Antonio Brown Reportedly Sent Harassing Texts To Accuser | TODAY

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • New England Patriots player Antonio Brown sent harassing text messages to the unnamed woman who accused him of sexual misconduct, Sports Illustrated reported. The woman’s lawyer reportedly sent a letter to the NFL explaining Brown is “intimidating and threatening.” NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY.
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    Antonio Brown Reportedly Sent Harassing Texts To Accuser | TODAY

Comments • 359

  • Prod. Decembrs
    Prod. Decembrs 20 days ago

    Madden curse at its finest

  • emanuel rodriguez
    emanuel rodriguez 25 days ago

    Wow... Who is checking all these thots that willingly go to the pkaces these players be at? Who is checking all these broke females that be lying on the men that they themselves search out? These thots need to be checked

  • The Vegan Racer ‘19
    The Vegan Racer ‘19 26 days ago

    Does she have a lot of kids 🤔

  • The Vegan Racer ‘19
    The Vegan Racer ‘19 26 days ago

    Why won’t they tell the woman’s name tho🤔 Is it because she has a “PAST”🤔Hmmm...

  • The Vegan Racer ‘19
    The Vegan Racer ‘19 27 days ago +2

    Sooo why would it take 3 times for the alleged woman to get allegedly sexually assaulted before she came out 🤔

  • Thee Damon Alexander
    Thee Damon Alexander 27 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 More Drama...Poor Antino the Clown 😃.........😂😂😂

  • Skafut Nickfutnick
    Skafut Nickfutnick 27 days ago

    Ok hes gone. Now lets see how this woman will contribute to society. Anyone?.......anyone?.....

  • Austin Ahern
    Austin Ahern 27 days ago

    Antonio Brown is not going to play football anymore.

  • Pete
    Pete 28 days ago

    Strange, I always thought raping someone was a criminal offense.

  • The King of Nerds
    The King of Nerds 28 days ago +1

    "The Accuser was not seeking money from Brown"
    They Fu××ed consensually and she wants to get paid because of two reasons:
    * She's a Golddigging Hoe that's wants money
    * She wants to marry him, take all his money, and he said no
    Plus, Brown shouldn't of texted her in the first place! More evidence please!

  • Youre On Stolen Land
    Youre On Stolen Land 28 days ago +1

    Super broke girl with lots of kids is intimidating language? These ho's and their lawyers are dumb af. Nothing but a racists money grab. If AB was white none of these ho's would ever say anything. Especially since nothing illegal happened. Just ho's being ho's.

  • splash112
    splash112 28 days ago +1

    Lawyers are the most filthy human beings amongst us.

  • Linwood Walker
    Linwood Walker 28 days ago

    Self sabotage at it's finest

  • sGprodigys
    sGprodigys 28 days ago +1

    How much money has been garaunteed to her to say this??🧐🤔

  • Charles Crump
    Charles Crump 28 days ago

    He brought it in himself. Warning goes before destruction, and those warnings don't always have to be verbal. Life itself can be that warning before destruction, especially if the individual who has been forewarned continues to be hard-headed and refuses to heed such warnings.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 28 days ago +2

    They call it self hate when you avoid them then destroy you when you embrace them. Wake up

  • Blackmamba24
    Blackmamba24 28 days ago

    Steelers was the best thing that happened to him

  • TiMalice2009
    TiMalice2009 28 days ago

    Just a series of bad decisions.

  • Ronster Monster
    Ronster Monster 29 days ago

    Clear case of Mental Health issues. He needs professional help. Doesn't excuse his actions. He needs to man up, accept responsibility for his childish behavior, and seek help for his mental issues.

  • Keeping It Neutrall
    Keeping It Neutrall 29 days ago +2

    I like his game play, but not a fan of his none stop flamboyant behavior. I don't know all the details but 3 separate incidents🤔 Something appears fishy about that. I understand no one deserves to be harassed, but why was no complaints the first-time.
    If guilty he deserves it and then sum, if not true they owe him big time

  • Osirus Pleroma
    Osirus Pleroma 29 days ago

    Listen to eazy e song nutz on ya chin, but replace it with nutz on ya back ...

  • A Barnes
    A Barnes 29 days ago

    The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. - Malcolm X....POLITICS TRUST AND BELIEVE!!!!!...Probably a cover-up exposed because he left the Raiders...Why is Kraft allowed to exploit women in a massage parlor and still remain with the team?

  • Kevin O
    Kevin O 29 days ago

    Poor guy sucks when the witch hunt is on

  • harmony mcgairty
    harmony mcgairty 29 days ago

    I wish ab would grow tf up smh too fine to be acting like that

  • NeoAndersonReloaded
    NeoAndersonReloaded 29 days ago

    Kraft should be released for his happy ending!

  • Major
    Major 29 days ago

    How was that intimidating man 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • patti malik
    patti malik 29 days ago

    another jameis winston, creeps and rapists

  • Michael Di Liberto
    Michael Di Liberto 29 days ago +1

    "When keeping it real goes wrong" - Dave Chappelle

  • Shirley Ann Jones
    Shirley Ann Jones 29 days ago +1


  • enrique mas
    enrique mas 29 days ago +3

    I hope all of the people (MEN) defending Antonio Brown in these comments don't have daughters.

    • enrique mas
      enrique mas 27 days ago

      They don't make 'em like you any more, Larry.

  • Don Steel
    Don Steel 29 days ago +1

    Where's the proof?

    KING GLORY 29 days ago +1

    So why wait now to say something

  • Diane Dorney
    Diane Dorney 29 days ago +1

    Narcissist con artist

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez 29 days ago

    BREAKING NEWS The New England Cheaters reelesd AB

  • Cesar Aguilar
    Cesar Aguilar 29 days ago

    He gone

  • Che Gotti
    Che Gotti 29 days ago

    All He Had To Do Was Fall From The NFL Graces To Check His Ego, In The Words Of The Great Cottonmouth “Nothing Humbles A Man Like Gravity” 💯

  • Osirus Pleroma
    Osirus Pleroma 29 days ago +3

    Shoulda have sent threatening mesg to who ever gave him his haircut.

  • JYM
    JYM 29 days ago

    is he crazy or wtf?

  • Scott Benoit
    Scott Benoit 29 days ago

    He didnt say anything wrong!

    • MotorcycleMan
      MotorcycleMan 29 days ago

      Scott Benoit Do the all the same things he did and let us know how it works out for you.

  • D. Coleman
    D. Coleman 29 days ago +3

    AB: *sends text*
    6ix9ine: You wanna know what the text said?
    TK Kirkland: I told Antonio not use the phone years ago.

  • Realist Reset
    Realist Reset 29 days ago +8

    From 2017? And she didn't file a civil complaint, no police notification? Just an accusation from someone and some, at worst, rude texts?
    I rarely have sympathy for NFL athletes in these situations, since they so often get away with horrific crimes like Greg Hardy, but even if AB is guilty, this is ludicrous.

  • J P
    J P 29 days ago

    Karma like a mofo

  • Truth Troll
    Truth Troll 29 days ago +40

    It’s intimidating to tell a woman that she has a lot of kids?

    • Danny Ojay
      Danny Ojay 25 days ago

      MotorcycleMan turns out that actually was the depth so stfu and don’t call nobody stupid next time.he literally didn’t say anything “worse” than that considering the fact the the so intimidating messages weren’t even “intimidating” at all

    • Danny Ojay
      Danny Ojay 25 days ago

      Bruh exactly. Always trynna make the guy seem like the bad guy

    • Pound4Pound
      Pound4Pound 26 days ago +1

      Antonio Brown was defending himself against a liar. The problem is this feminist society is telling us that men always have to walk on egg shells when in confrontation with a woman. No matter if she's lying or not

  • ImGodsSon 19
    ImGodsSon 19 29 days ago

    Somebody mkin this girl say this

  • MrGedeon94
    MrGedeon94 29 days ago +16

    My thing is... how u have 3 different sexual harrassment situations wit the same person? After the 1st time, y wud u continue to be around that person???

  • Thedren Kemp
    Thedren Kemp 29 days ago +17

    So that’s harassment??? Ab god going to bless u bro. No weapon formed against shall prosper.

  • John Loye
    John Loye 29 days ago


  • Sean Ennis
    Sean Ennis 29 days ago +3

    "Most calculated series of offseason moves to join our team!!" - Pats fans 12 hours ago

    • Sean Ennis
      Sean Ennis 29 days ago

      Is that what the rest of the NFL is saying? Welp, good luck in the upcoming investigation if that's the situation your team is in hahaha

    • Sleeve Them All
      Sleeve Them All 29 days ago +1

      hurr durr patriots tampering! - The rest of the NFL.

  • Nick
    Nick 29 days ago +1

    Whatever happened to being not guilty until proved in a court of law.. Smh black tearing another black down. Whats new lol

    • Emineo
      Emineo 29 days ago +1

      He sent the SI check text messages, that were apparently intimidation. So yeah that's probably the reason, and then media asking bill about AB in which he just walks out of the press.

  • John Loye
    John Loye 29 days ago

    Pat Bateman True that. Isn't it strange how no one is talking about that. Robert Kraft has had Roger Godell in his pocket for years. Maybe he has the media in his pocket too. Maybe he gave the media and the authorities a good payout.

  • Biggb
    Biggb 29 days ago +2

    Modern day lynching

  • aliu saho
    aliu saho 29 days ago +36

    anny proof ???? i hate when women try to ruin a man career

  • Josh Procacina-Mohr
    Josh Procacina-Mohr 29 days ago +1

    Biggest Madden curse ever lol

  • Mr. Archnemesis
    Mr. Archnemesis 29 days ago

    Aaaaaand he’s gone.

  • Jeff Dougherty
    Jeff Dougherty 29 days ago +3

    It is fine. He can spend more time getting ready for Dancing With The Stars next season!

  • dallashood67
    dallashood67 29 days ago

    “It appears Antonio Brown will take the field this Sunday”

  • Michael Pun
    Michael Pun 29 days ago +5

    She’s trying to get money. AB didn’t do anything.

    • bls001
      bls001 29 days ago

      How do you know he's innocent? I'm not saying he's guilty or anything, I just am asking in case you've heard some new info proving he's innocent.

    • Itz Sombra
      Itz Sombra 29 days ago +2

      But if I’m innocent I’m not sending threatening texts to the girl to further fuel the flame. He claims he wants to focus on playing but is threatening people instead of only focusing on football like he said he wanted to

  • Yeet 420
    Yeet 420 29 days ago +8

    How to destroy an innocent mans life and career in 3 2 1....

    • MotorcycleMan
      MotorcycleMan 29 days ago +1

      You are pretty simple-minded.

    • zane butler
      zane butler 29 days ago +4

      You dont have to prove innocence you have to prove guilt.

    • bls001
      bls001 29 days ago +1

      How do you know he's innocent? I'm not saying he's guilty or anything, I just am asking in case you've heard some new info proving he's innocent.

  • ayeo philly
    ayeo philly 29 days ago


  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 29 days ago

    come to the BEARS