OCCUPATION Official Trailer (2018)

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • OCCUPATION Official Trailer Movie HD in theatre 2018.
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  • DaTruYugo
    DaTruYugo 12 minutes ago


  • toothpick4649
    toothpick4649 8 hours ago

    Always makes me laugh in these type of films the army is unable to fight and win , but a bunch of locals save the day..

  • zzodr
    zzodr 14 hours ago

    Hahah everyone knows our Army can't put that many Tigers in the air at once.

  • vignesh krishnamurthy
    vignesh krishnamurthy 20 hours ago

    @2.10 that's not American flag and also how low budget is this crap.

  • Adham Hutomo
    Adham Hutomo Day ago


  • SaybreofAges
    SaybreofAges Day ago

    This looks so cheap and nasty. I'm guessing straight to dvd.

  • dulez
    dulez Day ago

    Too many weights and not enough speedwork

  • dale carney
    dale carney Day ago

    looks ineresting

  • Rob Field
    Rob Field Day ago

    Wait, TWO Australian remakes of Red Dawn?

  • mark One
    mark One Day ago

    The veteran knew what was up take cover

  • Elder Silva
    Elder Silva Day ago


  • Decimus
    Decimus Day ago

    Too bad Australia disarmed the civilian population. This movie would be so much better.

    BARON SAMEDI 2 days ago

    I am missing MAD MAX to kick the Australian Alien asses!!!!💪😎👍

  • Cadence Wallace
    Cadence Wallace 2 days ago

    Aliens: We're invading Australia!
    Big mistake.

  • slaying mfs
    slaying mfs 2 days ago

    dude, where has clayton domino aka melvin been?i want to know whats up with his map alleyways

  • ShazamzTV
    ShazamzTV 3 days ago

    I've met the whole cast, there all quite nice and pretty cool.

  • TheOneWhoMightBe
    TheOneWhoMightBe 3 days ago

    Well this looks terrible.

  • Xombygod
    Xombygod 3 days ago

    The TAU are finally here. Do we get a haka in this?

  • Willy Parrot
    Willy Parrot 4 days ago

    "In the last place you would expect." : USA !

  • Jiggajig Jones
    Jiggajig Jones 4 days ago

    Clonetrooper will save us.

  • Anthony Vu
    Anthony Vu 4 days ago

    Looks like an add for the new AMD graphics card. 1080ti killer

  • Andromeda M31
    Andromeda M31 4 days ago

    Producers keep thinking that a civilization intelligent and advanced enough to cross interstellar space in huge numbers would actually need to take us on hand to hand lol.
    they would have eliminated us long before they got here, they could send probes or something to poison our air or whatever you imagine, there wouldn't be any shoot em up crap.

  • Finder Outer
    Finder Outer 4 days ago

    Seems weak

  • bambino100011
    bambino100011 4 days ago

    Independence Day 4??????? 🤣

  • TKO Warmaster
    TKO Warmaster 6 days ago

    Low budget movie

  • mikedehoogh black flag race photos

    Normally I'd be stoked about an alien invasion movie. Normally...

  • Mack M
    Mack M 6 days ago


  • Benjámin Kurilla
    Benjámin Kurilla 7 days ago

    Why aliens never try a good orbital bombardment?

  • Flower Chan
    Flower Chan 7 days ago

    Independence day with an Aussie accent.

  • Daniel Troyer
    Daniel Troyer 7 days ago

    If this wasn't a cheese fest it would actually be pretty cool

  • Nabil Horsyn
    Nabil Horsyn 7 days ago

    salut le nom de se film se n est pas occupation??

  • Simple As This
    Simple As This 8 days ago

    At the end of the movie, human race are still the winner

  • Евгений Петров

    Хуета очередная!

  • americana_incarnate
    americana_incarnate 8 days ago

    Well Australia is screwed they don't have guns anymore.

  • Lars Ostreim
    Lars Ostreim 8 days ago

    Where are the sharks with the laser beams when you need them

  • TFSTrader
    TFSTrader 8 days ago

    Good Movie. I love Australians - good people. As for the idiotic comments some have made below just disregard them.

  • Kreyain
    Kreyain 9 days ago

    Aliens have invaded? Fuck off mate, it's a long weekend...
    Also why is it as soon as something bad happens in Australia everyone immediately goes Mad Max?

  • MR J
    MR J 9 days ago

    Europeans the original illegal alien or invader

  • 3style media
    3style media 9 days ago

    Its algood uncle jake will sort the aliens out

  • neon_bygone
    neon_bygone 9 days ago

    Aliens invade Australia? They'd be addicted to ice and living in Bendigo within a week

  • Jack Fisk
    Jack Fisk 9 days ago

    Wait, no Tom Cruise? Pfft!!

  • Lucas Atmanagara
    Lucas Atmanagara 9 days ago

    About time aliens invaded Australia

  • Spectre
    Spectre 9 days ago

    So, B movie with a big budget.

  • garret bdjdbdbd
    garret bdjdbdbd 9 days ago

    Definitely interesting concept. An alien movie with no Americans

  • bill booth
    bill booth 9 days ago

    AI is more of a threat than aliens.

  • Archer Gondal
    Archer Gondal 9 days ago


  • coolandmellow
    coolandmellow 9 days ago

    Now Australian Holywood is smoking Flaka

  • November Alpha
    November Alpha 10 days ago

    Same shit, different movie

  • Troy V
    Troy V 10 days ago +1

    Cool. imagine aliens having the smarts to travel light years, yet not smart enough to fight a conventional war with primitive earthlings.

  • Blaine Steele
    Blaine Steele 10 days ago

    Yeah too bad aussies gave up their big bad evil ghunz in 1996 so the nanny state can hold their dick when they pee.

  • mosamaster
    mosamaster 10 days ago

    The Aliens want our jobs !

  • Lyfa Lee Zhure
    Lyfa Lee Zhure 10 days ago

    "Battle: L.A." part 2?

  • Sunlight8993
    Sunlight8993 10 days ago

    В содружестве с #КрымНаш и #ИхТамНет

  • Amrizal Sabran
    Amrizal Sabran 10 days ago

    Thanks. For the whole movie. 😂

  • Andrey Makarov
    Andrey Makarov 10 days ago

    Next portion of shit

  • Hamman Samuel
    Hamman Samuel 10 days ago +1

    Do the aliens get killed by water in the end?

  • jm gee
    jm gee 10 days ago


  • TheGreaterGood80
    TheGreaterGood80 10 days ago

    Looks like a mish mash of Battle LA, Red Dawn, Tomorrow When The War Began and the TV show Colony. Might be entertaining though.

    JAGERDEW 10 days ago +1


  • Richard Hardy
    Richard Hardy 10 days ago

    I thought this was a movie about Palestine lol.

  • IrkMcSpamtroll
    IrkMcSpamtroll 10 days ago

    Is dat yaw daughtuh?

  • TJ Critch
    TJ Critch 10 days ago

    obviously someone didnt cook him some eggs

  • Putrefax
    Putrefax 10 days ago

    Falling Skies but in Aus? Seems....meh, but will probs see it for the novelty of our accents in a film

  • Alberto Lopez
    Alberto Lopez 10 days ago

    Red Dawn with Aliens, and Feminism!

  • b b
    b b 10 days ago

    Not a single drop bear... I call BS

  • c@mbaz
    c@mbaz 11 days ago

    america saving the planet?
    talk about realism...

  • KevinArdala01
    KevinArdala01 11 days ago

    Home & Away's changed a bit since I last tuned in... ;)

  • White Rhino
    White Rhino 11 days ago

    it kind of makes me think of israel/palestine but the humans in the movie are not pushing the invasion of white countries and only white countries, while simultaneously hiding behind huge walls keeping the world out lol

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli 11 days ago

    Lol. I love how all of a sudden they have ar 15 and mp5 and all sorts of good weapons in a xpuntry with very limited gun rights. All those guns they showed are illegal in Australia. Lol good thing its a movie or they'd be screwed.

    KASTARENTA 11 days ago

    Another battle of L.A

  • Victor Nojin
    Victor Nojin 11 days ago

    V again really.

  • treesomeful
    treesomeful 11 days ago

    Another dumb American Movie Yeahh.......

  • Andrei Dela Cruz
    Andrei Dela Cruz 11 days ago

    Looks neat...i wanna watch it

  • Nathan Willis
    Nathan Willis 11 days ago

    Fuck yes Australia

  • Wayne Perreault
    Wayne Perreault 11 days ago

    Hey Australia, rethinking your new gun control laws? You know the part where you have nothing to defend yours...

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 11 days ago

    red dawn-aussie style......

  • paintballer7171986
    paintballer7171986 11 days ago

    Jango fett let himself go....

  • Frankie2012channel
    Frankie2012channel 11 days ago

    How Hilarious. Australia fighting off aliens with civilians? From what I recall AUSTRALIA has draconian GUN CONTROL. You can fight a guerilla war, but you need the tools. I know it's fantasy but I always find it funny that we see such storylines taking place in nations that don't trust their own citizens with guns (yeah, I know, they can have 'some' guns, very restricted and limited in capacity, great for sport hunting or competition target plinking.....annnnnnd that's about it).

  • stephen gebhard
    stephen gebhard 11 days ago


  • Layk35
    Layk35 11 days ago

    Yeesh. I think people are a little over humans standing a chance against aliens in movies barring some deus ex machina. But straight up fights like what this whole movie looks to be about, can't suspend disbelief for that any longer, and it's boring and played out.

  • Garrett Parker
    Garrett Parker 11 days ago

    The battle for earth begins in Perth.

  • AquariumTV
    AquariumTV 11 days ago

    Australia's turn to save the world I see..:-)

  • Aleksandr Yusupov
    Aleksandr Yusupov 11 days ago

    Yanki! Go home!!))

  • Paul Daniel
    Paul Daniel 11 days ago

    this looks kool

  • Truthseeker1
    Truthseeker1 11 days ago

    Another Hollywood feminist fantasy movie where women kick ass and save the world but only in their drug influenced imagination.

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson 11 days ago

    Uncle fucking Bulli!

  • feckster100
    feckster100 11 days ago

    Does it come with shrimp?

  • Thor847200
    Thor847200 11 days ago

    If it doesn't have Darryn Lyons in it I am not interested. :D

  • alan x
    alan x 11 days ago

    looks good but usually all the best bits are in the trailers, hope its better than battle los angeles, that was terrible! lets have a watch then.

  • David Parry
    David Parry 11 days ago +1

    _Alien... tastes like shit but you can live on it._
    _You call that a metabolism... that's not a metabolism... this is a metabolism._

  • rotorheadv8
    rotorheadv8 11 days ago

    How do the civilians fight back? The government in their country has already confiscated all their guns. If they got their hands in any, they don’t know how to use them.

  • Merky Beam
    Merky Beam 12 days ago

    Pass me a bucket...

  • romansrule1
    romansrule1 12 days ago

    Aussies are fuked they took all their guns away

  • Matt Hervey
    Matt Hervey 12 days ago

    Basically the same plot as the tv show Falling Skies...

  • Viewtiful ASMR
    Viewtiful ASMR 12 days ago

    Buttchin....gonna fight some aliens?! nah im good...pass

  • Q & A
    Q & A 12 days ago

    Boooooooooooring. 💩💩💩💩💩

  • daniel worthington
    daniel worthington 12 days ago

    This is just tomorrow when the war began but with aliens

  • sky guy
    sky guy 12 days ago

    Reexxx!🤗🤔I mean cody..🤔I mean fives..?🤔no! wolf!🤔or is it boba?🤔jangooo! That's it, Jango fett!😏been wanting to see him in another role😅cool!

    MAMAFA NIUEAN 12 days ago

    The Muss is smashing aliens now 😲😲

  • Anthony Howard
    Anthony Howard 12 days ago

    Red dawn: revenge of the space commies