuy
    Hoang Phuong Thuy 24 days ago

    Wait james is wearing the iconic flashback mary hoodie 😮 where can I get one :))))

  • Nicole Power
    Nicole Power 24 days ago

    i love your videos. totally an iconic duo.

  • smiley mylee
    smiley mylee 25 days ago

    Not being mean... but IF yall ever dated yall would be so cute😂

  • Natalie Williams
    Natalie Williams 25 days ago

    The way jaclyn hypes everyone up😂❤️❤️

  • Natalie Williams
    Natalie Williams 25 days ago

    Jaclyn would be a fun ass friend to have

  • Y Ë Y Ø
    Y Ë Y Ø 26 days ago


  • Susan Sladkus
    Susan Sladkus 26 days ago

    Two of my favorite makeup artist together. I'm in heaven! Thank you!

  • Leanna Davis
    Leanna Davis 26 days ago

    "everything she puts on your face, you're gonna wanna buy so becareful" guilty.

  • Aliyah Hamlin
    Aliyah Hamlin 27 days ago

    I love 😍

  • Lyssa Rose
    Lyssa Rose 27 days ago +1

    speaking of blush, there was the worker in a store and I was checking out with her and I was staring at her streak of blush and it took all of me not to say “ do you want to learn how to blend?” To her 😭😴

  • maranda turner
    maranda turner 27 days ago


  • Dylan_Pugs
    Dylan_Pugs 27 days ago

    so I need your help. I really want to try and get into makeup but I have no idea how to do it, or what on earth I should buy to try and start. I need some sister help.

  • Jufia Ajobong
    Jufia Ajobong 27 days ago

    Is it just me or does the blending the concealer stage scare anyone

  • Emily Marie
    Emily Marie 27 days ago

    “Who’s to say there won’t be a better one coming out eventually” Sis James knew he would make a great highlight shade.....he even dropped a hint. damn.

  • Mickey J 15
    Mickey J 15 28 days ago

    When he talked about a new highlighter coming out he was probs talking about face from his pallet!!!

  • Clarissa Trejo
    Clarissa Trejo 28 days ago


  • Regina George
    Regina George 28 days ago

    james looks so good with black liner

  • Mariah Monarrez
    Mariah Monarrez 29 days ago

    Does she remind any of y’all of Adrienne houghton? Sometimes 😂

  • Isaac Nair
    Isaac Nair 29 days ago +1

    why do u have so many moles

  • The Real Kelsey
    The Real Kelsey Month ago

    WOW Jaclyn is STUNNING without makeup, STUNNING with too but man I don't know if I have seen her without makeup before, James I am obsessed with your videos!

  • Kiera Kitten
    Kiera Kitten Month ago

    James loves the number 87

  • Amy k
    Amy k Month ago

    What lip.product did Jaclyn use?

  • Tatiana Bakhos
    Tatiana Bakhos Month ago

    well hello

  • Abigayle Blosser
    Abigayle Blosser Month ago

    Please do a style swap with Tati

  • Rafaela Sampaio
    Rafaela Sampaio Month ago

    Gemini is an air sign!

  • Emma Love
    Emma Love Month ago

    James: Welcome to California, Sister. People here are so metaphysical in many different ways. Knowing your horoscope is one of them. Your answer was so refreshing; I loved it. Keep being real.

  • LeAnna Wilhite
    LeAnna Wilhite Month ago

    I’m convinced at this point that singing and makeup artist just go hand in hand.

  • Marissa Noelle
    Marissa Noelle Month ago

    im coming back and watching this after the release of the palette and at 6:43 when he talks abt a better highlighter i feel like he was hinting at one of the shades in his palette maybe ringlight

  • Kristi Dorizas
    Kristi Dorizas Month ago +2

    3:19 that is more your shade

  • Kerine Huang -Kookielover

    2:01 I SAW FLASHBACK MARY! look at sister james popsocket