I bought the World's Biggest Puppy

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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  • Kat Ryyn
    Kat Ryyn 12 hours ago


  • Phoenix Cannady
    Phoenix Cannady 13 hours ago

    Rip Kong:’( i wish I could see them together

  • thatguyadam4
    thatguyadam4 13 hours ago

    Silly Logan, that’s not a dog it’s a couch

  • brandon udagawa
    brandon udagawa 14 hours ago

    Dude if I had a big ass house, and a shit ton of money, I would have so many dogs

  • Funny Random Crap
    Funny Random Crap 15 hours ago +1

    Ur gay

  • LiL RioTT
    LiL RioTT 16 hours ago

    8:20 he's just too fire

  • Isabella Smart
    Isabella Smart 16 hours ago

    Logan: *my name is logan paul and i have serious problems*
    me: it's been 5 seconds of the video

  • Dominick’s VLOG
    Dominick’s VLOG 17 hours ago

    Logan you really good with dogs

  • Triple M Boerboels
    Triple M Boerboels 18 hours ago

    You should get a South African boerboel from triple m boerboels insta@triplemboerboels

  • Marina & Kayla Lovers
    Marina & Kayla Lovers 18 hours ago

    I was crying 😭

  • Madison Mattingly
    Madison Mattingly 20 hours ago

    Logan doesn’t seem sweet but he’s actually sweet with puppies

  • Y O O S H I M O O C H I

    Ginger 👏🏼is 👏🏼adorable 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😭

  • Han Megan Hua
    Han Megan Hua 21 hour ago

    I'm soooooo jealous 😒

  • Han Megan Hua
    Han Megan Hua 21 hour ago

    # I have no dog😩

  • PicturesPlay1008
    PicturesPlay1008 21 hour ago

    Did I hear that right or did I miss something.... Logan Paul HAS A PIG! WHAT DID I MISS.....

  • Razan Darwich
    Razan Darwich 23 hours ago

    Do more videos about that puppyyyy

  • Bear The Pup
    Bear The Pup Day ago

    Put on auto generated English caption at the beginning and read you will thank me later lol

  • Ross Nowson
    Ross Nowson Day ago

    oh god, Logan is such a fucking dick

  • Master Luke
    Master Luke Day ago +1

    3:53 I’m a big dog AAAUUUOOOO

  • Merxy C
    Merxy C Day ago

    Anyways Logan can be not the smartest one (not to be mean ) I think he would be a good dad one day

  • BackToBasics
    BackToBasics Day ago

    Is that a Newfoundland?!!
    Edit: Oh no, he said a Mastiff of some sort.

  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green Day ago


  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green Day ago

    Are you guys still looking for long?

  • Kamarri Green
    Kamarri Green Day ago

    I cried

  • Sean-Robert Slusher

    It motion sick

    TENZIN NORBU Day ago


    TENZIN NORBU Day ago

    Why not adopt some puppies instead

  • MW Vlogs
    MW Vlogs Day ago

    I have an English Mastiff,not as fluffy but larger!

  • Landon Stambaugh

    My dog has two toes as well

  • Alessio Del Fava

    Sup Logan, I live in south Africa and I've got an African version of the mastiff check my insta SK. Ea

  • G & E
    G & E Day ago

    She is so cute!!!!

  • Angelyn Viazon
    Angelyn Viazon Day ago

    Do u edit ur videos because in ur caption it says spongebob when ur big pup was hiding in the bushes

  • dArK dEpReSsIoN
    dArK dEpReSsIoN Day ago

    She gonna be the new Snoop Dogg!!

  • Ava TDM fan
    Ava TDM fan Day ago

    You should buy a house rabbit lol

  • Subtupewds Please

    12:44 who’s the guy in the yellow T-shirt?

  • Kevahn Looose
    Kevahn Looose Day ago

    Logan: I have a problem
    Me: DON'T WE ALL

  • Zion
    Zion Day ago

    Awwwwwwwwww soooo cuuuuteee

  • Cameron Cook
    Cameron Cook Day ago

    You should go back to daily vlogs

  • Elizabeth Collum


  • Animelord Chaos
    Animelord Chaos Day ago

    After dog puke right decision

  • Nike In Service
    Nike In Service Day ago

    This man does NOT deserve another dog.

  • Nick Holden
    Nick Holden Day ago

    Get a yellow lab next

  • trin Console
    trin Console Day ago +1

    The whole video i couldn't stop saying aww.....

  • Kris Smartt
    Kris Smartt Day ago

    I think if a coyote comes the house they are going to see a head on kongs grave

  • Kris Smartt
    Kris Smartt Day ago

    Im not gona do it you get puppy dog eyes

  • 박 지민
    박 지민 Day ago

    lmao the intro

  • Yongtomcat 5919
    Yongtomcat 5919 Day ago

    Kong would be disappointed

  • half-soul `
    half-soul ` 2 days ago

    So cute!! He's like the bigger version of Kong.

  • Yisel Lopez
    Yisel Lopez 2 days ago

    Logan im your biguest fan again im not jackes biguest fan eant more becues he broke up with erika

  • Liam Osmond
    Liam Osmond 2 days ago +1

    If a coyote comes around that dog will eat it whole

  • SamCro
    SamCro 2 days ago

    My name is logan paul and i have a serious problem and 5 sec later no im not talking about my brother 😄😄😄

  • Breana Ball
    Breana Ball 2 days ago

    Logan u should get a goat😂😂

  • Audriana Perrins
    Audriana Perrins 2 days ago

    I’m not gonna do
    Cuts to her in the car

  • Lily Barker
    Lily Barker 2 days ago

    She's supposed to have them for mountain terain

  • Anias Gimalí
    Anias Gimalí 2 days ago +5

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Logan: shes peeing upside down WhAT An InCReDiBal TrICk!

  • Ethan Cloke
    Ethan Cloke 2 days ago

    Why don’t you get a boxer dog💪🏼

  • CutieCircleCute66
    CutieCircleCute66 2 days ago

    I bought a pig
    I bought a new dog
    I bought the world biggest dog
    This is how many people miss Khong ⬇️

  • Blink Crew
    Blink Crew 2 days ago

    so cool

  • giselle lopez
    giselle lopez 2 days ago

    He should get a Rottweiler next 👀 just saying

  • Kyla's Life
    Kyla's Life 2 days ago

    ive always wanted a tibetan mastiff even before this vid so im fucking jealous

  • Joel Pol
    Joel Pol 2 days ago

    The dog iz Clifford

  • Eva Kumar
    Eva Kumar 2 days ago



    Hey Logan why don't youtube channel for them😁😁😁✌️ like if u agree

  • Giovanni Corona
    Giovanni Corona 2 days ago

    my dog also has two toes and my uncle said something about shes a mountain dog or something like that

  • Sydney Griffin
    Sydney Griffin 2 days ago +1

    No fucking way you can handle a Tibetan Mastiff. They are one of the most difficult and expensive breeds you can own, also one of the most aggressive if not properly socialized and raised properly. You couldn’t even keep a Pomeranian alive for more than two years!!

  • matthew ossowski
    matthew ossowski 2 days ago


  • Evy Soto
    Evy Soto 2 days ago

    You and make are my favorite youtubers

  • Evy Soto
    Evy Soto 2 days ago

    But you make my day

  • Evy Soto
    Evy Soto 2 days ago

    Logan it's ok I think my dog died

  • Sarah Reynolds
    Sarah Reynolds 2 days ago

    Woah over 19 million people have literally lost their minds how can someone sit here and watch this bullshit
    1. His shit just being FUCKING annoying
    2. Also it fucking being fake half the time
    Like fuck sake what’s wrong with the world

  • Return3
    Return3 2 days ago +1


  • Return3
    Return3 2 days ago +2

    "I played a logic song and she ran away." Lmfao.

  • Christina Kioussis
    Christina Kioussis 2 days ago

    Omg it’s dug from up

  • Human_Wasp-2007
    Human_Wasp-2007 2 days ago +14

    This is how many dogs Logan will have by the end of the year

    • B Tn
      B Tn 13 hours ago

      Wow 14 dogs

  • WTTL Of B H
    WTTL Of B H 2 days ago

    Rip Kong

  • Sophia E
    Sophia E 2 days ago

    Dumb dumb. ALL BIG DOGS HAVE DO-CLAWS! Both my dogs have an extra toe

  • SrgtCobra
    SrgtCobra 2 days ago

    I’ve watched this video like actually 10 times

  • The adventures of Russian Bat Man

    instead of calling it the maverick house call it the ZOO

  • Mandy Haggard
    Mandy Haggard 2 days ago


  • ii_drx ogrn
    ii_drx ogrn 2 days ago

    Looks like my old dog porter he died on Good Friday😭💔

  • corey mac
    corey mac 3 days ago

    Dogs get car sick 2

  • Lilianna Wylie
    Lilianna Wylie 3 days ago

    Champion bloodlines means that the previous generations of that breed have won contests

  • Return3
    Return3 3 days ago +1

    4:45 dog is like wtf is going on i want to go back home lmfao.

  • KAVLC_ Workouts
    KAVLC_ Workouts 3 days ago +3

    I’m really happy for u but I still can’t get over Kong 😢😭😭😭

  • Ire D
    Ire D 3 days ago +1

    I think the dog gets carsick because she keeps throwing up in the car

  • Minette Relagio
    Minette Relagio 3 days ago

    OMG that is sooo big but..... i miss kong...😢😢 i don't like that dog i want kong the savage love you kong😢

  • DeityxYT
    DeityxYT 3 days ago

    My dog had an extra toe

  • OPblockDrilla 7th
    OPblockDrilla 7th 3 days ago +1

    Bro I beg you please take it back you don’t know how to look after dog like that there a lot of work

  • Daniela Mendes
    Daniela Mendes 3 days ago +6

    "he just peed upside down, what an incredible trick"

  • iEnVy_blynk 33
    iEnVy_blynk 33 3 days ago

    He bought three dogs

  • Scopez _gg
    Scopez _gg 3 days ago

    Says he’s not gonna buy the dog ,2 seconds later shows him bringing it home😂

  • Rylee Canale
    Rylee Canale 3 days ago

    Give her a lion cut

  • Faye Fullo
    Faye Fullo 3 days ago

    Logan i oove you even im a boy ur the best

  • H3L31N4 _ L0P3Z
    H3L31N4 _ L0P3Z 3 days ago


  • Alyssa's life
    Alyssa's life 3 days ago +1

    You do not deserve 19 million subs

  • Denise Davillier
    Denise Davillier 3 days ago

    Hey logan paul that dog is cuter than you

  • RobRocks TV
    RobRocks TV 3 days ago

    hey Logan Paul i can count to 30

  • Katherine Delgado
    Katherine Delgado 3 days ago +1

    awwww shes so cute😍😄💘❤💞

  • Anthony DeGaetano
    Anthony DeGaetano 3 days ago

    the extra toe is for certain dogs that can’t get it iff

  • FlareZ_McxionMUL
    FlareZ_McxionMUL 4 days ago

    It wood be better if kong was with them