How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
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  • Think Story
    Think Story  3 months ago +16921

    Well, at least we still have fan fic!

    • WYX
      WYX 2 days ago

      Michael Price Well actually, she’s not the villain. As for all the kinda bad things she did, any king or queen would’ve done. Execute traitors? Of course. Be pissed that her Friend and dragon died? Anyone would’ve been. The part where she burns the city down is just a lame excuse where she turns mad.

    • Libel TouRe
      Libel TouRe Month ago


    • Bang Arang
      Bang Arang Month ago

      I wish the writers would of not thought they were better or smarter than the audience after the 3rd season...facts

    • Tea time
      Tea time 2 months ago

      well done sir

    • will chap
      will chap 2 months ago

      Think Story you should do a rewrite this shit was epic

  • Natalia Clarke
    Natalia Clarke Hour ago

    Loved the last series and the ending. Was worth waiting for

  • Firefly Preservation Solution

    now I feel much more better :) and I wish to forget the real shit (puke)

  • Arun Kartha
    Arun Kartha 8 hours ago

    Loved your version of ending!

  • Christopher Gordon
    Christopher Gordon 14 hours ago

    Your rewrite is fucking brilliant. I love it so much and I wish that we had seen something more like this.

  • Vesa Hasani
    Vesa Hasani 14 hours ago

    I don’t know why nobody talks about Cersei and Jamies death. THEY. DID. NOT. DESERVE. TO. DIE. LIKE. THAT. It’s was way to easy and too good considering Jamie once said he’d want to die in the hands of the woman that he loved. I wanted to see them suffer, especially Cersei but now that I think about it, Jamie too, I wanted him to pay for what he did to Brienne. What I would have wanted to see is either Aria puting both Cersei and Jamie in chains, the making Jamie watch as she stabs Cersei in the stomach multiple times killing her baby and then slitting her throat while looking down at her and saying “the north remembers” (like she did with walder frey) and then killing Jamie too. Or I would love to Cersei and Jamie as prisoners, and Cersei being executed in front of Jamie. Sansa would behead her saying “the north remembers”( yes I love that phrase way too much and I want to use it everywhere) I would love to have that sort of parallel, Cersei, several years later in Kings Landing being beheaded by Sansa Stark herself, finally getting revenge on her father.

  • Jeff21killer Sep
    Jeff21killer Sep 16 hours ago

    I don’t get what was wrong it was a season finale and it’s not by Disney not every main character is going to survive

  • JOSE K
    JOSE K 18 hours ago

    Wait wouldnt the dragons due since there magic

  • Angel Atanasov
    Angel Atanasov 19 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing, much better than the original !!!!!!!

  • TheZemb1999
    TheZemb1999 23 hours ago

    Everything EXCEPT the Arya/Jaime thing is great...that part is a no go...

  • partya11night20
    partya11night20 Day ago

    Still a better love story than twilight.

  • arpan mukherjee
    arpan mukherjee Day ago

    Just awsm 😭😭😭😭
    I hate d&d more now

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker Day ago

    wow I'm not even halfway through this and I'm already very impressed. Find a producer? Oh, and a lot of lawyers and billionaires to help you get the rights...

  • Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

    I liked most of this but not sure I want to see Jaime kill Cersei. I never saw Cersei as simply an evil character per se. Also Dany supposedly can't bear children and having her have an heir is nice and all but thats a little too storybook for me. Also, I could give two fucks about Ellaria sand. The story shoud have never made her kill Cersei's daughter, Martell was a grown man an volunteered for that task. GOT just wanted more wild and wacky plot TwIsTs so those two things happened which I never agreed with. Just IMO Ellaria breaking out wouldn't add anything to the finales, she's old news by now and I don't see anyone being emotionally invested in her anymore (but I could be wrong). Also not sure how I feel about Jon being killed off, although according to the internal story logic you presented, it seems that it could be plausible. Just not sure I wouldn't want to see him survive, with or without Danaerys by his side, although the way you composed it would indeed make a very impactful scene.
    Overall I appreciated most of your changes though. Nice job. You definitely did a far better job than DnD thats for sure. You have the superior version of the KL and NK battles for sure.

  • Lucky Zeguro
    Lucky Zeguro Day ago

    gonna be honest...I would have been happier if they have just had the night king kill everybody and have him sit on the iron throne. It would have been better than the crap they shat out in season 8.
    However I do love your version as well.

  • Georgia Hernandez

    Fuck this was so good


    jesus christ, this is so much better its nuts

  • Laurel Streed
    Laurel Streed Day ago

    sweet jesus major chills at 15:57

  • Natasja
    Natasja Day ago

    Stupid sexy Flanders!

  • haeyin
    haeyin Day ago


  • Jakub Fiut
    Jakub Fiut 2 days ago

    I really liked it, apart from one thing. You have connected Jon’s revival with children of the forest...
    He was resurrected by Melissandre, with help (?) of R’hlor. It seems there are many types of magic in the GoT world, not only children of the forests one.. I love the fact that he will die (D&D) did not have balls to kill of any major character in the last season. Still, a big like from me.

  • Storymaker2
    Storymaker2 2 days ago

    Once again, fans make make more compelling stories than Hollywood hacks. I'm looking at you Star Wars

  • jimmy budgysmuggler
    jimmy budgysmuggler 2 days ago

    My biggest enjoyment out of this (if that's english) is varys doesn't have a reason to stupidly betray dany, he deserves a better death. Plus I imagined in the scene where they discuss burning the main wherewood tree he says "destroying all magic" or something like that with relief, calling back to the wizard dude that cut off varys jr. Maybe have a 4 person sort of duel between varys, qyburn, the hound and yhe mountain where they all die (varys schemes qyburn to death somehow, mountain kills varys for killing his revivor, hound kills both of them similar to the show). Also mellidanre can die actually fulfilling a purpose in giving time for the survivors of winteffell to flee. Bronn can have riverrun, not high garden after threating edwin tully instead of threatening jaime and tyrion maybe guaranteeing them safe passage into kings landing instead. Jaime can stay true to brien, who's ending is made better with your changes. Arya, considering her main motivation is fueled by family just needs to promise to return to make her ending a tad better I reckon. Missandei and grey worm can have a happy ending instead of a forced death and a character dumb down. Gendry would still be hard to fix, but perhaps he could still become Lord of storms end if when they introduced samwells father, they introduced the new Lord of storms end after stannis death, who could be killed off in the final battle and have gendry prove himself worthy to the other clansmen of house Baratheon. Then poor tormund, why did he go beyond the wall afterwards? He was fighting to bring his people beyond the wall where food isn't scarce, pretty simple what to do there. Kinda got carried away spitballing here. AND BRAN!!! Master of whispers? I got you covered my dude. Daario could come back as kingsguard to dany. Yara was done as well as could have been with the episode count except make her an independent state like she and dany agreed on. And last one before I'm done, aryas gonna need a chef on her travels, no? Meat pie anyone? (I think that's his name)

  • Thea M.
    Thea M. 2 days ago

    It should’ve ended with dae with small cute wings and drogon was a girl and got pregnant with a human

  • Jose H
    Jose H 2 days ago

    This version is amazing it is so beautiful and I could imagine seeing it all oh what could have been thank you for making an alternate ending

  • Tadeh Tarverdian
    Tadeh Tarverdian 2 days ago

    wow !!! im blown away with ur story dude ... u should've direct the final season ....

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma 2 days ago

    If avenger end game can be re-released then why cant season 8 of GOT?? Hit like if u agree ✌️

  • Tiemoué Bakayoko
    Tiemoué Bakayoko 2 days ago

    ok this is even worse.

  • rose lindsay
    rose lindsay 2 days ago

    There’s a pretty gaping hole in that Dany can still withstand fire and Arya can still change faces after the weirwood tree and all of the world’s magic is destroyed? (Which even if Arya’s somehow immune she shouldn’t be able to do while Jamie lives.). I would like this ending without the killing of all magic...

  • AMV tunes
    AMV tunes 3 days ago

    This should be adapeted
    As a new remake of game of thrones season 8
    Untill george RR Martin finishes his books

  • Yair Parnas
    Yair Parnas 3 days ago

    No, just no, you did a lot of stuff right with this, I’ll give you that, but game of thrones from the beginning to the end is the story of the stark family and you completely disregarded that!

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West 3 days ago

    Great synopsis. I enjoyed this far more than the season but.....Arya could not wear Jaime's face (he would be dead) and then return to take down Cersei.

  • Briony Hall
    Briony Hall 3 days ago

    Wow. Your version is actually perfect.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 3 days ago

    Cute. Don’t quit your day job.

  • Alexandra Hernandez
    Alexandra Hernandez 3 days ago

    How is it that one person who have made this video could come up with a better ending then the writers of this famous show?

  • Aayush Pandey
    Aayush Pandey 3 days ago

    Well every things is right in this video but jons death makes me sad

  • carom212
    carom212 3 days ago

    This is the end Daenerys deserves!!!

  • KissedByFire Skye
    KissedByFire Skye 3 days ago

    Season 8 - The battle of the Knight King/Winterfell
    Season 9 - The battle of Kings Landing/ Cersei death.
    Season 10 - Dany reign and downfall.
    D&D rushed and did a sloppy job finishing what was an amazing epic story. It still hurts how much they messed it up. I hope they are never allowed to write anything else. For the good of the realm ;)

  • Sez Ann
    Sez Ann 4 days ago

    I would've wanted a lesser known character to rule the 7 kingdoms, like theon greyjoy.

  • nelio nascimento
    nelio nascimento 4 days ago

    I find confort on your words

  • Faraj Massah
    Faraj Massah 4 days ago

    Better than fucking original season but I still prefer waiting for GRRM

  • Joe DeRose
    Joe DeRose 4 days ago

    i do not like your version i prefer the ending that was shown us ....sorry yours is terrible...but thanks 4 trying...

  • w0bbl3r
    w0bbl3r 4 days ago

    To be fair, Frodo destroying the ring in the books was not at the end. Not at all.

  • SAR
    SAR 4 days ago

    This is the canon now

  • Priyanshu Tyagi
    Priyanshu Tyagi 5 days ago +1

    From today on, I would like to believe this is how it all ended.

  • Lord Leo Tactical
    Lord Leo Tactical 5 days ago

    Or at the very least when Jon kills Dany it could've played out like this🤷🏾‍♂️
    How it could've of ended.
    Upon discovering his Mothers lifeless body.
    Drogon sets his gaze upon her murderer. Teeth bared, chest glowing Drogon engulfs Jon Snow in dragon fire. But this wasn't normal dragon fire this was pure uncaged rage so much that the the flame that he previously spat to level King's landing paled in comparison to the heat and shear volume of this black death that now spewed from his mouth.
    After unleashing his fury he pauses a moment to ensure that he destroyed the one that had slain his mother.
    To his dismay there were no ashy remains no, there only lied a man, a man unburnt at that. But something was different the man was different his hair that was once brown now silver his eyes that were once brown now a bluish purple much like his mother.
    The man says nothing just looks up and stares at Drogon who is stunned at first but readies a second blast until something forcibly compels him to lower his head it was almost as if he was forced into submission.
    Slowly Aegon Targaryen rises.
    In silence turns his gaze to where Danery's body once laid. It is gone without a trace. He then slowly turns and walks to the iron throne he says nothing he only sits in deep thought. Drogon also walks slowly to the iron throne and sits behind it.
    And this is how Grey Worm a group of unsullied and a handful of Dothraki would discover the man formerly know as Jon Snow.
    He and Drogon in silence staring at them studying them
    as if they were deciding if the group of men before them were now friend or foe.
    All hail Aegon Targaryen 8th of his name
    He would later be known as Aegon the undying.

  • bad boi
    bad boi 5 days ago

    Arya and the hound should've battled the mountain and kill Cersei together the two people that are shity and mad their lives horrible

  • Savannah Proctor
    Savannah Proctor 5 days ago

    A Master a Work.

  • sajal
    sajal 5 days ago +2

    Now I m satisfied with the ending of GOT.

  • Julia Dawnyel
    Julia Dawnyel 5 days ago

    Why not make a spear from magical tree instead of burning tree or flash to future and new tree grew from old cause its magic

  • Julia Dawnyel
    Julia Dawnyel 5 days ago

    Great job they should let you write alternative ending ok

  • Gabby Mckinney
    Gabby Mckinney 5 days ago

    how do you expect jaime and other supporting charterers to make it to the end if winterfell falls during the fight and danny only takes john and bran on the dragon they would die agents the army of the dead

  • Adde T
    Adde T 5 days ago

    I love this especially the night king re write but I think it would be even better if arya used jaimes face to kill cersi and then succeeds then Jaime sees cersi on the ground as she cry’s out for help from him and he leaves her there to die. That way Arya gets to kill the main person on her list and Jaime has the epic character arc he deserved

  • Rupesh Sharma
    Rupesh Sharma 5 days ago +1

    I think it all went good but you forgot an important character - Tyrion who's personally my favorite in the series.

  • Boris Ladwig
    Boris Ladwig 6 days ago

    This would have been so much better. Thanks for sharing.

  • Abed Majed
    Abed Majed 6 days ago

    Jon shoulda been azorahai end of story

  • Nonesense Speaker
    Nonesense Speaker 6 days ago

    This ending is much better, thank you! With the clips added in it felt real. I think I'm gonna finish my homework and then read some fanfiction.

  • Martial Matters
    Martial Matters 6 days ago

    just as bad

  • GoddessJunoBaby
    GoddessJunoBaby 7 days ago +1

    Should’ve been a season of Dany being a Tyrant or a ruler. Or this season should’ve ended with her being revived and opening her eyes just as Jon did and season 9 could be the Revenge.

  • GoddessJunoBaby
    GoddessJunoBaby 7 days ago

    So does this mean Dany wouldn’t have her dragons?