Stugotz calls Nebraska coach Scott Frost 'Scott Fraud' for UCF opinion | Dan Le Batard Show | ESPN

  • Published on May 8, 2018
  • Stugotz tells Nebraska football coach Scott Frost "Scott Fraud," and tells him to keep quiet with his comments about UCF claiming a national championship because he bolted that school.
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Comments • 333

  • Christian Boozer
    Christian Boozer 4 months ago


  • Jon Douglas
    Jon Douglas 4 months ago

    Didn’t LSU beat them with running backs playing corner and safeties .... I love how ucf has won for two seasons n now were supposed to treat them like there bama and they deserve every benefit even tho FCS North Dakota state plays a harder schedule .... my opinion is ur an idiot and if u don’t play in a national championship u didn’t win a national cha,pro ship dumbshit ....the best team in the nation any of y’all wanna bet your houses on them beating any other college football team ....any takers bitches

  • Bob Marino
    Bob Marino 5 months ago

    Well butt hurt much 🤔🤔😂😂

  • Beth Boden
    Beth Boden 7 months ago

    you guys are a bunch of dumb asses nebraska is his alma mater he wants to build this program back up again or try to plus he's making a heck of a lot more money at Nebraska then he did at central Florida no wonder why your show sucks

  • TheNiners6949
    TheNiners6949 8 months ago

    Stu gotz look like Pat riley lazy brother

  • Brent K. Moore
    Brent K. Moore 11 months ago

    These idiots get on the show and probably have never played big time sports but feel they have what it takes to criticize those who have. All they are doing is just keeping or hoping to keep ratings up so they remain employed.....move on, you idiots.

  • Real Gamecock Boy
    Real Gamecock Boy 11 months ago

    Damn he was right ..Frost look horrible

  • Dave East
    Dave East Year ago

    Satire?? These are just 2 Miami douchebags, also satire doesn’t work w sports

  • D One
    D One Year ago

    Who is paying these guys to say all these stupid comments. I feel sorry for their kids, if they have kids, learning nonsense from these idiots. Scott was a winner everywhere he played or coached. These guys are just jealous that he is that good. He needs time and I am so shocked that these idiots does not get it.

  • Heart of CHAOS
    Heart of CHAOS Year ago

    I love how triggered these clowns get when satire makes fun of the typical sports radio snob and hardcore sports fan base. These guys are basically making fun of how seriously people take their sports. Everyone who gets the show laughs at how right they are about you people lol.

  • James Nguyen
    James Nguyen Year ago

    The man wanted to go home

  • Ryan 2727
    Ryan 2727 Year ago

    Scott Frost will be another Bo Pelini. He'll have a bunch of 9 win seasons and then he'll be fired. Nebraska's glory days are over.

  • Chofly Gaming
    Chofly Gaming Year ago +1

    Did Scott sleep with Stugotz's wife or something? He's got some random agenda against him for no reason. He isn't allowed to ever talk about a season in which he was the coach?

  • Jackie Binns
    Jackie Binns Year ago

    Your a freak from hell !!!! You shut the f up u ass !! He is home where he belongs !! Stupid show with losers trying to be relevant!

  • bryan bortol
    bryan bortol Year ago

    He left the best team in the country? How are you saying Ucf is the best team in the country?

  • Donaglas MC rib
    Donaglas MC rib Year ago

    And this coming from a guy at wearing a Michigan shirt no wonder he's an idiot

    O D GREEN Year ago

    What schmucks.

  • Travis Garrett
    Travis Garrett Year ago

    Dan Le-Basterd with his circus boy Stooge-gotz zero interesting takes. GBR!🏈

  • Jose Farfan
    Jose Farfan Year ago

    Scott frost is Nebraska alma matter Nebraska is super prestigious and he’s like a demigod In that state are you crazy. UCF is cool but it definitely ain’t Scott Frosts national champion school. You guys are douches GBR.

  • tim hutfless
    tim hutfless Year ago

    Dude doesn’t get football...

  • Ian Fink
    Ian Fink Year ago

    Who is this guy

  • Rocky Kearnes Sr.

    He's just scared of Nebraska on the rise being a Michigan fan.

  • edward kucera
    edward kucera Year ago

    He did say that UFC should have been considered for playoffs .
    He did consider them camps.
    Bunch of old jealous dudes taking like the old hags on The View cackling and complaining about nothing.
    Watch Neb roll baby .
    I'm going to laugh my ass off at you hacks at end of next season.
    Just jealous little boys

  • visionsovshiva
    visionsovshiva Year ago guys are idiots. How are you on the air? Oh...espn... got it

  • doG -the backward goD

    I am going to mark the day on the calender that you have to eat those words

    • Verissimus
      Verissimus 11 months ago

      Bill Rice if you think stugotz is going to eat his words you don’t get the show.

  • Jakob Wedel
    Jakob Wedel Year ago

    Nobody cares what Dan LeRetard has to say

  • doug duda
    doug duda Year ago

    Stugotz is a truth pedophile . . sad #lowIQindividual

  • clarence fender
    clarence fender Year ago


  • Brandon Staack
    Brandon Staack Year ago

    Please tell me this is supposed to be ironic or satirical

  • Dylan Love
    Dylan Love Year ago

    I feel dumber after watching this video

  • cracka fantastic
    cracka fantastic Year ago

    Laughing stock of ESPN

  • Rob Kroll
    Rob Kroll Year ago

    chuckle, this guy is a moron.

  • Dave East
    Dave East Year ago

    I know this show is supposed to be satire but man all these guys are all such Miami douchebags

  • Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick Year ago

    I wish this guy would say this directly to Scott Frost and his face.

  • cody sullivan
    cody sullivan Year ago +1

    Fuck Stugotz, uneducated big mouth coward who's only good for running his mouth, what a fucking moron, maybe your show would do better if you didn't have an imbecile down syndrome kid. "He sounds stupid" are you kidding me? Do me a favor and shoot yourself faggot no one will care when you die

  • Sean lam
    Sean lam Year ago +3

    I'm not a Nebraska fan, but I know untalented douches who feel words are more invaluable than actions. I sure do believe Scott frost knows winning, knows hard work, knows what it takes to get there. Lol, I'm sure it satire for ratings. But these unprofessional morons ( besides lebatard). Have me routing for frost.. and it's so much harder to have consistency in the north than the south..

    • John Moeller
      John Moeller Year ago +1

      Sam Iam, your doltishness bring me joy. Keep calling other people stupid. Say it enough and close your eyes and maybe it will come true one day and you'll be the smart guy in the room.

    • wasteofspace20
      wasteofspace20 Year ago

      Alpha Male I highly suggest you look up the definition of liberal and/or neo-liberal. You are thinking of SJW leftists. It's a whole different segment of the political spectrum. Liberals can be leftists, centrists or conservatives. George H. Bush was a neo-liberal, for example, and is considered by historians to be an exceptional president in regards to foreign policy.

    • The Alpha Male
      The Alpha Male Year ago +1

      Sean lam to most of these liberal douchebags words are considered hate speech. Unless of course they’re the ones spewing the hate. No matter, I stopped watch espn over 10 years ago.

  • Herbster41
    Herbster41 Year ago +5

    Florida’s awesome! Giant snakes, gators, bugs everywhere - why would anyone leave all that for a place with four seasons and the best fans in the world?!

  • MrHooskerdu1
    MrHooskerdu1 Year ago

    Who is Stugotz? Some dumb fucker that sits behind a microphone. It's not a National Championship at UCF, stupid fuck! If you don't know this, you should punch yourself in the face, and get the fuck off radio, idiot! Someone with scrawny little arms like yours should just be quiet, and take your place at the kids table, because tiny squirts like you won't last a second with the adults..

  • williegarrett19
    williegarrett19 Year ago

    Armchair QB's on the radio. Never excelled at athletics. Bring Scott Frost in the studio and say that to his face.

  • J eff Patchell
    J eff Patchell Year ago

    You'll be eating your words in two or three year's. How many National Championships does UCF have? Don't worry I'll wait😁

  • Roo H
    Roo H Year ago

    They know what they are doing. Husker fans, we are the most knowledgeable fans in the nation for a reason. recognize what the Le Batard show is. They might call Frost "Fraud", but there's quite a word that could be "mispoken" in Batard. Enough said. Just ignore them.

  • Hayden Bradley
    Hayden Bradley Year ago +1

    Stugotz wants to talk about relevance? Bet! Nebraska will win in the BIG HOUSE this year! Why would Harbaugh go from a team that went to the Super Bowl to coach the irrelevant Michigan? Nebraska has been to more B1G championships than Michigan. Stugotz shut up!

  • Greggory Zimmerman

    All.i am gonna say enjoy beating Nebraska this year because it won't be easy anymore after the 1st year. Nebraska is gonna be very dangerous starting in year 2

    • Roo H
      Roo H Year ago +1

      It's going to be dangerous this year. That team is better than what they showed last year. They weren't doing squats. WERE... NOT... DOING... SQUATS, arguably the single most important weight lift for linemen, and no one on the coaching staff was tracking or even making them do squats. I grow weary of hearing about how "nice" Riley was, he was a horrible coach. Nebraska wins 8 to 9 games this year.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith Year ago

    The only frauds I see are the 0-12 team that thinks they are national champions.

  • Mike Kelley
    Mike Kelley Year ago

    These guys are fucking idiots

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    I must say that of all the shit I have listened to, this has got to be the most backward, useless, meaningless, stupid, dumb, moronic display of verbal vomit that could ever come from someone's little tiny brain. These guys could never get a real job or even live among us humans. I hope you worthless fucks all get fired so we all can see how worthless your skill set really is. Just sitting around making fun of people is not a job but it is all you subhuman hollow fucks seem to be able to do....

  • Stew The woodcarving Druid

    He is the one that got a turd and made them undefeated.

  • donnie anderson
    donnie anderson Year ago

    Lol you guys are idiots

  • st85100
    st85100 Year ago +4

    Scott Frost was only coach of the year and brought a team from 0 wins to undefeated in 2 years. Is there any other division 1 coach that has done that? Oh wait UCF beat a really good 7th ranked Auburn team in their bowl game also. That guy is a doof. GBR! We're back!

  • Stacy Rodenbaugh
    Stacy Rodenbaugh Year ago

    Idiotic satire at its best! Idiots with mics

  • Trinidad Onassis
    Trinidad Onassis Year ago +2

    Lol as someone who spent time in Nebraska via the military, triggering Nebraska football fans is not a tough task. Just mention Bill Callahan and watch them lose their minds. They are one of the most delusional fan bases you will find. Ran away scared from the Big 12 thinking there was going to be an easy lunch over there in the Big 10....NOPE! They actually thought that they were going to beat Miami that year Crouch won the Heisman, and that Miami squad was 2 deep with Pro-Bowlers at every position except QB. $2 and go to the penalty box!

    • Trinidad Onassis
      Trinidad Onassis 11 months ago

      @Roo H 0-6 Fanboy Snowflake. Sorry the Frost Zone couldn't keep you from melting. There's always volleyball and Runza for you to look forward to.

    • Roo H
      Roo H 11 months ago

      What's that chair force?

    • Trinidad Onassis
      Trinidad Onassis 11 months ago

      @Roo H 0-5??? And I'm the salty one??? 😂😂😂 Looks like I was speaking facts. Go put in those old glory days tapes from two decades ago and reminisce on the "good times" because that's the closest to being relevant Nebraska will ever get! 😆😂😥😂. Stugotz was right?!? HOLY S#!T!!! Stugotz was right!...Addendum: Northwestern hands Nebraska yet another L 😅😂 99 yards in 12 seconds! I couldn't make this up if I wanted to! Again, delusional Nebraska fans tears are the best! 😄😂😭

    • Roo H
      Roo H 11 months ago

      @John Moeller maga hats? Gtfo with your political nonsense you freaking pansy, morons like you going to make everything political

    • John Moeller
      John Moeller Year ago +1

      Nebraska fans aren't that knowledgeable. They thought Callahan would win 10 in his first season and that Bo Pelini was a defensive genius. You are living on the reputation of the World War II generation of fans who were total class acts and built that reputation. Those Nebraskans are gone. Now Nebraska fans cry for a pass interference on every pass down field. Times have changed, Nebraska has fallen through the cracks because of their poor leadership at the admin level until Green finally took over for Pearlman. It was bad hire after bad hire. I don't think this guy is all that crazy, I was at the Colorado and Troy games. There were a lot of people over 50 wearing MAGA hats.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    How about you have a big scoop of horse shit. That is all that seems to come from your mouth is shit...

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    Who and the hell gave these dumb shits a show anyway. My 3 year old son talks about funnier shit than these dumb asses.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    What a bunch of ass hats. If you think that this is entertainment you should have my balls bouncing off your chin and you would see something better than your show.

  • jerp30
    jerp30 Year ago +1

    Totally in agreement until they began dissing the Peach among fruits. Easily the best fuzzy fruit (sorry Kiwi, better luck next year). I'm sure y'all will continue to be FL homers and Stan the orange, which is criminally overrated along with the apple and banana.

  • Drew Grandgenett
    Drew Grandgenett Year ago

    Nebraska is his home

  • therealness
    therealness Year ago +1

    As a Michigan fan he should be afraid of what’s coming in the B1G. GBR

  • Grant Wessels
    Grant Wessels Year ago

    shit talking

  • Riley Houser
    Riley Houser Year ago

    These guys are DWEEBS

  • Michael A Conner
    Michael A Conner Year ago

    222 people DONT GET THE SHOOOOW

    • Ben Sharp
      Ben Sharp Year ago

      we get the show. it's beyond lame.

    • Michael A Conner
      Michael A Conner Year ago

      Roo H Daggum son, I was just trying to make a show reference. Goodness.

    • Roo H
      Roo H Year ago

      And you don't get statistics or how to even do that text meme, foolish.

    • Michael A Conner
      Michael A Conner Year ago

      Roo H You don’t get the show either

    • Roo H
      Roo H Year ago

      This type of comment only works when the "Likes" drastically outvote the "Dislikes".