His Love Will Never Leave You


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  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie 3 months ago


  • J S
    J S 5 months ago

    Keep your eyes on JESUS.

  • jimmy tiler
    jimmy tiler 5 months ago

    Giving a sermon is to be an edifying experience for those who you preaxh to. If you do it for self instead of the LORD you will not grow. To be Christ centered is to be saved. Read and listen to Ellen G White she was a prophet in my church

  • Lauren McGuire
    Lauren McGuire 5 months ago

    Victory belongs to Jesus!! Anointed preaching!!

  • Queen Frimpong
    Queen Frimpong 5 months ago

    God bless you Sir!

  • Catina Hawkins
    Catina Hawkins 5 months ago +1

    Thank you JESUS πŸ’«

  • Tonya Becker Bradley
    Tonya Becker Bradley 5 months ago


  • Daughter Of The King
    Daughter Of The King 5 months ago


  • Biju Gautam
    Biju Gautam 5 months ago

    😯 Because of the echo it is so hard to understand..
    Please add Subtitles..πŸ˜‡

  • Guari Ozuna
    Guari Ozuna 5 months ago

    Amen Hallelujah brother keep doing it Blessings in Jesus name Amen Glory be to God

  • Nikki Williams
    Nikki Williams 5 months ago

    Read your Bible and pray thank you for that message

  • Jennise ẞ.
    Jennise ẞ. 5 months ago

    Do he go live anywhere whenever he has service I think he should start going live so that we can get to see the full service

  • Anna Bramlett
    Anna Bramlett 5 months ago


  • Neva Sanders
    Neva Sanders 5 months ago

    I’m coming out!! Hallelujah!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  • Tammy Bonner
    Tammy Bonner 5 months ago

    Glory to God, you’ve also got a member in Mississippi that’s going to be tuning in. Glory to God!

  • Clarity Of YAH
    Clarity Of YAH 5 months ago

    God bless you brother. Halleluyah!

  • Hattie Patterson
    Hattie Patterson 5 months ago

    He is in the room! Holy Spirit!

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 5 months ago +1

    My other comment got deleted

  • Floyd 276
    Floyd 276 5 months ago +2

    Love you man and idekno you just a cheerful christian passionate man need more people like you in the world god bless everyone and your familys

  • King Explorer
    King Explorer 5 months ago

    This is new view for me always saw your lone ranger videos. Incredible! You inspire me!
    Bless up!

  • LeDawn Stark
    LeDawn Stark 5 months ago

    One of God's End Time messengers. Let he that hath an ear hear what the Spirit is speaking to the church.

  • Cassandra Williams
    Cassandra Williams 5 months ago

    I truly enjoyed you my brother keep on working for the Lord

  • Mrs C
    Mrs C 5 months ago

    Great video, Sir

  • Iyone Jackson
    Iyone Jackson 5 months ago


  • bytheway789
    bytheway789 5 months ago

    Praise the Lord!!! Hallelujah! To God be the Glory!

  • Janet Ehizojie
    Janet Ehizojie 5 months ago +1

    Preach on! A true end time soldier and apostle of God.

  • earth 1986
    earth 1986 5 months ago

    Amen I wish the video was longer

  • Kween Victorious
    Kween Victorious 5 months ago

    God bless you β€œbrotherβ€πŸ™πŸΎ wonderful to see our young Adults get the full gospel the truth,what a powerful move of the holy sprit πŸ•Šall praises to our father and our King Jesus 🀴🏾

  • Helping The Vision
    Helping The Vision 5 months ago +1


  • Natalie Diamond
    Natalie Diamond 5 months ago

    God’s omnipotent love is forever faithful. Thank you JesusπŸ’–

  • Choolwe Mukenani
    Choolwe Mukenani 5 months ago

    Marcus Rogers please don't ignore me am tired of commenting just for
    people to over look it
    am scared i feel like a hypocrite
    i know how he wants me to be as a christian but my mind keeps diluting
    it for me with the ways of the world to make it worse am not even sure
    if He's forgiven me for my past sins ; i just wanna know He's gonna make
    me right pray for me and ask Him please i just want to learn to love
    Him right PLEASE

    • Choolwe Mukenani
      Choolwe Mukenani 5 months ago

      @NXTCHP FORME i have no words these days i admire people that here His voice so clearly, those He speaks to so directly even through dreams
      i do have dreams but they are often short and i never understand them.
      am actually thinking of getting off social media so that i dont get influenced much but even being within society itself is a test and a temptation
      i doubt me and the abilities HE has given me
      please pray for me maybe the problem is i dont know how to pray

    • Choolwe Mukenani
      Choolwe Mukenani 5 months ago

      @Nadirah Saleem from NetGar Investments i trust God ,i just dont trust my heart, my mind, my self.

      NXTCHP FORME 5 months ago

      @Choolwe Mukenani - what is greater, your feelings or Gods truth? The fearful and unbelieving will not inherit the kingdom of God. As you focus on the word of God, he will change you. The bridge to cross is for you to decide what you will allow to dictate your actions. It starts with surrender. Not self effort. Go in your closet or bathroom with the new king james bible. Quiet alone place. Clock one hour. Ask god to meet you and begin with the gospel of john. I heard someone say 3 times through that book and you will know. Yield to the experience of getting quiet or out loud, the spirit, the awareness. He is real and he is there. Do share..blessings.

      NXTCHP FORME 5 months ago +1

      Slow down...separate the issues. You are spirit, mind, body. A living soul. Not minimizing what you are feeling. From your note there is a sense of urgency. Anxiousness. Crisis mode. Scriptures on that?
      A, feelings are not evidence of truth. Isolate the numerous and varied feelings, emotions, thoughts. Examine how many are based on facts. If the facts, what does the Word say about your past? Facts. You can't change the past but God will and can use those details. That is what he has done. Use the broken to shine light.
      B, identify any fear. Fear of what?
      C, know that there are no perfect human beings. Evaluate your expectations and definitions.
      What are you expecting. Why? Whose truth? Whose work? Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. If you are thinking of God, you are in a great place. Think of it like the tug boat that pulls the massive ships to harbor moorings safely. Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.
      I hope you take time to slow down and become aware of the devils devices. He comes to kill steal and destroy...by any means necessary.
      Much love.

    • Nadirah Saleem from NetGar Investments
      Nadirah Saleem from NetGar Investments 5 months ago +3

      It's NOT about how you feel it's about what you believe. Say that scripture out loud until you believe it. Speak truth over yourself. Read the word of God out loud about yourself. It says He's faithful and just to forgive you if you confess. Obey the word. If you submit to God and resist the enemy he will flee from you. Trust God!

  • Shirley Dutes
    Shirley Dutes 5 months ago

    Praise Jesus His love never fails

  • Mark Laing
    Mark Laing 5 months ago


  • Prophetess Brenda G Grant Brenda G Grant

    Stay in God's lane of preaching! Don't change! Some pastors do.

  • Sheree
    Sheree 5 months ago +1

    Wow! On fire! Praise God πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  • C C
    C C 5 months ago


  • C C
    C C 5 months ago +2

    Look at this true man of God!

  • C C
    C C 5 months ago

    Wow real preaching!

  • Esther Toppin
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  • Chosen To do God will
    Chosen To do God will 5 months ago +1

    Amazing Job Praise God glory be to God

  • MP
    MP 5 months ago +1

    "If ye keep my commandments, then shall ye abide in my love"

  • Michele Greene
    Michele Greene 5 months ago +1

    My pastor said Christians are in closet. While the Homosexuals are coming out. He said the Christians should be coming out of the closet. And serve God openly.

  • Christle Green
    Christle Green 5 months ago

    Wow, I literally saw and felt the powerful presence of almighty God, as He ministered to the surrendered hearts around the room! This is how one knows whether or not he, or, she has been planted in the right soil. Just take a look at the growth around you...no "best dressed" committee...no displays of "popularity"...only tear-stained eyes and lifted cups yearning to be filled. Now, THIS is the authentic and uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, continue to encourage and strengthen your son, as he feeds your flock, with nourishment straight from Your Holy Word. May a double portion be placed upon Him, as He goes forth, in obedience. In the name of Jesus, so, shall it be. Amen.

  • I En
    I En 5 months ago

    Man of God

  • Leuila Isaia
    Leuila Isaia 5 months ago

    All colours all nations !!!! Thats what the church is suppose to look like!!

  • End Times Ministries Serenity Productions

    I love Marcus Rogers. He is a great Inspiration for the Kingdom of God. He is a down to earth, Godly Gentleman and a Kingdom ambassador for God in the Earth. πŸ”₯

  • shonda0227
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  • Major Christian Media
    Major Christian Media 5 months ago

    Give God Praise!

  • HisQueen Warrior
    HisQueen Warrior 5 months ago

    Yes!!! God showed up and showed out! Pastor Rogers was on fire! Klaus spoke over me, delivered and prayed over me! I came praying and interceeding for God to deliver, heal, restore bless and save those that were coming and to speak annoint, cover and protect his children that were going to be praying, delivering and speaking over them. Then... I was delivered 😭😭😭 from things that I had asked God to help me with for years, (fear, worry, doubt, stress, low self- esteem, shame, condemnation, guilt, depression) I would pray. Speak truth, worship through the battle but this time it was casted out and gone. I get challenged by the enemy but I'm more equipped to fight the good fight of faith with the word! I left completley different, lighter, stronger in the spirit and blessed. It's a day I will never forget. It changed my life forever. Something shifted my position in christ and my mindset. I'm equiped and ready to do what God has called me to do. I've been confidently speaking truth in public, being led by the spirit to tell people that Jesus loves them and reaching the lost, hurting and the broken. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ To God be the glory. I'm nothing without him.

  • Marion Hays
    Marion Hays 5 months ago +1

    Jesus loves you πŸ˜‡.....

  • Ash, ApriL R
    Ash, ApriL R 5 months ago +1


  • kathleen Wharton
    kathleen Wharton 5 months ago

    +A Skinner..Thank You. I had to respond. I got married so my name changed..but I am a Skinner too!

  • AJ Moise
    AJ Moise 5 months ago

    I literally just have a question I'm not trying to judge or nothing, but why does Marcus Rogers have tattoos?

  • Law Dawg
    Law Dawg 5 months ago

    Amen, I needed this Brother Marcus!

  • hweyun
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  • Alicia Stillwell
    Alicia Stillwell 5 months ago +1

    Your so awesome! Please pray for my dad, he doesn't know God yet

  • jtika1978
    jtika1978 5 months ago +4

    You're a powerful preacher. I've only watched your vlog type videos (which are very encouraging & thought provoking as well), so this is nice to see.

  • Always Working4God
    Always Working4God 5 months ago +3

    Thank you, Abba Father, for your Holy Spirit fire!! πŸ™πŸΏ

  • Eileen Friel
    Eileen Friel 5 months ago +1

    Thank you lord Jesus !!

  • Ce’Ce Carter
    Ce’Ce Carter 5 months ago

    Wish I was there in personπŸ’•βœοΈ