Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous specializes in incredibly rare and expensive cars. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, he's wrapped them all. Among some of the celebrities he has worked with are KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.
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    Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars
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Comments • 3 749

  • Zain tyler
    Zain tyler 2 days ago

    Ohhh he is that guy who always race and loses lol

  • Glem Olivares
    Glem Olivares 3 days ago

    1:20 gta girl taking the selfie in the right

  • Matthew Henry
    Matthew Henry 3 days ago

    Just realized this is the guy from the TVclip channel 'carwow', recognized his cars. He's humble aff

  • Johan
    Johan 7 days ago

    Autopilot? :0 @1:45

  • Ashley Demeno
    Ashley Demeno 13 days ago

    Does this shop wrap Tesla Model X P100D?
    My dad owns one and he wants a matte black wrap

  • nySsa motivo
    nySsa motivo 14 days ago

    Μπράβο Γιάννη!

  • 스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

    What material are they using to wrap the cars?

  • SFXV Games
    SFXV Games 15 days ago +1

    Deji comes here alot

  • RodeXgaming
    RodeXgaming 16 days ago

    Isn't he Greek?

  • Garfield
    Garfield 17 days ago +4

    He's definitely the type of guy to flex on some girl that didnt like him back in highschool about his job.

  • Yoniskurdi Mohammed
    Yoniskurdi Mohammed 18 days ago

    @22 Enfield

  • YBB4
    YBB4 20 days ago

    We need a TV show

  • Daniils Eversons
    Daniils Eversons 20 days ago

    At least I don't struggle with screen protector lmao
    RIP for people who do, you must've wasted quite a bit of time

  • jack Mangal
    jack Mangal 21 day ago

    Who else knew him from carwow

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 22 days ago +1


  • Brinky Brinkz
    Brinky Brinkz 24 days ago

    The one Lamborghini reminds me of the movie Tron.

  • Divij SHARMA
    Divij SHARMA 25 days ago

    He customized ksi lamborgini

  • Natuna
    Natuna 28 days ago

    He's not the only that wrap celebs' cars, there are some other, which are that guy crew.

  • DJay
    DJay 29 days ago

    So many are ricers smh

  • Tacoman 07
    Tacoman 07 Month ago +1

    Can they do it to my Toyota Prius?

  • Dodo Dada
    Dodo Dada Month ago

    I gues it’s all about fakeness. The higher, the faker. That’s all I can see.

  • WinSDFina
    WinSDFina Month ago

    Can u wrap my 1998 Honda Civic?

  • stormbolt007x
    stormbolt007x Month ago

    this reminds me of lightning McQueen 😌

  • Raul J
    Raul J Month ago

    Money can't buy taste. Wtf was that dude thinking with that choice of wrapping on that lambo at the beginning?

  • l e e y u h b e e y u h

    KSI be a mooood

  • E OnTheHike
    E OnTheHike Month ago

    The music is terrible

  • Fantasy 47
    Fantasy 47 Month ago

    When you rich in GTA V

  • Jay K
    Jay K Month ago

    The black guy sounded like a crow lol

  • Ahanu Casey
    Ahanu Casey Month ago

    Is the purple car at the beginning KSI's?

    • Ahanu Casey
      Ahanu Casey Month ago

      Oops, the guy answers my question already in the video.

  • Natan
    Natan Month ago

    You should not to be rich for famous, but people know about you is enough.

  • Rice made Jackson hot
    Rice made Jackson hot Month ago +2

    *If I would ever to work there the car would be so wrinkly*

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy Month ago

    You mean "riced"?

  • 1000 Subs
    1000 Subs Month ago +1

    I live like 3 strts away from him

  • Hind Altamimi
    Hind Altamimi Month ago



    if you accident , insurance company won't cover the loss , if your car changes the original colour that include wrapping. Only rich ppls could do this cuz they dont care.

  • Yocelio
    Yocelio Month ago

    Imagine his phone gets stolen, and all the celebs phone numbers get leaked on the internet :O

  • ImGaming YT
    ImGaming YT Month ago

    4:33 are they filipinos?

  • Gregor Clegane
    Gregor Clegane Month ago

    But why would you unwrap a car that looks good wrapped?

  • Tbass
    Tbass Month ago

    west coast customs is better

  • BaD vIbEs
    BaD vIbEs Month ago

    Wrap a Tesla

  • JoeyMations 98
    JoeyMations 98 Month ago +1

    I hate when people with stacks of cash get a Lamborghini because it’s the only freaking car they know and then they put it in some ugly wrap that barely fits their personality at all and then names it something stupid that relates back to the color of the car or some freaking decal that they have on it

  • Lenny Lynner
    Lenny Lynner Month ago


  • Fakie
    Fakie Month ago

    Someday i bring my gtr 32 there

  • TheCooledV
    TheCooledV Month ago +1

    Your Urus still won’t beat the Model X Yianni

  • Izzuddin Shmn
    Izzuddin Shmn Month ago


  • Raiyan Rahaman
    Raiyan Rahaman Month ago +4

    Who knows him because of carwow

  • Loading Ex.e
    Loading Ex.e Month ago

    Wrapping car around 10000?
    I totally can hire Vexx For 5000 just to paint my car with his doodle skills

    THE ROOKIE Month ago

    0:49 that looks cool

  • Sean N
    Sean N Month ago

    Honestly ksi lambo wrap is ugly af

  • Dexter _
    Dexter _ Month ago

    It's like mummification for cars

  • Ali T
    Ali T Month ago

    *Life of no-class rich people. No REAL rich person "wraps" his/her luxury car. A real rich person who is into cars maintains the originality of the luxury cars he/she buys.*

  • TeslaFanBoi_ 100
    TeslaFanBoi_ 100 Month ago

    Mat Watson : i AM A moROn

  • Pepsi #1
    Pepsi #1 Month ago

    I wonder how good they can put a screen protector on

  • CUBED 360
    CUBED 360 Month ago +56

    *_This is the type of guy who spends one and a half hours in the 'Customizations' section in racing video games_*

  • Annette Tzouvelis
    Annette Tzouvelis Month ago

    Yes a Greek owned business😍🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • Abqx
    Abqx Month ago

    Man really said la lamborghini

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Month ago

    wrap is for losers

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Month ago

    what people forget is that they make cut marks in the paint all over the car

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Month ago

    Celebrities can only afford wrap?

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men Month ago

    fantastic ……