Nike | Dream Crazy

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. #justdoit
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  • Kristjan
    Kristjan 5 hours ago

    My dream is to be an Olympic athlete. I'm 18 so I don't know if I'm good enough or am I too old. Well my relatives say that I'm late and I'm too old but I still believe that I'm gonna be an professional athlete at aged something. But i don't know anymore. I'm too old and too late.

  • abelucious
    abelucious 12 hours ago

    People who hate this commercial also hate puppies and Bambi .

  • Sarcastic Potatoes

    Oh hey here is an Emmy

  • Basit Abbasi
    Basit Abbasi Day ago +1

    The first time I saw this ad I was planning to acquire infinity stones.

    THOMAϟ ϟCAR 2 days ago

    Commercial for negroes.

  • 15
    15 2 days ago

    Just do it.

  • Michael Nagle
    Michael Nagle 3 days ago

    Crazy dreams...just what we need.

  • Little Ocean Drop
    Little Ocean Drop 3 days ago


  • Karno
    Karno 4 days ago

    Kaepernick sacrificed nothing, he was already a bench warmer when he kneeled, he got millions guaranteed from his NFL contract, and then millions of dollars from this advertisement. Where's the sacrifice?

  • Dennis Hayden
    Dennis Hayden 4 days ago +1

    Still getting Asics.

  • Val Lee
    Val Lee 4 days ago

    They never show Christians only Muslims. You never see a Christian reading their Bible in ads and this because Muslims are democrats. They are Marxists. All the dems would not stand when Trump stood opposed to infanticide during his address. They stand with murdering babies at birth and before. They are the party of cold-blooded infanticide who do not want these children awarded to loving families. We know the democrats love every aspect of crime, knowing it is the lawbreakers who vote democrat. It is the democrats who removed the death penalty for murder and harsh sentences for rape, theft, riots, robbery, etc. And democrats reemphasized this during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings, being fearful of stiff sentencing for crime.
    Do you want to see what the Democrat Party is all about watch this video, though I do not recommend it to men. Unfortunately, there is a woman with a low-neck top addressing the situation. This is about progressives making every child a sexual toy for the deviant. Alfred Kinsey is mentioned and he raped tiny babies and the youngest of children: Do you think these people would ever teach chaperone dating or parents’ front porch dating? Not on your life.
    Concerning the election of October 18, 2018, there were 600 attacks on conservatives as democrats have commanded this behavior.
    They are the party which says steal from the employed to give to the non-workers who vote democrat. And now, the greedy democrats are saying they must take more than 50% of the income of taxpayers and remove tax cuts.
    They buy votes by simply giving everyone a free phone and television so they vote democrat. However, it is the working citizens of America who pay these loafers who are bused to voting polls to vote democrat.
    Democrats are the party of death agendas from being pro-criminal to pro-baby murder to pro-homosexual-the lifestyle of feces, diseases and death and dependence on Depends Diapers due to this vileness and loss of bowel control. “Patients who practice anal-receptive intercourse and are infected with HIV have a greater risk of developing high-grade anal intraepithelial neoplasia and anal cancer.34” And also pro-teen sexual promiscuity which too often leads to their suicide. And pro-sex trafficking and the Clintons have been deeply involved in this including with Jeff Epstein.
    And democrats blocked a bill to keep newborn babies from being murdered after birth.
    Their lies are endless because truth holds no value in their sight. Plus, If they were forthright, they would have videos broadcasted on the airways of actual abortion procedures while promoting Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood has no problem saying they believe in murdering babies right up till the time of birth.
    When it comes to progressives’ illegal friends, US Federal statistics reveal-“Illegal immigrants are three times as likely to be convicted of murder as members of the general population.” Democrats know where their next meal comes from and it is from the lawless bad guys and gals, including the illegals who vote. Please watch video:
    Democrats supports the satanic MS-13 gang or the Mara Salvatruch (Mara =gang and Salvatruch=fierce type of ant); a terrifying breed which brutally murders innocents with machetes. Democrats think it is horrific that President Trumps wants them dissolved from the face of the earth. “Kill, rape, control” is their mantra. And they are-“the most dangerous gang in the world.” No doubt, those of age vote democrat. Of course, democrats are all for using small machetes to dismember children in the womb of their mothers.
    Do not forget, Hillary Clinton refused to use the words “law and order.”
    Democrats have been responsible for countless murders for standing for the rights of criminals; whereby, the wicked ones serve little time and are released to kill, rape and thieve again. Yet, liberals will never point the finger at themselves when holocaustic murders take place. Simply consider, 68 percent of released criminals commit crimes again.
    Today’s progressives don’t care about human lives as long as sexually, immoral lifestyles continue.

  • Ratandeep Gupta
    Ratandeep Gupta 4 days ago


  • Tommy Seno. JKB
    Tommy Seno. JKB 4 days ago +1

    I want him as my president

  • MCsFlake253
    MCsFlake253 4 days ago +1

    Kaepernick/Nike duo = shit

  • Mr Potential
    Mr Potential 4 days ago

    So this commercial. This commercial that is like EVERY SINGLE motivational video on youtube gets nominated for an Emmy. Its only cause Kaep is on it. This commercial ain't any different from the millions of videos on youtube about the same thing hell they copy each other step by step (sad or inspiring music, inspiring clips or big scores in sports, saying corny over the top things, saying your the only one who can do this for yoy or something) its stupid. Thumbs down Nike

  • Kevin Hullinger
    Kevin Hullinger 4 days ago +1

    Make sure what you believe is true........

  • Austin
    Austin 4 days ago

    Don't ask yourself if these overpriced products are made with sweatshop child slave labor and are endorsed by a washed up mediocre athlete who encourages you sheep to disrespect the country that gives you more freedom than literally anywhere else in the world... Just keep buying them because we're appealing to your emotions, sheeple.

  • MVPCurry Cena
    MVPCurry Cena 5 days ago +2

    Hell yeah even the U.S Women’s Soccer team is included in this so proud of our brothers & sisters 💯🙌🇺🇸

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  • Eduardo Santos
    Eduardo Santos 5 days ago +1

    Emmy award nominated

  • Tom Stack
    Tom Stack 6 days ago

    You suck!

  • Григорий Апокалипсис

    Believe in somethning even if it means sacrificing everithing? lol.

    • Григорий Апокалипсис
      Григорий Апокалипсис 4 days ago

      @The warriors blew a 3-1 deficit Jon is not everything. This is word of duality. The author of this... clip miens something else. Here is tiefe meaning.

    • The warriors blew a 3-1 deficit
      The warriors blew a 3-1 deficit 4 days ago

      Григорий Апокалипсис yup he sacrificed his job because of bad stuff happening in america. smh...

  • Swaggest Potato
    Swaggest Potato 7 days ago

  • Erik Owings
    Erik Owings 7 days ago

    Ironic that Kaepernick protests America, yet supports the mega corporation Nike, which is effectively a global plantation, using the cheapest labor possible in order to maximize profit. How does one reconcile that? I imagine while looking at their i phone....

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller 7 days ago

    Hey Nike! F you

  • Alex Antonacci
    Alex Antonacci 8 days ago +15

    “Don’t believe that you have to be like anybody to be somebody”

  • Kaid PS4
    Kaid PS4 8 days ago

    Capernick just hates America so screw him

  • Michael Plush
    Michael Plush 8 days ago

    Nike is an American traitor is I guess that's what was your dream

  • HUMAN s
    HUMAN s 9 days ago +1

    Just bought those Yeezy

  • Griffin Hargett
    Griffin Hargett 9 days ago

    Kinda ironic he’s narrating this and said play at the highest level of football yet he’s been so bad over the years that he can’t even find a team

  • Robert Buchanan
    Robert Buchanan 9 days ago

    You have to be black to fully get this ad.

  • Jack Berinato
    Jack Berinato 9 days ago +1

    Don't just be an ad. Be the best ad ever.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 9 days ago

    I was like yo this lit till i saw the curly headed fuck

  • Mark Pelenytschka
    Mark Pelenytschka 9 days ago


  • Leon Hattingh
    Leon Hattingh 10 days ago +4

    I don’t think what he did was right, but doing it IS his right. Cool add anyway

  • Caleb CrossCountry
    Caleb CrossCountry 10 days ago

    .......... And im still crying as i brutally connect punches unto my combo dummy!

  • Erick R Licea
    Erick R Licea 10 days ago

    This not about advertising, its about encouraging others to follow thier dreams, but you guys only see nike trying to sell you something, 😐😕

  • Petra Priskin
    Petra Priskin 11 days ago +3

    Guys! Please VOTE for our Nike-inspired short video:

  • J Daye
    J Daye 11 days ago


  • FadelessSpade 26
    FadelessSpade 26 11 days ago +4

    U know for years I worked my ass off playing basketball everyday going to the gym everyday to get better but my world came crashing down when I heard the words “u have leukemia” and then after chemo therapy was over I worked my ass off again and in my first game back I scored 15 points 9 rebounds and 3 assists

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom 11 days ago +1

    Nike stocks and sales down. Great ad Nike and for choosing Kaepernick.

    • Doctor Doom
      Doctor Doom 11 days ago

      @FadelessSpade 26 Sales matter and stock prices matter. If they continue to alienate half of the population, they won't be top for too long.

    • FadelessSpade 26
      FadelessSpade 26 11 days ago

      Doctor Doom so nike is the biggest shoe brand in the game even with sales down there still the best

  • logan 4x4
    logan 4x4 11 days ago

    Patrick Tillman deserves this quote not Colin Kaepernick
    Patrick Tillman was a great NFL player he later retired to join the Army and died in Iraq on his first tour,he sacrificed everything .Colin kaepernick sacrificed nothing but his shitty career

  • Jake PeQueen
    Jake PeQueen 11 days ago

    Nike,,, just DON'T do it...

  • Temblor
    Temblor 11 days ago

    Hey Colin, WE STAND in Seattle

  • Temblor
    Temblor 11 days ago +5

    MLK protested against local states, municipalities, NOT the United, States! He ALSO flew the Flag high at all of his marches, Furthermore
    MLK proclaimed the Founding Fathers & Words of the Declaration and Constitution (which the flag represents) as "MAGNIFICENT"! Is there any
    higher praise? So we are supposed to listen to an spoiled NFL player promoting Che & Castro of violent foreign Communists systems over
    Martin Luther king? Colin LOST!! he continued to lose, his race baiting over his being FIRED is a JOKE! So is his bordering on treason/traitor
    supporting foreign governments. We will NEVER buy Nike, they should be ashamed of themselves, capitalizing on the bedrock of Liberty &
    becoming an empire utilizing the Constitutional rights of free markets, to betray the foundational Citizens oath obligations to Support &
    defend the Constitution and Declarations of our founding Fathers. SHAME ON YOU NIKE!!

  • Rigby Car oh yeah
    Rigby Car oh yeah 11 days ago +1

    Serena Williams best athlete ever 🤔

  • Ranger 94
    Ranger 94 12 days ago


  • Maximumpie here
    Maximumpie here 12 days ago

    This is an ad worth watching

  • ScreamingPanda 101
    ScreamingPanda 101 12 days ago

    I'm sorry but Serena William's isn't the best athlete ever, she isn't even the best tennis player ever

    • Hope2
      Hope2 10 days ago

      Hows serena the greatest athlete ever when Federer would be her 6,0 6,0 6,0 in a competitive game of tennis?

    • ScreamingPanda 101
      ScreamingPanda 101 11 days ago

      Girl tennis player

    • Maeve Butler
      Maeve Butler 12 days ago

      ScreamingPanda 101 she is the best tennis player

  • Michael Alan Kearns
    Michael Alan Kearns 12 days ago +9

    Believe in what you preach, Nike. If someone tells you that you can’t provide safe working conditions for children in Bangladesh, show them otherwise.

  • Michael Alan Kearns
    Michael Alan Kearns 12 days ago

    If you’re a 10 year old working in a sweat shop, believe you can someday become the manager, of that sweatshop. If we are going to speak the truth, the whole truth must be spoken. Great ad campaign but horrible labor practices.

  • Nutella Ella
    Nutella Ella 13 days ago +4

    “When they talk about the greatest team in the history of the sport, make sure they’re talking about your team”.
    🔥 ⚽️

  • Alajomie
    Alajomie 13 days ago

    BUY NIKE!🤯👍

  • Randy Compton
    Randy Compton 13 days ago

    You people suck balls i cant wait till the liberals if god forbid they win in 2020 take all your money and make you state run

  • Andrew Henman
    Andrew Henman 13 days ago

    Fuck NIKE!!

  • Kevin House
    Kevin House 14 days ago

    I will never buy your products ever again you can stick Colin Kaepernick up your ass. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Ranajit Choudhury
    Ranajit Choudhury 14 days ago

    Anon music dekay's freestyle

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  • Bernard Jakksen
    Bernard Jakksen 14 days ago

    I am a recent double leg amputee. I was encouraged to see the young man wrestling. I need a program to help me become ore independent and no longer confined to a bed. It’s been over a year now. Thank you. If there are programs available I need to know. Thanks again. BERNARD.

  • Jay May
    Jay May 14 days ago


  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro 14 days ago

    Fuck Nike

  • Henri Jory Inack
    Henri Jory Inack 14 days ago

    Nice Ad.
    Makes me want to buy Nike

  • Jacob Phillips
    Jacob Phillips 14 days ago

    Their new slogan should be.... Nike.... Fuk America.... And fuk white people

  • joe cole
    joe cole 14 days ago

    My dream is to ban communists from polite society.

  • joe cole
    joe cole 14 days ago

    How many people were murdered by Castro? We are not allowed to wear Betsy Ross shoes but we can wear Che Guevara tee-shirts.

  • Water Bird
    Water Bird 15 days ago +33

    Me: mom, im gonna buy these 300$ shoes
    Me: you’re right...
    Buys 600$ shoes bc 300$ ones aren’t crazy enough

  • B Diddy
    B Diddy 15 days ago

    Fuck Nike

  • aznfratboy1
    aznfratboy1 16 days ago

    Gotta say, American sports ads are fuckin' awesome.

  • David Drygas
    David Drygas 16 days ago

    I lost all respect for football players kneeling down at the national anthem it's pitaful yes please disrespect all the fallen soldiers that died for what we have good job

    • David Drygas
      David Drygas 10 days ago

      Or you guys disrespecting my father when you served you'll be able too comment

    • David Drygas
      David Drygas 10 days ago

      If I find out you hate America bro you going to pay with your mother's mouth yes you herd me bitch I'll show you what's up boy

    • David Drygas
      David Drygas 10 days ago

      I'll show you how much I love this country

    • David Drygas
      David Drygas 10 days ago

      Where do you live tuck

    • David Drygas
      David Drygas 11 days ago

      Johnny Depp threatened Donald trump's life in England you think this ok too or am I trump bot

  • Maria Hunt
    Maria Hunt 17 days ago

    nice! inspiring!!!

  • Michael Cote
    Michael Cote 17 days ago

    NIKE uses child labor.

  • TheSocratesian
    TheSocratesian 18 days ago

    Happy Independence Day and FUCK YOU Nike.

  • lrish Sighs
    lrish Sighs 18 days ago

    You are losers that hate America. Fuck off.

  • john silver
    john silver 18 days ago

    If you hate America buy Nike.

  • Paul Egan
    Paul Egan 18 days ago +1

    Screw Nike and Kapernick..threw all my Nike crap out...

    • charlie pizano
      charlie pizano 17 days ago

      Paul Egan Hoes mad

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell 19 days ago

    Never buying Nike products again. Anyone know another shoe company producing Betsy Ross shoes?

  • 1mrslapzilla
    1mrslapzilla 19 days ago


    • Arjun Akella
      Arjun Akella 18 days ago

      Lol we got a triggered soul over here

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo 19 days ago +1

    Screw this pile of shit 2nd rank bench warmer

    • Arjun Akella
      Arjun Akella 18 days ago

      Bench warmer? This guy was one of the NFL's best QBs for a couple years and nearly won the Super Bowl. 49ers.

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide 19 days ago


  • Straywen Love
    Straywen Love 19 days ago

    rot you scumbags, why don't you tell the people you use slave labor to make your shoes that you overcharge the world for

  • Far Que
    Far Que 19 days ago

    Why aren't there any white people in your video I see on the righthand bar? Talk about racist and your sneakers are overpriced CRAP. NIKE SUCKS!!!!!

    • NaconiMusic
      NaconiMusic 17 days ago

      @For Que. There are white people in there. The skater dude and the linebacker girl.

  • SalaTaMaRaCiTy
    SalaTaMaRaCiTy 19 days ago +1

    Serena or Colin ain't a example for this society.

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 19 days ago

    It was good until you showed Colin Kaepernick

    • Adam Brady
      Adam Brady 18 days ago

      I'd liue to put Nike up Colins ass.
      NO excuses for POOR TASTE.

  • D Storm
    D Storm 19 days ago +1

    Nike favors the Left Wing and anything which disrespects America...

  • Dom Joel
    Dom Joel 19 days ago


  • Gud Boi
    Gud Boi 20 days ago +2

    Nike & colin kaepernick pulled the American flag shoes. Thanks commies!

    • Gnomestar
      Gnomestar 19 days ago

      @Rick Ross fuck both this country and the flag

    • Rick Ross
      Rick Ross 19 days ago +1

      Fuck both nike and kaeperdick

  • mosichat
    mosichat 20 days ago

    Kaepernick is an insult to my country! I’m Native American, Navajo. Sure, America has done some bad things, but has become the GREATEST country in the world superseding all other countries in the world due to its freedoms. Instead of berating & insulting USA like Kaepernick did, let’s make her better. Just read that Colin Kaepernick urged Nike to nix a USA-themed sneaker, which featured a Betsy Ross flag on the heel, over slavery connotations. Give me a friggin break! Really???? The only group CURRENTLY implementing slavery are muslims in their OWN islamic based countries with an estimated 25 million slaves. And that’s the truth! Colin, you must condemn Islam instead! NIKE sucks! I’ve quit buying them since Kaepernick refused to salute the flag. Good riddance NIKE. AZ’s Gov. Ducey banned Nike from building a manufacturing plant in AZ. Excellent move Gov Ducey!!!

  • Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas 20 days ago

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      Tyler Thomas 20 days ago

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  • Itzz_NotGio
    Itzz_NotGio 20 days ago +2

    Still the best ad to ever come out

  • charliebrown3072
    charliebrown3072 20 days ago

    Just awesome

  • Mert Aykan
    Mert Aykan 21 day ago

    I think Women trailer is better

  • Dennis B. D. F.
    Dennis B. D. F. 21 day ago +1

    Be the greatest athlete of all time... Yeah that's more likely!!!

  • # Einstein MMA Tony E.

    I like the Viagra commercial with Colin Kaepernick better . It shows Colin Kaepernick and he says theres more then one reason i drop to my knees then it say VIARGA in big letters .

  • Nsgolf18
    Nsgolf18 22 days ago

    Collin was sucking anyway at the position

  • Nsgolf18
    Nsgolf18 22 days ago

    Yeah Kapernick is crazy in the head

  • Моби Дик
    Моби Дик 22 days ago


  • Eduardo Bello
    Eduardo Bello 22 days ago +13

    Watch this every morning and let me tell you, I get up ready to conquer the day 😤.

  • Max
    Max 23 days ago

    It’s only crazy until you do it.......just do it.

  • Mo Ellis
    Mo Ellis 24 days ago

    Thank you nike for signing that man with a dream..the crazy thing about it is after you signed him everyone in that sport looked up to that and started doing what that player did...

  • Kaycee Coty
    Kaycee Coty 25 days ago

    In 4th grade, my first year of club soccer, I just collapsed. We went To so many specialists to see what was wrong with me. They couldn’t find anything. As the years went by, my parents started to lose faith that I actually had something wrong. They told me I just wanted attention. In reality, I was hurting. I watched my sister, and my teammates play, without a care in the world. Meanwhile, I could barely go through an entire game without getting dizzy and wanting to collapse. I would cry myself to sleep at night because I wanted to play desperately, but I couldn’t, because I knew I was going to get dizzy. Then, in seventh grade, I just stopped caring. I stuffed the pain, and just played through it, even though it sucked so bad and I thought I was going to die every time I stepped onto the field. So many times, I would almost pass out. I envied everyone, who could play their sport without this crap occurring. Then, the Cardiologist told me, I had low blood pressure. She prescribed me medicine, and it seems to work for a while. But then, it stopped. The medicine on its own never really fixed my problem, it still happened, just not as intense. I was back to square one, my mom would be very upset, if I told her it was happening again. So, I told my dad, who promptly told my mother. She scheduled an appointment, and we went. They prescribed me a new medicine, and thankfully it has started to work. I can now usually go on the field without feeling like passing out. All I remember as a little kid, is praying to god, to fix me, to help me, because I wanted to play soccer. Now, I can focus on high school soccer, which will then lead me to college soccer hopefully. I’ve always idolized the USWNT, and it’s crazy, absolutely insane, but sometimes I think, “maybe I can get on a pro team, and maybe beyond”. Point is, don’t stop believing, and pushing, you will get there eventually. Low blood pressure sucked ass, and it controlled me from 4-9th grade. But, I kept pushing, and I figured out what was wrong. This was a huge obstacle in my life, I solved the mystery, what was controlling me. And now, dreaming about playing college soccer isn’t as crazy. I hope you all out there work hard, pursue your dreams, and don’t stop believing, and never ever stop thinking crazy!!!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • sayan mukherjee
    sayan mukherjee 25 days ago

    Goosebumps !!