By the way, What If The Same Day REPEATED Over and Over? (ft. Puffin Forest)

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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    Guest: Puffin Forest (Ben) -
    Main Animator: 'Bell Boy' Bella - Hourglass34_
    Assisted Color: 'Front desk' Pau - suzukiPCArt
    So today we put ourselves in a time-loop scenario where we repeat the same day over and over again. We can't seem to escape this day and our mission is to survive and escape. This groundhog's day is joined by our dope friend Ben (Puffin Forest), go give him some love!
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  • cheap as chips
    cheap as chips 38 minutes ago


  • Jennifer Bassett
    Jennifer Bassett 7 hours ago

    This video never gets old.

  • Drizzled Cake
    Drizzled Cake 9 hours ago

    the ending had me yelling "WHAT?!"

  • トンプソン柳
    トンプソン柳 12 hours ago +1

    room service! happy-

  • LazyBluStar
    LazyBluStar 12 hours ago

    -This video in a nutshell- 😂
    “Room service~!”
    Stephen: (stabbing noises)
    Hosuh: (gasping noises and dead noises)
    “Sausage and toast!!!”

  • Mary Bean
    Mary Bean 13 hours ago

    What!? What day is it! Monday??? Tuesday??? Tell me!!!!

  • AuroraisXayde
    AuroraisXayde 13 hours ago

    I love how when everyone gets arrested for the first time, Stephen looks like he’s saying “welp back in this shithole again) in his head 😂.

  • Mary Bean
    Mary Bean 13 hours ago

    If Stephen ever plays undertale, he’ll immediately start the genocide run. That’s my bet (if it’s the first time he’s played undertale lol).

  • Alyssa Nichter
    Alyssa Nichter 13 hours ago

    Daniel: he shoots all of you
    Stephen: well he doesn’t get to because the day resets when one of us dies and you can’t shoot three bullets at once
    Daniel: (shoots Stephen)

  • Akane ice wolf
    Akane ice wolf 18 hours ago

    Happy? Happy what is it a new day?

  • Catherine Otto
    Catherine Otto 19 hours ago

    Can sombody translate the Japanese? Reply with a translation with time stamps.

  • JM Lazuli
    JM Lazuli 20 hours ago

    Just realized the animator is also Filipino...I'm so proud

  • Mc Seota
    Mc Seota 21 hour ago

    Stephen looks so disappointed about the fact that he can’t die or have scars 😂😂

  • Lui L.
    Lui L. 22 hours ago

    I was just waiting for Hosuh to scream " *I* stab *Stephen* for a change!", first thing in the morning.

  • Priscila Artavia

    No even a soul

    *knock* *Knock*
    Room service

  • •{\ Spirit_The_Wolf /}•

    *Gasp* That cliff hanger though

  • Min Hope
    Min Hope Day ago


  • SAS Pass
    SAS Pass Day ago

    My pee stings

  • Trafalgar D. Judge

    Is Daniel still dead? What is today? Will Stephen ever get away with murdering innocents? Find out next time, on BYTHEWAY Z!

  • David Handley
    David Handley Day ago

    Officer: “Hey, stay down!”
    *any sane person:* “Tag! You’re it!”

  • the Dm dungeon
    the Dm dungeon Day ago

    Make this an adventures league adventure!😬

  • Miss Believrr
    Miss Believrr Day ago

    I got a Raid ad before this..

  • Violette Stuff
    Violette Stuff Day ago


  • G a c h a B a g e l

    "Raid!" Hmmm raid 51?

  • Mccoolfriend6
    Mccoolfriend6 Day ago

    Stephen: VIOLENT

  • Akuma no Shihen
    Akuma no Shihen Day ago


  • tHe mLg tAcO
    tHe mLg tAcO 2 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    I'm not going to do one of those rhyme things hah you though I was gonna! Noob.


    Daniel: Murderer
    Hosuh: Innocent victim
    Stephen: maniac serial killer who get's himself killed
    Bellboy: The true hero of PERSISTENCE!

  • IAmBunneh
    IAmBunneh 2 days ago

    What was tha day?!?!

  • Hansie Schiteia
    Hansie Schiteia 2 days ago

    Ok! *Kill myself* HAHAHA

  • Riku4560
    Riku4560 2 days ago

    Was it suppose to cut off at the end like that?

  • Elma Questions
    Elma Questions 2 days ago

    Realizing that’s Joe and Jay-

  • Bored Alex
    Bored Alex 2 days ago

    Many Murders were caused by Stephen today...

  • bout to end this man's whole career

    3:57 i saw that reference

  • Jaxie ジャキシー

    The whole video:
    70% - Stephen stabbing people
    25% - Meming around
    5% - actual content

  • WaterMelonFoox
    WaterMelonFoox 2 days ago

    Omg Im dying rod laughter 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Alex EX
    Alex EX 3 days ago

    WHY DID IT JUST CUT OFF!?!?!?!!?!?!?

  • Morgan Hill
    Morgan Hill 3 days ago +2

    Times Stephen stabs Hosen


  • Rei Anna Eaton
    Rei Anna Eaton 3 days ago

    Happy what?

  • Valkyrie Rain
    Valkyrie Rain 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice Carol of the Bells being played at 9:00

  • Valkyrie Rain
    Valkyrie Rain 3 days ago

    "Sir, it's not that kind of service."

  • Kronos2319
    Kronos2319 3 days ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are Blue
    I liked this video
    Can we get a part two

  • Bella likes To animate
    Bella likes To animate 3 days ago +1

    Video idea:
    By the way, can we survive Stephen?

  • Z Zanimuri
    Z Zanimuri 3 days ago +1

    *rOom seRvIce!*

  • Tony The Giraffe
    Tony The Giraffe 3 days ago

    *hosuh gets shot* NO HOSUH

  • Jolie Garcia
    Jolie Garcia 3 days ago

    Housh: *GASP*
    bellboy: room service!
    Puffin: wHaT aRe yOu uP tO?! *punches bellboy*
    Stephen: *kills someone*

  • Fadl Ghaddar
    Fadl Ghaddar 3 days ago

    "Wabam and I punch him in the face"
    - Puffin 2019

  • littlesea derp
    littlesea derp 3 days ago

    Fuck you guys

  • MaxNova5575
    MaxNova5575 3 days ago

    “Sausage and toast!” 🤣

  • Cruz Lee
    Cruz Lee 3 days ago

    Happy death day is one off my favorite movie

  • Ian Mcnamara
    Ian Mcnamara 3 days ago +3

    Stephen: stabs somebody

    Police: arrests all 4 of the instead of just arresting Stephen

  • I’m a random user If that is ok

    Stephen: *exists*
    Hosuh:why do I hear boss music

  • でspれっせd Ęxprėssö


  • Chris Denk
    Chris Denk 3 days ago

    Knock knock* room service

  • Pink Kitten
    Pink Kitten 3 days ago

    Steps to day:
    1: GASP
    2: room service! Happy Monday!
    3: sausage and toast!
    4: psycho Steven

  • Rice Krisbees I'm Not Kris Well Technically

    I still need to know if it's finally Tuesday-

  • Trashy Tiff
    Trashy Tiff 3 days ago

    wait so if i die and the day repeated with me healed the same day,month and year then if i died on my birthday and it repeats does that mean i can make myself 100 years old without waiting for a year to turn an age older-

  • Wolf Zalppy
    Wolf Zalppy 3 days ago

    c'mon a cliff hanger nooo

  • Daily Tofu
    Daily Tofu 4 days ago

    Practically me, because there is always a fuss in class

  • •Angel kitten Gacha•

    No one:
    Me trying to figure out hosuh’s nationality from his accent: *HMmMmMm*