• Published on Dec 5, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 062

  • Maddie Freeman
    Maddie Freeman 3 days ago

    My favorite part of the vid is in the beginning where Gus Gus is just sitting on the Table minding his own Business

    Gosh I love him so much!!!!

  • Bella trillas
    Bella trillas 8 days ago

    My brother has cancer ♋️☹️

  • Rosseyeli Concepcion

    I love the video so much

  • Aaron Derby
    Aaron Derby 11 days ago

    Is Rachel u sister

  • Unicorn Swirl
    Unicorn Swirl 15 days ago


  • جوجو متعب
    جوجو متعب 17 days ago +1

    Zest baby

  • Rat 24 Rat 24
    Rat 24 Rat 24 17 days ago

    ITS B A B Y F L Y N N T I M E

  • Katlyn Sullivan 67906
    Katlyn Sullivan 67906 20 days ago

    Little did you know the next day you had your baby

  • Makayla Mcarthur
    Makayla Mcarthur 24 days ago

    No one:
    Pregnant Colleen: *"i like purple"*

  • TheNicoleRose
    TheNicoleRose 26 days ago


  • TheNicoleRose
    TheNicoleRose 26 days ago


  • andrea Rivera
    andrea Rivera Month ago

    Citric acid is The thing that makes sour things sour

  • ThaTs A BIt AwkWaRd

    Little did she know the next video she would upload was a birth video ❤️

  • Kura Sugawara
    Kura Sugawara Month ago

    At 4:46 you can clearly see that colleen is sooooo pregnant that on the right side of her the water is clear.

  • Pumpkin ASMR
    Pumpkin ASMR Month ago

    Gus just sat in the background lol

  • Ellie Marcou
    Ellie Marcou Month ago +2


  • Greta Walsh
    Greta Walsh Month ago

    2:17 lol

  • SophiaMont
    SophiaMont Month ago

    Rachle : the dog over there is licking
    And you are over here burping, And at 0:34 the cat in the back round is looking around tall as a lion

  • Jenna Neighbors
    Jenna Neighbors Month ago +1

    2:37 Miranda face 😂

  • Michael Kiely
    Michael Kiely Month ago

    Little Does Colleen Know Her Child Will Be Born In 5 Days

  • Lydia Kyrie
    Lydia Kyrie Month ago

    6:43. Uh, the next video she has her baby!!

  • Lori Dickson
    Lori Dickson Month ago +2

    And this is Savannah
    👠 👠

  • Lori Dickson
    Lori Dickson Month ago +2

    This is Savannah. She is 0 yrs old. 1 like, she will be 1 yr old!💋♥️😁

  • Alyssa Etheridge
    Alyssa Etheridge Month ago +1

    I love you

  • Denisha Za gamer
    Denisha Za gamer Month ago

    Rachel: colleen can rock any hair do but bangs

  • Rocha family
    Rocha family Month ago

    Collen just shut up your throat becuase your always burping

  • Cats are awesome
    Cats are awesome Month ago +8

    I just got a Mac book case from wish and I'm really happy can I get threee likes

  • Millie’s Music and Movies ;3

    Rachel: This smells good!
    Colleen: I can’t smell anything, my nose doesn’t work, I’m pregnant.
    Me: OMG IM DYING! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sophie art girl UwU

    This vid is dead there are not excited

  • Amy Westgate
    Amy Westgate Month ago

    omg is that a apple watch or fit bit in the bath

  • Veronica Merrell
    Veronica Merrell Month ago

    Who’s watched this after her baby was born?

  • Kayde Clark
    Kayde Clark Month ago

    It did but you don't add to match colors

  • Nikki Maycock
    Nikki Maycock Month ago

    Colleen is miranda

  • Gina Nickatina
    Gina Nickatina Month ago

    I am going to be maranda sings for Halloween 👻

  • Haley Hunter
    Haley Hunter Month ago +1


    Pause the video

    It's break time!!

    Grab some chips and a drink

    Put on your clothes 😂🙄

    Snuggle up


    • Haley Hunter
      Haley Hunter Month ago

      JLauralin MacDonald oml

    • JLauralin MacDonald
      JLauralin MacDonald Month ago

      Haley Hunter what the heck! That makes no sense 😂 I am going to like anyway. Lol

  • Aniya Howell
    Aniya Howell 2 months ago

    Little did she know she would have a baby 8 days later

  • MaNameJeff Pilinzsky
    MaNameJeff Pilinzsky 2 months ago

    Exactly like me and my sister

  • Tess Aurea
    Tess Aurea 2 months ago +1

    For those at home- citric acid is just an acid found in citrus fruit, it's as safe as lemon juice.

  • PattyStar
    PattyStar 2 months ago +1

    5 days later

    Flynn arrived

  • Bailey Boyles
    Bailey Boyles 2 months ago

    That’s funny

  • Amy Montague
    Amy Montague 2 months ago

    I still can't believe you are a mom and Flynn is soooooo cute

  • Cezzy Cousins
    Cezzy Cousins 2 months ago

    I can't smell my nose is broken...I'm pregnant ~ colleen ballinger

  • yuri Sandoval
    yuri Sandoval 2 months ago


  • Hollywood Dream
    Hollywood Dream 2 months ago +10

    Who’s here in 2020
    Can’t wait for my future phone blow up😼

  • Haylee Peters
    Haylee Peters 2 months ago


  • Ellie W
    Ellie W 2 months ago

    She said it as af where it’s A.F 😂😂😂love her sooo much 💕💕

  • Venice Plays
    Venice Plays 2 months ago +9

    Am i the only one that was freaking out because of rachel’s watch in the bathtub?

    • Els life
      Els life 2 months ago

      I think it’s waterproof lol

  • Dusty McMahon
    Dusty McMahon 2 months ago +25

    2019 viewers ?
    NO oh just me then

  • Helen Thompson
    Helen Thompson 2 months ago


  • Michael Montoya
    Michael Montoya 2 months ago +3

    I have that JoJo soap maker like if you do to

  • Miss Griffondor
    Miss Griffondor 2 months ago +1

    4:27 typical fangirls 😂😂😂😂

  • Kristina Nicodemus
    Kristina Nicodemus 2 months ago


  • Ho Wiwi
    Ho Wiwi 2 months ago

    Are you miranda

  • Yvonne Mcadams
    Yvonne Mcadams 2 months ago

    It works do you not know how buy phones work just freaking put them in the bathtub and then it puts the color in the bathtub

  • Simon Huth
    Simon Huth 2 months ago


  • Simon Huth
    Simon Huth 2 months ago

    Citric Acid is the acid in oranges. It’s safe

  • •Aesthetic_as•
    •Aesthetic_as• 2 months ago

    Her baby was came 5 days after

  • Kaylee Kay
    Kaylee Kay 2 months ago


  • Brooke Horne
    Brooke Horne 2 months ago

    Emily love you 😘❤️

  • Mary Heaton
    Mary Heaton 2 months ago

    Rachel and colleen are so funny they always make me laugh