Celebrities Who Openly Trashed Beyonce

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
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    She first paid her "Bills, Bills, Bills" as a member of Destiny's Child, but she started making the real Lemonade, when she went solo. But while the wife of Jay-Z and mother of three has built an untouchable empire, not everyone's buzzing about the Beyhive. Here are the stars who have openly trashed Beyonce...
    50 Cent | 0:21
    Keri Hilson | 1:19
    Keyshia Cole | 2:25
    Azealia Banks | 3:15
    Piers Morgan | 4:05
    Sanaa Lathan | 4:55
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Comments • 4 363

  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  6 months ago +367

    What other Beyonce haters should we have mentioned?

    • Pussie Smollet
      Pussie Smollet 22 hours ago +1

      Beyonce SUCKS and has for a while....super hot....but her songs BLOW😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Joshua Hackney
      Joshua Hackney 23 hours ago

      +¡Livy Baby! exact people need too get over themselves she just like the rest of us

    • Joshua Hackney
      Joshua Hackney 23 hours ago

      +Steve Neely I agree with you I mean she's not JESUS

    • Johnmesha Clater
      Johnmesha Clater 3 days ago

      And most of their careers on the shelves!

    • Johnmesha Clater
      Johnmesha Clater 3 days ago

      +muna osman Keri Hilson was after 50

  • happynappyable
    happynappyable 17 hours ago

    None of them are relevant 💁🏾‍♀️

  • glock161
    glock161 Day ago

    A WEALTHIER lawyer for Jesse Smellsshit and Taxine Waters.

  • glock161
    glock161 Day ago

    Most are prejudice of her. She CAN'T sing. Desperate, slummish drifting trash. Media-whores. Modern black artists are very annoying. More in trouble, lawsuits against them, rapists, sampling punks. Jay Z and Kevin Hart aren't that amusing either.

  • TENeyeCMe W
    TENeyeCMe W Day ago

    Keysha Cole sit you thot ass down

  • Vinnie Mascaro
    Vinnie Mascaro Day ago

    I love how there are "haters" .. what do we call the obessed "Lovers?"... None of them wanna admit how damn ugly Jay Z is and she only married him for a career...ooooo.. truth hurts

  • Vinnie Mascaro
    Vinnie Mascaro Day ago

    Finally people like Piers calling her out for her BS

  • retrojordan2012
    retrojordan2012 2 days ago

    Love bites count as trash now??? This vid was bait n switch

  • retrojordan2012
    retrojordan2012 2 days ago

    So how is Keri Hilson openly dissing Beyonce when she said the lyric wasn’t about her

  • Tootie Johnson
    Tootie Johnson 2 days ago

    Everybody is not a Beyonce fan ...and I'm one of them...so what if people dislike her... their not the first and they won't be the last...she's just a woman not Jesus Christ!!!

  • george otieno
    george otieno 2 days ago

    Facking celebs including Beyonce

  • Tiffani Martin
    Tiffani Martin 3 days ago

    Simply don't like the glorified stripper

  • Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott 3 days ago

    Ha, ha, love bite. I love most of these ladies. 😊😚

  • Lady R
    Lady R 3 days ago

    This is so funny considering every song Beyonce sings came from Aaliyah

  • Archer Langfield
    Archer Langfield 3 days ago

    Lmfao get a damn life geez

  • Beverly Waits
    Beverly Waits 3 days ago +1


    KAY DIARIES 3 days ago


  • henry geronimo
    henry geronimo 4 days ago

    i dont lose my time worshipping celebrities.if they dont care about you,why you have to care about them?

  • Numahayseta Trawally

    Beyonce is best

  • HYPERzone
    HYPERzone 4 days ago

    Truth be told. Nobody likes her anymore.

  • Jamie Couch
    Jamie Couch 4 days ago

    She is a witch

  • Arslan mughal
    Arslan mughal 4 days ago

    Am realy afraid dis girl

  • Lisa Dorward
    Lisa Dorward 4 days ago

    I'm not a Beyonce fan and don't like a lot of her music.. I listen to a few of her songs and like about 3 of them. Jlo is my girl

  • Amor Moreno
    Amor Moreno 6 days ago

    What an embarrassingly sad video. Losers. I mean the people that made such a video.

  • Idah Ntini
    Idah Ntini 6 days ago

    Why bow down to someone like u that's rubbish

  • Khalilah Johnson
    Khalilah Johnson 6 days ago

    A bunch of nobodies 👎🏾

  • shady sunshine
    shady sunshine 7 days ago

    Who has piers Morgan not dissed?

  • Lade Del
    Lade Del 7 days ago

    I can‘t still understand why Solange and Keri Hilson aren‘t successful anymore, because they are amazing artists

  • Gina Hewitt
    Gina Hewitt 7 days ago

    Just tell me why African American people are disconnected with each other. Where is the unity, not just celebs but in general? It's always back biting, disrespect, and disconnect in the community. Where did it start and will it end?

  • Honorat Aguiré
    Honorat Aguiré 7 days ago

    If you don't love Beyoncé ,please Go away

    THE TRUTH 9 days ago

    Beyonce has a nice body but her face tho!!! She has bad style as well. She does sing good tho.

  • Barbara Williamson
    Barbara Williamson 9 days ago

    When you make it to the top..every body wish they could be that successful.

  • Don Jiaye
    Don Jiaye 10 days ago

    I don't like her either

  • Peter Omeke
    Peter Omeke 12 days ago

    Is beyonce a queen?

  • Bonny Sovereign
    Bonny Sovereign 12 days ago

    Who doesn't Azalea b*tch hate?

  • Paul Flaunts
    Paul Flaunts 13 days ago +1

    as if the QUEEN BEE cares at all😂 Hail Queen Beyonce

  • Lion of Zion
    Lion of Zion 14 days ago


  • mohlodi tshimollo
    mohlodi tshimollo 14 days ago

    Bow! To a human being? Not God. Bowing is as good as kneeling to me.

  • M 2
    M 2 15 days ago +1

    Beyonce does spirit cooking

  • christian laurenz
    christian laurenz 18 days ago

    There are so many stupid people here.
    There is no illuminati, there is no demon who possessed beyonce.
    The reason why she got the spot it is just because she have a talent and charisma.
    If u really believe in god . Youll know this.
    You stupid people

  • C. C.
    C. C. 18 days ago +1

    Beyonce looks cheap no talented and is a illuminati trash

  • C. C.
    C. C. 18 days ago +1

    I hate Beyonce

  • noel Trace
    noel Trace 20 days ago

    Beyoncé is not liked by everyone people have a right to like who they want she always has that little fake smile on her face

  • Queen Elizabeth I
    Queen Elizabeth I 20 days ago +3

    Exactly how did 50 Cent trash her LOL that was actually a compliment

  • JaadAvila
    JaadAvila 22 days ago

    N lastly i was never a fan of her shes like any other performer that has a few hits now n again she exist just like i do. Meh its whatever honestly. Shes as special as everyone else to me.

  • JaadAvila
    JaadAvila 22 days ago

    Unpopular opinion qell fact
    Theres alot of people who doesnt care for them.

  • Terry-Penn Dee
    Terry-Penn Dee 22 days ago

    beyonce is a drama queen and a slut who is a bad role model for young black women

  • Sugar Daddy
    Sugar Daddy 22 days ago

    Everyone but 50cent are so irrelevant

  • Brighton lad
    Brighton lad 22 days ago +1

    They all as bad as each other. Using others tracks lyrics beats. I no time for any of them.

  • Hercules Golden Retriever

    I just dont like satanism
    Who ever is doing that.
    It's a devil. But from.there to hate ...
    I dont like people giving iluminati
    To children .our future children are gonna be brain damaged .
    If you only see the artist as a cool motivation. To dance.
    But dont see the future will be torments on your head.
    That's when I think a singer it's abuser to other people!
    Trust me it's not about hate.
    It's about to be smart people.. !!! Dont let them FOOL YOU .
    DONT bend knees to a child moleter.
    Who brings calamities to parents. molester.corruptioned songs.offending other. Tahts all I hear.
    Don't defend.any one who divided families love. To evil satanism.
    Like this singers do.with bad words curses to other.
    You only see the fun part of the game what they playing..
    but this singers are AGAINST YOU.DON'T U KNOW THAT YET.!
    Dont comment if you are not intelligent enough to see who they are inside.
    And who you turning to be after defending them.😒

  • LottahMoney Gang Tv
    LottahMoney Gang Tv 26 days ago

    Ion see why people hate her so much she’s literally not problematic she’s dead in her own world 🙄

  • Kizzy Hollman
    Kizzy Hollman 26 days ago

    God bless

  • Miatta Kinlaw
    Miatta Kinlaw 28 days ago

    The ppl that they said dont like her that would have had value , on their statement thats not what they said. They all have opinions but only one or two of them seem to have a lil dislike

  • R L
    R L 29 days ago +2

    I dont think ppl really hate on beyonce bc she is unproblematic and stays out of the public eye. If u dont like her as an artist dont watch her, its subjective. What ppl may hate is the overhype of the beyhive but thats something else.

  • Tyrone C
    Tyrone C Month ago

    I AM not a fan of beyonce and Jay z!!!!!!!

  • Reauna Sims
    Reauna Sims Month ago

    Y’all really hating on the Beyoncé. Have that same energy when she drops her album lol 👑 and Keri got what she deserve don’t diss the queen or your career will end period. Beyoncé doesn’t bother anybody, she doesn’t say shit about any other artist. She focus on her music that’s why she at the top PERIOD!!!!

  • Lacie Richko
    Lacie Richko Month ago

    Beyonce is fake

  • Giselle Carter
    Giselle Carter Month ago

    Jeez Y'all hating on Beyonce and saying she is overrated!!!! That woman is sooo talented and she puts her soul, her personality in her music. That s why people idolize her. She s such a great performer. You can't say she is not relevant for gods sake. Every album she dropped out was so different. Her songs dont sound the same like some of those latin singers. Except Shaqira ofc. So stop trying to bring Bey down, trying to make her work seem less important and asociate her with the Devil. God people nowadays are so fucked up, especially when saying that Bey gave her soul to the devil. That s disgusting

  • sam v
    sam v Month ago

    The way some of y’all locals hate on a successful black woman who had achieved so much and survived through two decades of music along with having three children. She is a mother and has always been humble and thankful. It’s not just about saying “I hate Beyoncé bc she’s not talented like __ or doesn’t write her songs like ___.” She has written many of destinys child songs along with her OWN songs and being awarded with a songwriter! award and being the first black woman to earn it. Say what you want she has worked hard and has kept to herself but she just makes y’all mad for no reason whatsoever. They just hate to see it!

  • Toi Toi
    Toi Toi Month ago

    Lol im weak they said sanaa bit her in the face 😭😂

  • Michael Tanner Jr.
    Michael Tanner Jr. Month ago

    Keri Hilson wasn't dissing Beyonce and it was aiming at Ciara but not Beyonce. Azalea Banks need help and she attacking T.I. and his wife and Wild n Out Nick Cannon and DC Young Fly and Disney Star.
    Don't forget about Jennifer Hudson on the set of Dream Girls. Kelly Rowland and Kanye West and Rihanna. Beyonce compared her family to Jackson 5 family and lead to Janet Jackson and Beyonce feud. Legendary Singer Etta James. R&B Singer Blu Cantrell. Former Destiny's Child LeToya Luckett.

  • Junya XOXO
    Junya XOXO Month ago

    Beyonce is a demon

  • LaToyia Mackey
    LaToyia Mackey Month ago

    Some bitches DOOO need to bow down. But I doubt that Keyshia is one of them. She's an amazing singer.

  • LaToyia Mackey
    LaToyia Mackey Month ago

    Go B. She ain't playing. He said she JUMPED OFF THE TABLE AND GOT IN HIS FACE LOL

  • walter harris
    walter harris Month ago

    Unemployed celebrities? Really. One hit wanders. So they get jealous. ✅🐝❤️💯

  • Da Sh
    Da Sh Month ago

    There is not one person in the world that is liked by everyone that knows them.

  • Lisa Michalski
    Lisa Michalski Month ago

    Well she’s at the top and they want to be there....but I noticed every one of them stuttered trying to water those insults down...lol what they know that we don’t know?....

  • Corretta Pryor
    Corretta Pryor Month ago


  • Heart to Heart TV
    Heart to Heart TV Month ago

    Celebrity Palava.

  • Juliana Thompson
    Juliana Thompson Month ago

    They didn't trash beyonce. Y'all nuts.

  • Samiya Honors
    Samiya Honors Month ago

    She is overrated

  • Adventurer Simone
    Adventurer Simone Month ago

    She went from met to seen Beyonce before....how would you know who she is and you’ve never met her🤣

  • Virginia Cortez
    Virginia Cortez Month ago


  • Kyra Gant
    Kyra Gant Month ago

    Who cares haters gonna hate let it go. Plz

  • Hibaq Mohamed
    Hibaq Mohamed Month ago +1

    The devil is a lie

  • Gossip News Network
    Gossip News Network Month ago +1

    ppl know beyonce is fake. that isnt anything new. typical lite skinned not smart woman.

  • Uncle CJ
    Uncle CJ Month ago +1

    I'm sorry but, Beyoncé is overrated and has NO talent!

    • unknown fan
      unknown fan Month ago

      Well you look like an ignorant person....who in your opinion does have talent then?

  • Samya
    Samya Month ago

    Honestly, not everyone’s gonna like Beyoncé, accept it. She’s talented and beautiful but she ain’t no God

  • BKLNHobo
    BKLNHobo Month ago +29

    Beyonce isn't in the same league as Aretha, Nina, Whitney...even a Jennifer Hudson.

  • verda hunt
    verda hunt Month ago

    Who' give a damn about those haters i know Beyonce don't

  • Jacqueline Banford
    Jacqueline Banford Month ago

    This was messy...smh. Get a life, and use your talent for something positive. Not a fan of Beyonce, but petty is petty, and this was a unnecessary

  • Talaloa Kaisa
    Talaloa Kaisa Month ago +1

    Not a Beyoncé or jay- z fan but hey if you are then good for you I’m just NOT

  • Barbara Rossi
    Barbara Rossi Month ago

    Love you Beyoncé

  • Stacy Bahlman
    Stacy Bahlman Month ago

    For people who hate beyonce you sure are looking her up on you tube aren't ya?.Idk when I look up an artist its someone I like. SMFH

  • Karina Ramirez
    Karina Ramirez Month ago

    Honestly I like the last comment. But all these people dislike or hating on Beyonce their all lower and nothing compare her beauty just saying. That's why they talking bad about her. Just looking at each person that talking trash about her they all look ugly af by their looks but not the last one that comment she beautiful, and was hoping she had good comment and she did. Usually the one that talks a lot trash looks like trash too. So all beyonce can do is be the better person and ignore the trash cause she not lower or will be, to where they are.

  • Blossom
    Blossom Month ago

    Who is Beyonce again😕????

  • xavieraa jammer
    xavieraa jammer Month ago +6

    Azela Banks isn’t a celebrity

  • Natalie Reedy
    Natalie Reedy Month ago

    I'm not a fan of hers either.

  • Monique Clark
    Monique Clark Month ago

    I don't do worshipping...at all...but lets not act like Beyonce ain't cold...her singing is on point, the dancing is EFFORTLESS and we'll rounded with many African inspired moves, she is gorgeous with a nice body ...SHE IS A PACKAGE. She is confident....her concerts are worth going to...she is Worthy of her position and she has all the say about the stage/performances...This woman kept her mouth closed for years regarding her relationship... Amazing woman...could she be more involved with politics? Sure. But what if she has a bigger plan she is working on quietly? What if she moves shit in silence?

    I YAM WHITE Month ago

    Beyonce is Jesus Christ. Whoever trashed her is going straight down to the hot place.

  • Beautiful Angel
    Beautiful Angel Month ago

    In what way did Sanaa Lathan trash her????? This channel is trash...Just a bunch of gossip

  • gina morals
    gina morals Month ago

    I never understood the hype over Beyoncé and I never will. And now that it’s been confirmed she’s a devil worshipping luciferian: YUCK! And maybe they all are, but she’s the leader of the pack on that one

  • Genae Johnson
    Genae Johnson Month ago

    50 cent and Banks don't like nobody;!!😂😂😂 Why bring them up!!!!😂😂😂

  • yourgirl maya and bri yogirl

    Why cause she suceccful no one wants to see someone winnin

  • James Daye
    James Daye Month ago

    Haters got to love em

  • Brokeman music
    Brokeman music Month ago

    it's the true

  • Sidney
    Sidney Month ago

    Jury duty

  • pam Trimm
    pam Trimm Month ago

    Y'all petty. Beyonce is a person. A person who decided to do something with her 36 37 years of life. I was so you couldn't dream of that kind of success. So you sit here and you negative energy towards someone you don't even know. This is a waste of time. Everyone here is soapboxing. I'm so over it.

  • DaRico Whetstone
    DaRico Whetstone Month ago

    I love what Carlos Santana said because it was extremely accurate.