Testosterone - new discoveries about the male hormone | DW Documentary

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Testosterone has long been seen as a metaphor for aggression, but is there really anything to the idea of the testosterone-driven male? Prominent scientists explain how subtle the hormone’s effects actually are.
    Men with a lot of testosterone have long been accused of violent and competitive behavior. Now the image of the sex hormone is changing. Unlike in the animal world, the general statement "testosterone makes one aggressive" cannot be confirmed in humans, and recent studies suggest that it can actually even promote selfless behavior. One of the leading experts in this field is Jean-Claude Dreher from Lyon. He says his laboratory experiments show that testosterone does not make men aggressive but instead allows them to act in a strategic manner. Those who are more testosterone-charged tend to be friendlier towards others in order to bolster their own social status. British behavioral psychologist Simon Baron Cohen demonstrates how testosterone determines our gender characteristics when we are still in the womb. Meanwhile, his colleague Oliver Schultheiss from Erlangen has found out how testosterone can improve our learning abilities.
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  • Nelson Charles
    Nelson Charles 27 minutes ago

    Every one of elite soldier, especially popular those involved in black ops, british sas, russian spetsnaz are known to go through soldier serum like this, for what we know, testosterone were one of it, in the end of the day, whatever measure taken to be superior during a mission is surely an advantage in terms of performance

  • Curtis Taylor
    Curtis Taylor 14 hours ago

    I'm on TRT and i'm way more aggressive, irritable and anxious when my T is LOW. I'm sure if you have to much it could make you aggressive but its not so black and white your body wants it in a certain range and everybody is different.

  • The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    Aggressive men thrown in prison?
    By who?
    Who could deceive an aggressive male...into captivity.

  • Pierre Fourie
    Pierre Fourie 20 hours ago

    Proudly man. If you feel threatened by me. Move to another planet because i am going no were.

  • Brad Clouse
    Brad Clouse Day ago

    If I wanted to watch commercials I’d turn on pbs! No thanks! My time is too valuable!
    Or is that the testosterone talking?!?

  • gg allin
    gg allin Day ago

    does anyone here take tongkat ali supplement for tetosterone

  • eli soopu
    eli soopu Day ago

    ah yes! from the comment section its clear that feminism is finally reaching critical mass and starting to die, after the next five years or so saying you are a feminist will finally carry a negative connotation and logic will rule the day once again

  • Stephan Grové
    Stephan Grové Day ago +3

    Testosterone gives you the ability to think with a sound mind and makes you a happier man overall. You are more driven and competitive which is very important in life. If someone has an attitude and is arrogant that is because they weren’t raised properly or don’t have proper morals. Testosterone is a hormone and if it’s low you will experience physical and mental health issues

  • Bunny Biedenharn
    Bunny Biedenharn 2 days ago

    The most important information to be gleaned from this, is that older men experience decreased levels of testosterone, primarily as a result of their gaining visceral fat. Otherwise, their testosterone levels can remain reasonably high.

  • Didier Depardieur
    Didier Depardieur 2 days ago

    The reason the 1st subject had low testosterone was because of steroid abuses as a bodybuilder. He’s not fooling anyone.

    • Didier Depardieur
      Didier Depardieur 9 minutes ago

      That is the reason why I suspect that he did a few long cycles and no PCT, afterward.

    • Ezekiel Watters
      Ezekiel Watters 13 hours ago

      His muscles, although well developed, were small and of the type easily attainable by simply eating right and exercising. No steroids necessary, but it is odd to be testosterone deficient at his age, though not unheard of.

  • fidello
    fidello 2 days ago

    Yeah right of course if we talking about a men with raised a test but still in a normal medical scale range thats a correct statment but that obviously doesnt apply to a a men who are injecting over a gram a week of test lol

  • Babush Babushi
    Babush Babushi 2 days ago

    to be generous is directly connected to the "Alpha male" and alpha male meaning domination, and part of the domination is to make others dependent from you. Soo Alpha male = high testosterone > dominance > generous.

  • Aaron Horton
    Aaron Horton 2 days ago

    WTF, bad reputation?? Yeah, I’m gonna stop you right there..

  • Néstor julio Fontalvo González

    Test build society not estrogen

  • ramadog1
    ramadog1 3 days ago

    Depends on dosage. Increase testosterone by 3 fold and see what happens.

    • Ezekiel Watters
      Ezekiel Watters 12 hours ago

      I've done it as much as 5 fold without raging or feeling aggressive. However, I did feel much more confident and therefore less tolerant of disrespect or insult.

  • GGR TheMostGodless
    GGR TheMostGodless 3 days ago +2

    All these studies to tell us what we men empirically already know.

  • Syed Imran SHAH
    Syed Imran SHAH 3 days ago

    Mohsin Malik, this terminology of "socially unacceptable", "male hormone", "three-way phone call" and all such things belong only to you. I think you are the biggest spoiler of Pakistan. If you cant do anything yourself, you are very good at destroying and drowning others. Always behind the scenes because u lack any sort of courage. This was proven to me from university days. Hiding like jackals. Honestly, tell the truth to everyone because this exercise has caused near heart attacks on people. If its legal requirements, inform accordingly. If its fun, it should be clear too.

  • Nathan Rennard
    Nathan Rennard 3 days ago +1

    Proper hormonal balance usually always goes back to the same thing, eat healthy, sleep well and exercise.

  • magicsinglez
    magicsinglez 3 days ago

    Why don’t they use the phase, ‘the one who received the placebo’?

  • nope, no.
    nope, no. 4 days ago

    You realize females take hrt all the freaking time. Grow a pair. Abrout freaking time, male birth control.

  • ashley lane
    ashley lane 4 days ago +2

    if you listen to the first 30 seconds, it becomes clear that the researchers are already coming at it with bias.

  • Jon skelin
    Jon skelin 4 days ago

    If testosterone varies depending on genetics, who is to say that this or that level is correct? This is quack science. What makes sense is that if a man wants to increase his testosterone levels, it would depend on what he needs it for. For example: A person who does weight bearing exercises, needs more of it to build muscle vs a couch potato person who only fills his pot belly.

  • Ivan Mihov
    Ivan Mihov 4 days ago +1

    Testosterone is the most important substance in the male and even female body. It's basically the life fuel for all processes in the body and its sufficient amount is critical for the health, well-being and overall energy of a human. All its demonization is a nonsense coming from the body building abuse of steroids.

  • Greg Lecuyer
    Greg Lecuyer 5 days ago

    T n T... I'm dynamite

  • Robin Lindberg
    Robin Lindberg 5 days ago

    I KNOW that all men are not bad, or all good. I KNOW that all women are not all bad or all good...
    What is the measure of a (good) man???
    ( My gosh, I feel like I'm writing a Love poem here...)
    I think the measure of a good man is the capacity to Love and be Loved. It takes a strong man to do that!!! And if a woman EVER makes you feel like crap, for doing that! Then she's NOT the women for you!!!💓

  • Dane Richards
    Dane Richards 5 days ago

    Women are a disgrace

  • Arvin S Anolin
    Arvin S Anolin 5 days ago

    hey eets beeg brother Borat! High Five!!!

  • J Gomes
    J Gomes 6 days ago

    gonna have to watch it again, my brain is going nuts!!!!

  • Abundance America - Dude Legend

    I like this study, but the dude in the blue sweater needs some testosterone.

  • Arno Pretorius
    Arno Pretorius 6 days ago +1

    Theory: Testosterone does not increase aggression, but it does increase you self confidence and risk taking, thus when angered acting upon the anger when the risk and results are considered changes. So your more likely to act in an aggressive state because your decision making changed with the increased testosterone. So its not increased aggression but rather your decision making that changes with higher levels of testosterone.

    • Arno Pretorius
      Arno Pretorius 3 days ago

      @magicsinglez Ek praat Afrikaans eerste taal

    • magicsinglez
      magicsinglez 3 days ago

      Is English not your first language or do you just have too much testosterone?

  • Ajitesh Thakur
    Ajitesh Thakur 8 days ago

    This made my testis twice big, ready to be shoved in the face of any feminist

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider 8 days ago

    This makes much more sense.

  • Neucleus
    Neucleus 8 days ago

    Men are annoying. Stop forcing your bullshit onto everyone.

    • GaryD D
      GaryD D 7 days ago

      Neucleus Men are annoying? How so and please explain. Other than that you’re just another angry bitter misandrist that hates men for being men

  • ML4000
    ML4000 8 days ago

    Eat Clen.
    Tren hard.
    Test your limits.
    DBOLish your goals.
    GHet huge.
    Keep husSLIN.
    Winny it all.
    Anavar give up.

  • michael feaster
    michael feaster 8 days ago

    They owe me 42 minutes of my life back..

  • The Harmonic Reactor

    Please look into vaccines and pesticides. Also the movie VAXED. Do not eat GMO food. Please see SEEDS OF DEATH documentary. All this has a lot to do why Testosterone could be very low also all that can change the DNA.

  • mike 201314
    mike 201314 9 days ago +1

    28:44 "A* is more common in boys..." interesting, since more boys contracts A* also after birth when they have been injected, usually in the upper arm, by means of a certain controversial medical procedure.

  • yuvin danuka
    yuvin danuka 9 days ago

    Giggity happy 🤣 I love these subtitles

  • Church Of Natural Law
    Church Of Natural Law 9 days ago +1

    testosterone replacement therapy is a miracle treatment the government and most doctors don't want you to know

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago +2

    It's not as easy as people think. Testosterone, aromatase, estrogen, cortisone, and many more chemically interacting systems are very finely balanced. If you change one, they all change and are affected.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago

    And Growth Hormone plays a huge role too.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago

    18:20.... HEY! I want my wiener to have those computer generated molecules too! They look very pleasant😁

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago

    Germany was the first to discover and isolate Testosterone. They filtered thousands of gallons of animal urine and actually filtered out the testosterone! Can you imagine.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago +2

    Want to raise your testosterone levels? Eat clean food, keep sugar as low as possible. Drink water. Drink water with lemon juice in it. And work out. That's all. Unless there is a legitimate physical problem with testosterone production, no man below 36 should need testosterone. It reminds me of the pharmaceutical company. Creating problems out of thin air and selling the "solutions" for these problems for profit. They are CAUSING problems.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago

    Remember, if you use testosterone to keep levels balanced. You will prevent your own bodies production of testosterone so you must surpass that in order to bring up testosterone count. 300, to 800 is in range. But you must know the base level in order to rise above that starting point.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago +1

    4:28. Aromatase.

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago +3

    3:56 "How much Testosterone do men actually need"?

  • Roy Hemion
    Roy Hemion 9 days ago +3

    Testosterone, Ha. I like how this video opens up, like Testosterone is the Devil. Stop Demonizing Men, and Masculine topics.

  • Truthfears Guilty
    Truthfears Guilty 10 days ago

    by looking at the shoulders of the body builder one can tell, he's not cut out to be a body builder

  • Teleman 777
    Teleman 777 10 days ago +1

    i hope this info is accurate. we are being effeminized

  • Ash Nath
    Ash Nath 10 days ago

    Its true

  • Mohammed Patel
    Mohammed Patel 10 days ago +3

    20 mins in, not going any further. Feels like a feminist agenda to de-masculine the man.
    Im a man of focus, i am proud, im am strong and love my hairy chest as much as my ego.
    Have a nice day

  • Seppi Seppsen
    Seppi Seppsen 10 days ago

    da hat dw einen krass heterozentrischen heterosexistischen und schwulenfeindlichen film gesponsort - "männer sind generöser wenn frauen in der nähe sind"? please - aufgewärmte testosteron-märchen von vor hundert jahren - weiße vermutlich heterosexuelle cis-männer treten als forscher auf - alles binär gedacht - weitreichend und absurde soziologische folgerungen aus ein paar säulendiagrammen - testosteron ist eben einfach die heilige kuh des patriarchats - dw sollte bei ihren dokus auf qualität achten

  • Blu Kinda Animates
    Blu Kinda Animates 10 days ago

    I am a girl... why am I watching this??

  • Magnified
    Magnified 10 days ago

    There is a sneaky war that is being waged against the T by sissies and their feminist mistresses...

  • Trilok Fitness
    Trilok Fitness 10 days ago +3

    Be proud of your masculinity but do not disrespect feminity

    • Cherry Pie
      Cherry Pie Day ago

      Yes, most people on here are either bashing women or men. You can be proud of your gender without having to insult the other.

  • MGTOW Lawyer
    MGTOW Lawyer 11 days ago +3


  • Ed Tedeschi
    Ed Tedeschi 11 days ago +1

    test turns the volume up on your personality.

  • Rishabh Gupta
    Rishabh Gupta 11 days ago +1

    Nice make more videos on psychology

  • I'mTheFlyWhiteGuy
    I'mTheFlyWhiteGuy 11 days ago +3

    4:39 Ahhhh
    I was soo hoping they would say beer was the cure :-(

    • I'mTheFlyWhiteGuy
      I'mTheFlyWhiteGuy 7 days ago

      @Richard wtf :-( im sad now, but then again. That's probly why I never can get my dick hard, cause I drink everyday.

      And use drugs :-/

    • Richard
      Richard 7 days ago +1

      Beer makes it worse, because of the hops that are in it these days. check it out how beer reduces testosterone