• Published on Sep 27, 2018
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    PART 6. I asked you guys to share your deepest darkest secrets with me and today I share (and judge) them with the world!
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  • Bryce Vianné
    Bryce Vianné 6 hours ago

    4:48 guess im having nightmares till im 24

  • Jack Dickinson
    Jack Dickinson Day ago

    Since when were ppl so NASTY! wtf

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson Day ago


  • Anna Wildman
    Anna Wildman 4 days ago

    I watch these whenever I’m in a bad place mentally because they make me laugh and also make me feel better about myself

  • Scarl3tr0n
    Scarl3tr0n 7 days ago

    I thought it was poundland not poundworld

  • Dorothy Gregory
    Dorothy Gregory 8 days ago

    i feel normal now

  • Holly Wilson
    Holly Wilson 9 days ago

    "I've eaten a whole tub of mayo before"
    I have a mayo allergy 😂

  • halle camelle
    halle camelle 9 days ago

    i’m acting starting to love this youtuber😂😍

  • Yazz Sprints
    Yazz Sprints 12 days ago +1

    my therapist is cheaper 😭 5$ each session

  • CinnamonRoll Senpai
    CinnamonRoll Senpai 12 days ago +1


  • AnaMaria Berumen
    AnaMaria Berumen 12 days ago


  • wee zara
    wee zara 13 days ago

    I like to start fight with people to entertain myself

  • Cat Crafts
    Cat Crafts 14 days ago +1

    I like to fart on my hands to feel the warmth

  • mimi bear
    mimi bear 14 days ago +1

    If you shit on church property is it holy shit?

  • Ethan Curtsinger
    Ethan Curtsinger 14 days ago

    4:40 ha so funny is crying. No

  • Silent Echo
    Silent Echo 15 days ago +3

    I'll teach that person how to backwards march...

  • Smexy. Nyla14
    Smexy. Nyla14 15 days ago +1


  • Ben Smiley
    Ben Smiley 16 days ago +4

    1:02 when she said “🐬” I felt that

  • Maeve Ryan
    Maeve Ryan 17 days ago

    Here's my secret: I had eczema from the moment I was born I grew out of it at about 16 I'm 18 now. But when I was a kid I had responsibilities like putting my dog out or other things and I used it "hurting" as an excuse not do it. I would be like "can you do it, my legs hurt."

  • Addythemuffin12
    Addythemuffin12 17 days ago

    Omg perfect sponsor😂😂

  • Maia X
    Maia X 17 days ago

    the comments SwEeT hOmE aLAbAmA

  • Aniqah
    Aniqah 17 days ago +1

    i can imagine someone saying their secret and it ending up here and them wanting to tell their friend or someone but can’t because their secret was really weird

  • Diegis Fundirburko
    Diegis Fundirburko 19 days ago

    Got 'em 0:58

  • Blank Dragyn
    Blank Dragyn 20 days ago

    4:57 better learn , how long have you been in it, up on your toes and slide fam

  • Evelinn Johansen
    Evelinn Johansen 21 day ago +1

    My secret: A guy from school keept asking me to be his gf but i always said no. Then one day he asked me again and i got mad. I told him that i diddent want to be his gf and i told him it was bc i’m lesbian.(I’m not). A few weeks later i got a bf named Matheo. One day the guy i lied to abt that i was a lesbian saw me and Matheo together and he breaked out in tears and diddent show up to school the next 4 days. I feel so bad for him... (Sorry for bad writing, i am not verry good at english hh)

  • Rowan Tully
    Rowan Tully 21 day ago +2

    “I spit in my plants so I don’t have to give them water”. Wtf 😂😂

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou 23 days ago

    I’m kinda f*cked up so I’m scared to tell my secrets

  • Just Drawings And Gaming

    My mom's friend son showed me his private when I was 3 and im 10 and hes 13
    Nevermind hes 16 lord

  • Gaming with NIYA
    Gaming with NIYA 25 days ago

    1:48 wtf I’m literally crying 😂

  • Phoenix Ince
    Phoenix Ince 25 days ago

    What was that laugh lmao

  • Vivian Pithie
    Vivian Pithie 27 days ago +4

    Calm your farm as in hold your horses I think

  • Maddie Lmao
    Maddie Lmao 29 days ago

    The most fitting sponsor for this series is bleach

  • Villi AJ
    Villi AJ 29 days ago

    Does anyone know which video she made about secrets where one of the secrets says that they tried to break there arm and the school thought he was abused? If you know give me the link to it?

  • Willow.playz_
    Willow.playz_ Month ago

    I have a whole playlist of your videos so I can listen to them when I’m bored ❤️😁

  • i’m jesus
    i’m jesus Month ago


  • Pretty Little Matilda


    You’re welcome.

  • Bella Chantell
    Bella Chantell Month ago

    2:01 my bestfriend is 13 and her aunt is 2. HAHHAA

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L Month ago

    Better that better help is 7cups of tea. It's more modern and its free

  • Kate Faherty
    Kate Faherty Month ago

    You look like my library teacher

  • paola
    paola Month ago

    6:21 i think nobody has to know such information.....

  • Rena Tú Ama
    Rena Tú Ama Month ago

    The hand sanitizer one happened to me tho
    Like it is exactly the same, I had this nice hand sanitizer and one day it went missing, it was my moms so I told her and she got mad at me, so like few days later I smelled the scent of the hand sanitizer, I then found this girl and I told her that it was mine, she told me it wasn’t but I knew it was mine, so then I told the teacher and I got it back 🤠

  • Pilar Bajek
    Pilar Bajek Month ago

    To the person who said they listen to people moaning.......I do too......

  • J C
    J C Month ago +1

    I’ve always thought your laugh was edited but no it’s just that iconic 😂

  • Corpse Kitten
    Corpse Kitten Month ago

    I love these videos cause they are hilarious but what I love even more is your laugh. It sounds like a high ass dolphin

  • Evan
    Evan Month ago +2


  • Tatianna Andrade
    Tatianna Andrade Month ago

    the thumbnail made me scream

  • ʇǝloᴉʌ
    ʇǝloᴉʌ Month ago

    I'm crying why would you tell your parents that you're into BDSM hahhahahahh

  • Isabel Irene
    Isabel Irene Month ago

    Dude why do all my videos make me want to be your friend

  • Esmilis Raupelis
    Esmilis Raupelis Month ago

    When ayydubs said she farted on her dog too I laughed so hard that I almost threw up. (Not even exaturating) 😂😂😂

  • loaf of oof
    loaf of oof Month ago

    Omg I forgot to connect my headphones and everyone heard your "HEY GUYS HOWS IT HANGING" 😭

  • Angel fancylegs and about to get lps

    What's a wart?!?

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Her laugh is so cute

    DADDY ABY Month ago

    7:35 i did that last night and my dog bit my ass so hard it started bleeding:)

  • Supinya Armymino
    Supinya Armymino Month ago

    You remind me of Cristine (SimplyNailogical)

  • Daunt K
    Daunt K Month ago

    The marching band confession called me outttt. I’m terrible at backwards marching and just suddenly got good this year (‘:
    And straight legged marching just means we don’t do the over exaggerated marching that people assume marching bands do because Hollywood seems to think that if you’re marching, that you MUST bend your knees and bring them up high and it look sloppy and- I’m gonna stop. Marching band rant, my bad.

  • MR Crash
    MR Crash Month ago

    I put my headphones bad and my mom could hear everything even you moaning. Thanks

  • suttles 6655
    suttles 6655 Month ago

    You're so pretty

  • Úrsula L
    Úrsula L Month ago

    Didnt you hear the controversy around better help last year? It isnt a good luck accepting a sponsor from them

  • Onna
    Onna Month ago

    How can I share a secret?

  • Ciara Fisher
    Ciara Fisher Month ago

    I go to a free therapist ( my bed)