30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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Comments • 14 658

  • Richmar Mananquil
    Richmar Mananquil 17 hours ago

    Hey your channel is my favorite restaurant... in a way.

  • ariana Grande fan
    ariana Grande fan 17 hours ago

    Thank god she realized that it's hard to find your partner in life ·~· even grade 7 students date (not me) and find their partners like a quick snap :P

  • Audrey Reiter
    Audrey Reiter 17 hours ago

    A. How tall is the tall hot guy? B. Why is he so perfect😂?

  • 田宇曦
    田宇曦 18 hours ago

    what’s up with all the asians lolll

  • Neeha B.
    Neeha B. 18 hours ago

    she's so pickyyyyy
    like 1:38 is cute. 1:48 is adorable. 1:24 has a cute smile. and THIS MAN: 1:51. HE IS ATTRACTIVE.

  • psims77
    psims77 18 hours ago +1

    why are they not wearing shoes?

  • JM C
    JM C 19 hours ago

    damn she ugly but very choosy

  • Epiphany Williams
    Epiphany Williams 19 hours ago

    1:24 he looks so happy!! too bad for him she swipe left

  • Korii Mor
    Korii Mor 19 hours ago

    That was a waste to watch I was rooting for the tall guy

  • Renaldo Smith
    Renaldo Smith 20 hours ago

    The thing that kills me about this generation. Face to face is all we ever did back in the days.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 20 hours ago +1

    I'd feel to bad to swipe left and it must be more awkward without music

  • Bonquisha
    Bonquisha 20 hours ago


  • Kobe Wobe
    Kobe Wobe 21 hour ago

    in London the title means something very different

  • noel huerta
    noel huerta 21 hour ago

    Can we get more of this videos

  • Creamy Mushroom
    Creamy Mushroom 22 hours ago

    Jesus , females just because someone likes something about ya don’t mean they want ya 😬

  • Martha Marquez Olivarez
    Martha Marquez Olivarez 22 hours ago +1

    2:20 asmr 💖

  • Pommy Wolf
    Pommy Wolf 22 hours ago

    She's biased against glassesssssssssssssss

  • Aleah Wilson
    Aleah Wilson 22 hours ago

    She has a dope ASMR voice

  • ww387gr
    ww387gr 22 hours ago

    this girl will become a crazy cat lady when she gets older

  • Emlers A
    Emlers A 22 hours ago

    Dang they had to move the camera up for that one dude 😂

  • ww387gr
    ww387gr 22 hours ago

    what a B. In the other video, the dude who had to swipe 30 girls chose 16 to the right. This B only swiped 8 guys to the right

  • noturaveragewatcher
    noturaveragewatcher 22 hours ago

    Classic your just not 100% fantasy perfect so I'm going to pass. She be lonely when she's older because she waited to long

  • MrJbake17
    MrJbake17 22 hours ago

    The black dude is from are you the one

  • Mariah Gordon
    Mariah Gordon 22 hours ago

    Why does the tall guy look so familiar. Like I’m sure I’ve seen him in a Netflix so MTV.

  • M B
    M B 23 hours ago


  • Luwa Malu
    Luwa Malu Day ago

    The tall Dude is from MTV's Are you the one 😮🙌🙌

  • Nae Wild
    Nae Wild Day ago

    Anybody got a small TVclip want to support each other

  • Awkward L
    Awkward L Day ago

    Her voice is like asmr

  • Game & Music
    Game & Music Day ago

    She not that good looking anyway

  • AZ Battle School

    Only man to know push pull and basic social dynamics was the (ethnic) kid

  • AZ Battle School

    He wanted to leave with the upper hand!

  • Maddi Crandell
    Maddi Crandell Day ago

    Meh, I didn’t like her from the jump.

  • bxatch
    bxatch Day ago

    What's up with people hating on her for not wanting to date any of them?? There are only 30 people... you can't expect someone to find a person they want to be with long term in 30 people.

  • blahhh w
    blahhh w Day ago


  • One Subscriber With No Videos?

    Why tf are they all Indian or Asian?

  • A. Zhang
    A. Zhang Day ago

    I like her a lot (I commented "I would be her friend in real life") and rewatching this I realized why. She reminds me a lot of my very close internet friend who I love a lot. I think she's got a great personality.

  • LoLuvLo
    LoLuvLo Day ago

    I'd feel TERRIBLE Lmfao I'm sorry

  • Abraham Chinye
    Abraham Chinye Day ago

    Anykne else get 100% left?😅

  • A Nice Casserole

    Why is there such a high Asian population on these videos?

  • Renee C
    Renee C Day ago


  • igna83
    igna83 Day ago

    I would have liked to see her have the short conversations with the ones she swiped left.

  • Rockboi
    Rockboi Day ago

    1.50 he says ok thank you lol

  • Kim Ebina
    Kim Ebina Day ago

    I need this for my self

  • Hilal T
    Hilal T Day ago

    3.53 i ship them a looooot

  • DebLiving
    DebLiving Day ago

    The tall black guy was so gorgeous. And he had a nice chilled approach, fit body and cute style. Maybe gave off slight cocky/potential player vibes but still, I'm surprised she didn't choose him for at least one date!

  • The Serial Killer

    4:31 the tall black guy is hot.

  • Mega pandas
    Mega pandas Day ago

    Ok the first guy said you have beautiful eyes but leaves when he get the chance just WOW dude just WOW

  • Rowan Diamonds
    Rowan Diamonds Day ago

    The tall guy is my. Type.

  • Teera Yin
    Teera Yin Day ago

    So everyone is gonna forget about MTV’s NEXT lol

  • Sar Bear
    Sar Bear Day ago

    Hold on a damn second is that Tyler from are you the one?? 🤔

  • Felsha Miller
    Felsha Miller Day ago

    She said ‘I can hear them’ and then imitates then “Sup dudes” 😂😂😂

  • sydnerella
    sydnerella Day ago

    “THEYRE MAGICIANS” ok he’s my favourite

  • whatev466
    whatev466 Day ago

    This is a rip off of Solfa.

  • MrSolvaring
    MrSolvaring Day ago

    "That's a hard Minnesota 6, Johnny"
    "I agree, Timmy!"

  • Daniel
    Daniel Day ago

    These days is hard to find decent woman with a brain and trust me u wont find it in dating apps but if you u already did congrats to you but find something like this in dating apps its like winning lottery...

  • Forgotten Potato

    I'm a straight male and even I wouldn't swipe away the guy at 1:48. That woman has balls of steel.

  • Kel
    Kel Day ago

    2:21 didnt that guy automatically give her a compliment when he walked up?? Tf..

  • Kennedy Grimes
    Kennedy Grimes Day ago

    1:25 omg he's so cute how could she say no to him his smile could light up a whole room sksjsksksjsjjsk☹️❤️

    DEE MARQUEZ Day ago

    The best place to look is at school and work..

  • Ivyy TheBest
    Ivyy TheBest Day ago

    Omggg that’s Tyler from “Are You The One?”

  • Mariah L
    Mariah L Day ago

    Swiping too fast

  • Rudolf Schenker
    Rudolf Schenker Day ago

    Black dude who rejected her at 2.20 was tha hottest

  • Becca Chuney
    Becca Chuney Day ago

    omg is that Tyler from AYTO

  • Anonymous 123
    Anonymous 123 Day ago

    Can you make a Lgbtq version of this

  • 10,000 subscribers no videos

    That moment when depression hits you..

  • Yuna
    Yuna Day ago +1

    1:27 and 1:50 were really sympathic guys I think

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria Day ago

    She’s abit scared

  • Roman Ro
    Roman Ro Day ago

    What’s up with all the Asians? There were a lot in the other video of the guy swiping

  • Anna Te
    Anna Te Day ago

    Do this with a bisexual person!

  • jose cuervo
    jose cuervo Day ago

    They should have at least gotten an attractive female.

  • Jamie Tanner
    Jamie Tanner Day ago

    ok here we have an AT BEST 5.5/10 and just lmao at how cocky and entitled she is acting. can only imagine how it would be through a phone screen. sad times. perpetuated by thirsty beta males

  • adorally founded

    she is infj i think

  • t000000000MUCH
    t000000000MUCH Day ago

    You know what would be cool? If y’all made a version of a chubby dude. Swiping right on 30 girls lets see how outcome

  • Yarcofin
    Yarcofin Day ago

    Having glasses = left lol
    Some of the guys with glasses were as attractive or more attractive

  • Sharing Lungs
    Sharing Lungs Day ago

    The tall guy was super arrogant. That first response about rock and roll hall of fame being boring was such a douche thing to say. She dodged a bullet on that guy.

  • mokapaige
    mokapaige Day ago

    I’d say no to all of them as a power move.

  • Allison Lopez
    Allison Lopez Day ago

    Her: I love the office is that a hobbie

  • Pætur Zach
    Pætur Zach Day ago

    after this she went out and bought a cat. they're still together

  • Fava Fun Family
    Fava Fun Family Day ago

    She’s too picky she’s going to be alone all her life 😂

  • GottaHitThat Sub

    What do ugly guys expect anyway??

  • ♥ (Lily) ♥
    ♥ (Lily) ♥ Day ago


    PROD. BY GLOKU Day ago +1

    Some of y’all probably like “bruh y’all are trippin, I’d spit game on dat” but It be different when a camera is pointing at you and there’s mfs listening to what u gotta say.

  • Please Don’t Look At My Profile Picture

    This must be so awkward without the music

  • Eric Dahl
    Eric Dahl Day ago +5

    4:30 when he hits the mic by accident HAHAHA

  • Martin Godinez
    Martin Godinez Day ago

    She'll die regretting her choice anyways..

  • Lydia Buys
    Lydia Buys Day ago

    One guy said she had beautiful eyes and later said he would swipe left like what 😮

  • Jimmy Nal
    Jimmy Nal Day ago

    All of them were better looking than her ...lol

  • random boii
    random boii Day ago

    Me only leaving the house for work and food but wondering why I am still single

    YB SHEEP Day ago

    They should have done the speed date with the guys that got left swiped too so they can maybe show that the apperance doesnt matters.

  • Preeti Behera
    Preeti Behera Day ago

    I thought she would choose that *tall* *dark* and *handsome* guy 😍

  • Coco Ford-Craik
    Coco Ford-Craik Day ago

    She is literally like Lorelei Gilmore 😂

  • Sinar Eka
    Sinar Eka Day ago

    I have an advice.. Why not try to be blind date.. If that fast. The higher chance to choose just by look
    Why not try from voice and chatting. U'll be find the real attractive person if u close your eys

  • Ahmad Brkam
    Ahmad Brkam Day ago

    Are they all nerds

  • ted ned
    ted ned Day ago +1

    Why are they all Chinese

  • Eileen Murray
    Eileen Murray Day ago

    I love her sense of humour

  • yvngaims
    yvngaims Day ago

    This is how you millyrock the right way

  • Theodore The Dude

    So the feminists are calm now?

  • sweetshotv1
    sweetshotv1 Day ago

    "Sup dudes" lmao

  • Hibimu Chan
    Hibimu Chan Day ago

    That guy from are you the one?!

  • webber014
    webber014 Day ago

    Why are there always so many Asians on this channel?