Four Reasons Spider-Man is Secretly Bad at His Job | After Hours

  • Published on Jan 23, 2013
    With Great Power, Comes Great Something Something.
    Make sure you watch the end of the video for a special message from Cody.
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    Four Reasons Spider-Man is Secretly Bad at His Job spider-man homecoming robert downey jr peter parker
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  • Puck Norris
    Puck Norris 3 days ago

    The only kind of person that can use Spider-Man's web Slinger with any kind of proficiency would have to be somebody with the reflexes of a spider he wasn't being greedy keeping the technology out of the hands of people like the army he just understood that the technology was useless to anyone that wasn't enhanced like him boom lawyered

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 19 days ago


  • tori248
    tori248 2 months ago

    In every superhero analysis someone in the comments starts trying to contradict their arguments with some latest edition comic. I think its pretty clear that after hours only analyzes movies and shows so basically only mainstream media not a series of often contradicting and relatively obscure comic books.

  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 2 months ago

    Spiderman's web shooter won't really sell. In the hands of normal humans, it's far less effective than guns or other projectile weapons. Spiderman is good with the shooter, because he's got super strength, speed, durability, and spider sense. If a real human tried to swing with the spider web, his arm would snap.

  • Katherine Craigie
    Katherine Craigie 2 months ago

    One reason for not giving it to the military with great power comes great responsibility

  • Doctour Two skull
    Doctour Two skull 2 months ago

    Flash Thompson isnt a good guy tho...he’s a bully, he bullies peter parker

  • KittyKake 44
    KittyKake 44 3 months ago

    Well... the most recent Peter Parker is a newbie superhero so you can't blame him for not being that good.

  • Addam Miller
    Addam Miller 3 months ago

    "What, do you think he's so dumb the idea of marketing his invention didn't occur to him?"
    Yes. And this is demonstrated in Superior Spider-Man when Doc-Oc takes over his mind and realizes just how much untapped potential Peter actually has. He actually goes on to be a better Spider-Man than Spider-Man.

  • Sheigh Williamson
    Sheigh Williamson 4 months ago

    Isn’t peter 28 now in the current comics?

  • Julian Baxter
    Julian Baxter 5 months ago

    yea, weaponize the webs for the army cuz America needs help there lol

  • JarlyShots
    JarlyShots 5 months ago

    Ok don't fuck around about pie with Katie. Got it.

  • James Lawman
    James Lawman 5 months ago


  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 5 months ago

    I thought Peter Parker became Spiderman (instead of selling his inventions and whatnot) because of the whole "power comes with responsibilities" thing. If he sells his inventions, the people who are gonna buy it will abuse it for the wrong purpose. If his villains are any indications, inventions in the wrong hands (and somehow, it always ends up in the wrong hands) become things of destruction that hurts lots of innocent people. In addition, Peter feels a lot of guilt for letting his uncle die, so he's venting it out on the bad guys by beating the crap out of them, and him talking a lot to villains is also another way of venting. You can beat up those guys and be a jerk mouth to those guys, and you don't have to feel bad about it.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 5 months ago

    Who's number one in STEM education?

  • Raven Llittlemaker
    Raven Llittlemaker 5 months ago

    Thanks dan

  • Dunebat
    Dunebat 5 months ago

    Actually, Spider-Man had a solid legal reason for keeping MJ and Aunt May in the dark about his alter-ego: "plausible deniability". If he's ever caught by some law enforcement agency -- the NYPD, the FBI, the military, SHIELD (during the post-Civil War comics when Spidey was operating as Spidey against SHIELD's wishes), whoever -- Aunt May and MJ have plausible deniability ("We had no idea he was Spider-Man!") as a safety net (flimsy safety net it may be).

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 5 months ago

    2nd time watching this. Love it!

  • sconnor8469
    sconnor8469 5 months ago

    Emo Tobey= K.D. Lang. OMFG!!! 😂

  • Princess Crystalwriter
    Princess Crystalwriter 7 months ago

    It kinda looks like ya'll filmed this in Texas. With the flag on the walls and such.

  • Varis 08
    Varis 08 7 months ago

    Can you imagine defending a fictional character?

  • CoreyStudios2000
    CoreyStudios2000 7 months ago +1

    So Spiderman is a flying hobo with spider-like superpowers. Good to know.

  • Sonicwind
    Sonicwind 7 months ago

    Why do all their drawings look like something out of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”?

  • Valerie Vedette
    Valerie Vedette 7 months ago

    Don't you bash at my boi Peter Man

  • K I
    K I 8 months ago

    Not spidered man

  • Julián Bufarull
    Julián Bufarull 8 months ago

    *Michael* What does he do?
    *Soren* Spider-Mans.
    *Michael* YES, Spider-Mans, all day long. But what should he have done?
    *Katie* Not... Spider-Mans?
    *Soren* *Not Spider-Man.
    *Katie* Then why does he Spiders-Mans?
    *Michael almost loses it*
    I died.
    This subtle things are what make After Hours so freakin' good.

  • Dan Lewis
    Dan Lewis 9 months ago

    This is, hands down, the best After Hours episode in my opinion. It feels personal and real. The jokes work well and the observations cut to the core of the character in a real way without much of the smoke and mirrors 'we can't see the forest for the trees' nonsense you usually get with this kind of stuff. Fantastic episode.

  • Kiwi The Kiwiasaurus
    Kiwi The Kiwiasaurus 9 months ago

    I have a reaction like Daniel, Spider-Man is amazing and it took me way to long to watch this episode because I love After Hours, but this is painful.

  • Gautier Milewski
    Gautier Milewski 10 months ago

    Peter Parker is Peter Pan!

  • Butt Soup
    Butt Soup 10 months ago

    Did Katie just admit to finding Peter Parker really good looking?

  • The Man With A Million Names

    They didn't really resolve that he should give his Web Shooters to the Police.

    • Matthijs Noyce
      Matthijs Noyce 9 months ago

      It would sort of super-blow his secret identity if he did that. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this kid who invented miracle webs is somehow related to spiderman.

  • OhNest OpieNeon
    OhNest OpieNeon 10 months ago

    Dan got so red, I mean he was practically crimson by the end there.

  • Michael Enoch
    Michael Enoch 10 months ago

    Katie is a low key freak... in a good way

  • darkwriterxx94
    darkwriterxx94 10 months ago

    Hasn't it been established that when superman and most of the other popular marvel comics e.g. Hulk it was during the cold war and thus supposed to be anti-technology or demonstrating the dangers of the, then current, advances in science and technology.

  • Zane Adley Ismail
    Zane Adley Ismail 11 months ago

    While i agree with Michael's idra of patenting the web shooter,i have to side with Daniel.Peter Parker was just an insecure,unknown,bullied but bright nerd who never got recognition.As Spider-Man,he got the fame,the looks,the athleticism and the hot girls he so desired.But after the Uncle Ben stuff,great power comes great responsibilty,and fighting some powerful foes,and being considered a public menace,he finally understood what being Spider-Man meant.He realized it wasn't just fun and games,it was a full time job,having to defend the innocents of NYC and not just a tool to get popular.His original meaning was always to be the small scale hero,protector of the little guy,defender of the everyman.That's why he didn't patent the web shooters,or forget being Spider-Man,it was about an insignificant teenage boy finding his place in the world,the meaning of being a hero.Even worse,it all happened when he was a teenager in what,middle school,junior year ?He was an opportunity for Marvel to explore the psychological ramifications of such a weighty responsibility on an insecure youth.
    Besides,when he studied and went through education,he became one of the Multi-Marvelverses' greatest genius.He also started Parker Industries,although that was Otto Octavius' work as thr Superior Spider-Man,but still.It became a multi-billion dollar multi-national conglomerate,specialising as a defense tech contractor,has a cybernetics project,a branch that treats cripples and even one that researches how to capture and depower villains,builds prisons specifically meant to hold supervillains,webware and even new revolutionary tech from Mega-Tony,an alchemist(science wizard),and i assume chemicals when Eric Lansing was hired but he was working with villains so..,and although they first cut off ties with Spider-Man,they announced that they were working with Spider-Man again,providing him with the tech he needs to fight villains.So,he now he is doing what he could have done at 15 but now with the intelligence and maturity he needs to run a company of this size

  • LJTwiggy
    LJTwiggy 11 months ago +1

    Actually, Jameson only bought Pete’s photos because he was an orphan and his uncle died, but Jameson never Credited him for the pictures. A much better example would be the The Amazing Spider-Man Series 2015-present.

  • dave s.
    dave s. 11 months ago

    "ouch, something bit me." Is the greatest monotone quote i've heard in the past 16 minutes

  • RavenGaming XY
    RavenGaming XY Year ago

    No I'm not!!

  • Will Colletti
    Will Colletti Year ago

    in comics he creates and gives away inventions.

  • Louise Mertens
    Louise Mertens Year ago

    Video tightly purchase explanation separation preserve mechanism prior general quantity observer.

  • Gotham’s Reckoning

    When you think about it Spider-Man does what he does because of guilt.
    He was bitten by the spider and given great powers, so like most people he decides to use them to get cash.
    His uncle try’s to give him some fatherly advice but peter ignores him and becomes a wrestler and gets cheated out of his winnings, when the manager says it’s not his problem he gets robbed by someone and asks Peter to stop him only for Peter to say “not my problem” but it was because that same guy kills his uncle, so out of the guilt of not listening to his uncle the guilt of knowing he could have saved his uncle, he now does the Spider-Man things because he wants to make sure no one has to go through what he did, he’s guiltily listening to his uncles last words to him “with great power comes great responsibility”.

  • opp opp
    opp opp Year ago

    0:42 Trust the process

  • Leospecter
    Leospecter Year ago +1

    Man, I really miss these guys...

  • Jude Was Here
    Jude Was Here Year ago +1

    I hate you cracked for firing good people who are awesome


    Actually Spider-Man's powers are magic though there have been some cases of the radiation from the magic spider that bit him causing problems like when he turned into man spider and grew extra arms

  • Spencer O'Dowd
    Spencer O'Dowd Year ago

    I just noticed Cody and Daniel Gordh are in the background behind Soren and Dan

  • Liquor snake
    Liquor snake Year ago

    I swear doc ock was Spidey at this time

  • nicholas schwarz
    nicholas schwarz Year ago

    You are correct

  • gdfhb
    gdfhb Year ago

    This argument is now valid if you follow current amazing Spider-Man

  • Rian Reyes
    Rian Reyes Year ago

    The only reason people don't realize this is no one outside of the comics has figured out how to keep the story going once he's an adult so they keep just failing and starting over show after show movie after movie. The 90 cartoon is the only one I know of that lasted past peter graduating college

  • Rian Reyes
    Rian Reyes Year ago

    That argument doesn't make any sense because peter Parker does grow up, only like 30 issues of the hundreds of the original story are him as a teen. He goes to and graduates college he has a full time job and almost gets married like current spider man is in his late 20 early 30s at best

    • Rian Reyes
      Rian Reyes Year ago

      are you trying to bully a fictional character? xD

    • gdfhb
      gdfhb Year ago

      Rian Reyes
      Too bad he's not married and is even more a loser after he lost his buisness.

  • Tony Blake
    Tony Blake Year ago

    First the reason he kept his identity secret from aunt May isn't to keep her safe. He said when she found out he was Spider-Man he did it because he was afraid she would have told him to stop because she would be afraid he would get hurt and he would because he loves her but he feared he would keep seeing people need him so he would go back to it but would have to change his name and costume and keep it a secret from her again. Second you said all his villions either invented something or were part of an experiment. Yes most did but not all, venom carnage and all other symbiotes were aliens and Dracula who he fought a few times was a vampire. Third as to why he doesn't invent and sell tech, he did when he worked at horizon labs and later at Parker industries. Also he could sell his web formula and make money but remember he tried to do the whole fame and fortune before he was a hero and it got uncle Ben killed basically so he doesn't care about that. Which brings me to fourth, the reason he's stuck as a teenager and doesn't move on, not counting starting his own company because doc ock got that ball rolling, did be survivors guilt. He was having fun and making money with his powers and uncle Ben died, he might feel so guilty about that that it took forever for him to forgive himself and start to really move on with his life and as Spider-Man

  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn Year ago

    Is that that Gordh guy in the background? He was an extra before his guest roles?

  • thewitherspoon
    thewitherspoon Year ago

    Wait, Vemon and Carnage’s powers didn’t come from Science

  • Alice
    Alice Year ago

    Who's the incredibly sad and/or lackadaisical man at the end of these videos?

  • Alice
    Alice Year ago

    Tobey Maguire + Emo = K.D. Lang... omg I died. I'm gonna miss this show that I only just discovered, unfortunately.

  • StaleBrod
    StaleBrod Year ago

    The spider was actually magic and happened to be radioactive

  • Morgan Seppy
    Morgan Seppy Year ago

    Dan looks like Chris Pratt in this episode. Aww

  • Morten Pedersen
    Morten Pedersen Year ago

    Michael. I miss your stash.

  • Lord Screwtape
    Lord Screwtape Year ago

    If you have to point out how bad someone is at their job.... maybe they aren't...

  • tomatoes100
    tomatoes100 Year ago

    That ending was amazing. Spiderman rules!

  • Mario Jackson
    Mario Jackson Year ago

    Spider-Man hands down is not only one of the best superheroes ever but one of the most beloved, popular, and realistic ( as much as it can be in the real world ) heroes.
    1. He is a teenager at the start of his career which yea balancing School, puberty, growing up, saving the world, and family issues all while only takeing advantage of his powers to get across town and make a few bucks takeing selfies. That's not only responsible but inspiring.
    2. Peter Parker / Spider-Man is not royalty like Black Panther, Son to a Celestial like Starlord, wealthy (except for that brief period of owning his own company Parker Industries) like Iorn Man, or perceived perfect like Captain America. He's a person who had both of his parents die when he was a kid to later have is Father Figure of an uncle die when he was a teenager then to have the women (I personally felt was his soulmate) Gwen Stacy gets killed by the The Green Goblin (which is y Peter dosnt tell ppl he loves his secret ID) and through out his loss n pain he still holds on still fights the good fight and still holds true to the best saying ever "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."
    3. This one should take the Cake all the way home.
    The one and only True Believer, Creator, Excelsior of a Bad Ass Stan Lee himself has said on multiple occasions that Spider-Man is his favorite Marvel Superhero. So if u wanna argue that point with the Main Man himself justifying y Spider-Man is the best, good luck.

    • gdfhb
      gdfhb Year ago

      Mario Jackson
      Spidey is one of the most repetitive, cookie cutter underdogs stories in fiction and isn't fun when you know he'll never really amount to anything as a character in a infinite comic book plot narrative where he must remain a loser and a plot device that is always gonna suffer.

    • Mario Jackson
      Mario Jackson Year ago

      Also I know this vid was intended for humor just like to give my NerGeekd input out there lol.

  • Roberto F Avila
    Roberto F Avila Year ago

    Doesn't Peter Parker create a business and become as rich as Tony stark

  • Lilith Pockey
    Lilith Pockey Year ago

    Why in that Diner are there Texas flag wood panels on the wall?

  • Gorilla V Man
    Gorilla V Man Year ago

    Man, I've watched this several times...... and I still love how red Daniel's face is 😂😂😂😂

  • A.C.
    A.C. Year ago

    Swaim and Soren are gone... And Cody is at the end of every cracked video now. His negative humor just rubs me the wrong way... also the new cast is... meh...I think I'm done Cracked. It was amazing while it lasted.

  • gordon sherrill
    gordon sherrill Year ago

    Fun fact peter Parker original name was Palmer and there was a misprint in the second Spider-Man issue and they liked that name better

  • Dank mans alley
    Dank mans alley Year ago

    This is why I like the Toby maguire version of Spider-Man he doesn’t need the web shooters he can just shoot webs naturally

  • Stratton Penberthy

    Dan shoots up the office the next day

  • André Lima
    André Lima Year ago

    Peter parker is pretty rich right now

  • Tate Winter
    Tate Winter Year ago

    Daniel finally won one!

  • Kurt Kiernan
    Kurt Kiernan Year ago

    demo goblin

  • Hi I'm me
    Hi I'm me Year ago

    Wait! But Tony Stark sold weapons to the military and look at how well that turned out!

  • CJusticeHappen21
    CJusticeHappen21 Year ago

    Spiderman isn't a superhero who has everything figured out. He is a superhero who is still learning, and that means he is going to make mistakes, mistakes that he is going to have to learn to grow from.
    In this sense, he is the greatest of superheroes.

    • gdfhb
      gdfhb Year ago

      The problem is he'll never learn because Marvel won't let him mature, move on as a underdog, keep him 16-20 something for kids, and keep him a perpetual mankind who needs to be tutored by the avengers and acts like he's the robin to their batman.
      He's the most regressed and inconsistent main character in marvel because they never want to make Peter mature or he'll lose readership.

  • Peter Hoang
    Peter Hoang Year ago

    O brien just losing hair is the most interesting character development

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake Year ago

    Damn... Buddy with glasses got real triggered like a feminist realizing... "hey, so I paid for the last 47 dates... Kinda need financial help", then he looks at the cheque promoting her to also look at the cheque in hopes that's she'll chip in and help out"... But instead, the restaurant ends up overly sensitive overly reactive juvenile pink short hair wearing glass feminist from hell"

  • Drew thedude
    Drew thedude Year ago

    Output in 1080 or I unsubscribe

  • ivan gonzalez
    ivan gonzalez Year ago

    I watch this cause it makes me feel like I have friends

  • popeye697
    popeye697 Year ago

    Even though this was done for comedic effect. I'm totally with Dan on this. This is exactly why I hate so-called fans of Spiderman that were upset that Peter finally realized his potential and used his genius to launch a global tech company that was both extremely philanthropic and financially stable. These same numb nuts cheered when he then had to irreparably sabotage his own company to save the world from Octavius and Osborn. I have become Daniel: Destroyer of Worlds

  • fcantil
    fcantil Year ago

    Yes! I finally found this video again!

  • Faznan Badri
    Faznan Badri Year ago

    the problem i have with spiderman is not spiderman himself. its just in the spiderman world, 90% of people in the movie is an asshole, other 10% is bigger asshole. jameson, the guy who bully jamie fox, the bus driver in 1st tobey movie, the guy who hit tobey scooter from behind and never stop to check. and tobey himself in the 3rd one. the only 2 nice person are ben and aunt may. peter himself is an asshole but he is a lesser asshole. the guard at theater. too many asshole to list but you get the gist.

  • Jojo Toland
    Jojo Toland Year ago

    Is this in Texas!?

  • Matthew Meechan
    Matthew Meechan Year ago

    it's like having friends, watching these videos. please keep making them. you're the best, ever

  • Matthew Meechan
    Matthew Meechan Year ago

    it's like having friends, watching these videos. please keep making them. you're the best, ever

  • Matthew Meechan
    Matthew Meechan Year ago

    it's like having friends, watching these videos. please keep making them. you're the best, ever

  • Matthew Meechan
    Matthew Meechan Year ago

    it's like having friends, watching these videos. please keep making them. you're the best, ever

  • Matthew Meechan
    Matthew Meechan Year ago

    it's like having friends, watching these videos. please keep making them. you're the best, ever

  • tyshekka
    tyshekka Year ago

    The original comic book had Spider-Man keeping secret from Aunt May because her heart couldn't take the shock.

  • Olvirki
    Olvirki Year ago

    To be fair on that webshooter thing the ammunition comes from Peter Parker himself. Creating silk is pretty expensive without spider powers, the gadget might not have law enforcement applications.

  • Charlie Esser
    Charlie Esser Year ago

    Here is the thing. Spider-Man is only a hero because he is bullied by Jamison. It takes uncle Ben's death to turn Peter away from using his powers for self promotion, but it's Jamison's constant berating of the concept of a Spider-Man that keeps him honest. Jamison knows how Spider-Man started, as some superpowered showboater. And he'd go back to it in a heartbeat if Jamison wasn't always there to remind him of his,responsibility.

  • A Free State
    A Free State Year ago

    he actually did try to sell his web formula early on in the comics, and they laughed at him because it wasnt permenant

  • Mythomay
    Mythomay Year ago

    Daniel's final argument is wrong. Peter hasn't been a teenager in at least 10 years. He's in his late 20's by now. They need to specify that this episode was talking about the Cinematic Spider Man (Which is always teenage Peter for some reason) Peter is not an eternal teenager, the fact that he has been held up as a frozen in time character is because Marvel keeps talking about him as though he is a teenager, especially in the cinematic universe.

  • Jeremy Dinsmore
    Jeremy Dinsmore Year ago

    4:17 - Considering that cops just shot a deaf dude who happened to have a stick the other day, I had to double check the date on this video. I nearly fell out of my chair.

  • Ayamamoto HaHa
    Ayamamoto HaHa Year ago

    Isn't he not allowed to grow up because the kid won't let him

  • jaime ruiz
    jaime ruiz Year ago

    Hahaha this is hilarious

  • DangerOne
    DangerOne Year ago

    In 2017 I am celebrating 5 years of Katie being ridiculously hilarious and hot.

  • Rachel Goldenburg

    this distracts from the

  • bored bryan
    bored bryan Year ago

    Peter Parker wears a mask so that the villains don't know he's scared

  • scepta101
    scepta101 Year ago +1

    The reason that Spider-Man characters are scientific is because he wasn't intended to have supernatural villains or storylines.

  • Doom Muffinz
    Doom Muffinz Year ago

    Howd your makeup department make glasses guy so red?