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Attraction - all performances 2013 BGT

  • Published on Oct 15, 2014
  • Britains Got Talent 2013 winner , "Attraction". Extraordinary and innovatve act which was never seen before. All the performances the gave on BGT 2013 are collected on this video.

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  • Steven Fernandez
    Steven Fernandez 2 hours ago +1

    Elgama penumbra❤

  • Realtalk Lang
    Realtalk Lang 5 hours ago

    El gamma penumbra is the best

  • Izzy Adventure
    Izzy Adventure 5 hours ago

    This is a wonderful performance but I fl sorry for the family’s who have lost people in the war the must be heartbroken 😭

  • Wild geese WAY
    Wild geese WAY 9 hours ago

    I ever lost my fellow team during the bosnia war. Dead memory...

  • estefano gomes de lima
    estefano gomes de lima 14 hours ago

    Linda música e linda performace!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍😍 25/06/2019 às 23:50

  • estefano gomes de lima
    estefano gomes de lima 14 hours ago


  • Saber Chou
    Saber Chou Day ago

    UK thé country who kill the most people in the world....go to hell Queen.

    SALA PETO Day ago

    I'm starting to crying when I'm hear the song and I liked when the little girl put the flower on her dead dad

  • Lord Bane
    Lord Bane Day ago

    Da sieht man mal wie einfach uns alle das gleiche erschüttert! Ich frage mich wer will den Krieg? Und wen ich auch frage, niemand sagt: „Ich!“ . Also warum haben wir ihn noch heute?

  • Washington Games

    Esse vídeo mim deixa todo arrepiado 😢

  • gonna die for u
    gonna die for u Day ago +2

    this is 2019 and until now i still loved this video so much, how can

  • aero34100
    aero34100 2 days ago

    The first and last performances were great but, the second one...not so much.

  • Natthatida Nt พันธ์ชัย


  • Zionist Star
    Zionist Star 2 days ago

    Oooh shiet what this liquid on my eyes

  • Bajanq Tulen
    Bajanq Tulen 2 days ago

    IM touching and deep
    Does any one know what the tittled of that song and who singing that song

  • Minecraft Starters
    Minecraft Starters 3 days ago

    I watch this in my school to learn about shadows.

  • Efren Calcita
    Efren Calcita 3 days ago

    If you are already crying watch this

  • Video live
    Video live 3 days ago

  • Eridan Pinheiro
    Eridan Pinheiro 3 days ago


  • Stella Fairfield
    Stella Fairfield 3 days ago

    Its 3am and im crying. Truly powerful

  • Meeliizzaaa
    Meeliizzaaa 3 days ago

    Cómo se llama esa canción?

  • AnOnYm0us
    AnOnYm0us 3 days ago

    I have no words I was in tears after the first one😭😭😭✌️

  • Macey Tarena
    Macey Tarena 3 days ago +9


  • Noa Delfín
    Noa Delfín 3 days ago

    3 letters: WOW

  • Putra Situmorang
    Putra Situmorang 4 days ago

    What the title of this song?

  • Irena Śmierciak
    Irena Śmierciak 4 days ago


  • bintang harapan
    bintang harapan 4 days ago


  • Mr. Binnacle
    Mr. Binnacle 4 days ago

    2:30 The tree speak Vietnamese

  • Maria Freire
    Maria Freire 4 days ago

    Incrível 👏👏👏

  • Flor Riveroll
    Flor Riveroll 4 days ago

    😭 😭 wuaaaaaa!

  • Ricardo Bogdán
    Ricardo Bogdán 5 days ago

    Magyarok? 🔥🇭🇺

  • Kerolin Silva
    Kerolin Silva 5 days ago

    Ql o nome da música ?

  • Jamie Winch
    Jamie Winch 5 days ago

    You enter somebody's home and destroy it, then call you a hero and when they fight back to protect their home, they're the terrorists! This is so wrong... Prisons are full of poor and drug dealers when the actual criminals are the politicians and the ones behind them who create wars and genocides.

  • Anya Weaving
    Anya Weaving 5 days ago

    It’s good, but doesn’t make me emotional

  • Marcos Antônio
    Marcos Antônio 5 days ago

    Nome da primeira música alguém sabe???

  • Carol B
    Carol B 5 days ago

    lindo demais!!! 👏

  • Jacque Renee
    Jacque Renee 5 days ago

    White people can cry at an illusion but CREATE RACISM, and laugh/smile at racism. Fucking hypocrite

  • Migue Luna
    Migue Luna 6 days ago

    Wuau que acabo de ver! Maravilloso.

  • Polly L
    Polly L 6 days ago


  • emily taylor
    emily taylor 7 days ago

    I cry every time!

  • Ellyza Kristina Villanueva

    I'm crying

  • Maikver Soto
    Maikver Soto 7 days ago

    Por favor me podrían decir el nombre de la canción de la semifinal.

  • Maikver Soto
    Maikver Soto 7 days ago

    Could you please tell me the name of the song of the semifinal.

    • Emma Armet
      Emma Armet 5 days ago

      Maikver Soto footprints in the sand

  • Eysan Baranyai
    Eysan Baranyai 8 days ago

    Büszke vagyok ra hogy magyarvagyok ! (Hungary)

  • indrapermana kusmayadi

    What song no1 ?

  • tina lran
    tina lran 9 days ago

    بسیار تاثیر گذار و پر مفهوم بار چندمه میبینم

  • Luis Kamutali
    Luis Kamutali 9 days ago

    Quem pode me dizer o titulo da musica que toco na semi final por favor

    EUROPEAN GOLD 9 days ago +10

    The first two performances were awesome, the 3rd was great, but should have been reserved for the Variety show itself

  • kiki channel20
    kiki channel20 9 days ago

    Why u die in arab place??? Sorry o dont like that.. couse i thing u judge muslim...

  • Emm Tú
    Emm Tú 10 days ago


  • Δεσποινα Μοσχου


  • Andriele Oliver
    Andriele Oliver 11 days ago


  • Hermione Granger potter

    I'm not cry.

  • shalini m.c
    shalini m.c 11 days ago +1

    It's attractive
    If anyone thinks so hit a like😝

  • Heang Zeer
    Heang Zeer 11 days ago

    tell me the first song Please😫🙏🙏💓

    • Heang Zeer
      Heang Zeer 9 days ago

      Yes thank🙏💕 when I listen this song it Make me Miss my dad 😢😢❤💔

    • Erin McEvoy
      Erin McEvoy 11 days ago

      read all about it by emilee sande I think?

  • Evila Araùjo
    Evila Araùjo 11 days ago

    Emoçionante ❤

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 11 days ago +5

    is it good or bad that im crying

    • jimindabs
      jimindabs 6 days ago

      It is good because then u basically clean that area so it's actually very healthy

    • Pix_d
      Pix_d 8 days ago

      nothing wrong about crying

  • شوق المطيري
    شوق المطيري 11 days ago

    What the name of first song?

    • zeljko
      zeljko 11 days ago

      Read all about it

  • Maciej Smoliniec
    Maciej Smoliniec 12 days ago

    Super filmik🎥🙂🙂🙂🙂😏👌👌👌

  • Diego Moralita
    Diego Moralita 12 days ago

    You are god

  • Rachel Avilar
    Rachel Avilar 12 days ago +1

    Muito lindo e emocionante 🤗😍

  • Olli Kautonen
    Olli Kautonen 12 days ago +1


  • aman queen
    aman queen 12 days ago

    oooooo my gad

  • Jaime Garcia
    Jaime Garcia 13 days ago

    Que hermoso :")

  • Angela Briar
    Angela Briar 13 days ago

    Well crap I cried

  • kemar barrett
    kemar barrett 13 days ago

    they are so talented did you see the guy in the audience crying

  • Sarah may Zata
    Sarah may Zata 13 days ago

    Wow amazing

  • Amauri GAMES
    Amauri GAMES 13 days ago +4

    É vergonha chorar quando ver esse vídeo a primeira vez??

    • Evila Araùjo
      Evila Araùjo 11 days ago +1

      Acho q não rsrs
      Pq eu chorei muito 😓

  • Lory T.
    Lory T. 13 days ago


  • HD Greg street DJ acne be he Addrian


  • Ixchely Vazquez
    Ixchely Vazquez 13 days ago


  • melbouerne where are you now Lee

    What name is song please....

  • DUCK Gamer
    DUCK Gamer 14 days ago

    Song 2013 ???
    I don't no English, Thanks You all

  • Mozi Star
    Mozi Star 14 days ago

    Nagyon szép !

  • 桃色的Peachy
    桃色的Peachy 14 days ago +3


  • Sephora Houlé
    Sephora Houlé 14 days ago


  • Maxwax69
    Maxwax69 14 days ago +1


  • Armando de jesus Jerezano

    Buena la historia ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mila-ava-Queen •-•

    The Song Name?

  • Karolina Guzy
    Karolina Guzy 15 days ago


    POLLITO GAMER 15 days ago +1

    I cry

  • Fraser does Fortnite all day

    The g graduation got me 😭👫👩‍👧

    RNG _HANAE 15 days ago


  • Jainne Rodrigues
    Jainne Rodrigues 15 days ago +3

    Onde que aperta pra curti mil vezes?😍❤❤

  • Firdiany Melisa Eddy
    Firdiany Melisa Eddy 16 days ago +1

    i dont care that ive watched this 147393383728 times ima watch it over again til i die and still tear up everytime i watch it

  • FreshySaladCute
    FreshySaladCute 16 days ago +1

    The Dead mother made me cry already 😥😥😥

  • Matthew Bidinger
    Matthew Bidinger 16 days ago

    Don't get me wrong singing is a talent but there are so many competitions for them now a days its refreshing to see an act like this. It's visual poetry and is incredibly moving

  • tiziano ferro
    tiziano ferro 17 days ago

    Best performance

  • AceMael Batucan
    AceMael Batucan 17 days ago

    wat is title of song

  • Айым Қасымова

    Song? Please 🙏

  • CookieCake S
    CookieCake S 17 days ago +1

    I’m watching this video and then I see an ad that says “Showering Is Dangerous” by AquaYouth. jndjsjjsns How is showering dangerous?????

  • Welington Martins
    Welington Martins 18 days ago

    Toda vez que assisto me emociono

  • Welington Martins
    Welington Martins 18 days ago

    O melhor de todos

  • roger5173
    roger5173 18 days ago

    you know for sure if Churchill was alive today and saw what has happened to his beloved country, he would say that all those brave men and women that died for their country all died in vain.!

  • West Facing
    West Facing 18 days ago

    I was in a shitty mood. It came onto my recommended and I thought 'Go on then, make me cry. I dare you.' I'm actually bawling right now.

  • ve kolopaking
    ve kolopaking 19 days ago


  • Anita Ryant
    Anita Ryant 19 days ago

    what the title of the song please??

    • Asiphe Gelem
      Asiphe Gelem 18 days ago +1

      +Anita Ryant Read all about it by Emeli Sande

    • Anita Ryant
      Anita Ryant 18 days ago

      ouh thank you. and the first one please? ☺️

    • Asiphe Gelem
      Asiphe Gelem 18 days ago +1

      Footprints in the sand

  • Rebeca Estela
    Rebeca Estela 19 days ago +1

    Na terceira eu nao entendi nada mais ficou legal

  • Bayu Rohman
    Bayu Rohman 19 days ago