Salli Shares Her Thoughts on Infidelity | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • After hearing stories about cheating from close friends, Salli discusses her thoughts on infidelity and how, at this point, she’s in too deep with her marriage to leave. For more on #BlackLove, visit
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    Salli Shares Her Thoughts on Infidelity | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Comments • 210

  • NoelMarie5
    NoelMarie5 5 days ago

    For those of y'all wondering...he's never cheated on his wife. That's why he's laughing. He disclosed a while ago on a podcast I was listening to that some of his married male friends who cheat on their wives get mad at him because he doesn't and has never cheated on his.

  • Sem D
    Sem D 11 days ago

    Squinting eyes says it all while he is laughing!

  • Keld El
    Keld El 14 days ago

    Sallie looks like an aging white woman....

  • A Beautiful Journey
    A Beautiful Journey 15 days ago


  • M D
    M D 15 days ago

    Infidelity, to me, is inexcusable. Especially as you age. Conversing and making collective decisions, not unilaterally, to include other people in your intimate space and encounters is understandable, to me.

  • Eric Matterson
    Eric Matterson 16 days ago

    Salli is too fine to be cheated on

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen 21 day ago +1

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  • Nancy Harris
    Nancy Harris 21 day ago


  • L *
    L * 23 days ago

    that's the kind of thing u don't say out ur HUSBAND!

  • bailey1950
    bailey1950 24 days ago

    I believe he has cheated. I wouldn’t be surprised. What type of advice is that she’s given? You can work past things but everyone has a breaking point.

  • Richard B
    Richard B 25 days ago

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  • frank wright
    frank wright Month ago +1

    You all are really tripping, him laughing does not mean anything. If he was sitting there quiet, you all would try to make that mean something as well. Of course, she does not want her husband to cheat, she is just saying that she probably would not walk away from the marriage so easy, leaving is not always a walk in the park.

  • tangled55
    tangled55 Month ago +1

    I had NO idea they were married. How random. lol. They look good though.

  • pinkchocolate305
    pinkchocolate305 Month ago

    I can MAYBE see an older woman, who's been married 30 years or more saying this but.... *shrugs*

  • Boo Thang
    Boo Thang Month ago

    you have to be happily married to innerstand this💜

  • Rhonda Heggs
    Rhonda Heggs Month ago

    Cheating is a no no point blank there’s no way of getting around it, it’s the elephant in the room all the time

  • peaches Cole
    peaches Cole Month ago

    It's worrying how alot of these black "love" videos have discussed infidelity and even if this is hypothetical... black love shouldnt condone it. Staying and struggling isn't love.

  • Noreen Perez
    Noreen Perez Month ago

    What? What's wrong with woman this days,don't want to leave the cheater.She don't know crazy!!

  • TheQueenScorpionOshun

    There's actually a lot of women who really think like this. To each their own.

  • Little Horse
    Little Horse Month ago

    Is this show supposed to encourage people to not get married? Every couple on it has issues and shouldnt be married.

  • Yvette Brown-Johnson
    Yvette Brown-Johnson Month ago +1

    I really wished she wouldn't have said that (at least out loud). Cheating is not acceptable at any point.

  • Emulate Me, The Universe.

    I dont think time together makes cheating easier to deal with. It hurts period. It changes things. Period.

    • Thundercat
      Thundercat Month ago +1

      I think time together makes it worse, actually.

  • Bindi J. Marc
    Bindi J. Marc Month ago

    instead of "baby, your Dad met a hoe..." lets go with, "baby, your Dad is a hoe so..."

  • Emokiriemi Abednego

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  • Kim Dee
    Kim Dee Month ago

    I like her.. they are a great looking couple.

  • Amber Davis
    Amber Davis Month ago +2

    Your dad met a ho and no lmao 😂

  • jjcchi
    jjcchi Month ago +1


  • Shakah Zuluh
    Shakah Zuluh Month ago +7

    So in other words, just cheat, as long as you don't have another family. Really? What is he laughing about, like a fool? I wonder if he'd also give her the grren light to fool around, as long as... Black love my a***! 😒

  • mdooms76
    mdooms76 Month ago +7

    If a man cheats on me ONCE I'm OUT. I don't care how long we've been together. Clearly time invested means nothing to the cheater so they would lose me for good. I'm not staying around for a repeat.

  • dominique danyel
    dominique danyel Month ago

    lol...this is real!

  • Lauren Pate
    Lauren Pate Month ago

    ***your dad IS a hoe not he met a hoe.....

  • Chocolate Silk’s World

    I don’t know about that Sallie

  • TriNurse
    TriNurse Month ago +10

    Can’t be with someone I can’t trust.
    I wonder if she cheated would he stay and deal with it.😒

    • Keld El
      Keld El 14 days ago

      Men and women are different

  • Tracey Smith
    Tracey Smith Month ago +13

    I wonder would he "just have to figure it out", if the cheating partner turned out to be her? Would he be so invested?

  • M C
    M C Month ago +7

    He looks guilty ....

  • TheBeautyCritic
    TheBeautyCritic Month ago +5

    Omg why did she say that. That's so weak.

  • Viktoria Mvula
    Viktoria Mvula Month ago +5

    Was what she said realllly that funny? Hmm. Mkayyy maybe I'm not getting it.

    • JKM
      JKM Month ago

      I think so....because it's ridiculous

  • ebkikibo
    ebkikibo Month ago +1

    There is nothing wrong with forgiving a spouse who cheated once, the problem is, if they do it once will they do it again?! I think most would, there in lies the problem. So many people cheat it's a wonder that people are married anymore. I don't even like open flirting. I know a couple who have been married for almost 50 years. The husband openly flirts and his wife tolerates it. They have a good life, neither of them are going anywhere.

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall Month ago +111

    He got the laugh of a dude that did😂😂😂😂

  • Ball-Steve Johnson
    Ball-Steve Johnson Month ago +1

    Finished watching Eureka a few months ago

    • Gen J
      Gen J Month ago

      Fun show!

  • A blessed Creations
    A blessed Creations Month ago +14

    He laughing to hard he been cheating

  • MagneticQubzian %
    MagneticQubzian % Month ago

    Was a Major Ho in the 90s, Dude is a brave soul

  • SheSo MAJOR
    SheSo MAJOR Month ago +1

    I agree tho.. it’s not Okae to do it BUT If I don’t know. What can I do?!.. now having a Another family is the ultimate NO NO.

  • Shannelle Armstrong Fowler

    Completely get it!

  • kid freeze
    kid freeze Month ago +3

    It's nice to see they are still a happy couple! I see hope!

  • Pat Wilson
    Pat Wilson Month ago +4

    Sad. I guess there are many women today that don’t think they deserve TOTAL RESPECT AND FAITHFULNESS from their husbands. According to the comments anyway. An adulterer is an adulterer. No faithful partner deserves that, male or female.

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      Pat Wilson shut up. It’s only a joke

    • rebecca
      rebecca Month ago +1

      Thank you!!

    • Dee Scott
      Dee Scott Month ago +1

      Pat Wilson exactly

  • JustKeep Swimming
    JustKeep Swimming Month ago +2

    Beside every disrespectful cheating man is a woman who is thirsty, desperate, and clearly doesn’t know her worth.

    • BEtvdaytime
      BEtvdaytime Month ago

      @amcra1 lol 😂😂😂😂

    • BEtvdaytime
      BEtvdaytime Month ago

      @amcra1Why u mad.. What did I do to you?

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      BEtvdaytime you. Now shut up

    • BEtvdaytime
      BEtvdaytime Month ago

      @amcra1 WTF is your problem?

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      BEtvdaytime shut up

  • Miss Candy
    Miss Candy Month ago

    What is this chic a quarter black? Come on OWN you killing me with this (fake) Black Love series. Is it that hard to find black couples where I don’t have to squint my eyes trying to figure out if the woman has MAJORITY African DNA? Stop featuring black men whose wives fall into the “other” or “person of color” category unless you change the name of the show. Most of us black women tune in hoping to see ourselves represented in positive relationships with our men.

  • Vernette Gilbreath
    Vernette Gilbreath Month ago +52

    This is an example of a healthy relationship with two healthy grown ups. She’s not condoning infidelity and she’s not saying it’s permissible. She’s saying that her commitment is not dependent upon her husband’s behavior. She’s illustrating what it means to be invested. They can be light-hearted about this topic because they’re FRIENDS and aren’t triggered by the subject. Trust, they’re good!

    • Peter Townsend
      Peter Townsend 14 days ago

      Well said Vernette...she is invested in marriage and her family life..its not about being a doormat or weak etc. She also had a caveat ; him having a long term affair or a second family is a no no. But she's real enough to know the worth of her union and her family..

    • SMK
      SMK Month ago +1

      Thank you! This point went over a lot o commenter’s head.

    • Carmelo Giuseppe
      Carmelo Giuseppe Month ago +2

      She did express her deal breakers. very well said my dear🤗

    • Ladybug
      Ladybug Month ago +2

      That’s what I got from it too

    • Girl gone Wise
      Girl gone Wise Month ago +2

      Vernette Gilbreath EXACTLY!!

  • bknightify
    bknightify Month ago +10

    She is completley realistic and logical about it, no one wants a cheating man, but if you built something for 20 years and he or she steps out becuase of what ever nonsense, its not love or another family or a child coming into this world, are you going to throw it all away, it is not going to be easy thing to get over, but can you move forward and try to make it work. The real question always do you still want to be with that person at that very moment, if not leave, if you really want to be with that person and it is for the better than you have a long road ahead of you. Relationships are situational, you can only make the best decisions in your OWN.

    • Suga Mama
      Suga Mama Month ago +1

      But if she cheats, 20 yrs or not, he's out the door

  • LitaL.
    LitaL. Month ago +19

    If the cheater doesn't love his or her partner/family enough to not cheat and the person who's been cheated on doesn't love his or herself enough to not accept being cheated on then the relationship and the people involved are doomed. People will do to you what they want, and they will *continue* to do to you whatever you allow.

  • AB
    AB Month ago +138

    He fake laughing too hard. He’s probably cheated lol.
    I told my husband you cheat on me you better be real good at it cause if I find out I’m on the next thing smoking. I’m too fine and there are too many men who would love the chance to treat me with love and respect.

    • Love Kathy
      Love Kathy 12 days ago

      I know that’s right!

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person Month ago

      ​@amcra1 - You sound like a bitter black boy.

    • M. collin
      M. collin Month ago +4

      Most women say I'm leaving , this and that! Until they are in the situation. Never say say never ! Just my 2 cents !

    • Error Report
      Error Report Month ago +2

      AB you’re right the relationship will never be the same, and it shouldn’t be. The point of overcoming your problems (regardless of what they are) is to make yourself and your relationship *better* .

  • Cameil Ramouche
    Cameil Ramouche Month ago


  • Google Account
    Google Account Month ago +52

    What she is saying is dumb! 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Shakah Zuluh
      Shakah Zuluh Month ago +1

      A D, you got that right. 😑😑

    • BEtvdaytime
      BEtvdaytime Month ago +1

      A D Exactly, ladies know your worth and never accept BS. What the wife is saying foolishness. I hope she don't teach her from kids to stay with a cheater smh damn shame

    • amcra1
      amcra1 Month ago

      A D nah you’re just dumb

  • Biz Benoit
    Biz Benoit Month ago +6

    She is gorgeous 💎💎💎

    • Janice Esaw
      Janice Esaw Month ago

      I would kinda have to agree I've been married for almost 25yrs and as long as there is not another family (Hell I don't know either )?? I'm not saying that I want him to cheat just saying not so willing to implode my life like that

  • Marcia Cooper
    Marcia Cooper Month ago +2

    No you cannot but I love her answer 🥰😘

  • Chant Bagby
    Chant Bagby Month ago

    I get it

  • Annie burns
    Annie burns Month ago +117

    That’s a lot of fake laughter. Was it really that funny?

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person Month ago

      Annie burns - No it wasn't, but your comment is! LOL

    • The Jabari
      The Jabari Month ago +2

      Yeah it was

    • Spiritual Being
      Spiritual Being Month ago +3

      @SpiritualLifeCoach43 but you're not them.

    • SpiritualLifeCoach43
      SpiritualLifeCoach43 Month ago +5

      I dont find it funny at all. I will never let myself be that comfortable to stay allow someone to treat me wrong. Not in 2019 going forward. To each its own.

    • pinkchocolate305
      pinkchocolate305 Month ago +6

      More like a nervous or uncomfortable laughter.

  • Alison Taylor
    Alison Taylor Month ago


  • Erica Richards
    Erica Richards Month ago