Nervous Chef Loses Cook-Off to Gordon’s Steak | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
    A cook off in the kitchen to spark creativity backfires, with the head chef showing Gordon and the owner how boring her food is.
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  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog 21 hour ago +1

    Perla is like that mexican lady from Family Guy "I need more lemon pledge"

  • David Bookey
    David Bookey Day ago +1

    Perla knows she’s fucked put on a pedestal to highlight her lack of any skills

  • Li Yang
    Li Yang 5 days ago

    Well hello perla! 😄😂😂
    Are you really a chef?🤣

    FACTS and MYTHS TV 6 days ago

    Hug to hug po tayo 🤗

    Small TVclipr here 👌
    Like nyo automatic subscribe ako sainyo. Thank you 🤗❤️

  • Alain Culleton
    Alain Culleton 8 days ago

    Perla is like a footballer not being able to tie his boots

  • lincoln ogumede
    lincoln ogumede 8 days ago

    Put perla in the bin somewhere

  • lincoln ogumede
    lincoln ogumede 8 days ago

    That woman has some freaky eyes

  • Thunder Out boo
    Thunder Out boo 9 days ago

    Tbh i wasnt surprised by the title who would win a cook off to Gordon

  • Ser Bronn of the Fookin Blackwater

    Pretty sure that Pearla is an illegal immigrant from Mexico

  • Lexon
    Lexon 10 days ago

    Yeah she needs new staff

  • hi welcome to chilis
    hi welcome to chilis 10 days ago

    garlik bres

  • jon skinner
    jon skinner 11 days ago

    How to fix ever single kitchen on this programme, fire the chef.

  • Cesar Campos
    Cesar Campos 12 days ago

    guys arono but the owner is pretty hot

  • Martin Fry
    Martin Fry 12 days ago

    Lady : *standing there doing nothing*
    Gordon : what are you doing?
    Lady : iM tHiNkInG

  • zyonix
    zyonix 13 days ago +1

    1:44 is that FaZe Banks?

  • Ozan Akin
    Ozan Akin 14 days ago

    Her fish is wraw

  • Lilom
    Lilom 16 days ago

    That manager's eye have something scary about them

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter 16 days ago

    2:57 the bass is Iron Maiden run to the hills?

  • Comans Messanger
    Comans Messanger 17 days ago

    I thought it said she lost a cook off against the steak

  • day canillas
    day canillas 20 days ago

    Perla sucks

  • Bill Kerman
    Bill Kerman 21 day ago +1

    that's what happens when you give jobs to illegals

  • HyperNeutrino
    HyperNeutrino 21 day ago

    > chef loses cook-off to gordon

    wow really :o

  • zoltansocrates
    zoltansocrates 22 days ago

    At least a link to the full epsisode

  • Avia Historia
    Avia Historia 23 days ago

    Annoying indian accent

  • Thamuz
    Thamuz 24 days ago

    Gordon having a cook-off with a nervous chef is like having a elite rank fight a mythical rank

  • Lps Midnight YT
    Lps Midnight YT 24 days ago

    1:56 When 7 year olds on fortnite get their first victory royale

  • Sagarmatha
    Sagarmatha 24 days ago

    that chefs experience this episode is like watching my life

  • ohnoa_1
    ohnoa_1 24 days ago

    throw her back across the border

  • George Fitness
    George Fitness 25 days ago +1

    The foreign Woman looks like her IQ is really low!

    • Stan Torren
      Stan Torren 17 days ago

      and says “Garlic Bret with GARLIC AND SALT

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 25 days ago

    Yea Laura stop helping, You are ruining Gordon’s plan to humiliate your team and your restaurant.

  • Rj Oatman
    Rj Oatman 27 days ago

    Ramsay: what is it?
    Owner: blackened shrimp tacos
    Perla: gA1ic br3a5t
    In ramsay's head: what in the actual fuck is this fucking donkey sandwich doing???

  • BabyShark PH
    BabyShark PH 27 days ago

    Legend has it that she's still thinking up to now.

  • 2612greg
    2612greg 28 days ago

    Just fired the chef

  • Darren Carwin Lagus
    Darren Carwin Lagus 28 days ago

    Laura is the best owner

  • Brandon Salazar
    Brandon Salazar 29 days ago

    Why didn't Gordon say why did you stole my famous wards its focking raw

  • Jerry Chan
    Jerry Chan 29 days ago

    4:34 that 180

  • TheProGamer Andrej
    TheProGamer Andrej Month ago


  • solomon odulusi
    solomon odulusi Month ago

    On the one ☝🏾 hand you could say that Gordon encourage the girl to cook her very own unique dish because it was a challenge for her and a chance to prove something.
    On the other hand you could say that the cook off was unfair because Gordon is already professional chef 👨‍🍳 at cooking food 🥘, whereas the woman is just maybe an amateur and was just nervous despite the cook off, and this got to her mentally that she couldn’t win because she was too overwhelmed.

  • Wet Mustard
    Wet Mustard Month ago +1

    I feel bad for perla because that's literally me when I cook....

  • akmaza ary
    akmaza ary Month ago

    the "CHEF" was only standing

  • Delphiniums46
    Delphiniums46 Month ago

    When the going gets tough Laura gets tougher

  • bleachiniac
    bleachiniac Month ago

    How's their restaurant doing?Laura seemed she really cares about the restaurant..

  • wiskasz
    wiskasz Month ago

    Kick the chef, and get one willing to work for what he/she is paid for.

    THE ANACONDA Month ago

    When u lie on ur resume but still got the job

  • Lukas Nagel
    Lukas Nagel Month ago +1

    They talking about how Bad the Chicken is. Well then feel free to do it better. :)

  • Scarbz
    Scarbz Month ago

    I think Perla is a fraud... Shes not a chef at all...

  • Joe_264
    Joe_264 Month ago

    Perla is absolutely useless shes acctually so bad like how can you cook raw fish and steak?

  • protenpinner
    protenpinner Month ago

    Please tell me the chef got sacked? Can't cook for shit

  • KanadianSpaceProgram
    KanadianSpaceProgram Month ago +1

    "Garlic breast? WEIRD!"
    lol 🤣

  • Donavyn Fortin
    Donavyn Fortin Month ago +4

    Steak with avocado butter
    Blackened shrimp tacos
    gArLiC bReAsT

  • Reason4234
    Reason4234 Month ago

    There's no shame in losing a cook-off to Gor... Holy fuck, that's what she made?
    I like this owner... She is actually good. That's not usual in this show.

  • Coca Kokoro
    Coca Kokoro Month ago

    what episode is this? I wanna watch the whole thing

  • Jhin El Forajido
    Jhin El Forajido Month ago

    Perla is a cleaning lady, working as a head chef......bruh.

  • Little Liam Sebastian
    Little Liam Sebastian Month ago +2

    I bet in her circle of friends, Perla is always the last one to laugh at jokes

  • yes yes
    yes yes Month ago

    is the customers real e_e

  • 4n0nym0usX
    4n0nym0usX Month ago

    first garlic bread, now garlic breast lmao

  • Frokie1 And Lesley
    Frokie1 And Lesley Month ago

    Perla Is An Idiot Breast

  • Meric Unal
    Meric Unal Month ago

    Laura needs to be chef

  • Martin M
    Martin M Month ago

    0:49 does someone use a microwave in the cook-off?

  • LKRFC 35
    LKRFC 35 Month ago

    Yo glasses lady just leave her alone if she can't cook then that's ok but don't rub it in