Binging with Babish: Movie Theater Popcorn & Raisinets from Whiplash


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  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    I hope you're joking about raisinettes being $35 a box at the movie theaters, but you live in NYC, so I can't be sure.

  • Dat pusheen VV
    Dat pusheen VV Day ago

    3:35 is literally me when I'm in the kitchen 😅

  • Okasih
    Okasih 4 days ago

    I've got aluminum foil but I'm having a great deal of problems trying to find some "ow" is it?
    I've looked everywhere online and nothing.

  • ShoutingGem
    ShoutingGem 4 days ago

    I’m glad your were honest that it tasted bad and was a whistle of time.

  • Vakz
    Vakz 6 days ago

    I love Alton Brown

  • RealJordanM
    RealJordanM 6 days ago

    It wasn't the chocolate babish... It was the raisins

  • jinxiejae
    jinxiejae 8 days ago

    "Milk chocolate tastes like garbage."
    (Horrified gasp)

  • Annalise Snoddon
    Annalise Snoddon 11 days ago

    J Kenji Lopez-Alt is a hero

  • Will Greene
    Will Greene 12 days ago

    Babish milk chocolate is good

  • Another Preston Garvey

    you're really just gonna come out here and say milk chocolate is trash?

  • Golden Features
    Golden Features 15 days ago

    I got the movie popper and used it for months

  • Tubby Boi
    Tubby Boi 15 days ago

    I actually have that novelty popcorn maker.

  • thequeen
    thequeen 16 days ago

    I have know idea what he looks like but he sounds handsome

  • Corey ?
    Corey ? 16 days ago

    Wtf is a raisinet I’ve never seen those

  • Leila Mullison
    Leila Mullison 21 day ago

    I work at a movie theatre and we buy like, flavacol 2, the sequel to flavacol. Still has that branding on the side, though! Everyone cracked up hearing this at the theatre XD

  • Travin Norris
    Travin Norris 23 days ago

    2:36 you lost a sub... jk great vid

  • thinh huynh
    thinh huynh 25 days ago

    I love chocolate my favorite is light milk chocolate

  • Yasuko k
    Yasuko k 25 days ago

    Impressed by your chopsticks technique 😲

  • TunableJoker16
    TunableJoker16 26 days ago

    “It’s science so it’s smarter than me” 🤨🤨🤨 this quote is me not you... Andrew you know how to make over 100 dishes from movies tv and video games I can’t even grammar correctly as you can tell by this stupid rant I’m doing rn

  • daniel hylton
    daniel hylton 27 days ago

    I’ve been doing this for years
    And I now I realize it’s from a movie which I didn’t watch

  • RedPorkPadThai
    RedPorkPadThai 28 days ago

    I used to work at a theater and these are the exact ingredients we used to make popcorn as well!

  • Yalonda Cooper
    Yalonda Cooper 29 days ago

    Who makes raisinets from scratch lol

  • Melissa Clancy
    Melissa Clancy Month ago

    Yeah, IDK if I would do a fruit element in with popcorn. My favorite candy/popcorn combo is with Buncha Crunch. It's roughly the same consistency as the popcorn, and the chocolate itself isn't that bad (it doesn't have that harsh sweetness you sometimes get in a Hershey's bar or a Raisinette). Mix it up in a giant tub of popcorn that is smothered in the gross liquid butter flavor, the chocolate will melt a little so that you're bound to make a mess, and it's freaking awesome.
    (also good with peanut m&ms, but I find the consistency a little jarring, and the butter with the m&m shell can create slippery m&ms)

  • LV223
    LV223 Month ago

    Little known fact milk chocolate tastes like garbage! I knew someone else had to think that too. There are probably dozens of us!! DOZENS!!

  • Juicelad
    Juicelad Month ago

    Milk chocolate does not taste like garbage! You are a bad person!

  • sarge
    sarge Month ago

    milk chocolate is better

  • Kirby Black
    Kirby Black Month ago

    As someone who has worked in the movie theater business for 3 years now. I can definitely say that theater bought popcorn will always be better than homemade. But homemade kicks the ass out of microwave corn though

  • ThePackMan
    ThePackMan Month ago

    man just microwave the chocolate you get the same results and it's easier i tried both

  • Eli Myers
    Eli Myers Month ago

    I swear, once you go to sea salt and coconut oil popcorn, you'll never go back

    KWMIKAZE Grim 2 months ago

    Milk chocolate 4 life

  • The fiery fridge
    The fiery fridge 2 months ago +1

    What could you use instead of coconut oil?

    • GreyPanda
      GreyPanda Month ago

      +Janne Miettinen lol rapeseed

    • Janne Miettinen
      Janne Miettinen 2 months ago

      Any fat with high smoking point, really. I normally use rapeseed oil, but I've heard that ghee makes delicious popcorn.

  • Mica Cummings
    Mica Cummings 2 months ago

    when I was watching this video my brother was making popcorn so I feel like I can smell the video

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore 2 months ago

    Sous vide chocolate? Fucking genius!

  • Michael Robbins
    Michael Robbins 2 months ago

    Someone might have already mentioned this method, but I pop my corn in a wok. Same concave shape, but with a handle and thus avoiding that, "Oh sh*$! I just burned myself by incorrectly grabbing the bowl." Another benefit, it helps to continue season the wok with zero detriment to the breath of the wok.

  • FC Mania
    FC Mania 2 months ago

    “Milk chocolate tastes like garbage”
    >Okay retard

  • Brando Walford
    Brando Walford 2 months ago

    he made a giant jiffypop!

  • Wee lil' Dinosaur
    Wee lil' Dinosaur 2 months ago +1

    Lies. Good milk chocolate is infinitely superior to even the best dark chocolate. If you're not eating raw cacao blocks without *any* sugar or milkfat, don't try to act sophisticated

  • Lilly House
    Lilly House 2 months ago

    You should definitely do one those crazy jello mold casserole things from the 50s and narrate the whole thing in that voice. That would be amazing 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Sir Kiwi
    Sir Kiwi 3 months ago +1

    Finally people who don’t like milk chocolate

    • Sir Kiwi
      Sir Kiwi 3 months ago

      I mean, I like some, but dark is the best

  • Guttural 6XSS
    Guttural 6XSS 3 months ago

    Bobby vs babbish I wanna see it

  • Misty Keels
    Misty Keels 3 months ago

    I thumbs up this video purely because of the voice at the end of the video! Love it!

  • /u/ spockdad
    /u/ spockdad 3 months ago

    I would love to see if you were to revisit this one, and make movie theater popcorn butter to go with it.

  • Deuxforever
    Deuxforever 3 months ago

    lol love the transatlantic accent.

  • KumaPaws376
    KumaPaws376 3 months ago +1

    Milk duds and bunch a crunch chocolate bits!

  • Andrew Magee
    Andrew Magee 3 months ago

    Dark chocolate tastes like garbage, not milk

  • jic738
    jic738 3 months ago

    How do you perfectly butter popcorn?

  • Zai
    Zai 3 months ago

    30’s radio acccent 😂 I would love a full episode of that

  • steve matterson
    steve matterson 3 months ago

    Oh my God that voice at the end is so legit 😂😂😂😂 you crazy man I love it.

  • MY Channel
    MY Channel 3 months ago

    Thanks for the info made it tonight first batch was ok but the second one was perfect made it in about 5 minutes great little snack

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 3 months ago

    3 Tbs Coconut, 1/3 Kernels, 1 Heaping Flavacol, in Whirly pop rocked!
    Got my at BedBathbeyond for $20 right now!

  • Daan Vanalphen
    Daan Vanalphen 3 months ago

    How good was whiplash though!

  • JackTheGerman
    JackTheGerman 3 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail did show burnt popcorn 😂

  • Joey Ramone
    Joey Ramone 3 months ago +1

    👦 👨 👩 👧 who is Paul Reiser ?

  • lotrgirl27
    lotrgirl27 3 months ago

    I'm from Europe. So sorry, the whole super buttered salty popcorn thing you have going on over here is just gross. I almost died trying to find regular sweet popcorn ANYWHERE (especially cinemas). Keep the butter for your morning sandwich. Thanks :)

  • Mrcheeseburgermaster
    Mrcheeseburgermaster 3 months ago

    “Milk chocolate tastes like garbage”
    That’s really debatable (Or he just weird taste buds or something I don’t really know) :p

  • Jaspar Robinson
    Jaspar Robinson 3 months ago

    m&m's and popcorn instead. Game changer

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 3 months ago +1


  • Tiffany Spencer
    Tiffany Spencer 4 months ago

    I adore my whirly pop!

  • sammyd19801
    sammyd19801 4 months ago

    Flavacol ?

  • Mercedes Quintana
    Mercedes Quintana 4 months ago

    1:33 did he just put his hands IN BOILING WATER??????

  • wiiztec
    wiiztec 4 months ago

    You have shit taste in chocolate, there's a reason milk chocolate is king in sales

  • Derek Hampton
    Derek Hampton 4 months ago

    Making candy is a great break, but holy hell, candy is finicky and a giant pain in the ass. (ever tried making candy on a rainy day?) anyway, I make English toffee every Christmas. Sometimes it's a struggle. Even the type of spoon matters! Maybe you can help me out?

  • Farhan Siddiqui
    Farhan Siddiqui 4 months ago +1

    4:50 😂

  • Christopher Beer
    Christopher Beer 4 months ago

    "Put these feelings aside, and set those aside to harden"
    Way ahead of you, Babish. About 25 years ahead of you.

  • Trang Lam
    Trang Lam 4 months ago

    The Alton Brown Method! I miss the old Alton Brown shows on Food Network.

  • Linde E
    Linde E 4 months ago

    don’t you DARE talk trash about my son, milk chocolate.

  • King Scorch
    King Scorch 4 months ago

    Anyone else put M&Ms in their popcorn?

  • Joe Food 2017
    Joe Food 2017 4 months ago

    awesome video

  • The Skunk
    The Skunk 4 months ago

    You’re wrong Babish! Popcorn and Raisinets are amazing!

  • Paul Hazel
    Paul Hazel 4 months ago

    *Watching Babish while my Ramen boils over in the microwave*

  • JustAverage
    JustAverage 4 months ago

    Why I am watching this at night?

  • Frosty dog11
    Frosty dog11 4 months ago

    I just use my movie theater popcorn maker (I use flavacol as well)

  • Headless Chicken
    Headless Chicken 4 months ago

    Generally what was taught to us in baking school was that the melting, cooling, and remelting, and recooling of chocolate is to have certain sugars crystallize that gives the chocolate its snap and the characteristic of not melting in your hands. The exact science behind it was just daunting as this couple that represented Canada in the early 2000s at world competitions came to give us a lecture, they went into near atomic level explanation as to why...I just couldn't keep up. End of the day, there are sugars in chocolate that melts and crystallizes at certain temperatures and 3 of them are required to be tempered to create shine, snap, and resistance to heat.

  • Terk Richardson
    Terk Richardson 5 months ago


  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith 5 months ago

    I own those chopsticks

  • Jimmy Moloney
    Jimmy Moloney 5 months ago

    Is putting raisins in popcorn a thing? I've never heard of it.

  • J J
    J J 5 months ago

    "I don't understand you." 😂

  • shahaman noodah
    shahaman noodah 5 months ago

    Alton brown your legacy has effected us pop corn enthusiasts for generations to come. We salute you sir.

  • hermeticbear
    hermeticbear 5 months ago

    dark chocolate is trash chocolate. fight me :D

  • Chris Anders
    Chris Anders 5 months ago

    Milk chocolate always wins!

  • Sasha
    Sasha 5 months ago

    “As a whole this was a huge waste of time.”

  • Harry
    Harry 5 months ago

    *American milk chocolate is garbage

  • Shruti Desai
    Shruti Desai 5 months ago

    wtf... why would you say milk chocolate is garbage....

  • Lewis
    Lewis 5 months ago

    why didn't you just drop all the fruit I'm the bowl and scoop them out instead of doing each individually

  • Nightwing Josh
    Nightwing Josh 5 months ago

    There's an issue of Gwenpool with cheese filled hot dogs (either cut up or mini dogs ) topped on popcorn

  • Omar Espinoza
    Omar Espinoza 5 months ago

    Wait wtf,how did he not burn himself when he pulled out the chocolate bag out of the boling water???

  • Hermes Konig
    Hermes Konig 5 months ago

    I'd rather just squeeze that melted chocolate directly down my throat thanks

  • bobi
    bobi 5 months ago

    real cadburys milk chocolate tastes way better than hersheys garbage

  • Zachary Adler
    Zachary Adler 5 months ago

    Step 1: Buy chocolate covered raisins

  • The Dodger Dog
    The Dodger Dog 5 months ago

    Wow I rather just buy the box of candy that’s a lot work for raisinets.

  • Spazman2
    Spazman2 5 months ago

    I'm offended that you said milk chocolate tastes like garbage. 😡 that stuff is my favorite

  • Sirinterweb
    Sirinterweb 5 months ago

    it would taste better with milk chocolate, sweet and salty go together like bread and butter
    but then again, this man has terrible taste in chocolate :^)

  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator 5 months ago

    *Milk chocolate tastes like garbage*
    Excuse me? Oh wait, you're American. Poor soul, you've never tasted real milk chocolate.

  • Jayda Abdur-Rahman
    Jayda Abdur-Rahman 5 months ago

    Dark chocolate is disgusting

  • Draukagrissah
    Draukagrissah 6 months ago +1

    Seeding the chocolate refers to the crystals. Yes chocolate has crystals. FAT crystals.
    Ask any chemist/geologist and they'll tell you that things that crystallize often seed from one crystal into an entire lattice.

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty 6 months ago

    Movie theatre popcorn with candy

  • MadiCat247
    MadiCat247 6 months ago

    I have the machine and i keep trying to copy MJR like popcorn and it never tastes right

  • Roy Kay
    Roy Kay 6 months ago

    Combining the two treats, I think you'd need milk chocolate. Dark chocolate, though superior, is far too mighty for popcorn.
    Either way, sounds horrible to me. I dislike sweet popcorn lol.
    However, I need to get good at melting chocolate now. The homemade chocolate covered berries sound glorious.

  • pedro roh
    pedro roh 6 months ago

    Did anyone else think that the chocolate covered raisins were milk duds at the start?

    Probably just my fat ass >.

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas 6 months ago

    I still sneak hot Cheetos in the cinema