CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie
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  • Fwog The fwog
    Fwog The fwog 45 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that kinda liked it

  • Milyhya
    Milyhya Hour ago

    The frick, its NSFW film dudes not children

  • Arce Sousa
    Arce Sousa 2 hours ago


  • Usman
    Usman 2 hours ago


  • Jacob Castillo
    Jacob Castillo 5 hours ago +2

    Just sit and realize someone thought this was a good idea

  • roblox tittie
    roblox tittie 6 hours ago

    This isnt my my hentai what the fuck internet

  • NovaLinx
    NovaLinx 7 hours ago

    Finally! A worthy & bizarre contender for A Serbian Film!

  • Damtri Montgomery
    Damtri Montgomery 7 hours ago

    Who the hell said to themselves hmmmm a creepy ass version of humans mixed with cats and I got my self a movie no just no I'm wondering my self if this is a horror movie or not just wat the hell

  • Vinny Camarata
    Vinny Camarata 7 hours ago

    More people dislike cats because of it's look.
    Me: "What about the story? And song."

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life 7 hours ago

    Looks like a big FLOP, to me!!!

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 8 hours ago

    This is the worst video I’ve ever watched in my life please never make this movie and if you do kill yourself and if you like this movie kill yourself because this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen like Istg this makes the first version of the new sonic movie look like angels dude like this makes me want to stick a pole in my bit and shoot my self in the mouth. Just swing this makes me wanna cry because of how extremely ugly ever character in this movie is like how do you have an entire team of people in this movie and working in this movie and none of them are like “Hey this is pretty bad and very stinky let’s not ruin our entire careers on this poop” but hey that just 90% of the people opinions so for your sake I hope the 10% of people if even that many people watch this crap watch it 10,000 times to get your money back but I hope you don’t make money off of this BIRDCRAP because it’s like thanos took a big stinky poop on a cat movie but that’s all I have to say. PLEASE DONT MAKE THIS MOVIE

  • Abdul Mahmood
    Abdul Mahmood 8 hours ago

    this movie looks so weird that I wanna see it

  • ER Entertainment
    ER Entertainment 8 hours ago

    I just searched this up so I can dislike it

  • Jake Rogers
    Jake Rogers 8 hours ago +2

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks really interesting and quirky. Do people realise that in the award winning original musical it is people dressed like cats, just like this?

  • Pain Tendo
    Pain Tendo 9 hours ago +1

    What in the Actual Fuck

    MMCXII 9 hours ago

    Only furries, pedos and democrats will see this monstrosity

  • Cat Canivan
    Cat Canivan 9 hours ago Original Cats Broadyway cast shares memories as new film hits big screen

  • Lion_Eats_Orbed_Ham
    Lion_Eats_Orbed_Ham 10 hours ago

    Cats have human noses?

  • The Lonely Dragon
    The Lonely Dragon 10 hours ago

    Those faces... I feel like the costume designers accidentally were told this was a horror movie, not a musical.
    Especially the actors who have bigger or just very noticeable lips, its just... like... trying to make Will Smith into a fish bad...

  • Mizz Dizz
    Mizz Dizz 10 hours ago

    is it just me who dont like Jhudson as Grazibella? her voice doesn't suit Grazibella i think. she sounds too...singing contest-ish. xD

  • Ursus Theodorus
    Ursus Theodorus 10 hours ago

    You don't need to be so rude, they make a mistake giving them human lips, but this could be a good movie

  • tj johnson
    tj johnson 11 hours ago

    I got my money on Taylor Swift winning 😎🤷🏿‍♂️

  • sully
    sully 11 hours ago

    im a dog person now

  • Rocio A
    Rocio A 11 hours ago +1

    Ok the storyline is beautiful BUT OH MY GOD. CHANGE THE COSTUMES PLEASE DEAR LORD.

  • Rocio A
    Rocio A 11 hours ago

    What the heck.

  • James Booth
    James Booth 12 hours ago +1

    The furry fandom says *_fuck off_*

  • Dj NutCracker
    Dj NutCracker 12 hours ago

    Someone: *asks universal in twitter to redo the animation*
    Universal: We don't do that here.

  • educated
    educated 13 hours ago

    What is this.. animal planet?

  • random cat
    random cat 13 hours ago +1

    I get that these "cats" look a little strange but seriously people, you don't have to be so rude about it. I've been scrolling through these comments and I'm really just imagining how terrible all of these comments can make the creator feel. I seriously thought everyone knew the saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all."

  • Harriet Fletcher
    Harriet Fletcher 14 hours ago +1

    I just wanted to acknowledge that Jenny still sounds amazing btw 🥺

  • jacob
    jacob 14 hours ago +1

    Wtff im so high this is weird

  • duujohn
    duujohn 15 hours ago

    Very creepy

  • J Jaden
    J Jaden 16 hours ago +1

    If cat in the hat was made by the drama class in high school

  • IceGod Kazzy
    IceGod Kazzy 16 hours ago

    Definitely watching this on acid

  • Geneva
    Geneva 16 hours ago +2

    Wait why does this have so many dislikes. Are all of these hate comments from people who have no idea what the original musical was? 😂 Clearly you guys don’t see that this is pretty true to the original. Plus the actors that they’ve got are gonna absolutely nail it 👀

  • Chickezz Ur Boss
    Chickezz Ur Boss 17 hours ago +1


  • Marebel Dorris
    Marebel Dorris 17 hours ago

    Cat In The Hat 2!

  • Retro Square.
    Retro Square. 17 hours ago

    I'm just gonna say this now, ew

  • Bee
    Bee 17 hours ago

    Theater freaks : "YESSS"
    Everyone else: ....ewl..

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 17 hours ago

    Kahjiit has wares for you

  • I’m Icêy
    I’m Icêy 17 hours ago

    So this Is why Hitler killed himself

  • Hollister -.-
    Hollister -.- 17 hours ago +1

    Furrys get a movie

  • Isaias Leon
    Isaias Leon 18 hours ago

    They took BLACK Superman, Magento/Gandalf and an amazing music artists and turned them to the Dark Side.

  • Laura G
    Laura G 18 hours ago +1

    Look how beautiful you are

  • Axel In the house
    Axel In the house 18 hours ago

    This is the weirdest trailer I ever seen the cats look like retardet disabled creeps and I don't get what's going on and cats movement makes it even more creepy

  • pauline abad
    pauline abad 18 hours ago

    Thanks for the trailer.bcoz of that im not gonna watch! 😅

  • Ella LeFavour
    Ella LeFavour 18 hours ago +2

    This is gonna be so bad lmao

  • Vanessa Frank
    Vanessa Frank 18 hours ago +1

    of course taylor swift is in this

  • Joseph Maxwell
    Joseph Maxwell 18 hours ago +1

    I'm not understanding all the hate here. It looks like the Broadway musical, just taken a step further visually. Yeah it's kinda weird and probably over the top visually, but it's _Broadway_

  • Jo Win
    Jo Win 19 hours ago +1

    Wtf is wrong with everybody? I think it looks great!

  • T Lebron
    T Lebron 19 hours ago

    Me a few seconds in the trailer: I tawt I saw ugwee puddy tats!!!
    Me after the trailer: I did! I did see ugwee puddy tats!

  • Aaron Bannister
    Aaron Bannister 19 hours ago

    Me:Mom,can we get cats at home?
    Mom:We have cats at home
    *cats at home*

  • StudioArtFX
    StudioArtFX 20 hours ago +1

    I don't get all the hate. I don't know cats, (the Broadway play) but I just don't see how this looks bad.

  • DomLomYTP
    DomLomYTP 21 hour ago +1

    Oh my fucking god, why. This looks cringe as fuck.

  • TheGodfather9876
    TheGodfather9876 Day ago +1

    This is every furries dream world
    But everyone elses nightmare

  • tom kommer
    tom kommer Day ago +1

    Why dont they fix the cats like they did with sonic?

  • Rune de Beer
    Rune de Beer Day ago +1

    Guys the cats symbol a double layer it’s not about the cats only but about the meaning of life it’s not just some furry movie

  • B-E-A-T
    B-E-A-T Day ago +1

    Giving me sonic flashbacks /all the cats need a snickers bar

  • Saif Rahman
    Saif Rahman Day ago

    What’s bonkers is: if you close your eyes and don’t open em AT ALL, the music is awesome and it’s a great movie!

  • Noahinglis111
    Noahinglis111 Day ago

    Sonic all over again