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  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
  • On this episode of "You Sang My Song," Christina Aguilera watches TVclip fan covers of her songs "Beautiful," "The Voice Within," "Ain't No Other Man," "What a Girl Wants," "Fighter," and "Genie in a Bottle." Fans react to Christina watching their music. Christina's new album Liberation comes out June 15th.

    Watch the fan covers here:

    Vonzell Solomon - Beautiful:
    Dana and Yasser - What a Girl Wants:
    Mike Mentz - Genie in a Bottle:
    Ruby Wilder - Genie in a Bottle (vintage swing cover):
    MAKEDA - Fighter:
    Taylor Wilton - Ain't To Other Man:
    Caleb Hacker - The Voice Within:
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    Christina Aguilera Watches Fan Covers On TVclip | Glamour
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  • rusch4
    rusch4 14 hours ago

    I love how they were impressed when she said their names.

  • Ivan Furrols
    Ivan Furrols Day ago

    people who appreciates christina aguilera has a beautiful soul's!

  • valmont1702
    valmont1702 5 days ago +1

    This type of video is pure gold. It's filled with so much heart & positive vibes ...

  • Sia Policia
    Sia Policia 6 days ago

    Glamour, please get Sia to do that!!!

  • Ora Franc
    Ora Franc 11 days ago

    Real good talented and great individualized cool covers

  • g0dzgrace
    g0dzgrace 14 days ago

    i love that she is not like i'm up here you're down there, and finds the unique beauty and creativity in the covers

  • KerriQuiteContrary
    KerriQuiteContrary 17 days ago

    If Xtina has already started getting face lifts at this age she gonna look like a lion when she really starts to age. She's naturally beautiful so I hate for her to ruin that.

  • Brettbren
    Brettbren 17 days ago

    *This video makes me LONG for Christina to return to The Voice!*

  • Salat Production
    Salat Production 20 days ago

    her lips - WTF?

  • Lyana Williams
    Lyana Williams 21 day ago +1

    The lovely black lady with prefect teeth has the sexiest voice (speaking and singing) Like make an album and take my money already!

  • quanda dunlap
    quanda dunlap 21 day ago

    I luv Christina

  • Ashley Braden
    Ashley Braden 23 days ago

    The 2nd singer took me back to Boyz to Men days 😃

  • Son Of The Sun
    Son Of The Sun 25 days ago

    I loved Christina as a kid, will forever love her. Very genuine lady.

  • Melody Lights Ahgases Starlight Inspirit

    I don't get the negative comments about her looks in this vid. I actually liked that she came in to have this video taken without much make up and just in a simple garb. The most important is how she commented and the pureness of her compliments. I actually liked that more than the others who came in fully made up and in fancy clothes but were not really complimenting on the cover singers but were more just talking about the song and themselves.

  • Tam Van
    Tam Van 27 days ago

    I love you Christina so much to me i know all her songs all my heart same year i was Birth 2001 Lady Marmalade with pin LIl KIm Mya so much to me one day she will come for my 19 birthday Demi Kelly

  • Brian Mortensen
    Brian Mortensen 28 days ago

    What about Christina Aguilera watches fans react to Christina Aguilera fan covers on TVclip?

  • I. S
    I. S Month ago

    I cannot recognise her anymore . Too much Botox and hialuron :(( she’s another person.

  • Dark fanfanter
    Dark fanfanter Month ago

    christina OMG you are not glamour now ;'(

  • Niko Tuttle
    Niko Tuttle Month ago

    1-Do Alicia Keyes! 2-They should be able to put these critiques on a resume!

  • MrCecilk26
    MrCecilk26 Month ago +1

    I am a big fan of Christian! So sweet and seems down to earth with some power vocals! Definitely one of my favorite female artist. Loved every version.

  • Iben Surya
    Iben Surya Month ago

    Dana Harper was on the voice, tho

  • Arla Lucien
    Arla Lucien Month ago

    Dana needs to go on the voice or something. I could listen to her sing all day

  • Dog Mom
    Dog Mom Month ago

    Christina is so genuine.. It shows you she absolutely loves her fans. 💙 There will never be another icon like her.. she will forever an inspiring legend. 🙌

  • Clarissa Explains It All

    Wait wasn’t Vonzell Solomon on American idol?

  • Jonathan Headle
    Jonathan Headle Month ago

    I really love that she’s all about empowerment and being open to creative differences. KWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💋💋💋💋

  • Maicon Santos
    Maicon Santos 2 months ago

    Christina mostrando sua beleza natural como é linda 😍

  • James Kovacic
    James Kovacic 2 months ago +1

    The first girl looks and sounds like Kelly Rowland, which is definitely a compliment in both regards

  • Pad Str
    Pad Str 2 months ago

    She was such a nice girl ... but look at her now :( look at those fake lips, so sad

    • Pad Str
      Pad Str 2 months ago

      @Kenzo Rebooted No, i didnt say she is a bad person now ... i want to say, she doesnt need those sh*t to be beautiful

    • Kenzo Rebooted
      Kenzo Rebooted 2 months ago

      Y'all act like Botox changes your entire persona lmao. FAKE LIPS DON'T MAKE YOU MEAN.

  • Nicki S
    Nicki S 2 months ago

    Vonzelle was on American Idol with Carrie underwood does that really count 🤣

    • Nicki S
      Nicki S 2 months ago

      Not to mention she came in third place LOL

  • edith roman
    edith roman 2 months ago +1

    People are so talented and creative! 👏👏👏👏 to all the covers

  • SKYBLUE 100
    SKYBLUE 100 2 months ago

    Wow, she has changed 🤔

  • Natta NattaNatta
    Natta NattaNatta 2 months ago

    OMG Vonzell! Never heard of her since American Idol...

  • Portia Holliday
    Portia Holliday 2 months ago

    Dana, Mike, and Makeda that was awesome! Ruby Wilder tank you for taking us back to the roaring 20s! Thank You Caleb:-)

  • xXx LEAMG xXx
    xXx LEAMG xXx 2 months ago +1

    Why no one can pronounce Aguilera the right way?

  • Joshua Cabalonga
    Joshua Cabalonga 2 months ago

    I remember dana harper in the voice back then. She's one of my bet

  • Bucky Buckminsterfullerine

    Is she nekked under that trenchcoat?

  • Cyn
    Cyn 2 months ago

    I thought the first girl was Kelly Rowland

  • saelaird
    saelaird 2 months ago +2

    Christina seems really lovely. But she has let herself go.

  • Seawoman Creative Media

    I really like this series, Glamour. You really touched artists and highlighted hidden gems. #cool

  • maryin sugar
    maryin sugar 2 months ago +1

    She complimented each people well. How kind she is. She is humble and beautiful.

  • bobdoc12
    bobdoc12 2 months ago +4

    Christina is the best singer in her generation. She's so humble

  • Anita Verma
    Anita Verma 2 months ago

    Vonzell has such a beautiful soul. It shines.

  • jsaikris
    jsaikris 2 months ago

    Love her stripped back look, makes her look more approachable lol!

  • Kkarrahbou
    Kkarrahbou 2 months ago

    Can we get a collab between Xtina and Brendon Urie? Dude.

  • abigail fear
    abigail fear 2 months ago

    It doesn't look like Christina either it's the light and no makeup or it's a good body double

  • Lilli Mango
    Lilli Mango 2 months ago

    always a fan of her voice but what a beautyfull appearance of her personality in this video

  • victor villena
    victor villena 2 months ago

    que horrible como se jodio los labios inyectandoselos christina aguilera

  • monolithe00
    monolithe00 2 months ago

    Christina Blue eyes are wow!!

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams 2 months ago

    So many INCREDIBLE singers in this world!!

  • Denise Williams
    Denise Williams 2 months ago

    I love Christina so much 😭❤️

  • River x
    River x 3 months ago +2

    I didn’t know Christina had children! Omggggg

    BROTHER TN 3 months ago

    OMG when did she turn into a man?

  • Harden Thicke
    Harden Thicke 3 months ago

    The girl singing "ain't no other man" was mediocre.

  • e c
    e c 3 months ago

    Love Xtina

  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 months ago

    The first lady is absolutely beautiful!

  • Erica Guerra
    Erica Guerra 3 months ago

    Is she pregnant here?

  • Live The Music
    Live The Music 3 months ago

    Christina always looks different lady

  • Balboa Baggins
    Balboa Baggins 3 months ago +2

    wtf happened to Christina's face? omg she's so fat. she used to be so pretty :(

    • C Binks
      C Binks 3 months ago

      Balboa Baggins her face probably hasn’t change that much, she’s just not wearing 50 layers of make up, get over it

  • Express Mermi
    Express Mermi 3 months ago

    I wish I was that genie in the bottle to meet her...

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald 3 months ago +2

    The first girl looked like Kelly Rowland. ??? :-/