• Published on Apr 11, 2019
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    Today J and Ben head to Walt Disney World's Toy Story Land to try and hunt down every Easter Eggs in the park including A-113, hidden dates, interactive barcodes and MORE!
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Comments • 619

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  5 months ago +274

    What is your favorite ride in Toy Story Land??

    • im Zzeblyz
      im Zzeblyz 2 months ago

      the buzz space ranger things

    • Ioana pojoga
      Ioana pojoga 2 months ago

      I never went to Disney Land!.😭😭

    • RandomDude OnYouTube
      RandomDude OnYouTube 5 months ago

      SuperCarlinBrothers I’m watching this as I’m leaving magic kingdom, toy story land I did this morning

    • Cassidy
      Cassidy 5 months ago


    • Ryan Hockley
      Ryan Hockley 5 months ago

      I will be going for the first time in May.... Big Disney fan... Never been! Super Excited for Toy Story Land

  • Mark van Es
    Mark van Es 10 days ago

    seriously visit the Efteling in the Netherlands!

  • Langston Playz
    Langston Playz 24 days ago

    7:10 Id love to see you keep a straight face on Everest anyone else think they can do it

  • Yuvan04V1
    Yuvan04V1 Month ago

    Standing in line for Slinky Dog I saw Wheezy’s box that he came in and I didn’t know that Wheezy was actually a toy for the bath tub. I thought it was really interesting

  • wyatt da porg masta

    hopefully andy doesn't have nightmmares

  • Cicero The Jester
    Cicero The Jester 2 months ago

    The andys coming is not a myth that acxaully hapened ages ago

  • TheFluffyUnis !
    TheFluffyUnis ! 2 months ago

    I just went to Toy Story land and it was AWESOME!
    My fav ride was slinky dog dash, we waited forever but it was worth it 😊

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 2 months ago

    I'm glad that "Andy's coming!" gag isn't real. Seems dangerous for the cast members inside the costumes.

  • A Whole New World
    A Whole New World 2 months ago

    The "Andy's Coming" used to work a long while ago, but the risk of hurting the cast and the costumes (as well as the children) was too high and they stopped allowing it, so they simply just looked around like they didn't see him. When Andy went to college, they used that as an excuse to not do it.

  • CrayToons Vlogs And Gaming

    Dreams do come true! Congrats guys!!!

  • Jonah Hayes
    Jonah Hayes 2 months ago

    Congrats on 2 mil, you guys deserve t

  • Shadowed Demon03
    Shadowed Demon03 2 months ago

    Ok, am I the only one whos wondering how at 5:19 tge wait time for Slinky Dog is only 10 minutes?

  • CplMonkey Games
    CplMonkey Games 2 months ago

    On the first bar code it says 2319

  • Anthony Caito
    Anthony Caito 2 months ago

    Supercarlinbrothers you have gave over 2 mil narwhals horns (if you are confused read the bottom of the description)

  • Black Chicken Curry
    Black Chicken Curry 2 months ago


  • Harry Watts
    Harry Watts 2 months ago +2



  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 2 months ago

    You think _this_ is immersive? Check out Galaxy's Edge.

  • Nathan Fowlkes
    Nathan Fowlkes 3 months ago

    you used to be able to do the andys coming thing but to many people i did it i hear

  • TheJelly71
    TheJelly71 3 months ago

    My favorite Toy Story character is hands down Buzz Lightyear! #toinfinityandbeyond

  • Some Stones
    Some Stones 3 months ago

    3:48 what about the Xbox 360 Logo?

  • Twilight_Gacha Tales
    Twilight_Gacha Tales 3 months ago

    The last block said J on it, and J found it, haha

  • AJ Rogers
    AJ Rogers 3 months ago


  • BraedonPlazMinecraft
    BraedonPlazMinecraft 3 months ago

    Freddie is coming for andy

  • Sarah Glover
    Sarah Glover 3 months ago +1

    To count the blocks I'd make a map and mark out how many in each area then add them up!

  • Giovanny Cruz
    Giovanny Cruz 3 months ago

    When did you go that Slinky Dog was a 10 minute waitime!!!???

  • Jamie Wells
    Jamie Wells 3 months ago

    I went to Disneyland a year before toy story land opened and I am so sad.

  • Keali Underwood
    Keali Underwood 3 months ago

    I’m impressed by the amount of details!!

  • MCFinalNinja FTW
    MCFinalNinja FTW 3 months ago

    7:07 You guys look like complete badasses and also from MIB.

  • Dabi Corn
    Dabi Corn 3 months ago +1

    I got to do a show wife the army men

  • Drea Brooke
    Drea Brooke 4 months ago

    I want to go so bad!! I was promised that if I graduated with my class this year then I'd get to go, but sadly I didn't get to go. We've had one heck of a year that saving the money to go just got away from us. But I did graduate with my class.

  • LAX productions
    LAX productions 4 months ago +1

    I love how J points at a J block as the final one

  • Blueflame Kitten
    Blueflame Kitten 4 months ago +1

    The Tatchos there are so so good!! I love toy story land!

  • Lacey Fisher
    Lacey Fisher 4 months ago

    I love this!

  • MotherGeekster
    MotherGeekster 4 months ago

    Been to toy story land 4 times and have yet to ride any of the newer rides 😭😭

  • 話癆瓜子
    話癆瓜子 4 months ago

    Hong Kong got a toy story land years ago and it's bloody wonderful

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 4 months ago

    Disney Disney WO WO wo

  • Ariel Currá
    Ariel Currá 5 months ago

    Great Easter Eggs!

  • Jamison Barth
    Jamison Barth 5 months ago +2

    That Hidden Mickey in the clouds drawing is actually a reference to the old Mickey water tower that used to be there

  • Kerriscorner
    Kerriscorner 5 months ago

    I will probably never get to go to any Disney land or the wizarding world of Harry Potter 😢

  • The BVH
    The BVH 5 months ago

    3:49 correction: That blaster is from buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters from Disneyland park in California not in Orlando.

  • James Lawner
    James Lawner 5 months ago

    Kinda disappointed that there isn’t a Pizza Planet restaurant. Also, I hope there’s gonna be a Galaxy’s Edge video one day.

  • Rylie C.S.
    Rylie C.S. 5 months ago

    This video was put up literally the day after I got back from Disney and it made me want to fly back and check everything out again! I only got to ride Toy Story Mania but there was a lot to take in while you were waiting. The Easter egg I noticed was that there were drawings, plans, and cutouts of the shooting ranges you would later get to play on the ride.

  • Mythicalwaters
    Mythicalwaters 5 months ago

    how do you just
    get sponsored
    *by disney*
    also if i was a toy i would be one of the weird toys found in those 25¢ capsule machines that kids lose in their mom's car because its so tiny and when they find it 5 years later they throw it out

  • TriLectricGaming
    TriLectricGaming 5 months ago

    Argh! I just went to Hollywood Studios!! But I only went to swirling saucers since there were so many people waiting.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 5 months ago +11

    I believe the toys used to drop at "Andy's Coming!" but had to stop because it was happening so much.
    Also, that's Buster's tag, not Slinky's ;)

  • Stigglitz
    Stigglitz 5 months ago

    I want you both to understand something. In my future I plan on writing, producing, and directing movies. One passion, hobby, and interest of mine revolves around Disney. The movies, the culture, the world. So it is my one dream to create my own world in Disney and Pixar through the form of a movie. If I ever make this world by making such a movie, I will call you. I want you both to star in it, not necessarily as leads, but as side characters with a meta view on the Pixar world they are currently a part of. They have odd abilities no one pays attention to or explains, and they are one mystery in the movie many will want to solve. Thus, creating an additional line into the theory itself. If you are interested in that premise then please keep me in mind. Remember me, if you will. (This is a copy of a comment from another video of yours, so you see it)

  • Jordy Shepherd
    Jordy Shepherd 5 months ago

    What happened from star wats video today?

  • JC Studios
    JC Studios 5 months ago +2

    Does anyone know what happened to the newly posted video?!
    Please reply

  • Paul Dunn
    Paul Dunn 5 months ago +1

    Are y’all just going to ignore the new Star Wars trailer and new clone wars show trailer

  • hope harris
    hope harris 5 months ago +1

    There is also a block with the sun from tangled there!

  • Corner Back
    Corner Back 5 months ago

    Have y'all seen the Endgame spoilers. Or are u keeping away like me

  • tgbluewolf
    tgbluewolf 5 months ago

    WHOA WAIT 1995??! Toy Story came out in 1995?!?! I was friggen six?!
    ...time to get my AARP card 😅

  • RAFAEL Rod
    RAFAEL Rod 5 months ago


  • Scobey Snaxx
    Scobey Snaxx 5 months ago +7

    Why do SCB call it the towel section? I needs to know 😢😂

  • Lordodragonss
    Lordodragonss 5 months ago

    Not enought FOOTAGE

  • Moya Ok
    Moya Ok 5 months ago


  • Nichole Klemchuk
    Nichole Klemchuk 5 months ago

    You missed one of my favorites, and it's the sun from Tangled, the symbol of Rapunzel's kingdom, is on one of the boxes.

  • TheBakingGamers / SeaDarcyLeviathan

    The Andy’s coming thing was discontinued as to many people were yelling it and the cast members were gettting injured

  • Jessica Royce
    Jessica Royce 5 months ago

    The dog tag Easter egg isn’t slinky’s tag. It’s sids dog busters tag

  • tan kev
    tan kev 5 months ago +11

    It’s not actually related but i don’t know how else to contact you, anyway...I was watching Up and I noticed that in the scene when Charles muntz is showing his collection to Carl, you can see that some of the skeletons have a shape that vaguely monster like (as in monsters inc). In accordance with the Pixar theory this is sort of possible but it would mean that Charles muntz has come across TWO different monsters whether he killed them or just found the bones is unknown, anyway do you think this is possible?

    • Sarah Glover
      Sarah Glover 3 months ago +2

      That's really interesting I hope they see this and make a video on this!