Surviving R. Kelly Reaction compilation (Documentary)

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Surviving R. Kelly Reaction compilation part 1 (Documentary)
    This video gives persons reaction on the recent Documentary series Surviving R.KELLY. These persons have a right to express themselves hence gave honest reactions. Thanks for watching.
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  • LAZ Entretenimentos
    LAZ Entretenimentos 3 days ago

    I am too far from these problems and too close to his music... No metter what you say about him, you can put him in jail if you find him guilty but we will always love

  • Non-Ya #1
    Non-Ya #1 6 days ago

    I believe the girls was trying to be grown and hot in the ass. Let's be clear what parent would allow their 15 16 17 yr old child to leave and go hang with a grown man talking about a singing career. I'm lost🤔next most of the women stayed at their own will😒Hints🙄R Kelly did all those horrible things yet the only reason most of the women left was bc they were hungry😒really bihh🤦so they didn't leave when R Kelly had them fucn each other & minors😭bihhh bye😡at that point I was done🤷#NotGuilty in addition at the end of the day most of the women left on their own🤷"not held hostage" and living in hotels by themselves🤔where was R Kelly🤔so once again "not trapped" and the ones that stayed made that choice hints old girl said I left and got to the airport and she called her so called abuser R Kelly hoping he would answer the phone and to tell her to come back😁SMFH🤦I'm dead😭LMAO😅not guilty🤷on top of that she said R Kelly didn't even answer her call yet he's controlling her😬more like he didn't give 2 fucs about her leaving🤷put me on the jury #NotGuilty

  • Denzel Pinkerton
    Denzel Pinkerton 7 days ago

    Y'all hoes go to fucking hell & the parents.

  • Melvin Riley
    Melvin Riley 8 days ago

    R Kelly will never ever be muted

  • albie Ckemin
    albie Ckemin 10 days ago

    Who gives a shit . just live life why does this effect everyone . live life who cares you are not them or him. Grow up stop being a fucking sheep. Gotta follow the weirdo people bitch about some wack job black guy who made music and no one even remembers who he is

  • Danielle Lawrence
    Danielle Lawrence 10 days ago

    there is a price tag to sin. i don't care about his singing,he screwed up. you will reap what you sow. sin is real.

  • Charae B
    Charae B 11 days ago +1

    I’m the 2nd video!! Subscribe to my page!!

  • Brittany Palmer
    Brittany Palmer 12 days ago

    Why is it always the ghetto fabulous or fake woke folk defending kelly i really wanna smack this bitch 4:00

  • some blasian
    some blasian 12 days ago +2

    1:31 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • some blasian
    some blasian 12 days ago

    He’s disgusting.

  • Tyson DOE
    Tyson DOE 12 days ago +2

    16:55 Hell no as Y'all better recognize the only king of Soul/R&B will always be "Luther Vandross"!!!

  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don 12 days ago +3

    Social media has made people numb to reality. Everyone knew, and saw, this years ago.
    But if there's no MSM interest...nobody cares. The TV has spoken, and now everyone is up in arms.

    Our owners are pissing themselves, switching we on and off at will. 😞🙄😞

  • Misshonestview
    Misshonestview 12 days ago

    People always remember there is no excuse for pedophilia. Dont let race deceived from seeing the truth that alot of these rich and famous men are child predators. No is no excuse for raping and molesting a child. And using race is completely wicked when underage young girls and boys are being molested and rape by older men. There is no excuse for pedophilia. They are mental health facilities and rehab centers for anyone who needs help. So there is no excuse for pedophilia

  • Naee’s Trully
    Naee’s Trully 12 days ago +3

    ok R Kelly maybe wrong he probably did do things to underage girls.But they played a bad role in this .I watched the documentary and 1of the girls lied saying they was 19 and some of the other girls traveled with him.So to me those girls knew what they were getting into.Also my question is where were their parents?Did they ever sneak out? Did they ever ask if they could travel or go somewhere with him?To me they knew what they were doing and R Kelly knew what he was doing.So to me both sides are just wrong .I will forever love R Kelly Music I don’t care what anyone says.🤷🏾‍♀️

    • albie Ckemin
      albie Ckemin 10 days ago

      Everyone has to be a sheep. Follow the rabbit not think for themselves. Wonder how is it cosby got convicted of shit that happened 30 years ago statue of limitations? Does it not apply in California? Or is it just me? Hmmmm. Left wing nut jobs destroying america cosby will die and instead of his comedy people will trash him. I hate America i pray simething bad happen like the spanish flu kills all these parasite fucking liberal facist communist socialism half breeding backwards motherfucker. They are what is wrong with america let the dead dog die stop stirring the pot. You lying mother fuckers

    • Denise Anderson
      Denise Anderson 11 days ago

      That's right and I will forever listen to his music as well.

  • Issa Taylor Savage
    Issa Taylor Savage 13 days ago


  • Mike Ken
    Mike Ken 13 days ago +1

    23:26 your right!

  • Mike Ken
    Mike Ken 13 days ago

    Younger weak women???

  • Mike Ken
    Mike Ken 13 days ago

    What is this???

  • JMysticStar7
    JMysticStar7 13 days ago +11

    I'm so disgusted that people are still supporting him.

    • albie Ckemin
      albie Ckemin 11 days ago +1

      JMysticStar7 why people supported O.J or other people bill cosby come on seriously why are these dumb botches acting like this is new these dumb bitches dont even know who Rkelley is lmao

  • White Radell
    White Radell 13 days ago +2

    You hoes SAD !!!

  • Super SaiyaJin Clutz
    Super SaiyaJin Clutz 13 days ago +3

    Who's the person at 17:53 ?

  • brotherman can
    brotherman can 13 days ago +1

    lying hoes

  • Brisco Lee
    Brisco Lee 13 days ago +7

    @1:40 she said like a black sitcom in the 90s

  • J.P Sensational
    J.P Sensational 13 days ago +5

    I believe I can fly I got shot by an FBI

  • Darealchinadoll Smith
    Darealchinadoll Smith 13 days ago

    Man y’all forgetting theses the same females that could have said no half of them went to him. Hell even at 14 u know dam well u don’t suppose having sex hell I did so I’m not buying that shit y’all knew wyd y’all was getting in to y’all knew that he want sex come now everybody needs to be held accountable including them. I’m not defending him dam it ain’t only one who did this shit.

  • Snap Shawwty
    Snap Shawwty 13 days ago

    🤦🏾‍♂️ wtf

  • Dominican King
    Dominican King 13 days ago

    Where was the parents..nobody saying nothing about these young thots taking about career's and giving head out..then the other ppl that work aint say nothing but want to be on the document bashing him...nigga u just as guilty working with the nigga. Everybody needs to be checked...and sparkle mad her niece was getting more time with him

  • chell
    chell 13 days ago +4

    # saving R Kelly

  • chell
    chell 13 days ago +6

    I love R Kelly if u wanna send him to jail first u have to send Tha parents Harvey winestain John Travolta Chris Stokes 80%of the Catholic Church half of Hollywood the man on the corner and the big yellow house with the white hedges that's 35 riding around after school going to all the games that don't have no kids that Uncle cousin friend of the family that's your daughter or Sons told you about and you did nothing only because your mother did the same thing to you

    • Kennedy Beaton
      Kennedy Beaton 11 days ago

      chell u just as much of a sicko as R.Kelly

    • *X122102*
      *X122102* 12 days ago +1

      Symphony Osborne trippie redd kissed a 14 year old and 6ix9ine had sex with a 13 year old, but I still listen to their music, cus music is music. Just cause they do something bad doesn’t mean boycott their releases

    • *X122102*
      *X122102* 12 days ago +1

      Symphony Osborne cus they’re fans of his music 😂

    • Land of Snippets
      Land of Snippets 12 days ago

      He probably damaged u too

    • tanya.clark.113
      tanya.clark.113 12 days ago

      What I do agree with is the fact that these other men need to be exposed in documentaries/in the courtroom as well. RKelly has different types of issue though. He brainwashed these young girls. If you listen, they all use the same language. It has to be true. But exposed EVERYONE!

  • myGodiswonderful heis
    myGodiswonderful heis 13 days ago +2


  • Ronkyort0dox
    Ronkyort0dox 13 days ago

    The girl at 11:16 is such a dumbass, projecting and blaming white people and deflecting responsability.

  • Jessica Lyons
    Jessica Lyons 13 days ago

    The whole thing was bullshit real talk I don’t understand people who help them

  • Akshdhdh Jahsbshsh
    Akshdhdh Jahsbshsh 13 days ago


  • Starr Williams
    Starr Williams 13 days ago +9


    • Charae B
      Charae B 11 days ago

      Starr Williams me too, he should’ve did my other video that got 6.8K on FB

  • Ronnie ealom
    Ronnie ealom 13 days ago


  • Cash Rossteen
    Cash Rossteen 13 days ago


  • humans are people 2
    humans are people 2 13 days ago +1


  • dumpling lookin a*s
    dumpling lookin a*s 13 days ago +4


  • DomDman
    DomDman 13 days ago +5