OCCUPATION Official Trailer (2018)

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • OCCUPATION Official Trailer Movie HD in theatre 2018.
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  • The Silent Flute
    The Silent Flute 13 hours ago

    Ok so, the plot is interesting....but I think the acting and lines are pretty bad and cheesy. I’m gonna give it a chance.

  • mike G.
    mike G. Day ago

    They travel millions of light years to come here and they fight us with basic rifle type weapons and fly around in ships that go no faster or maneuver better than ours? Smh...

  • Inconvenientruths

    Guys yes we are getting invaded and yes in time perhaps 10 or 20 years our kids will have to fight for Australia, bbuutt the fact is the movie to me looks a perler and far better than those Yankee movies. I give it 5 out of 5.

  • Kal El
    Kal El 2 days ago

    As movies go... It's not bad, considering the competition within this kind of genre. Would have been a lot better if they hadn't constantly music for each and every scene. It was just too overpowering. Not enough space to breath and feel the scenes. Felt almost like a musical. You can have dramatic scenes without the constant violins, you know.

  • Pablo Palma
    Pablo Palma 2 days ago

    Jaj ja ja ridiculizan al alienígena cuando a la verdad que se orinan de miedo si manifiestan porque la historia sería otra

  • Krish
    Krish 2 days ago

    Worst movie ever I hv wasted my data and time

  • Iamsterdam
    Iamsterdam 3 days ago

    From Boba fett to a fat bumb

  • AeonGenie
    AeonGenie 3 days ago

    That guy in the crocodile dundee hat knows whats up

  • Liquid9360
    Liquid9360 3 days ago

    Highest level of fuckery i ever looked at smh.

  • MightyMiMi
    MightyMiMi 4 days ago

    Just don't watch this film please !!! So crap

  • Manckie Manc
    Manckie Manc 4 days ago

    What a stupid and pointless story

  • paulo vitor
    paulo vitor 5 days ago

    music ?

  • Krishna Jo
    Krishna Jo 5 days ago

    so childish. sucks

  • meshowz
    meshowz 6 days ago

    I'm really amazed that there are still some studies willing to fund such a shithole movie knowing well that they will fail miserably.

  • DerpyWerpy
    DerpyWerpy 7 days ago

    As soon as I saw the "aliens" I think I almost died laughing

  • Noel Blake
    Noel Blake 7 days ago

    Dudes right it's a wanna be red Dawn with aliens except missing all the good stuff this movie is simply awful not alot of thought of the viewer when making it

  • Will Penny
    Will Penny 8 days ago

    The home and away cast doing a sci fi movie with a kiwi in the mix.

  • Georgios N. Telas
    Georgios N. Telas 8 days ago

    "Indepedence day" the ausie way, whatever that means... By the way, one of the funniest lines I've ever hear in a film, "Australian Army"......lmao

  • Apocalypto1
    Apocalypto1 9 days ago

    Now this wouldn't happen in Russia, they chose Oz because it's full of feminists and soyboys 😂😂

  • Ormus
    Ormus 9 days ago

    Oh I loved the first independence day, this one should be good...

  • robert plod
    robert plod 9 days ago

    just watched this!! this had to have some of the worst acting i have ever seen! stephanie jacobsen was the worst of all. over acting times 100!

  • DiGiTaL
    DiGiTaL 9 days ago

    i just saw this movie and it was sooooooo shit worst b grade crap ive ever seen and one point i thought it was a comedy, dont get me started on the music that was the cringyist crap ive ever heard

  • C Mill
    C Mill 9 days ago +1

    Props to the trailer director. The quick cuts hide the low Budget CG. But the chick in the beret and the brief dialogue they included says loads abt the cliche writing ahead of you.
    Why Australia? Oh right, because they cant have strict gun regulations. The aliens pull a psycho mass shooter and attacking Earths gun free zones. Lol

  • 69,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS And Counting

    This movie was disappointing 👎👎. I do recommend everyone to watching “ Extinction (2018) “ tho! ✌️.

  • nicolas ibañez
    nicolas ibañez 10 days ago

    las peliculas de bajo presupuesto me caen mal

  • Evan Antonola
    Evan Antonola 10 days ago


  • Jandi Diaz
    Jandi Diaz 10 days ago

    they got a preppy interstellar ship but can only manage a weak blaster gun. good aliens.

  • Josh Marcon
    Josh Marcon 11 days ago

    Once they see a dingo dragging off one of their babies I am sure they will leave.

  • brumbloke
    brumbloke 11 days ago

    was this filmed with a $500 dslr

  • just me
    just me 11 days ago

    Well this is just bullshit, we all know that aliens only ever attack america.

  • Dogan demirbas
    Dogan demirbas 11 days ago

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  • johnthr33
    johnthr33 11 days ago

    I think they are trying to prepare us for a false flag alien invasion. Seriously like how many of these movies have they made recently ???

  • Borin Nhek
    Borin Nhek 11 days ago

    stop doing movie if you don't know how to stabilize your camera fuqer

  • Timothy Thomas
    Timothy Thomas 11 days ago

    These movies should have a Special Forces Team WHO FIND SURVIVORS AND TRAIN THEM UP.

  • Brendow Adriel
    Brendow Adriel 12 days ago

    Shit movie.

  • Tree Trunks
    Tree Trunks 12 days ago

    Is that a braxton lol

  • cl223
    cl223 12 days ago

    LOL. Unbelievable. Australians are antigun pussies. Would welcome the Invaders.

  • mechx
    mechx 13 days ago

    You know they are after the dropbears right?

  • Yay Yo
    Yay Yo 13 days ago

    Ozzy movie huh?

  • William J
    William J 13 days ago

    this is one of the most stupidest allien invasion movies I have ever seen.

  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius 13 days ago

    meh looks deadly boring

  • Street Skater 66
    Street Skater 66 13 days ago

    Looks really shit.

  • SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    Alien Red Dawn.

  • Here We go
    Here We go 14 days ago

    Just seen this movie and I have to say , it's definitely a top 10 best movies that came in 2018 no DEBATE ,

  • crunchpodx
    crunchpodx 14 days ago

    Damn, I haven't seen that dude since Once We Were Warriors

  • Eyeswatcher
    Eyeswatcher 14 days ago

    Watched this movie and lemme tell you. It is not realistic at all, acting is bad and the story is just bullshit.

  • waltage
    waltage 14 days ago


  • John Do
    John Do 14 days ago

    Music director ruined this movie. Terrible Disney music in every scene. Also the aliens were very dumb.

  • CeazAmaze
    CeazAmaze 14 days ago

    this Feminist film made me Cringe so much. it was beyond boring and stupid. the music is like right out of a Church film. it was good till they invaded.right after that, it went down hill. so horrible, cringe horrid. WARNING do not watch!!! its shit!

  • The Troll
    The Troll 14 days ago

    Save your money and time and wait for predator instead

  • BJ JR
    BJ JR 15 days ago


  • Zed Rengar
    Zed Rengar 15 days ago

    looool from civilians to trained killes xDDDDDDD

  • Salih ARSLAN
    Salih ARSLAN 15 days ago

    Sen git elin uzaylısı o kadar teknoloji kas. Yıldızlar arası seyahat et sonra dünyaya saldırmak için askeri bir üsse değilde yine her zamanki gibi amerikanın bir uyduruk kasabasına saldır. Amaç nedir oraya saldırmanın. Yaa biraz gerçekçi olun. Yıldızlar arası yolculuk yapabiliyorsa bu ırk bizden bilgi ve teknoloji noktasında bizden fersah fersah öndeler. Yani deme o ki bu uzaylılar bu kadar aptalca bir hareket yapmazlar yada neden böyle aptal olmayı seçiyorlar???

  • MegaBeego
    MegaBeego 15 days ago

    looks like poo poo.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee 15 days ago

    If the location was America, movie would last 15 minutes.

  • TheRealWitblitz
    TheRealWitblitz 15 days ago

    The battle for the entire earth in an Australian back water. Must be a logistical nightmare.

  • Facundo Aristimuño
    Facundo Aristimuño 15 days ago

    It's the most crap movie I've seen, I could not even finish watching it 👎

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 15 days ago

    Budget 6 Million $$$
    Real life crashes with cheap CGI

  • Downtown DF
    Downtown DF 16 days ago

    Now imagine if guns were illegal...

  • Timogen Viente
    Timogen Viente 16 days ago

    These aliens can do interstellar travel, thousands if not millions of years ahead of us but do the dumbest invasion ever or is it the writter and the directors of this movie are dumb as fuck. No doubt.

  • Dee
    Dee 16 days ago

    armature actors. stupido movie

    VIP4R4D0XIV 16 days ago

    This would have been better if the script was passed to someone with a bit more backing behind them, clearly this was low on the blockbuster conveyer belt of cinematic genius.

  • Kwa ndo
    Kwa ndo 17 days ago

    Oh shit if this becomes a trend with aliens, normaly they only attack America.

  • Valrin7236
    Valrin7236 17 days ago

    So, I actually watched this. It started off okay, typical "introduce all the archetype characters" and it looked good, but in the second act it just goes off the rails and stops making any sense and all the characters are flipping personalities like the guy from Split. Then the third act is so cliched I was facebooking on my phone and didn't really miss anything.

  • 1kparmar
    1kparmar 17 days ago

    What are these Aliens doing messing with Australia? They must have taken a wrong turn on the way to the US :-)

  • 1kparmar
    1kparmar 17 days ago

    The worse film I have seen in a long while. After about an hour I wanted the Aliens to put me out of my misery:-) We clearly do not deserve to be on this earth because we produce rubbish like this.
    I saw a good comment where someone said, some gallar wanted to remake Independence day but in rural Australia. I thought he was being kind :-)

  • S4lami_gr GAMES
    S4lami_gr GAMES 17 days ago

    it looks so so bad! :/

  • Horumarka Dalka
    Horumarka Dalka 17 days ago

    Shitty movie

  • Nitin D
    Nitin D 17 days ago

    everybody is copying hollywood themes.. alien invasion,,,,, bring something new,,

  • greg johns
    greg johns 17 days ago

    This movie was really bad. Just..... Bad. Like the; you could tell that the cast and crew knew the movie was gonna be bad so they didn't even try, kinda bad

  • Younas Yaqub
    Younas Yaqub 18 days ago

    He He

  • Time2Keel
    Time2Keel 18 days ago

    Domp aliens in Austrailiyya.

  • Kanga Kid
    Kanga Kid 18 days ago

    Ahhh what the heck..you can have the dust, heat and flies..lol

  • Harambe ,the horny gorilla

    Direct to video crap

  • Sir Leviatan Doom
    Sir Leviatan Doom 18 days ago


  • Shady 702
    Shady 702 19 days ago

    ...put this on the barbie!...mate!

  • Michael Ainslie
    Michael Ainslie 19 days ago

    I don't mind spiders and snakes etc but I can't stand the Australian accents for some reason if there where no Australians in Australia I would love to go there for a while

  • Lexcalibur
    Lexcalibur 19 days ago

    Aliens invading Australia is like starting a game on hard mode. Even if they get through the people, they're getting wiped out by the waves of poisionous animals.

  • überguy
    überguy 19 days ago

    Rather aliens than muzzies, for at least the aliens can integrate xP

  • Kenny Boi
    Kenny Boi 19 days ago

    I dont understand why people like this movie its so lame

  • DTS 187
    DTS 187 19 days ago

    The movie fucking sucked. The asian female character was annoying as shit and so was the old bald guy. It's funny how they turned into soldiers at the end and didn't get demolished by the laser. This shit was cringe worthy asf, do not recommend you wasting 2 hours of your life on this bullshit.

  • Pedro H Garcez
    Pedro H Garcez 19 days ago


  • Innocente De Tei
    Innocente De Tei 19 days ago

    XCOM: The Movie Invasion...

  • Adams World
    Adams World 19 days ago

    come on people, don't be dumb and like this movie. absolutely pathetic acting and all round just ridiculous.

  • Lejon Leonard
    Lejon Leonard 19 days ago

    Not much of a trailer.

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese 19 days ago

    Looks low budget!

  • Tyrrell Johnson
    Tyrrell Johnson 19 days ago

    Do some of the characters look like there from Destiny or am I Tripping? 👀

  • Free Man
    Free Man 19 days ago

    weak acting ! my opinion.

  • Mlizar
    Mlizar 20 days ago

    See what happens when you turn in your guns.

  • muhammed rahman
    muhammed rahman 20 days ago

    these fucking Terrorists fighting occupation on their own land defending their family and friends against the aggressor they should just lie down and Die! Dont show this movie in ISRAHELL!

  • Злой енот
    Злой енот 20 days ago

    Cheap trash

  • Ryan El Chancho
    Ryan El Chancho 20 days ago

    well...not bad for a aussie movie...not bad... in the movie they say all poticians hide in bunkers and humanity fight alone... and this will someday real happend to us if the aliens come here...btw, .50 cal will kill every thing =D

  • StaunchTrooper
    StaunchTrooper 20 days ago

    Them aliens are fucked bro, Jake the Muss, bloody alien cunts, too much muscle, not enough speed.

  • PicaFromYT
    PicaFromYT 20 days ago

    looks like a graphics card

  • Dark World
    Dark World 20 days ago

    I'm gonna watch it just because it's happening in Australia.

  • Blake Pavey
    Blake Pavey 20 days ago

    Holy fuck this looks shit. Australia can’t make movies to save their fucking life... and this is coming from an Aussie

  • Azzamatic
    Azzamatic 21 day ago

    Wow Aliens invade a country what is not America

  • genocide amerika
    genocide amerika 21 day ago

    Caucasians are foreign invaders to the Americas
    Caucasians are the multi in multicultural (since people were already living in America)
    Caucasians are the diverse in diversity (since people were already living in america)
    Africa for Africans
    Asia for Asians
    Americas for amerindians
    Australia for aborigines
    Europe for Africans
    Antarctica for Africans
    New Zealand for maori
    Caucasus mountains for Caucasians

    Whites really think they are "real Americans"Just shows you the white supremacy propaganda machinery at work

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 21 day ago

    Just saw this movie. It started off kinda cool and interesting. Then it just fell apart with some... couple of douchebags taking on aliens who has interstellar technology, but is no match for people who are simply put, pissed off. Or maybe just annoyed. Or Annoying. Something. Bleh!