BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")


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  • Belen Garcia
    Belen Garcia 6 hours ago

    Did anyone get the option for PAX on the password scene?

  • jesus escobar
    jesus escobar 10 hours ago

    Has anyone got the ending where he finds out his mom is the doctor. I had to put in a 5 or 6 number phone number in, but I miss clicked and instead of taking me back to re do, it actually ended everything for me.

  • Professr 93
    Professr 93 11 hours ago

    Didn’t get into it too much but it was a dope concept

  • Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson 20 hours ago

    You missed the most important part of that first major branch. Before you make the wrong choice, Colin had never read Bandersnatch. But after you go back and do it again making the right decision, he says that he not only read the book but when questioned on which ending he got he enigmatically replies "all of them". This implies that Colin knows that there's someone controlling Stefan, and that he's imploring the controller to methodically get all of the endings, which I did, sitting up until 4:30 in the damn morning. Thanks, Colin.

  • Alira Cohen
    Alira Cohen 21 hour ago

    DAMN! I’m sorry, you just kept getting the scores all wrong.

  • Alira Cohen
    Alira Cohen 21 hour ago

    You don’t get two and a half stars out of five if you work with the company, you get zero stars out of five.

  • Alira Cohen
    Alira Cohen 21 hour ago

    “A mop-headed man child in a suit”....
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I hate that guy.

    TJF GAMER 22 hours ago

    this nigga is taking forever to start the real content of the video

  • one two
    one two Day ago

    Anyone else been on edge since playing/watching this movie? Like trying to stop your self from grabbing something??

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Day ago

    Getting a keyboard wet destroys the computer??
    This could have saved Hillary a lot time destroying her emails and hard drives.

  • Frank Ursua
    Frank Ursua Day ago

    It's like programing "yes or no" "0 or 1".

  • ItsThatSimple
    ItsThatSimple Day ago

    What is the number for the phone

  • Martin McNickle
    Martin McNickle Day ago

    Why does this guy keep mispronouncing the names?

  • Edward Carnby
    Edward Carnby Day ago

    Okay, this is great, but... this is not how video game development works. Building the engine is the difficult part; creating content is relatively easy, even today and it would be waaaay easier with the level of graphics displayed here. If Stefan has the framework for the engine established by the time the episode has just started, the toughest part of the whole process is already behind him. He shouldn't be having any issues with workload or stress that he hasn't already overcome in getting the thing to start already.
    Like, I get what they're aiming for but this was clearly made by someone who has the most barebones and elementary understanding of game development possible.

  • Mia
    Mia Day ago

    Jesus Christ this guy, like take a breath, slow down, there’s no need to yell the review at us... I barely made it through because his constant over-excited tone was driving me up the wall...

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    Something that I want to add right here you said that when Stefan goes with his mom he died in all timelines but actually he only died in the timelines where he was a teen because he’s still trapped in the timeline as a child as we see in the ending where you choose to jump from the building when you die you always go back to make the other decision where you can end up living longer in which young Stefan would be taken back to the option to go or not go with his mom and then have to choose not go or else he would be in a loop

  • kaemjalo
    kaemjalo Day ago

    dude the way your pronouncing thakur is so wrong lmaoooo

  • Karen Sauve
    Karen Sauve Day ago

    It was an excellent watch. My choices created a 2 and a half hour experience. Much fun.

  • Lxx Uxn
    Lxx Uxn Day ago

    I tried so hard to not let Stephan kill his dad but it kept sending me back. Then I tried telling him I was watching him 😭😭 yikes

  • emily.99
    emily.99 Day ago

    13&14 cameras pls 😎

  • Josh Card10
    Josh Card10 Day ago

    When dr Haynes said a bit more action I thought they were gonna have sex

  • The Gaming Pancake
    The Gaming Pancake 2 days ago

    Have anyone heard of the game(s) UnderTale and/or Deltarune?

  • bobbyjohn5555
    bobbyjohn5555 2 days ago

    Could you do an ending explained for The Autopsy of Jane Doe? If you have already my bad, I searched and couldn't find it.

  • pixel games
    pixel games 2 days ago

    I almost got the secret then my brother messed it up

  • darkdimensionz 2
    darkdimensionz 2 2 days ago

    there is more variations, one being where you encounter the Demon & it enters our reality

  • Bite This Onions
    Bite This Onions 2 days ago

    i got the ending where it’s pearl recreating it

  • George Miller
    George Miller 2 days ago

    I love it when you convince Collin to jump, then you meet the real bandersnatch.

  • Gael Barragan
    Gael Barragan 2 days ago

    Do the ending explained on The Monster 2016

  • João Pedro Auriemo
    João Pedro Auriemo 2 days ago

    The codes aren’t random.
    If you chose to visit Dr Haynes rather than Colin, you get the code options of TOY or PAX. (don’t chose PAX, trust me)
    And if you do follow Colin and take his LSD, you now know about the Program and Comand conspiracy and are now given the code options of JFD or PAC. (don’t chose JFD, trust me)

  • SadBoi KAAC
    SadBoi KAAC 2 days ago

    I arrrived a simple human i left a man with extense knowledge of universes and timelines of choices and actions without going to a psychology class

    FRESHH MASTER 2 days ago

    Justin Y is possesed on youtube

  • Chad Unidentified
    Chad Unidentified 2 days ago

    Yo, your videos (narrative) gives me anxiety. Slow down. Your rushed dialogue makes me want to skip to the end of the video.

  • Chiamaka Favour Ijomanta

    i found 7 diffirent endings i only had to watch it twice

  • bygon432
    bygon432 3 days ago

    Thing is, compared to Undertale, it's pretty underhelming.

  • KrazyKleptoCollecto Mars

    I never got the option to take the pills. 💊 . It always says Throw them away, or Flush them. Anyway I got totally different results. I said No to Mr. Thucker, ran off with Colin, made him jump, and got 5 stars on the game. Plus who would make Stefan jump? Just who?

  • David Gallagher
    David Gallagher 3 days ago

    A visit to the website is interesting too:

  • Aashish Kapoor
    Aashish Kapoor 3 days ago


  • mohmar2010
    mohmar2010 3 days ago

    I watched this yesterday with my brother and my father and we tried to get every outcome and it was epic

  • TheGamingbro
    TheGamingbro 3 days ago

    Did anyone else ever get the actual Pax demon to appear in real life for Stefan?

  • Foxesarebosses 15
    Foxesarebosses 15 3 days ago

    The secret ending didnt work for me, it just chose a tape on its owm

  • Tom
    Tom 3 days ago

    Took me around 4 hours to watch this, and that’s because I somehow ended up with every single ending. I thought I kept fucking up so just went back every time🤷‍♂️😂

  • George Deljado
    George Deljado 3 days ago

    Spiraling into an existential crisis: it's free real estate

  • Hannah McGuire
    Hannah McGuire 3 days ago

    This show gave me the MOST heebie-jeebies *shivers*

  • Bubblegum Hamster
    Bubblegum Hamster 3 days ago


  • Paul Blyat
    Paul Blyat 3 days ago

    There is another where you get killed by Pax, if you type that in the safe you hear a noise behind you and see Pax come through the door.

  • VK Jungenberg
    VK Jungenberg 3 days ago +1

    I got the secret ending, but I only heard the weird annoying noise then it ended and I got taken to the netflix home page and stuff. But oh my god this movie was crazy. I got the ending where he got two stars and was in jail, but one ending was where he got 5 stars at one point. Still have no idea what was going on the entire time though.

  • Thais Torrens
    Thais Torrens 3 days ago

    I saw a really short scene on the third time I watched it. For a second Stefan got attacked by a man and then he woke up, I haven’t found anything about that scene as to who the man was. If anyone know it help me this is killing me.

  • Ralph Ryder
    Ralph Ryder 3 days ago

    YES I got all the ending except the secret ending before watching this video.

  • Malia W
    Malia W 3 days ago

    5:07 mop-headed man child 😂 😂 😆 😆
    Edit: lol

  • Ya Mum
    Ya Mum 4 days ago

    I got a 5 star review and I got arrested

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith 4 days ago

    Dolls are for sissies

  • Preston Payne
    Preston Payne 4 days ago

    I had a theory Colin is the Devil....just think about it...

  • L1nky
    L1nky 4 days ago

    What about the monster ending?

  • bettyy bbop
    bettyy bbop 4 days ago

    tbh i don't get bandersnatch. i watched the whole thing and i didn't get wtf was going on.

  • Yung Bob
    Yung Bob 4 days ago +1

    Me and my friend wanted to just do the most fucked up ending and found out that, that was the correct one LMAO

  • morty
    morty 4 days ago

    Netflix? What is Netflix?

  • Snowpaws Shaw
    Snowpaws Shaw 4 days ago

    The TOY ending is my favorite, by far. Stefan fixes the thing he blames himself and his father for, nobody suffers a horrific death like they do in every other ending, Bandersnatch is still cursed but now it can't drive anyone else insane, and Stefan gets to die peacefully with his mother. It's the happiest ending.
    Also, I disagree heavily with the idea that there's no canon ending. I think it's the Kill and Bury Dad ending. It's the only one that goes straight into the credits, it's the only one with a stinger/mid-credits scene, and (the strongest argument) the Tuckersoft website that was created for Black Mirror says that Bandersnatch was released and a massive success, but doesn't mention the fucked up development. Of course the canon ending is the bleakest one, this is Black Mirror.

  • Alyssa Ramos
    Alyssa Ramos 4 days ago

    When do you kill kitty

  • Aaron Burela
    Aaron Burela 4 days ago

    The only thing I didnt like was destroying the computer by pouring tea on the keyboard lol

  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 4 days ago

    What about the “pax” choice. I had that my second time opening the safe. But I chose toy and died

  • tixxi 10
    tixxi 10 4 days ago

    I chose to kill Collin and it made the outcome different

  • Pickle Rick and Larry Kissing

    bandersnatch, you know, the guy who plays doctor strange

  • Leah Husband
    Leah Husband 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who got all of these or is that supposed to happen?

  • LukeIsChilling
    LukeIsChilling 5 days ago +1

    Woah, that’s cool so video games are like time travelers?

  • Andrew Givens
    Andrew Givens 5 days ago

    What if you choose the other box of cereal

  • Andy Schlein
    Andy Schlein 5 days ago

    he didnt give it 2 and a half stars, he gave it zero

  • 22svtvn
    22svtvn 5 days ago +8

    “I don’t understand, he just closed his eyes.” That shit hurted

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 5 days ago

    Do a video on Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

  • LSD-Rick B-172
    LSD-Rick B-172 5 days ago

    Netflix needs to do more of this!

  • Edweirdo Totes
    Edweirdo Totes 5 days ago

    Is this guy a fuck?!

  • KingRoyalFame
    KingRoyalFame 5 days ago

    wait so do you get to pick the choices or does the movie pick for you?

  • Smallgang
    Smallgang 5 days ago

    I got the 5 star ending First , is that weird

  • Ompom
    Ompom 5 days ago

    I freaking loved this game I mean movie thingy

  • Morgan Yoite
    Morgan Yoite 5 days ago

    The 9th ending in my opinion is the most black mirror ending

  • Shi Eun Lee
    Shi Eun Lee 5 days ago

    If you don’t talk about the mom the scene where he goes through the mirror becomes him touching the mirror and it cracking hella loud. All my friends and I nearly had a heart attack😂😂👏🏻

  • Alonzo Harris
    Alonzo Harris 5 days ago

    It's not out on Netflix yet

  • Sierrah
    Sierrah 5 days ago

    Bandersnatch is just an early version of the white bear park. Change my mind

  • Olivia Eyes
    Olivia Eyes 5 days ago

    I didn’t know you watched prevenge!!! I love that movie!!! You should review it :)

  • Dan Donnelly
    Dan Donnelly 5 days ago

    I really wasn’t paying attention to any of the messages and storylines because I kept trying to remember what else the actor who played Collin was in. It’s like you recognize him from other things but he’s not that famous at the same time.

  • milinwan
    milinwan 6 days ago

    Does anyone else wish there was a storyline within the choice of working within the company?

  • harmonic bibles
    harmonic bibles 6 days ago

    Please button your collar down.

  • Srđan Mitrović
    Srđan Mitrović 6 days ago

    Unfortunately I saw this movie on my flight, I didn't have any choices... it just rolled

  • adi survivorfan
    adi survivorfan 6 days ago

    mindblowing af

  • river hensen
    river hensen 6 days ago

    You missed a few endings

  • bing bam
    bing bam 6 days ago

    the therapist is so creepy looking

  • Kalo K
    Kalo K 6 days ago

    Remember you CANNOT kill the agents... They will KILL U

  • Ian Bunch
    Ian Bunch 6 days ago

    Wasn't Netflix sued for misusing the "choose your own adventure" trademark?

  • Seal
    Seal 6 days ago

    There’s an ending where you see a bandersnatch

  • Bruce Anderson
    Bruce Anderson 6 days ago

    I seen this movie. It was pretty good. 3.5 Out 5

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 6 days ago

    Did you get the broom closet ending? The broom closet ending is my favorite

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 6 days ago

    Woah the thumbnail moves mah dude

  • NateBit8
    NateBit8 6 days ago

    I did not pick frosted flakes because it bothers my teeth
    also it was exciting to get 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Cassidy Wichowsky
    Cassidy Wichowsky 6 days ago

    Can you stop yelling pls

  • nikos themelis
    nikos themelis 6 days ago

    The therapist looks like Princess Leia

  • Hawa Sankoh
    Hawa Sankoh 6 days ago

    I made the right choice killing dad

  • mikesgirl8304
    mikesgirl8304 6 days ago

    I wonder what happens if you go through it and don't make any choices?

  • Sloth Squad
    Sloth Squad 6 days ago


  • Panwage Pennywhistle
    Panwage Pennywhistle 6 days ago +1

    I didn't take the offer at the meeting.
    Just cause I was like, "Fuck you guys, I can't masturbate at work all day."

  • Khan Hudair
    Khan Hudair 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who got 15 endings??

  • Mohsin Saeed
    Mohsin Saeed 7 days ago

    Maaaaannnn..... U r amazing.💐
    Hats off
    So eloquent... It's like kinda impossible to summarize all this is a 17 min video.