• Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • Flaming Anvil returns to destroy 18 deodorant cans, 80 lighters and a big pile of flour. What a video #44Club
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Comments • 6 613

  • Jack Apperley
    Jack Apperley Year ago +4301

    George W Bushfire?

  • Clare McClarnon
    Clare McClarnon 15 minutes ago

    6:31 One of them hit the camera

  • Alaina Owens
    Alaina Owens 2 days ago

    It looks like his hair about caught on fire 1:20 lol!

  • Charlie Holley
    Charlie Holley 3 days ago

    With the deodorant you should have but road flares close to the stump to help ignite it once hit.

  • Brian White
    Brian White 3 days ago

    The can hit the camera lol

  • Benedikt E.
    Benedikt E. 5 days ago

    You need a bulletproof glass! so you can stand right behind the block ;)

  • Brandy Ellis
    Brandy Ellis 6 days ago

    Can you try the flour again except with deodorant cans below it so the exploding deodorant makes the flour into a cloud?

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 6 days ago


  • George Lippiatt
    George Lippiatt 8 days ago

    You guys used anti-perspirant which just extinguished the flames, body spray would have made a good explosion, love the videos guys thumbs up👍

  • Aaron LeBlanc
    Aaron LeBlanc 8 days ago

    😂 Stanford looks like he mixed up the hair gel with shoe polish 👌

  • Keith Wortelhock
    Keith Wortelhock 9 days ago

    How about an anvil with long flaming ribbon attached? It might deliver an ignition source to the cloud of gas produced by the impact?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 9 days ago

    I'm surprised the lighters didn't go on the first drop.

  • Baked Patato
    Baked Patato 11 days ago


  • Unluckybro’s Gaming
    Unluckybro’s Gaming 11 days ago

    Gasoline filled water balloons straight into a fire pit. Get the biggest ballon you can get too.

  • Jess Duncan
    Jess Duncan 12 days ago

    Pause it at 5:21

  • Carl Evans
    Carl Evans 12 days ago

    Should do this with gas bottles 👌🏻💥💥

  • Ryan Shoebotham
    Ryan Shoebotham 12 days ago

    Drop it on a few boxes of powder coffee creamer

  • Jacob38092
    Jacob38092 12 days ago

    Enjoyed the video, y'all may wanna consider getting some safety glass "box" or divider to stand behind that was pretty intense.

  • landon wood
    landon wood 13 days ago

    john mike bob

  • Entroper
    Entroper 13 days ago

    7:34 I must go, my people need me

  • Daemon K
    Daemon K 13 days ago

    Jack m. Human

  • Bandit Darville
    Bandit Darville 14 days ago

    Legend has it that the place still smells of deodorant to this day.

    DRIFTMOTIVE 14 days ago

    Flaming anvil vs huge pile of dry coffee creamer

  • Mike&Blair Burkhardt
    Mike&Blair Burkhardt 14 days ago

    Did anyone else try to blame this screen when the log was on fire

  • Mike&Blair Burkhardt
    Mike&Blair Burkhardt 14 days ago

    Now we're talkin

  • Abe Friesen
    Abe Friesen 16 days ago

    Flaming atlas ball

  • Gazoomba
    Gazoomba 19 days ago +1

    How Ridiculous should do a vid with The King Of Random

  • Xander Batt
    Xander Batt 19 days ago

    That’s dangerous!!!!!!

  • Toan 1st
    Toan 1st 20 days ago


  • X-Venture gaming
    X-Venture gaming 20 days ago

    Your forgiven for saying "lit!" 😊😊😁😁

  • Rory Engelbrecht
    Rory Engelbrecht 21 day ago

    I like when things go, Ka-boom.

  • metamorphicorder
    metamorphicorder 21 day ago

    See what the biggest log you can split its.
    Get logs of various sizes and set them in the target zone with a splitting wedge started in them and drop an atlas stone or the hammer on it and see if you can split the log.

  • BOB
    BOB 23 days ago

    Can Jake Paul catch the anvil?

  • Takunda Manditereza
    Takunda Manditereza 26 days ago


  • Save Yourculture
    Save Yourculture 26 days ago

    You need to put the flour in a tub.

  • Michael Nietert
    Michael Nietert 27 days ago

    Edward James Charles the 415th

  • Rai
    Rai 27 days ago

    4:20 blaze it

  • Braden Bennett
    Braden Bennett Month ago

    Flaming anvil vs tannerite

  • giggity gobbler
    giggity gobbler Month ago

    Demolitia is here ;)

  • ana wise
    ana wise Month ago

    Next time try coffee creamer.

  • MrBullDoppss
    MrBullDoppss Month ago

    Someone must've said so by now. Carbon Dioxide is the propellant in those cans. So, yah, flame off...

  • Falcon945
    Falcon945 Month ago

    Is it just me or should they call it 44 tower not 45 because 44Club

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul Month ago

    7:20 I think Scott actually got a science question right. The anvil was most likely smothered by gases and there wasn't any oxygen to burn. O_O

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    Use baking pwder and salt for a surprise

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    Add turmic and its Ferrari red flame

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    Mix powderd sugar and salt and turns green

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    Or even better powderd sugar

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    P.s suposed to be corn flour more flammable

  • Un- Known
    Un- Known Month ago

    Disliked for that ffoul shit at the start...Lit,.. fook off

  • akfrench3579
    akfrench3579 Month ago

    non dairy coffee creamer is super so is aerosol hairspray!

  • Trevor Nelson
    Trevor Nelson Month ago

    Try with coffee whitener. Stuff burns great.

  • Joshua Gadsby
    Joshua Gadsby Month ago

    Smokey the bear

  • Funny Crew
    Funny Crew Month ago


  • Nolan Huber
    Nolan Huber Month ago

    Old spice cheapest you could find?? Seriously?! Not cheap here in the US

  • Devin Birmingham
    Devin Birmingham Month ago

    Blokes beans = butt oder

  • Palomar Ohana Adventures

    Flaming Anvil Vs. Butane Cans and small propane tank!!!

  • #SubxGod !!
    #SubxGod !! Month ago

    try a balloon on top of the flour, the air from It popping might be enough to aerate the flour and make a fireball.

  • River Norris
    River Norris Month ago


  • Ayandhe van Os
    Ayandhe van Os Month ago

    Is er iemand Dutch Nederlands?

  • Heroteam 598
    Heroteam 598 Month ago

    So cool.