Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Donald talks about The Lion King, the future of Childish Gambino, writing for “30 Rock,” how he spent all of his TV money, being a terrible RA in college, his son not knowing he plays Simba, and meeting Beyoncé.
    Guillermo Becomes Gwen Stefani's Back Up Dancer

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    Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino
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Comments • 4 068

  • Spartan of Valhalla
    Spartan of Valhalla 2 days ago

    I really didn't liked him as Simba.

  • Adham Kassem
    Adham Kassem 5 days ago +1

    "Can I be honest? Like Gushers" is by far one of my favorite lines ever

  • Samantha MacDonald
    Samantha MacDonald 8 days ago

    Funny guy

  • Fairy Peppa
    Fairy Peppa 8 days ago +1

    Am I the only one thinking it’s scary that animals are singing and dancing gah

  • Jen
    Jen 10 days ago

    The movie was good, if y’all want the cartoon go watch the cartoon I don’t understand 🙄🙄

  • Kiera Atkinson
    Kiera Atkinson 11 days ago

    i love how donald makes a joke and then goes "😐" right after😂like he doesn't even laugh😭

  • Пожиратель Жирафов

    Niggas sing?

  • Jennifer Hall
    Jennifer Hall 11 days ago

    Love him he is so talented.

  • Canal pessoal HeroMull

    here in Brazil this scene was criticized because the voice actors here dubbed so badly

  • NoLimitJayB
    NoLimitJayB 12 days ago

    🤨🤨what the hell?

  • Dalia G.
    Dalia G. 12 days ago

    this was posted the day after my birthday uwu

  • Daniel Patrick
    Daniel Patrick 14 days ago

    Y’all bandwagons need to stop cuz last I checked y’all ain’t a millions making cgi movie this same with sonic if they did lion king like sonic y’all would still talk trash

  • D'Nae Lewis
    D'Nae Lewis 14 days ago

    I don't blame him, Gushers are oh la la

    MORGAN THE MIGHTY 14 days ago +1

    Skip to 6:41


  • Nawaf AlDulaijan
    Nawaf AlDulaijan 15 days ago +1

    I feel like Donald is confused

  • cielo514
    cielo514 15 days ago

    i have a big big crush on him.

  • unkn0wn4041
    unkn0wn4041 16 days ago

    All of the animals in the lion king: 😶😐

  • HAON
    HAON 16 days ago

    Donald Glover is too underrated

  • Mayhem2Medicine
    Mayhem2Medicine 16 days ago +1

    Saw him at bonnaroo sooooo goood!!

  • Italo Lucas
    Italo Lucas 16 days ago +1


  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 17 days ago


  • Estevan Garcia
    Estevan Garcia 17 days ago

    6:42 you’re welcome.

  • Iromo Sushi
    Iromo Sushi 17 days ago

    Wait Simba is the This is America guy?!!!?!?!?!!?

  • Sirio Van es
    Sirio Van es 17 days ago +1

    Beyonce never comes on these things. Ooh she’s to famous...😂

  • Samalama Xxx
    Samalama Xxx 18 days ago +1

    Disco Spider

  • Sir We Are About to Die

    It would be even crazier if his son knew that his dad was Mufasa (which he was not); however, just think about it. O_O

  • King Bob
    King Bob 18 days ago

    I like the beard.

  • Inked D
    Inked D 18 days ago


  • Samantha Kelly
    Samantha Kelly 18 days ago

    I want his dark smooth skinnnn

  • Nia Davis
    Nia Davis 18 days ago

    So the singing is good but having actually real animals singing is kind of weird and unsettling.

  • Adam Tropp
    Adam Tropp 18 days ago

    If he doesn't make another season of Atlanta or only gives a half-ass effort on it he is dead to me

  • El Bacha
    El Bacha 19 days ago

    Troy and Abed in the moooorrning

  • Tinashe Mafirakureva
    Tinashe Mafirakureva 20 days ago

    Can we all please think about the title on this video

  • The Irfan Rafiq Agency

    How awkward was this interview

  • Elwin C
    Elwin C 20 days ago

    This is Africa 😂

  • DubbRHS
    DubbRHS 20 days ago

    If he was on someone's podcast it would get 5 mill views and a way better conversation

  • ivy
    ivy 20 days ago

    troy and abed in the morNing

  • yellowstar68
    yellowstar68 20 days ago

    That's just his face!

  • Madeline Bawden
    Madeline Bawden 20 days ago

    When Donald Glover is your Beyonce.

  • sidney shapiro
    sidney shapiro 20 days ago

    Ask about album 4. Wtf

  • Oliver
    Oliver 20 days ago

    Those of us who saw 'Midsommar' be knowing 'bout Donald's outfit...

  • Kittie Lovie
    Kittie Lovie 21 day ago

    Did anyone notice he used the same expression that tamone and pumba used singing with him as he didwith singing with beyonce(basketball with labron)

  • Gregory Agee
    Gregory Agee 21 day ago

    🤦🏻‍♂️ why this dude tho for some reason I don’t like him at all and to be on lion king makes me not wanna watch it

  • elisha James
    elisha James 21 day ago

    The title of this video is naming the same person Donald Glover is childish cambino

  • Joammyyy
    Joammyyy 21 day ago +2

    Back in Italy*
    Donald : Hi! I'm gonna be Simba
    Elton : Oh this guy's crazy

  • Rae Blizzle
    Rae Blizzle 21 day ago

    i love him 😭😭

  • K P
    K P 22 days ago

    I love Donald Glover❤️ more talented than anyone in Hollywood

    PHOENIX MINISTRY 22 days ago

    This guy seems as energyless as the new movie is. I don’t know why anyone would cast him. He has no excitement. He seems jaded and full of resentment. He seems like he’s being “sweet” cuz he has to be, not because he wants to be or because he genuinely is. He gives me anxiety. It’s like he’s about to snap at any minute.

  • quirky mermaid28
    quirky mermaid28 22 days ago

    i along with everyone else were excited to hear beyonce as nala but i was even more excited with donald glover as simba

  • Ian Dog
    Ian Dog 22 days ago

    This guy and beyonce were awful in the lion king

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 22 days ago

    Dont mind Glover, but Matthew Broderick did a much better job.

  • Luna 2018
    Luna 2018 22 days ago +4

    I see a lot of people complaining, but just watch the movie i just did and i loved it! Donald was amazing and so where the others ❤️🦁

    • Luna 2018
      Luna 2018 20 days ago +1

      @Fabiana Freitas Gomes Castilho EXACTLY🦁💕

    • Fabiana Freitas Gomes Castilho
      Fabiana Freitas Gomes Castilho 21 day ago +1

      I just think that if the original Lion King was rehearsed today, people would complain. It's all about complaining and screaming against everything nowadays, just for the sake of it. Whether it's really good or really bad... Producers, actors, directors, fans shouldn't even bother. I loved it SO MUCH!! Laughed, cried, sang, it was beautiful just as much!!

  • Johnny Cox
    Johnny Cox 23 days ago

    The look in Donald's eyes when he made that Fashion Nova crack is my mood with these mfs. Also, Elton John collects blackamoors.

  • Ali Dixon
    Ali Dixon 23 days ago

    the film sucks x

  • Addhayan Bakhshi
    Addhayan Bakhshi 23 days ago +1

    Lion King was amazing. The clip shown here is bad. The movie left so different.

  • Carly Carrasco
    Carly Carrasco 23 days ago +1

    Love Donald Glover!!! Dry humor is theee best IMO. But also noooo he can't stop singing!! Love his voice!!

  • Bianca Anderson
    Bianca Anderson 23 days ago +2

    Actor, Rapper, Comedian, Producer, Singer, Musician, I mean he's like the whole package. How could you not love this guy.

  • c g
    c g 23 days ago

    Love him to pieces but idk if I would’ve chosen him for that particular part.

  • Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos 23 days ago +5

    This man, along with Beyonce, ruined the movie. We needed Donald Glover from him and he gave us Childish Gambino as Simba instead. Like he legit sleepwalked through his performance. Beyonce, I don't even want to get started on.

  • Gape theron Blade
    Gape theron Blade 24 days ago

    Well enough to say Hi Beyonce and run away

  • pink princess
    pink princess 24 days ago +3

    Donald Glover as Childish Gambino:This is America
    Donald Glover as Simba:This is the Pride Lands

  • f l o w e r b o y
    f l o w e r b o y 24 days ago

    I love Donald glover ❤️

  • SimeonSays
    SimeonSays 24 days ago +1

    Donald Glover is giving Christian from Midsommar realness

  • The Triforce Master Gaming

    When it comes to this movie, I have no problem with the casting. Good singers, great voices. But the animation. I'll just be frank. It looks boring and lifeless. Hopefully mushu in the Mulan remake won't be this flat.

  • DreadHead Jay
    DreadHead Jay 25 days ago +4

    The story of him telling his son he’s Simba is priceless🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leo 2001 lion king simba king August

    Well your simba

  • Just Kok1
    Just Kok1 25 days ago +1

    Donald Glover looks like Childish Gambino

  • Just Ethan
    Just Ethan 25 days ago

    Bruh, when you realise this awesome and talented nigga is the voice of Simba in lion king

  • Saucey 740il
    Saucey 740il 25 days ago

    Is it me or does Donald seem like depressed or something.

  • S3NS3I
    S3NS3I 25 days ago


  • Jerome Leon
    Jerome Leon 25 days ago

    I’d cry if I ever met him. I would cry on spot🥵😭😭😭

  • acb0059
    acb0059 26 days ago

    Why wasn't he at the premiere, that was across the street since he voiced Simba? The costume was for more than laughs....think critically people

  • Jose Humberto Barraza Chavez

    What's the fascination with Beyonce? that even celebrities get nervous... I don't know if it's an inside joke or sth

    • Key Fendo
      Key Fendo 14 days ago

      Different ranks of celebs even tho Donald is an A list also.

  • Gina Gonzalez-Puerta
    Gina Gonzalez-Puerta 26 days ago

    Gushers 😂