Psychedelics: effects on the human brain and physiology | Simeon Keremedchiev | TEDxVarna

  • Published on Dec 21, 2016
  • The talk looks at modern research on how psychedelics affect the human brain and consciousness. It focuses on the psilocybin mushroom and examines key scientific findings on its effects on humans. The talk goes into a degree of detail about the short- and long-term effects of psychedelic substances, and seeks to outline the potential these substances have in medicine and self-development.
    Simeon Keremedchiev comes from a legal background, but his interest in different scientific disciplines and human consciousness led him to attaining a degree in Psychology. He is currently
    involved in the development and launch of a comprehensive online informational platform, directed at self-development, human consciousness and conscious living. Simeon's work gravitates around the genetic potential which lies within the human genome and our innate ability to unlock it.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Ray Lorenz
    Ray Lorenz 3 hours ago

    “these have no place on our recreational table” idkkkkk maaaaannn lol

  • Jdlc
    Jdlc 2 days ago

    10:55 yeah

  • Jdlc
    Jdlc 2 days ago

    I have psychosis-its probably a no go for him.
    Edit: wtf i thought i wrote 'me'

  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight 3 days ago

    That’s why when the globalists stop their hearts, they can communicate with the inter dimensional entities that give them secret information.. obviously

  • Tasha Gimera
    Tasha Gimera 4 days ago

    I tried to teach the world all this stuff when I was a teen,nobody acknowledgd me. Just wanted to say it all, steal my message, and say it in an accent so people like theirs better

  • Rizy ramay
    Rizy ramay 4 days ago

    I love shrooms. Best experience ever.

  • Didida
    Didida 6 days ago

    Then why is not legal like other medicines?

  • Jeff Chong
    Jeff Chong 7 days ago

    guy sounded stoned

  • CryBabyCholo 13
    CryBabyCholo 13 8 days ago +1

    What language is this guy speaking?

  • CryBabyCholo 13
    CryBabyCholo 13 8 days ago +1

    I wish this guy spoke english

  • Soonmush
    Soonmush 11 days ago

    The performer is way too nervous...

  • Bella Padin
    Bella Padin 16 days ago

    Plant medicine not a drug we’re so condition to see mushroom 🍄 as bad . Peace be with u work with a shaman that would guide with plant medicine music from TVclip 🙏🏽sending love and light. No more then 1.5 grams

  • p3rryn
    p3rryn 17 days ago +1

    Moral of the story, try some shrooms and find out who you are. I've never done it, but I can't lie I am curious

  • Corrinne Garfield
    Corrinne Garfield 17 days ago

    Can it treat Chrystal meth addiction?

  • M Leg
    M Leg 18 days ago

    Thanks thats a so great talk, thank you very much Simeon Keremedchiev and TedTalk to share good knowlegde like this!

  • Jorge carrejo
    Jorge carrejo 20 days ago

    Does anyone get dry heaves an hour or so after taking mushrooms? And annoying yawning?

  • Mike
    Mike 21 day ago

    You can feel colors he said. That's not hard to understand. When you smell a pine tree for example, one might remember Christmas time and trigger certain memories that make you feel happy, sad, mad or what ever your personal experiance may have been. Judt like colors can make some feel a certain way.

  • Confident Cristal
    Confident Cristal 21 day ago

    Yeah Psychedelics are true
    You have to be out in nature
    Don’t do it around strangers.
    It’s a beautiful experience. You have to just let it be the whole experience

  • ChessMasterNate
    ChessMasterNate 26 days ago +1

    Evidently, it impairs your ability to color coordinate your clothing.

  • Randy Baker
    Randy Baker Month ago

    Marijuana addiction? Good info except that statement... no such thing

  • KFC
    KFC Month ago

    lsd acid...just change the way i see the world

  • Aramis
    Aramis Month ago

    Had a crazy trip and he's spot on about everything I felt at around 16:50

  • T S
    T S Month ago +2

    "this is not a recreational substance and it should not be treated as such"
    ha, watch me

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf Month ago +1

    Simply put, a RESET button. User 49 years.

    • Samson Solomon
      Samson Solomon Month ago

      David Wolf like defragmentation of your hard drive

  • Chaz Buck
    Chaz Buck Month ago

    My mother taught us to eat 3 servings of mushrooms a day.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago

    Buying spores and helping my fellow anxious and depressed friends

  • brian sanchez
    brian sanchez Month ago

    I've done acid twice and Im still depressed af

  • Darren
    Darren 2 months ago

    I have been through a lot of bad situations in life that have taken their toll, childhood, military family issues. Can honestly day that I feel like psychedelics have helped me a lot. I feel like I have been able to deal with a lot of issues that I couldn't get my head around or move on from and I feel like my outlook has changed on things and my life.

  • martynblackburn1977
    martynblackburn1977 2 months ago

    What a weird accent: French, Russian, English, Patois, Cockney.

  • Alonzo Rodriguez
    Alonzo Rodriguez 2 months ago

    These aren’t for everyone. Not everyone needs to experience these substances. Not everyone is ready.

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 2 months ago

    My goal is to address the issues of anxiety, worry, depression, stress, fear and heart palpitations and then effectively and efficiently banish them from my life forever.

  • Sven Couchez
    Sven Couchez 2 months ago

    He seems to be stressed to me, i find his talk a bit difficult to follow. Anyway, very nice that he gave this talk and that he brings this topic under attention.

  • zipper pillow
    zipper pillow 2 months ago

    My great, great, great (x10,000,000) grandfather WAS a mushroom.
    Some people say I remind them of him.
    So that's pretty cool.

  • Kyle hogan
    Kyle hogan 2 months ago

    It was my 16th birthday (November 2018) and I had some of my basketball friends over for a birthday party. About 6 of them were kids you could tell, never has/would touch weed. But there were 2 kids that were their that I knew were always high. So anyways, it’s about 10:00 and people start to leave. Up until it was just me and the 2 kids. They asked if I wanted to go to spend the night with them and smoke. Being nervous, I still decided to go. So we go to his house and smoke. (He had a wax pen) I had a good time, and I continued to go to his house to smoke every weekend, for about 5 weeks. Now it’s Christmas break and I have nothing but time and my “stoner friends” are both busy. And I obviously want to smoke. So I hit up some plugs and decided to buy my own wax pen setup. (WORST DECISION I EVER MADE) $35 for a battery and a half gram cart. The half gram probably lasted the whole winter break. (By this point I only smoke by myself) I never intended to keep smoking after I went back to school. I kinda just figured I would stop. Well I didn’t, I finished the half gram cart and decided to spend all my birthday/Christmas money on carts. It went on like this for about a year. FULL ON ADDICT. I would steal money from my parents wallets, or even sell my valuable possessions. I would LITERALLY smoke myself to sleep every night, and all throughout the day. NONSTOP. Also I played club basketball during this time (different teammates) We would have weekend tournaments in California, (I would leave my weed at home) I’m not making this up,, I could not sleep without it. Me and 3 of my roommates in a hotel room and it’s 3 am, while they are all sound asleep, I’m sitting there desperately trying to fall asleep. And this is when I realized I had a problem. Deep down I knew I had to quit, I just didn’t want to admit it. So, when we got back, I went back to my old habits of smoking every night. Fast forward to about one month ago. Some kid in my English kid offered me lsd. I was skeptical to do it at school, but I did it anyway. So I take the tab and I ditch the rest of the day, to go home and smoke, to enhance it. Which it did. But I still didn’t learn. I looked at lsd and weed as a way to escape reality and put all my anxieties behind for a little while (which is super unhealthy) anyway I continue to experiment with this new drug. (Today is Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019) Yesterday was Saturday night and I decided to try 800 ug of acid. I got this on Thursday night from some sketchy guy. Anyway I was out of weed as well and I was desperately trying to find someone with some. But no one had anything. So I decided to try acid on it’s own for once (with no weed) I took the tab at about 8:00 and the effects started to kick in, (without the weed to calm me down) As the acid started to kick in the walls started to warp like they never had before, and I started losing my mind. I then started to ask myself, “is this really what you wanna do with your life, sit around getting High,and achieving nothing?” It was then that I came to the realization that from my 16th birthday (November 2018) to now (October 2019) My whole year was a waste. I did nothing except get high, numbing my anxiety, excepting that I would be a failure. I have now realized that my weed addiction is what was causing all this anxiety. And has eliminated all my motivation. While coming down from the acid last night, I realized that my future is up to me. I can either continue down the path I’m going down, burning my money and masking my emotions, or quitting and finding inspiration to get that motivation back, that I once had. So I made the right choice and blocked every single person who has ever sold anything to me, and I already feel so much better. I took a huge first step towards fighting my addiction. It’s a shame that it took me this long to realize that I was poisoning myself. I was in denial, I wanted to spare my pride. But that 800 ug lsd made me realize that I am in a deep hole, and the first step up is realizing that I have a problem, and trying to improve myself. I’m glad I came to this realization before it was too late. I am now 1 week without weed and I feel as good as I’ve ever felt in a while. I don’t have constant mood swings and don’t rely on a substance to make me happy. Life is what you make it. I’m not necessarily saying that weed is bad. I just now understand that everyone is different. Some people can handle it and others can’t. It’s not the worst thing in the world to smoke with some friends every once in a while, it’s when you start letting it take over your life that it becomes a problem. If you read this all, I really appreciate it, and wish you the best of luck. Stay safe out there;

    • Jbayley
      Jbayley 2 months ago

      Wasnt 800ug in one tab haha. 800 micro grams is a whole other entity but I'm glad you had a positive experience

  • Alexandre Lévesque
    Alexandre Lévesque 2 months ago

    I tried Mush for the first time a week ago.
    I have to agree, these things really change your perception of reality...
    it's another state of mind.. pure of all your conceived ideas.

    oHAWKWINDo 3 months ago

    Careful eating cyanescens... They can cause temporary paralysis if you way too many. I found out the hard way.

  • Pandan Tour Bangkok
    Pandan Tour Bangkok 3 months ago

    The revolution will not be televised

  • Don Warren
    Don Warren 3 months ago

    Just do it

  • Midhun Pg
    Midhun Pg 3 months ago +1

    Love form india (kerala)

  • Cynthia Lowery
    Cynthia Lowery 3 months ago

    for me, I've tripped several times in the past 5 months, only one considered bad but actually it wasn't bad it was HARD to accept but I LEARNED so much !!!!!!! life changing experiences for me and has cured my anxiety and total different outlook on life here for myself :) still on my journey to cure myself of PTSD and making progress !!!!! so thankful actually, it's changed my life at 58 yrs old :) if only I'd had it at 20

  • Matty Taylor
    Matty Taylor 3 months ago

    He's really cute.

  • Heavenly Sedated
    Heavenly Sedated 3 months ago

    Everybody is affected differently, just because you have a good trip doesn't mean the next person will. I don't recommend it but it does open up faults we have and should correct. It all depends where your at in life, happy, sad, depressed or even the environment your in like he said. But it can turn on you very quickly. For me there is nothing higher than my Bible and not just reading it but living it and noticing all the hurt people around us

  • Visionary Tribe
    Visionary Tribe 3 months ago

    I’m on shrooms watching this right now

  • PsychedelicDotOrg
    PsychedelicDotOrg 3 months ago

    Psychedelics are the future. Psychedelic is not just a type of drug, but a way of thinking about life, philosophy, medicine, politics, etc. Psychedelics allow us to transcend rigid dualities to deal with issues in an integrative way.

  • Kris Stoddard
    Kris Stoddard 3 months ago

    Thought this was an awesome ted talk! I am very interested in what we can learn about psychedelics and their physiological effects both beneficial and detrimental. My one complaint about the video was I was unable to read most of the slides he was presenting.

  • Kev Dawg
    Kev Dawg 3 months ago

    So are dreams concerned psychedelic

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 3 months ago +1

    If I were tripping he would give me a bad trip. *in my head “why is he moving so much ?!” *him “maybe if I keep moving he will calm down”

  • Ryan Pollard
    Ryan Pollard 3 months ago

    Just snorted 4 lines of mdma

  • Rik DeBacco
    Rik DeBacco 3 months ago

    "marijuana addiction" *thumbs down*

  • Psy Art
    Psy Art 3 months ago

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  • Andy Cruz
    Andy Cruz 3 months ago

    Anyone with OCD ever tripped or micro-dosed?

  • Ralph Latham
    Ralph Latham 4 months ago

    Do you do not promote, condone or sanction their use in any way, shape or form - but they are really, really good for every aspect of the human condition?

  • peter boyden
    peter boyden 4 months ago

    Regret doing psychedelics. I don't even know who i was before. Relationships are harder now.

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S 4 months ago +1

    Been searching a lot about these and I really need them because of my depression but no one seems to sell them to me. I am trying not to look like a mark but maybe it’s the way I am wording my request? HELP!!

    • Rachel S
      Rachel S 4 months ago

      joey flores thank you. That helps a lot. Have a blessed day

    • joey flores
      joey flores 4 months ago

      Find them in nature

    • joey flores
      joey flores 4 months ago


  • Glen Lalor
    Glen Lalor 4 months ago

    Gold tops always make me spew my guts up Violently.

  • Mr. Miyagi
    Mr. Miyagi 4 months ago

    My mom used to have an entire room full of incubators to make and use shrooms, and I can tell you, she's always been a grade-A-asshole. Never stopped her from shooting up or snorting other drugs.

    Why do some people get enlightened, while others just slip further into their mental illness? It's because no one lives in a vacuum. Everyone is biochemically and environmentally different. It's the quick fix we all want. You can reach the same state of being from hard work, meditation, exercise, diet and yoga, and it will be more meaningful. In this age of plastic surgery, steroids and fast food, it really fits right in. We don't have to work too hard.

    I've done mushrooms. I had fun. I'm just saying, that all this hype is a bit optimistic.

  • Tim Fisher
    Tim Fisher 4 months ago

    I cannot lie. Mushrooms took me from a bad place mentally, physically, and spiritually, and then put me into an amazing one. Without that experience I wouldn’t be where I am today in life.

  • Ricardo Pena
    Ricardo Pena 4 months ago +1

    I've done Cannabis, Acid, Salvia and DMT and yes, this man is right!!

    • James Bond
      James Bond 3 months ago

      Ricardo Pena add me on wickr @paulbryan to get shrooms, dmt , lsd

  • James Owens
    James Owens 4 months ago

    If the idea of set and setting influences the course of someone’s psychedelic experience, how can they be used to treat anxiety and depression? Surely they would make someone’s condition or experience worse?

  • Sideways Nutrition
    Sideways Nutrition 4 months ago +1

    This guys accent sounds like a mix of French, English, Irish and Eastern European. I wonder where he’s from

    • Ben
      Ben 4 months ago

      Just thinking the same thing and had to google it as it was distracting me from that awesome talk but there's nothing on him, he's incredibly well socially hidden, good for him. Picking up what sounds like or similar to Newcastle, London and an eastern european dialects...