Binging with Babish: Movie Theater Popcorn & Raisinets from Whiplash


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  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith 3 days ago

    I own those chopsticks

  • Jimmy Moloney
    Jimmy Moloney 6 days ago

    Is putting raisins in popcorn a thing? I've never heard of it.

  • J J
    J J 6 days ago

    "I don't understand you." 😂

  • shahaman noodah
    shahaman noodah 10 days ago

    Alton brown your legacy has effected us pop corn enthusiasts for generations to come. We salute you sir.

  • hermeticbear
    hermeticbear 12 days ago

    dark chocolate is trash chocolate. fight me :D

  • Chris Anders
    Chris Anders 13 days ago

    Milk chocolate always wins!

  • Sasha
    Sasha 14 days ago

    “As a whole this was a huge waste of time.”

  • Harry
    Harry 14 days ago

    *American milk chocolate is garbage

  • Shruti Desai
    Shruti Desai 15 days ago

    wtf... why would you say milk chocolate is garbage....

  • Lewis
    Lewis 15 days ago

    why didn't you just drop all the fruit I'm the bowl and scoop them out instead of doing each individually

  • Nightwing Josh
    Nightwing Josh 19 days ago

    There's an issue of Gwenpool with cheese filled hot dogs (either cut up or mini dogs ) topped on popcorn

  • Omar Espinoza
    Omar Espinoza 19 days ago

    Wait wtf,how did he not burn himself when he pulled out the chocolate bag out of the boling water???

  • Hermes Konig
    Hermes Konig 21 day ago

    I'd rather just squeeze that melted chocolate directly down my throat thanks

  • Will Daymond
    Will Daymond 22 days ago

    real cadburys milk chocolate tastes way better than hersheys garbage

  • Zachary Adler
    Zachary Adler 23 days ago

    Step 1: Buy chocolate covered raisins

  • The Dodger Dog
    The Dodger Dog 23 days ago

    Wow I rather just buy the box of candy that’s a lot work for raisinets.

  • Spazman2
    Spazman2 23 days ago

    I'm offended that you said milk chocolate tastes like garbage. 😡 that stuff is my favorite

  • Sirinterweb
    Sirinterweb 23 days ago

    it would taste better with milk chocolate, sweet and salty go together like bread and butter
    but then again, this man has terrible taste in chocolate :^)

  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator 24 days ago

    *Milk chocolate tastes like garbage*
    Excuse me? Oh wait, you're American. Poor soul, you've never tasted real milk chocolate.

  • Jayda Abdur-Rahman
    Jayda Abdur-Rahman 25 days ago

    Dark chocolate is disgusting

  • Laureta Huit
    Laureta Huit 27 days ago

    I gave that quart of flavacol as a gift to my boyfriends roommate when I worked at a movie theater... because he loved movie theater popcorn salt

  • Draukagrissah
    Draukagrissah 27 days ago +1

    Seeding the chocolate refers to the crystals. Yes chocolate has crystals. FAT crystals.
    Ask any chemist/geologist and they'll tell you that things that crystallize often seed from one crystal into an entire lattice.

  • Ninja Kitty
    Ninja Kitty 28 days ago

    Movie theatre popcorn with candy

  • MadiCat247
    MadiCat247 28 days ago

    I have the machine and i keep trying to copy MJR like popcorn and it never tastes right

  • Roy Kay
    Roy Kay 29 days ago

    Combining the two treats, I think you'd need milk chocolate. Dark chocolate, though superior, is far too mighty for popcorn.
    Either way, sounds horrible to me. I dislike sweet popcorn lol.
    However, I need to get good at melting chocolate now. The homemade chocolate covered berries sound glorious.

  • pedro roh
    pedro roh Month ago

    Did anyone else think that the chocolate covered raisins were milk duds at the start?

    Probably just my fat ass >.

  • faiz abbas
    faiz abbas Month ago

    I still sneak hot Cheetos in the cinema

  • Business Casual
    Business Casual Month ago

    I bought some flacacol after watching this and it changed my life

  • Matthew Prochilo
    Matthew Prochilo Month ago

    Am I the only person who likes Burnt popcorn and just burnt food in general like toast pizza crust and steak 😂

  • spicyweiners
    spicyweiners Month ago

    We use canola oil and funtastic flavacol salt at our AMC theatre. Fucking delicious.

  • Aaron Toy
    Aaron Toy Month ago

    Spaghetti tacos from icarly!

  • Pudding Osu
    Pudding Osu Month ago

    movie theaters are over priced

  • Discomarm
    Discomarm Month ago

    Dark chocolate is better with kettle corn

  • G Hammer
    G Hammer Month ago

    @0:46 'seeding' refers to the crystalline structure of the chocolate. You use the existing chocolate to seed the growth of the crystal form you desire The one we find super tasty :)

  • Cairrean
    Cairrean Month ago

    We have one of those stovetop popcorn makers. It is a PAIN to wash, and my mom hates it cause it takes up almost the entire bottom rack of the dishwasher.

  • Aisaaax
    Aisaaax Month ago

    To those who are interested - it works because heating up and cooling chocolate to those temperatures changes the crystal structure to be more uniform when it finally cools. If you do that - your chocolate will be smooth and glossy, but if you don't - the crystals will form all over the place and it will become less pleasing to look at. This doesn't change the taste - only the looks.

  • Hermann Fegelein
    Hermann Fegelein Month ago

    You said milk chocolate tastes like garbage. You earned my dislike.

  • bobina05
    bobina05 Month ago

    I love love love my Whirley Pop!

  • DirtaDawg420
    DirtaDawg420 Month ago

    Over 500 years....🤣

  • madestmadhatter
    madestmadhatter Month ago

    What about the butter!

  • hannah bruno
    hannah bruno Month ago

    I use flavacol every time I make popcorn

  • x99
    x99 Month ago

    I watch this video longingly and a little sadly because it is one of the few recipes you have that I truly cannot make...
    The last several times I have eaten movie theater popcorn, whether a fairly normal serving or even just a few bites, I find myself very sick and essentially food poisoned... Alas, this does not happen with microwave popcorn. I denied it at first to be an intolerance to flavacol, simply writing it off as sickness from eating too much or simply coincidence... but now I've basically accepted I have an intolerance. Such a shame. Movie theater popcorn really tastes like something else.

  • Mike Mixtape
    Mike Mixtape Month ago

    I smell a crossover here. Alton Brown! Make a video with him. :)

  • TopgunProductions
    TopgunProductions Month ago

    milk chocolate for life!

  • Alphasean24
    Alphasean24 Month ago

    Why doesn’t you’re rich ass think about the fucking poor people you dick headed skinhead

  • David Tomson
    David Tomson Month ago +1

    2:35 - 2:36
    Fuck you

  • The Chimichimi
    The Chimichimi Month ago

    Yo babby, where the rest of that bubba Gump shirmp shit

  • Aidan Whalen
    Aidan Whalen Month ago

    Didn't he say he ate around the rasinets?

  • parker Azz
    parker Azz Month ago

    Why not pipe chocolate on to raisins after melting.

  • Dankious Memicous
    Dankious Memicous Month ago


  • Reagan Anonymous
    Reagan Anonymous Month ago

    Milk chocolate is the only good chocolate

  • Christopher McCook
    Christopher McCook Month ago

    That 1950's voice at the end sounded just like the vending machines in Bioshock haha

  • Remy Bug
    Remy Bug Month ago

    Could you do nachos?

  • DR00BLuE
    DR00BLuE Month ago

    i'm upset

  • blottz
    blottz 2 months ago

    Raisinets are called chocolate raisins in Ireland, they're basically the same thing

  • sha Dow
    sha Dow 2 months ago


  • Alexzander Castillo
    Alexzander Castillo 2 months ago

    Milk Duds are better than Raisinets imo

  • Tea Spiller
    Tea Spiller 2 months ago

    Well now I’m hungry

  • radioactive wolfs carnivorous plants

    Raissenetes the only good way to eat a raisin.

  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips 2 months ago

    Movie theatre popcorn with malteasers, the best combination of snacks at the movies.

  • Gozeraye
    Gozeraye 2 months ago

    Get you a man that can cook and do voices

  • MrNickanator Washere
    MrNickanator Washere 2 months ago

    Did you say milk chocolate taste like garbage? I love all chocolate dark and light. Don't be a chocolate racist

  • Trifurc splsh
    Trifurc splsh 2 months ago

    "its a little known fact that milk chocolate actually tastes garbage"
    Get cadbury's chocolate my dude. If you haven't tried it before you are missing out. Probably only something you can get in the uk but you are a food channel you can warrant the trip. Anyway I agree that American "milk chocolate" tastes terrible but if you think that is all chocolate is you really need to try this stuff.

  • Megan Gorsalitz
    Megan Gorsalitz 2 months ago

    I thought the water was boiling and freaked out when he put his hand in

  • Drakexon
    Drakexon 2 months ago

    If you think raisinets are horrible try rumballs.

  • TheCat_3 !
    TheCat_3 ! 2 months ago

    milk chocolate is much better for popcorn

  • Nontondo
    Nontondo 2 months ago

    You think Alton’s method could work in a wok as well?

  • Remedy
    Remedy 2 months ago

    Who the hell puts chocolate covered raisins in popcorn? Like some demented trail mix lol😅

  • Clayton Goodman
    Clayton Goodman 2 months ago

    Having worked at a theater this brings me back

  • JJ Sketch Time
    JJ Sketch Time 2 months ago

    Can you make Tiramisu?

  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker 2 months ago

    Truth! Milk chocolate is rubbish

  • Frisky Bitzz
    Frisky Bitzz 2 months ago

    That crunching at the beginning is making my ears bleed

  • Josh S
    Josh S 2 months ago

    You said chocolate 17 times

  • PicklePyro
    PicklePyro 2 months ago

    If that guy didnt want raisinets why did he pour them in the popcorn?

  • Momoka7
    Momoka7 2 months ago

    My Wife uses a Wok to make Popcorn. Which is close to the Bowl you use here.

  • Selena Gamya
    Selena Gamya 2 months ago

    Milk chocolate tastes like garbage?
    Um, excuse you.

  • José Magno, Jr.
    José Magno, Jr. 2 months ago

    "It's a little known fact that milk chocolate tastes like garbage."
    i love one man. and that's fkn you!

  • Esther Rose
    Esther Rose 2 months ago

    Can you make a video explaining the bag thing more? It looks really useful

  • kingaxron
    kingaxron 2 months ago

    you temper the chocolate to form crystals in the chocolate

  • Mo n
    Mo n 2 months ago

    did he just make a huge jiffy pop?

  • Evan Weaver
    Evan Weaver 2 months ago

    XD great outro

  • Toastee
    Toastee 2 months ago

    "Milk chocolate is garbage"
    >makes dark chocolate raisinetes
    >they're bad
    try milk chocolate it will taste much better. heck, you can just coat the popcorn in milk chocolate and call it a day. trust me I've tasted it. it's good.

  • Nathan Cushman
    Nathan Cushman 2 months ago

    "It's a little known fact that milk chocolate tastes like garbage" finally someone said it.

  • Bastiaan Meulenbelt
    Bastiaan Meulenbelt 2 months ago

    My historic bomb cover square moreover highlight carrier proposed doorway piano unlikely.

  • Wolliwops !!!
    Wolliwops !!! 2 months ago

    This is the bob ross of cooking

  • Daniel Gavigan
    Daniel Gavigan 2 months ago

    Rosemary and Sea Salt popcorn is a personal specialty. Give it a go sometime!

  • Dan Negru
    Dan Negru 2 months ago

    The hundred foot journey ,make something from it especially the omlet🙏

  • matosman1 R6S
    matosman1 R6S 2 months ago

    i died when you said $35 a box lmao it’s true though

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez 2 months ago

    The ending made me like the video

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago

    Does popcorn usually have chocolate covered raisins?

  • MrOEFVeteran
    MrOEFVeteran 2 months ago

    Gotta use corn oil and flavocol when cooking, and clairified butter at the end. Also, use actual popcorn salt, its very fine and sticks to every kernal

  • Warpy
    Warpy 3 months ago

    Yep. Milk chocolate does taste like garbage.

  • Robin Wagganer
    Robin Wagganer 3 months ago

    Flavacol! I worked in a movie theater 1980+/- and we would add so much Flavacol that the popcorn was practically neon yellow.

  • Bryn Shannon
    Bryn Shannon 3 months ago

    Today I Learned how to make tempered chocolate.
    *Now nothing can stop me from taking over the world.*

  • A Highly Sophisticated Gentleman

    legend has it that if you buy raisinets, Hitchcock and Kubrick come back from the dead to break your legs with tire irons.

  • Thatoneguywhowatchesyouwhenyousleepandthencrawledinyourbedandstoleyourcookies

    Movie theater popcorn is fuckin sheeeet

  • julianwelton
    julianwelton 3 months ago

    No! Dark chocolate tastes like garbage! It tastes like fucking motor oil, you monster!
    This concludes our extreme overreaction of the day. Thank you.

  • sgfreak37
    sgfreak37 3 months ago

    Someone once told me to never trust anyone that eats milk chocolate and well done steak. I don't know about the well done steak, but I am all about the milk chocolate.

  • Robert Williamson
    Robert Williamson 3 months ago

    dark chocolate taste like dirt

  • Dany
    Dany 3 months ago

    My old roommate used to have an old hand cranked popcorn popper. Honestly, you don't need to buy that stuff he put on all his popcorn. We would put a tablespoon of canola oil with a third of a cup of kernels and go to town cranking. Just clarify some butter and salt with Kosher, give good sizable shakes to mix, and you have movie theatre popcorn that tastes way better and is way healthier for you. 10/10