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  • Dedisun
    Dedisun Month ago

    worst movie ever

  • Xclus OTB
    Xclus OTB Month ago

    See,xenomorphs are one version of aliens. The face huggers basically make multiple types of aliens

  • Cole Nesper
    Cole Nesper 3 months ago

    In 10 years time alien covenant will be called an underrated masterpiece

  • Staggo Lee
    Staggo Lee 3 months ago

    I saw it on a super huge screen at a friend's home. The couch was comfortable, so I fell asleep.

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 5 months ago

    I wanted Shaw and David on the Engineers planet, figuring shit out. Why did the create us? Who created them? Why do they want us dead? What are the xenomorphs and why did THE ENGINEERS create them. What does David think? Delving into the idea of "god" when the creator is standing next to the creation and its creation. Woulda been cool to see all of that, then Shaw destroys them after finding out they're evil, using the "Alien" weapon they created. The alien is the last man standing, maybe Shaw lures it into a ship and sends it off to a deserted planet? Boom. Alien created, questions answered, sets up the first Alien movie.

  • Kumar Kshirsagar
    Kumar Kshirsagar 5 months ago

    I like the movie just coz it show the connection original story. Just like star wars, prequel was felt good because we really want to know howthings end up here. Other than that, visuals are obivious good and story line little prdictable but twist end up where it all stated.

  • Steve Rondinelli
    Steve Rondinelli 6 months ago

    The little alien puppet birth scene was both hilarious & absolutely ridiculous at the same time!!!

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 6 months ago

    how did the predators get them?

  • Jake Tibbs
    Jake Tibbs 6 months ago

    Once we see the third film in this trilogy this will be seen as a better film. We're just so confused right now.

  • Jake Tibbs
    Jake Tibbs 6 months ago

    Call this movie Covenant, remove the Xenomorphs from all marketing, look at it as a Prometheus sequel. Much better film. We were misled by marketing.

  • Kisra009
    Kisra009 8 months ago

    I love alien covenant

  • Greg Price
    Greg Price 8 months ago

    OK visually great and audio is great but this movie just angers me. Like a bored android stuck on a planet creates the "perfect creation" is just honestly underwhelming to me personally and i know a a lot of fans do not like that. I could get over that if it provided good characters and some decent horror. But that wasn't the case, Severely underdeveloped characters (the androids were developed though), predictable as all hell with scares, not of ton tension and the movie was gory kinda just to be gory. The focus being on the God/creator theme was way to strong and shoved it down your throat. Finally the ending just is same what the hell happens next and just a bummer. I mean it was entertaining enough as a movie watcher but if you care about characters, lore or are were wishing for something like alien and aliens and there respective quality stay away from this movie and i mean it. It'll anger you and can be a big letdown for fans.

  • Biohazard219
    Biohazard219 8 months ago

    I absolutely hated it & I just wanted everyone to die & they did & that's probably the best part of this movie.

  • Ire Pookie
    Ire Pookie 8 months ago

    LMAO! This review is hillarious. The way you describe Billy Cudrop's scene had me rolling on the damn floor. And the sleep chamber and 'Walter' did too. I love your channel.
    As for the movie, I loved it- but I agree on that this team was shit. Ridiculous-and, since I don't think there can ever be too many Fassbenders on a scene, yea, I'm happy.

  • thrasherfan 96
    thrasherfan 96 9 months ago

    When I saw this movie, I finally understood how you all felt when The Phantom Menace came out.

  • DJ RealDyl
    DJ RealDyl 9 months ago

    Remember that is not a xenomorph it’s a protomorph. It’s not YET a perfect organism but it’s close. It is not yet the xenomorph from the original Aliens.

  • jakegetscake
    jakegetscake 9 months ago +1

    You would think when David cut his hair to look like Walter they would have made sure it was Walter at the end ???

  • Joey Heffernan
    Joey Heffernan 9 months ago

    I loved Prometheus but intensely dislike the Aliens series. Such a disappointment !

  • Chef Diablo The Gamer
    Chef Diablo The Gamer 9 months ago

    it's not the engineer planet it's another seed planet that they have

  • Shannon Percy
    Shannon Percy 10 months ago

    "There are things out there we should not find!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 10 months ago

    I liked alien covenant. I gave it a 7 out of 10

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 10 months ago

    These alien should have been nature already made.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 10 months ago

    Could have been a lot better I think.

  • scottieman2
    scottieman2 10 months ago

    I think it would have been more interesting if the alien creatures were some accident and he wanted to keep it or something.

  • Mikeyvike
    Mikeyvike 11 months ago

    actually what about predators ,i thought they created aliens

  • irina1296
    irina1296 11 months ago +1

    I think Engineers should have created xenomorphs, not stupid and so annoying David

  • djfluxysnowcott
    djfluxysnowcott Year ago

    So if David invented the beginnings of the alien & the queen alien in the alien movie. How comes in Alien the Engineer with the hole in his chest which is fossilized i.e. (millions of years old) & theirs thousands of eggs obviously made by the queen alien that's come out of the Engineer. Which you later discover that queen alien in Aliens. Perhaps Jeremy is right. Time travel exists in this universe lol

  • Merlin Brière
    Merlin Brière Year ago

    the song is Country Road By John Denver but the strangest about it it's that it seems to be in vogue this year, already sang in 3 different movies so far. Logan Lucky - Kingsman the golden circle and here, maybe elsewhere to...

  • Trustworthy McLegitimate

    still wanna know why the cryo pods had a built in cremation feature...
    anyway, The Thing vs a Xenomorph. thats what I wanna see, not the Predator BS.

  • micheal fickling
    micheal fickling Year ago

    that isnt actually the engineer planet.... just another seed planet, where the engineers are worshipped

  • bond2k3
    bond2k3 Year ago

    Awesome spoiler talk. Hope you will do more of them. Laughed so hard.

  • SultanTrk
    SultanTrk Year ago

    I loved how Walter (David) revealed his true identity at the end. Hearing Daniels' heart beating faster and faster as she realizes that Walter is in fact David and everyone on the ship is as good as dead.

  • MessengerOfHell
    MessengerOfHell Year ago

    The movie for me was so obvious on how it will end and how it will play out that I wanted to stop watching but I decided to humor my curiosity and watch it till the end. Really, there are two characters that are literally twins (but one of them has a different accent), and not to mention some of the most stupid people in the world were part of that crew. Not as stupid as Prometheus but still, pretty stupid people. I'd give it a 2 out of 5, I watched it when I was hammered and couldn't like it even when I was sober.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Year ago

    I'm not 100 % convinced the Xenomorph is a creation of David. The mural on Pronetheus shows a Xenomorph so it's obvious that the Engineers created them with the black goo. David just got lucky and was in the devil's workshop.

  • Violet Daisy
    Violet Daisy Year ago

    i thought this movie was really boring,.,. wasn't scared at all and i usuall die of fright but this one i almost fell asleep

  • biron james
    biron james Year ago

    apart from the stupidity in this movie it was pretty good (generic robot gone bad movie) but still good

  • swishpronoob
    swishpronoob Year ago

    Soooo many plotholes now.

  • D_Rock
    D_Rock Year ago

    ALC is so much better than the crap the last 3 aliens have been, granted some very dumb characters but still good horror movie. Alien 3 dog shit, alien resurrection would of had better luck picking up dog shit by the clean end, promethius a huge ball of fart

  • Svea Rike
    Svea Rike Year ago

    I bet you the last alien prequel will end with the same thing happening in Prometheus. First David will find out engineers created the XENOmorphs, so he calls both himself and the engineers gods. The engineers don't like that so they kill him and show who the real God is, and that you don't fuck with them.

  • geeerod
    geeerod Year ago

    Hey Jeremy and everyone, if you happen to have the alien covenant Blu-ray there is a special feature scene where David is narrating and at the end of it he says what his plan is. It goes on to show Tennessee and Daniels in their pods and proceeds to mention how he still wants to perfect his experiment till he has his queen as it focuses on Daniels! It gives us a clear indication as to what he has planned for Daniels. I just wonder why it’s buried in the special features instead of being in the ending to get people pumped. It would have been awesome to see that in the theatre.

  • Exile Rogue
    Exile Rogue Year ago

    James Franco Deserves A fucking Oscar And an emmi

  • b3m oney
    b3m oney Year ago

    Id rather they go the prometheus route

  • Multikalwin
    Multikalwin Year ago

    Didn't they show an Alien skull as a trophy at the end of in Predator 3? That was hundreds of years earlier in the timeline....

    • Jan P
      Jan P Year ago

      Predator 2 and AVP is also in 200X yup timeline dont make sense.

  • James Esparza
    James Esparza Year ago

    Elisabeth naw.

  • LordVader1094
    LordVader1094 Year ago

    It's really disappointing that they made it where the xenomorphs were created by an android, rather than it evolving naturally.

  • JcGross
    JcGross Year ago

    You know, the small incosistencies are what fuck me up. Like in prometheus, why did the cavemen draw a map to a weapon testing facility? And why did this ship have the ability to tell EXACTLY where the alien was but not the Nostromo, a more advanced ship (I presume).

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Year ago

    One of the most cringworthy scenes when David and Walter were playing the flute innuendo their lol

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 Year ago

    I liked David vegetable patch lol

  • Małgorzata Miklaszewska

    David created them but he wasn't the first one to do it. They're already known by the Engineers, it's established by the wall sculptures on their ships.

  • TheSpanishzombie
    TheSpanishzombie Year ago

    I went fuck it when david cut his hair with garden scissors and had the exact same haircut as walter, i knew what the twist was gonna be, like all 90's twin type tv shows, and then the flute scene happend

  • Ocho Chigo
    Ocho Chigo Year ago

    You are being paid to give an enthusiastic positive review for this pile of shit movie

    • expressrobkill
      expressrobkill Year ago

      i enjoyed it even though there were aspects i didn't like it's called differing opinions, not everyone thinks the same.

  • Nicklaus Bailey
    Nicklaus Bailey Year ago

    with walter and david, i really liked symbolism used between the 2 "brothers" when they were fighting, walter picks up a rock and begins hitting david with it. along with alot of other biblical references, i wonder if this is a direct reference to cain and abel

  • Nibbles McMeow
    Nibbles McMeow Year ago

    Someone needs to make an edit of the movie, where they include the youtube shit, and get rid of or trim some of the unnecessary scenes, like the shower scene, or the flute fingering scene.

  • Aaron Bowley
    Aaron Bowley Year ago

    your facehugger bit was funny as hell dude. lol poor billy

  • Misha Gorelikow
    Misha Gorelikow Year ago

    saw it really hated it. if they committed to either and alien film or a prometheus sequel it could've been good but now it just doesn't make any sense. also a really bad script.

  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva Year ago

    5:14 KKKKKKK

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono Year ago

    Thank you for reminding everyone about the Alien imagery in Prometheus.
    Also, can someone explain to me how the second one got the ship? Keeping it vague for people who think this is a actual review of the movie.

  • Dawn Michelle
    Dawn Michelle Year ago

    So basically in the future a.i.'s will be assholes. Lol

  • Erik Espinal
    Erik Espinal Year ago

    David is eventually going to lose control of the xenomorphs just like humans with the androids I think that's pretty much how his ship ended up on lv 426

  • William Sunset
    William Sunset Year ago

    All the rubbish Alien movies since Aliens remind me how absolutely perfect the first two films are. This joins the rubbish.

  • Frankie the tank 23

    This movie was boring

  • Arjanator
    Arjanator Year ago

    I think that Shaw and David went to the Engineer's planet before they crash landed on the planet in Alien: Covenant. That's the only way I can think why they would make the decision to have the next movie be a prequel.

  • Athraxes
    Athraxes Year ago

    Movie was actually worse than Prometheus which was a crappy alien movie but a nice scifi movie... this just ruins the alien itself and all its lore.... I'm used to ppl acting like complete dumbasses in movies by now but holy shit this was on another level...

  • Darth Jaulce
    Darth Jaulce Year ago

    Jeremy, what if David is just recreating (he thinks he's creating it though) something that already existed?

  • victima azul
    victima azul Year ago

    So, if david created the alien eggs and face huggers.....then the alien queen in Aliens is irrelevant...Boy they fucked up this franchise

  • Eric Kjos
    Eric Kjos Year ago

    Thumbs up as always, but the whole "survival of the fittest theme" makes no sense. Humans fighting with their fists lose to Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! But that is why we built Light Machine Guns! Without our weapons, tactics/teamwork, defenses, etc. we lose to wolves and Xenomorphs. If 10,000 Xenomorphs fought the 1st U.S. Marine Division, at the end of the battle, our marines would be wearing Xenomorph skulls like hats.
    I loved Alien but it was a Haunted House movie with a bunch of hapless teenagers against Jason. Aliens was a Western in which a few plucky Cowboys fight off hordes of Indians. Alien: Covenant was about the Earth, having identified the "no common sense" gene, sending those stricken with no common sense off to their deaths in space. :)

  • Ramzeis777
    Ramzeis777 Year ago

    Face huggers lol

  • wearenewbies
    wearenewbies Year ago

    Is not Xenomorph, it's a Protomorph. Read a book.

  • potpolima
    potpolima Year ago

    i want to see a movie where 1 million human soldiers vs 1 million xenomorphs.. zerg vs terran style

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk Year ago

    I think all those you tube vids we saw should have been in the movie would have made the movie little longer but would have been a better movie in my opinion. Those seemed to be the most interesting clips. I did like the scene with the alien coming out of that guys back I think that was a practical effect and looked good.

  • Luke M
    Luke M Year ago

    I really don't understand the hate

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 Year ago

    Alien 1 and 2 are the only films in this series that happen. Atleast in my eyes..

  • Xenre Lavague
    Xenre Lavague Year ago

    I'm sure it was mentioned in the comments at some point the song was *John Denver's Country Roads.*

  • Arrow Knee
    Arrow Knee Year ago

    The theme was continued, that and he killed another seed planet. Nothing about how that scene is shoot suggests it was the engineers home world.

  • RA
    RA Year ago

    U used to many words describing this disaster. Let me help u: One word alone is enough, STUPID Crew.

  • BAD B.O.
    BAD B.O. Year ago

    I LOVED this movie!...... Michael Fassbender scared THE LIVING SHIT out of me, I was getting some serious Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner vibes off of him! LOL....

  • shavingculture
    shavingculture Year ago

    Remember when this idiot said that Prometheus wasn't a alien movie 😂he said it was in another universe where aliens never happen fucking idiot I swear I told him in the comments that it was a alien movie and same universe but this idiot is a Sony tool playstion pony what can you expect usually Sony pony are mental disable

  • Jesterface
    Jesterface Year ago

    I see nothing but problems with this movie. The point of Alien and Lovecraftian horror is fear of the unknown. OF COURSE there will be a desire for answers, and the biggest mistake of Hollywood is to give it to us. Just give us hints of horrendous possibilities to theorize about and get lost in. That's the core issue. That said: Pacing was off, Tone was off, Characters were forgettable and incompetent, story on par with AvP, Slapstick humor, horror cliches and awful action scenes. Baby Groot Alien Jesus scene 10/10, Hilarious.

  • Jeremy Ravencaw
    Jeremy Ravencaw Year ago

    it starts with a solar flare that damages the recharge process of the ship that also fucks with the captain's pod. The world then is given an explosion by the mutation of the life on the planet hence the rapid growth of the xenomorph. David wanted to make his queen to the hive mentality and with shaw he has found the specimen he wanted a survivor to corrupt to his vision

  • Chris Muth
    Chris Muth Year ago

    engineers created humanity - they became dissatisfied - they tried to create xenomorphs - david learns this and kills all of them so he can create them/uses shaw as a catalyst - covenant people go to the planet - david begins wiping the idiots out - david makes his way to the next planet to spread amongst the colony

  • King OceanBlu
    King OceanBlu Year ago

    I am so Upset that David Created the Alien, Also doesn't make sense, since Aliens were in Prometheus... Also the Ending was Bad Because I liked How Daniels Turned out and then you find out that she becomes a Host (I would Assume) but that sucks because her and Tennessee were the only survivors (and only ones I liked in the movie) and How did David Beat Walter? It DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!!!!!

    • Luke M
      Luke M Year ago

      You don't like thinking too much do you?? The aliens are BIO-MECHANICAL. The alien in Prometheus is biological

  • mcnasty
    mcnasty Year ago +1

    This movie is so underrated

  • Sammy Santoro
    Sammy Santoro Year ago

    They ruined the Xenomorph in my opinion. Showed it way too much, the freakiest part about the original Alien was not knowing where it was.

  • TheAdamn9ne
    TheAdamn9ne Year ago

    So I did think or thought that the Predators vs Aliens was happening long before David was Even invented himself to even begin to creat these Xenomorphs. ???

  • TheAdamn9ne
    TheAdamn9ne Year ago

    So I did think or thought that the Predators vs Aliens was happening long before David was Even invented himself to even begin to creat these Xenomorphs. ???

  • Dave Booshty
    Dave Booshty Year ago

    The Gestation period of not the Protomorph but Xenomorph seemed way way way sped up before it becomes a Full Grown Alien?

  • Random Content
    Random Content Year ago

    I honestly blame Damon Lindelof for a lot of this franchise's problems. He created mysteries in Prometheus without thinking "How is this possible" or "How would we answer this?" and that asshole always does that, he just comes up with mysterious stuff that he has no idea how they can be answered. I wouldn't be so pissed if he hadn't shit on the Alien universe specifically.
    I really despise him as a writer and think he should be permanently fired from Hollywood. So sick of his shit.

  • Carl Wåger
    Carl Wåger Year ago

    I think that David got inspired from what he found in Prometheus or he found out there how you make the aliens

  • wer2young2die
    wer2young2die Year ago

    I still think that a large part of the movie was cut out, including james franco scenes

  • Zackary Robertson

    john denver

  • Dustin White
    Dustin White Year ago

    I just sa the movie and the ending gave me goosebumps and I never get goosebumps while watching movies 🎥

  • I'm Negan
    I'm Negan Year ago

    This movie is fucking stupid hate it. Nobody asked for it and it doesn't exist in my book. RETCON THIS SHIT

  • BassPlayerAvailable


  • femtokun
    femtokun Year ago

    If its his mad experiments that make the Xenoimorph what is the sculpted mural in Prometheus representing a crucified Xenomorf?

  • jason torres
    jason torres Year ago

    If you've seen Alien then you must know that's not a xenomorph at the final act of Covenant. The eggs are bigger , They burst faster & have a more organic look. It's a protomorph , David is trying to create the perfect killer which is the xenomorph from Alien which is why David observes the protomorph hunt Daniels and Tallahassee & sees that it isn't perfect yet which is why he lets it get killed.

  • CGF Movies
    CGF Movies Year ago

    6 more Alien movies!? Aww fuck!

  • Taronamic
    Taronamic Year ago +1

    *Jeremy* I Loved The Movie Pretty Much Till The Ending, Drop My Personal From 10-9 Walter V.s David Scene Was Epic!!! I Cried When Walter Didn't Make It..

  • Fromthefuture
    Fromthefuture Year ago

    Good breakdown, it did kinda waste Prometheus... That Story was fascinatiing.

  • Moyra Israel
    Moyra Israel Year ago

    It was boring

  • Tom G.
    Tom G. Year ago

    I really liked the movie. Even though we didn't get any answers. I loved the interactions between David and Walter and the Neomorphs (the while alien creatures) really made me feel uncomfortable because they looked really scary. I'm exited about the next movie and if er get answers or even more questions.