Meet the alleged woman from R kelly Tape who allegedly was still in his compound years later


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  • Nique at Nite
    Nique at Nite  12 days ago +161

    My mad y’all for the flubbered words.. This kind of video I would have done a voice over and been able to edit and make sure all the names and everything was pronounced right and edited out gaps of me inputting receipts but I’m away without my editing software so I did my best on the fly.. smooches

    • Dufflebag Sheek
      Dufflebag Sheek Day ago

      Where did u get your bundles from @Nique at Nite? 😍😍😍😍😍

    • Sandra Morgan
      Sandra Morgan 2 days ago

      Nique at Nite: FYI R Kelly said the sex tape was a set up between Sparkle and his former manager Barry Hankerson (Aaliyah’s uncle) who probably had a vendetta from the whole Aaliyah marriage situation. You should do some research into that and get back to us. Reshona Landfair who you keep talking about denied being in the sex tape, her Sister Shonna also testified at trial that the person in the sex tape couldn’t have been Reshona because the breasts on the woman in the VT were much bigger than what Reshona had when she was 14. She would know because they shared a room together was what she said in her testimony. Reshona was part of a gospel/R&B group called “4 the cause” with her cousins.
      There were 4 of them in the group who were managed by their Uncle Leroy Edwards, sparkles brother who also testified at trial that it was not their niece in the VT. The group was introduced to R Kelly to build up their career, so again you should fact check your information because Sparkle didnot introduce R Kelly to Reshona. R Kelly already knew them and was working with them as a group. What’s really sad is when people like yourself have such an influential platform with huge following and keep their followers misinformed.

    • Marques Jackson
      Marques Jackson 2 days ago

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    • True Scorpion
      True Scorpion 3 days ago +1

      @nique at nite all this 💩is so disgusting and sad....side note YOU ARE SO PRETTY😍😍

    • DiamondPrincess White
      DiamondPrincess White 3 days ago

      +Trini to do bone Trini hey you can watch the movie:surviving r.kelly on lifetime and you can watch it using amazon firestick just search the name of the 🎥

  • Nicole Renee'
    Nicole Renee' 4 hours ago

    The 14 year old in the sex tape parents should be charged for pimping their daughter out. R.Kelly should be charged for paying to have sex with minors and being that he made a fortune from writing about the victims in his lyrics, he should pay for every life he destroyed.

  • Deedee Taylor
    Deedee Taylor 4 hours ago

    Sparkle testified against her family. She is the ONLY one in her family that told the truth about who the girl was. She is not to blame. Why do people to want to blame her.. I truly believe that Sparkle did not know the extreme predator that Kelly was. The girl's dad and mom has to be the blame. They didn't protect their daughter. They continued to let him see their daughter and the Father was there at the studio a lot. They saw that it was their daughter on the tape and decided to take a payout and keep him around their daughter. The parents let her down and its sad. Its really sad.

  • Monica Corona
    Monica Corona 4 hours ago

    With all due respect, keep doing your thing girl but keep practicing. Try reading out loud. You said you was on the the flight, gotta learn how to be professional even tho.

  • Clayton Crawford
    Clayton Crawford 10 hours ago

    I agree with everything you said except the part about Sparkle, I feel that Sparkle is good people & tried to do the right thing.

  • Creative Flow
    Creative Flow 10 hours ago

    Look I saw the tape back then it was R Kelly point blank. And back then he tried to get his brother to say it was him. Their where close up shots thanks this where there receipts.

  • Robyn Harper
    Robyn Harper 11 hours ago

  • pixpusha
    pixpusha 13 hours ago

    Lot of privilege folk on here blaming the parents for accepting money. Ask immigrants in this country what they go through and what they sometimes have to put their kids through to stay afloat. The only finger I'm pointing is at the person in a position of power in this situation and took advantage of people's desperation.

  • Azula Stormborn
    Azula Stormborn 16 hours ago

    dont shame a vistim it is not there fault at all. they are underage and its up to the adult to shoew them proper behavior. i myself was a victim and to think that what happened to me is my fault too is the worse feeling i could think of. its my fault i got drugged because i went to a party with friends right. its my fault i couldnt move nor speak when several guys undressed me and fondled my body and took my virginity. its my fault for trusting friends my age that some were neighbors for many years. please take that back unless you have been there its hard know what happens and its hard to beileve. the whole country turned a blind eye to r kellys distrubing ways. no one wants to even think about these kinds of things let alone beilve it so i guess its easier to blame the victis and then just look away and ignore. i sure hope people wake the fuck up and quit letting this shit happen right in front oof there eyes. yes my spelling sucks my keyoard is broke. other then that trigger you gave me i find you alright so be sensitive to what you say to people that have been affected by any kind of abuse.

  • Angie pickles
    Angie pickles 16 hours ago

    Flosses her teeth with a sausage roll

  • LJ Clark
    LJ Clark 18 hours ago

    Marvin Gaye was a horrible horrible sexual sadist.

  • LJ Clark
    LJ Clark 19 hours ago

    You don't get to a scandal of this magnitude without a lot of people turning a blind eye. I had some friends back in the day who were signed to R. Kelly's Rockland Records imprint (Interscope.) Their album was completed and a video shot, (Many songs written and produced by Kellz) but it was shelved. I always wondered what they did or didnt see and whether that was the reason that they never blew up. This was like '98-2001.

  • Mother Bey
    Mother Bey 19 hours ago

    Anyone and everyone should be held accountable for some guilt. Everyone Was thinking about them self. Can't feel as bad for Some her story leads to more questions than answers.

  • Thaina Flores
    Thaina Flores Day ago

    Hi can I know where you get your hair at? It looks awesome!

  • Lajoyce Alexander

    Sad, so the parents are pimping their kids these days. I have a daughter. She now an adult. I can not think about no money that I can take to whore my teenage child. Families have no morals to do this

  • Stacie Shiver
    Stacie Shiver Day ago

    In the photo about missing the most important person, Rashanna (whatever her name is) is in the photo. I don't get it.

  • Stacie Shiver
    Stacie Shiver Day ago

    And that's disgusting, by the way. How and why would they claim it's not her?!?! No amount of money in the world would make me do this to my daughter.... At any age, periodttt!!!

  • Stacie Shiver
    Stacie Shiver Day ago

    Yes. That is definitely the girl in the video.

  • Colleen Lee
    Colleen Lee Day ago

    Sparkle probably got paid for the gurl

  • Colleen Lee
    Colleen Lee Day ago

    Stuuuuuupid biiiiiiiiiiitches

  • Nicole RAIN Music

    Yes, Reshonda was apart of a group mentored by R Kelly called "4 the Cause." In a few of their songs, they would sing stuff like "young thing" its sickening. And the girl's brother still plays drums for R Kelly! This is really sad and disturbing. Thank you for this video!

  • T Evans
    T Evans Day ago

    Can you put your logo in the corner plz?! We see you😶

  • sdrm
    sdrm Day ago

    What's really creepy is that she has 2 residences. One is literally walking distance to his studio 🙄

  • Mercedes Barreto

    Sylvester the Molester 😂😂😂

  • jen21629
    jen21629 Day ago

    Sparkle didn’t deny what he was. She was just sorry she brought her niece there. But sparkle should relax in a sense on that because the little girl would have ended up in the studio anyway. It don’t matter anyway he stalked children that has no ability to choose right and wrong. And we know teens lie to go out and get into shit. That happens around the world to the best and worst parents.
    It’s full grown adult that’s sick looks for teens that are gullible. And even more so when they are star struck.

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible Day ago

    These whores didn't survive R. Kelly they survived being thots ESPECIALLY KITTIE old ass gonna leave a job and move to Chicago and live with this nigga. If R Kelly was a trashman she wouldn't have done that

  • Mercedes Barreto

    Stop saying "and everything like that" please

  • my my
    my my Day ago

    Hey people I would really like to know what is face time?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • The Freaky Robber

    Wow I never seen any pictures of the girl who got peed on. Grown or as a kid.

  • Sammy True
    Sammy True Day ago

    And ppl are being so blindsided. CLEARLY THAT LOOKS LIKE HIM IN THAT TAPE!!!!! A nasty old fucker messing with little girls. Who gives a fuck about he has good music . AND WHAT!!!!! BILL COSBY WENT DOWN....TIME FOR R KELLY NASTY ASS TI GO DOWN TOO. I’ll be praising the lord once it happens. Because he knew better. But he won’t be getting away with it for long. GET HIS ASS

  • Sammy True
    Sammy True Day ago

    What a nasty fucker. Pissing on little girls. Having sex with little girls. And surrounding himself around them. I think he’s discusting. And whomever likes him power to you.

  • Ke’Rose Gold
    Ke’Rose Gold Day ago

    How is she in her 20s if she was 14 when it happened and it’s been over 20 years?

  • F Badette
    F Badette Day ago

    Love the lipstick! What color is that?

  • It’s Mezzy’s World

    Hi guys I’m a former escort and I’m trying to get my story heard to inspire young women to not go down the same path as me ... please share so we can help as many young women as we can and so that they can no that they can change and live a successful life 🥰 thanks to everyone who read this and shared 🙏🏽🙏🏽 really are you guys

  • Erik Bridges
    Erik Bridges Day ago

    U people are pathetic...yall need a job.leave r kelly alone.ev1 needs utube views.r kelly aint done nothing criminal

  • Franchesca Robinson

    Where u get your hair from

  • Stephanie Williams

    Yeah everyone involved is just as guilty.

  • Amob Status
    Amob Status Day ago

    That girl is in her 30s now. Can't believe this is still a hot topic

  • Eric Dickey
    Eric Dickey Day ago

    It's all about money

  • Nikki Reed
    Nikki Reed Day ago

    Your hair is really pretty though!!!

  • Nikki Reed
    Nikki Reed Day ago

    I could follow better if you would stop saying “And things like that”...........

  • Amirah Hamlin
    Amirah Hamlin Day ago

    I try to watch you ,but you say ummm ummm to many times please work on this. Your a beautiful woman but

  • msnatural1000
    msnatural1000 Day ago

    That mom looks a hot mess! Clearly she didn't spend money on herself. She shouldn't ever show her face. R Kelly played them. They let him have that child for money and fame. They didn't become famous for the reasons they wanted and the money he gave them to say it wasn't her in therapy is gone. So now what...? He got what he wanted threw them a few dollars and they got played.

  • Great Worker
    Great Worker Day ago

    Leave r. Kelly alone

  • Ben Dwyer
    Ben Dwyer 2 days ago

    You might wish to check your facts before posting a video. R. Kelly was not proven by a court of law to not be the man in the tape. The entire jury was in agreement he was the man in the tape. He was found not guilty due to the family vehemently denying she was the girl in the video. In turn the girl in question refused to testify against him. The jury were unable to ascertain the age of the female in the video, hence why the prosecutions case fell apart. Also Sparkle never dated him. Check all her interviews.

  • Love Nurtures
    Love Nurtures 2 days ago


  • Christine 16
    Christine 16 2 days ago

    ...and everything like that. hehehehe

  • Andile Meshack
    Andile Meshack 2 days ago

    The black community is geared to participate in the illuminati conspiracy to kill R. Kelly as if they didn't see this with all the other great great black stars of music. How many have they killed and nobody did anything about it? Did Michael Jackson abused or sodomized children? Hell no!!! `if R. Kelly is murdered all black people will be guilty of that atrocity, not the white Illuminati. How many underage black children were raped by the whites in slavery and beyond? Wake up black people, protect your superstars, don't be accomplices to their demise, as this has been happening for a long time now. R.Kelly is going to be trapped just like other black artists who lost their lives immaturely just because of their money and their great great talents that other white people don't have. Now they gonna set up blacks against blacks, be very very careful black people, protect your artists. How many white priests have sodomized young underage boys and they got away with it? And so on an on..this thing is going on and on and has been going on and on for ages, and so why is it now staring with a busy and successful musician like R.Kelly? R.Kelly is a professional musician, composer, and producer. He has been helping young and upcoming musicians throughout his career, he was always surrounded by beautiful women and why now he is characterized as a beast by the black communities? Something is wrong with this picture and black people should be very very careful...many many successful black stars died under very strange circumstances and black people are still sleeping and being naive. The law says a person is innocent until proven by the court as guilty...why R.Kelly is not in jail?...because he had not been found guilty except by common black people who are after his money and success. Sorry, I'm not black American but I can see what's going on and what has been going on for a long time against successful black artists. I don't buy into all this crap about R.Kelly being characterized as a sex monster!!!

  • Mz Nurú
    Mz Nurú 2 days ago

    All it takes is one snowflake to take him down for good.

  • Taylor Oliver
    Taylor Oliver 2 days ago

    Girl YOU look 14... You needa ✋stop ✋with all this cause YOU would Be one that would probably gladly go with RKellys nasty ass quicker than anyone else! You make me sick.

    IRON60 BITCH 2 days ago

    R. Kelly can barely read and he’s unable to write

  • Toppseason Szn
    Toppseason Szn 2 days ago

    She read like R Kelly

  • Kurt  Wagner
    Kurt Wagner 2 days ago

    No disrespect but why aren't u reporting on TRUMP SEPARATING KIDS FROM THEIR FUCKING PARENTS....keep this SAME ENERGY help bring down this RACIST government regime yall quick to put these videos up u right for that BUT y so fucking 1sided...I need ALL NEWS LETS GO I WILL BE WAITING!!!!ALL NEWS!!!!!!

  • Kendra Prieto
    Kendra Prieto 2 days ago

    Look at all these women victim blaming. I hope that if or when something like this happens to you, or someone you love gets assaulted, that no one has the vile mentality that some of you ladies do. It's despicable.

    MYTURN2KILLx 2 days ago +1

    *You see how the Illuminati works*

  • Miss Asia
    Miss Asia 2 days ago

    Your make-up and hair is absolutely beautiful.

  • Serge Lacroix
    Serge Lacroix 2 days ago

    Ugh this was not smooth. No flow to your thing.

  • david aikens
    david aikens 2 days ago

    Why tf she keep saying everything like that??

  • Sandra Morgan
    Sandra Morgan 2 days ago

    You may want to fact check some of your information, Sparkle was never R Kelly’s girlfriend, he wrote and produced one song for her “Be Careful”. Off the success of the single Sparkle wanted to book Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to produce some tracks for her debut album. R Kelly saw it as a dis and pulled out of the project. Sparkles album flopped and she became a one hit wonder. Then Sparkle found a sex tape “featuring” her niece and handed it over to her manager Barry Hankerson who was Aaliyah’s uncle and also R Kelly’s former manager

    • Sandra Morgan
      Sandra Morgan 2 days ago

      Nique at Nite check my other comments on one of your other videos... Again misinformation! #TakeASeat 😘

  • Dannie
    Dannie 2 days ago

    Girl.... I need hair details asap!!!!

  • Rol Rol
    Rol Rol 2 days ago

    I think she is in her 30s now not 20s

  • Erica Sumayyah McNair

    Hey it wasn’t proven that it wasn’t him. He wasn’t convicted because they couldn’t prove the age of the girl in the video. Sparkle said she was under age as well as many others but she refused to testify and her uncle said it wasn’t her.

  • tink baby
    tink baby 2 days ago

    Yea cause i wanna kno y she wasnt up there and sparkle was👀

  • carlos burnett
    carlos burnett 2 days ago

    No they couldn't agree if that was the girl and her age not if it was r Kelly

  • TheFunnyHD
    TheFunnyHD 2 days ago

    LOL tought it was you from the thumbnail

  • mercwindow
    mercwindow 2 days ago

    Roshana and her mother and father helped to enable The Monster Pied Piper to destroy hoards of women and families. He may have been stopped if they hadn't pimped the daughter out. Other videos are saying she now helps Kelly to train the girls to become Kelly pets. These people just don't love their communities. Haven't we as a people been through enough??????

  • Ty Grinter
    Ty Grinter 2 days ago

    The Savages heard things about R Kelly just as much as we the people have heard. Wtf. Let my daughter tell me that R Kelly wants to help with her singing career, 1. She would not be going without myself, and what I've heard in the past about R Kelly, I would not let her go with him. Absolutely NOT. But why most of the girls coming into the industry are teenagers ,wonder why 🤔.

  • Tameka Turner
    Tameka Turner 2 days ago

    Girl, Sparkle didn’t date him!!!, I don’t think she’s the blame at all, because she did say her niece is in the video. And her family is saying that’s not her.

  • Queen Magic
    Queen Magic 2 days ago

    Thank you for saying that, the parents should be held accountable too.

  • EJah Bryant
    EJah Bryant 2 days ago

    It wasn't him in the tape, the hair and non tattoo proved it, that's why he's not in jail and the other tapes that he was in people wouldn't testify.

  • T A
    T A 2 days ago

    Definitely agree that some of these people that started as victims and witnesses turned into accomplices...

  • T A
    T A 2 days ago

    Wait girl that's backwards they couldn't prove it was a minor in the tape!! That's why he got off.. everybody know that was r Kelly.

  • nachoblack
    nachoblack 2 days ago

    Bitch ... shut up 🤐

  • Garfield Knight
    Garfield Knight 2 days ago

    14+17 =31 the video came out 2002 how his she still in her 30s?

  • C P4
    C P4 2 days ago

    Damn u pretty af

  • Ryan Curry
    Ryan Curry 3 days ago

    The jury said they couldn’t determine the age of the girl in the tape. They never said it wasn’t him...

  • Desiree Griggs
    Desiree Griggs 3 days ago

    I can't get off how this bitch pushed her tits up when they look dirty oiled her whole damn face and lips this bitch looking for a date on utube I bet her feet dirty 6days a week cute gap but she look stinchey in the crotch and I bet she don't brush her tounge.

  • Kelvin Lockhartjr
    Kelvin Lockhartjr 3 days ago

    Not Defending R Kelly But Why Was/Is The Father Still Working With R Kelly? If that was My Daughter R Kelly Has to get Dealt with Period!!

  • Yvette Smith
    Yvette Smith 3 days ago

    Please stop reading

  • Randal Collins
    Randal Collins 3 days ago

    Who cares.....dinr y'all woman have something else to worry about like how your gonna live and eat when Trump cut y'all shit off

  • gjoexoxo
    gjoexoxo 3 days ago

    Soooo I went to school with the girl Landfair. I remember when I heard the tape came out and I remember she disappeared. I didn’t think nothing of it bc I never saw the tape and I was young. But fast forward to 2015 I was working in at a high end retail store in downtown Chicago. I was on lunch and r kelly came in my store and got my co workers number (she had a huge butt and she was like 19 or 20). A couple of weeks past and the girl who had his number was talking about how he’s extremely controlling and she has to call him daddy and etc. This monster has been preying on girls for DECADES.

  • Frank Matthew's
    Frank Matthew's 3 days ago

    I know r Kelly is a super creep but ALL these women involved are scumbags ,the aunt's the mothers and the so called victims I'm quite sure r Kelly can shit in all their mouths for the right price, there are many young women and men boys and girls who are really being molested and raped and have no help ,that's who I feel bad for not these pieces of SHIT

  • Frank Matthew's
    Frank Matthew's 3 days ago

    You are fine as hell damn

  • D. Solomon
    D. Solomon 3 days ago

    Excuse the thirst but U hella pretty and first time seeing u...u favor my boo kinda but I can't tell her that Lol✌

  • fuck youall314
    fuck youall314 3 days ago

    Sparkles little 14 yr old niece fucked RKelly like a grown ass woman and excepted money from him as well on tape wasn't her first time doin that shit shes a pro pro

  • Thomas Maven
    Thomas Maven 3 days ago

    R kelly is a dirty bitch he need a good ass whooping and go to prison and let them guys finish him off

  • Thisiknow
    Thisiknow 3 days ago

    Your beautiful where did you get your wig?

  • ericad2010
    ericad2010 3 days ago

    Valerie will be going straight to hell🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • D L
    D L 3 days ago

    Damn you're fine asf

  • beetrue2ufirst
    beetrue2ufirst 3 days ago

    I didn't understand the female that stood outside the court room everyday (missing school) to support R. Kelly but when he was found not guilty he invited her to his home🙁 Told her to come in her bathing suit....What did you think was gonna happen 🤦‍♀️ HE IS A SICK INDIVIDUAL but she knew what he wanted! He told her to walk back and forth for him and then told her to take her bottoms off.... Wtf did you think!!

  • beetrue2ufirst
    beetrue2ufirst 3 days ago

    So how did R. Kelly get charged? Did Sparkle report him?

  • Antonio Jamison
    Antonio Jamison 3 days ago


  • Ana-Alicia Frierson
    Ana-Alicia Frierson 3 days ago

    Sparkle introduces her family not her just niece. Her niece's parents left that little girl vulnerable around that man. And being introduced to someone gives u no right to manipulate and take advantage of them.

  • Streezzzy NextDoor
    Streezzzy NextDoor 3 days ago

    Nique at Nite I was not expecting a face that pretty pop up when I clicked this video 😍😍😍 I think I found my WiFi

  • Tear Bear
    Tear Bear 3 days ago

    Hair from where? Lol 😂. You slay👌🏾

  • artisticgalacticgyal

    Im also having a hard time with accepting Sparkle's comments. I feel that she was very well aware of the situation (as in, she must have known that R kelly was interested in young girls) before she introduced her niece tog him. I also think that Sparkle's brother chose not to identify his daughter in the tape because he didnt want to stop his own cash flow. Its really sad.

  • Monique L
    Monique L 3 days ago

    Hold on, how could Sparkle have introduced her family to R Kelly if her niece was his god-daughter? That doesn’t make sense. If he’s her godfather, wouldn’t he have known her all her life?

  • yousef caleb
    yousef caleb 3 days ago

    We can blame parents and adults who let these children down, but we cannot nor should we blame victims.

  • Celtic Pride
    Celtic Pride 3 days ago

    That's him in that tape

  • Matthew Adayi
    Matthew Adayi 3 days ago

    This my take on this different video coming out on daily basis about this R.KELLY,black women been treated like animals,he show no remorse for his actions,it a big shame.